Winnings Fee International Scam Phone Calls

I’ve been getting calls from winners fee international telling me I am getting $2.5 million dollars but all I had to do is get a pack card from wal mart and call winners international with the card number and my money would be delivered a couple of hours later. They wanted me to pay $850.00 to get my winnings. Let me tell you right now, you should not have to send money or pay any one any money to get money. The guy who called me says his name is Mr. Clay. He called me from (876) 442-9663. He sounded very nice and told me all my dreams will now come true. He even told me I was getting a brand new Mercedes so I could travel like a millionaire.

Horse S_ _ T. These people don’t care about anyone or anything. Please don’t fall for this scam. They have scammed hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars and deserve many years in prison. If you get a call from these people don’t believe a word they say. They are liars and would scam their own mothers if they could. Keep your money. In this day and age not to many of us can afford to throw out hundreds of dollars. This makes someone like me who had payed more than $15,000 on a scam much similar to this one, not trust any one when they tell me I have won this or that.

There are many many scams out there that are very similar to this one and the one you really need to watch for is a scam going around that you will split $8,000,000,000 with the person calling you flaming to be a bank vice president of Barclays Bank and gives you his name, in my case his name was Siti Ghazali, and tell you in order to get this money you have to get a bank Cade. In order to get the bank code you have send a lot of money, in my case it was $14,000 and like a fool I sent it thinking I was a multi millionaire and $14,000 didn’t seem that much compared to what I was getting.

Then came the taxes witch I was told would be $850. Again I sent the money.then when he called for more money I told him I wanted out of this deal and I wanted my money back. He told me it would cost $600 to process the money because it had to go through customs and be checked by the F.B.I. So I sent it thinking I might get some or all my money back but guess what, never got a penny back and now struggling because I did a very stupid thing and trusted someone I didn’t know.

I lost my relationship with my family and my friends because of this and regret ever replying to this lying jerks email. Trust me the police and F.B.I. have been working on this and I’ll be the first in line to testify against this jerk.


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