Winners International of Las Vegas Scam

A Jobs Chambers called while I was at my moms & told me he spoke to my mom. I identified myself as her son and he said yes he waited to call as she said to call later when I get home from work. I knew immediately that it was a lie but I did not let him know I knew. He told me my mom won a new 2011 mercedes benz and $850,000 and he would not lie because he was a church goer with kids well he laid down a line of bull which I listen to than told me all it would take is going to cvs or walmart and getting a money pac reload card for $500 than call him back and he will send his people out to moms house with the car and the money or meet her at her bank as they are honest people.

told me when I called to ask him what the password is which he proceeded to give me “goldcase” what a crock. well this was on a Saturday at 4pm so I told him her bank closed at 4pm had to set it up for monday. in the line of bull he said he was from winnersinternational of Las Vegas left a phone#876-504-8660. I called the local police they said call the FBI called the FBI they said Call the local police. I told them that they both passed the buck on this one and the FBI rep gave me a Complaint online to go to. Have not heard a thing since. I already knew it was bogus but many targeted people do not please watch out for your moms and dads and do not be fooled by anyone. if you win something there is no cost except uncle sam (taxes when you file) thanks for listening Joe


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