Hampton Inn Corporate Office

Hampton Inn is owned by Hilton, Hotels Worldwide. They do not have an official corporate headquarters. So, if you are interested in writing a letter or calling Hampton Inn, you will need to refer to the address below for Hilton.

Feedback hotline: 1-800-HAMPTON (24/7 customer service)

Hamptom Inn (Hilton) Worldwide Headquarters
Address: 7930 Jones Branch Drive
City, ST: McLean, Virginia 22102
Phone number: 1 (703) 883 1000

Hampton Inn (Hilton) Asia Office
Corporate alias: Vision Crest Commercial
Address: 103 Penang Road #09-01/07
Country: Singapore 238467
Phone number: +65 6833 9888

USA Hotel Operations Headquarters
Address: 755 Crossover Lane
City, ST: Memphis, TN 38117
Phone number: 1 (901) 374 5000

Middle East Office
Address: Dubai Internet City, Building 15, Office 101-111, P.O. Box 500200
Country: Dubai, U.A.E
Phone number: +971 4 391 5100

European Office
Address: Maple Court, Central Park, Reeds Crescent
City: Watford, WD24 4QQ
Country: United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 207 856 8000


My wife and I stayed at Middlebury hampton inn on sept 7th and 8th in 2015. We prepaid for two rooms through expedia and stayed the two days we in one room with another couple in room 2. Room 2 was billed for a second night they were not supposed to be there. So, we talked to the manager and he apologised and told me he would take of it. Later on, we checked out and looked at my credit card and hampton inn corporate office charged me $199 for a stay that was prepaid. I would like someone to check this stay out.

I am writing to you for your help. I have spoken to several people via phone at Hampton Inn headquarters but no one was able to help me. In September I made a reservation on line for the Hampton hotel in Virginia Beach. The reservation was for the first week in October. I later realized I had to change the reservation for the second week in October, which I did on line. I then found I was unable to get away that week and I canceled my reservation via phone. In October I was charged a fee for not cancelling my reservation. After speaking to someone at the hotel we discovered I had made two reservations by mistake and only cancelled one. This was obviously a mistake and I would like to be reimbursed the cancellation fee. I am asking if you could direct me to someone at HQ who can look into this matter and credit my account.

Recently we took a road trip from Waynesboro, MS to Sumter, SC to visit my son and family (Air Force Major). Along the way we stopped in Augusta, GA to rest with my granddaughter. We took a room there at the Hampton Inn, as we are accustomed to do. We always love staying at the Hampton, love the free breakfast along with all the other good things. This time though, the beds were very uncomfortable, where before the bedding was soft and great. The pillows were soft and fluffy, but even my granddaughter mentions as we continued on our drive, that she could feel the springs in her mattress .... just wanted to let someone at corporate location know. You might want to check on those beds in room #406 .....and no , we did not complain to the desk or call support for a refund.

Reserved a room for 9/23 &24 at the Hampton Inn in Norman, OK. Due to a change in my work schedule, I had to change my reservation to only a 1 night stay on 9/24/2015. After being disconnected by a person that me on hold for 15 min. I called the reservation number again and was given the hotels front desk number, where I was able to change my reservation to just the 1 night of stay, 9/24/2015 and checked out on the morning of the 9/25. My change of stay dates was made well before 6 pm, however when I received my statement I was billed for 2 nights instead of 1. I was informed by the reservation counter that no adjustments or credits could be issued? I called the hotel directly to confirm that the mistake was not on me, and they confirmed just a 1 night stay. How do I get this adjusted?

On July 8, I booked a reservation online for Friday night 7/24/15. I was unable to print the reservation and no email was sent to me from Hampton corporate with the reservation information. Today I received an email from Hampton Inn customer service thanking me for staying at this hotel on 7/8/15. After calling the hotel and talking with the manager he indicated the reservation was for 7/8/2015 and I was a no show. He indicated the hotel was full that night and he could not refund my money ($209.43).

I think there was an error in creating my reservation, I have made many online reservations without error. Maybe I returned to a previous screen and the date was changed to that day's date (7/8/2015) and because I could not print the reservation nor did I receive an email with the reservation information, I did not note the reservation date. I am hoping you can make some accommodation for me by offering me a free room at a future date, or at a minimum some extra points toward a free room. I have been a loyal Hilton Honors member for many years.  

New Year's Eve 2015, Hampton Inn Charleston SC. Imagine the surprise when you pull back your covers and see a deer tick crawling on your sheets. You call the front desk and they send a maintenance man to collect the tick and bring you clean sheets which you are expected to take off tick sheets and put on your new sheets. $330.00 a night, I proceed to change my own sheets and I find black hard shell bugs crawling on the mattress. My husband and I pack up at 10:00 and are told by the front desk they have us a room at The Meeting Street Inn-an old historical Inn. Hampton Inn headquarters did not offer to refund our $330.00 dollars, they do pay for 1 night at $159.00 at the  Meeting Street Inn!!! I find this unacceptable by any standards, much less Hampton Inn standards. Ruined our New Year's Charleston trip! Very disappointed.

On 07-18-2015 I submitted a time off request as I was told to do in advance upon hire, by the hotel manager Anna Andros. On 07-20-2015 at 3:20pm, I was called into the office by the manager and hotel supervisor Crystal, during this meeting the manager was very upset, rude and disrespectful towards me for submitting my time off request. Anna Andros, disrespected me as an employee by pointing her finger in my face and as I tried to explain to her that I requested time off because I needed to return to Texas to close out some family business issues. She was well aware that I would have to be returning back to Texas a some point when was hired, my so this request was no surprise. 

Anna Andros, immediately took her frustration out on me for no apparent reason after I explain to her that she was not to talk to me like I was a child as she did. At that point her attitude became unreasonable towards my explanation and without trying to help me as an employee, which she should have as she stated she do with all her employee's, she just told me to get out of her office and off the property, which meant that she was terminating me for submitting a time off request that she had not even taken time to approve or deny at this time. As I told her I would be leaving, she reach into my front pocket and aggressively snatched my Hampton Inn name tag off of my shirt, which was clearly out of her character as a Hotel Manager. 

Also as I was gathering my belonging and preparing to sign out on the time clock, she threaten to call law enforcement on me If I didn't leaving the property quickly, which she seen that I was already in motion to exit the property.  Anna Andros, has displayed such a negative attitude towards me which takes way from the Integrity of this great company and the integrity of her position and this behavior goes against the vision and the loyalty of Hampton Inn it's employee. This behavior by Anna Andros the Hotel Manager is not acceptable and should not be tolerated by this company or it;s Owner. This incident was being recorded by the hotel  security camera's.  

On April 8, 2015 my son was had checked in the Hampton Inn, in Biloxi, Ms. He went swimming later that afternoon in the gulf and was seen going to beach by hotel clerk. My son never returned, police and Coast Guard search ocean and waterways for body so far nothing found. Mrs Bird hotel manager refunded $93 since my son never showed back up. The second week of May my sons wallet, drivers lic. credit card was mailed back to me. On the 23rd of May, Mrs Bird resubmitted the $93 charge and got paid. When I called and asked what was going on she said if I didn't like it file a complaint.

We need 5 rooms the week before christmas. They are working so slowly it will be next year before the hotel is open. Please get this show moving and help us talk to Hampton Inn management. We need this hotel open now. They are dragging their feet horribly. 

I am  Curtis Williams and I live in lakeland florida. During my stay at the Hampton Inn 5320 Poplar Ave Memphis TN on 19 and 20 November  my tires and rims was stolen. I got up the next morning my SUV was on blocks. It was odd that the cameras in the parking lott didn't work. It was very inconvenient , my wife had to be at work the next morning and we had a 13 hours ride.