Turbo Tax Direct Deposit and Delayed Refunds

We used turbo tax online program to file our taxes this year, 2011. We used the direct deposit option requesting a visa credit card card and bank. There was a problem on turbo tax’s end with the direct deposit, so we were refunded the fee. We never received the card. We got an email with a confirmation number that card was on the way. We got an email saying that federal refund would be mailed to us. Never had any contact regarding state refund. Around 2-25-11 started contacting the state about our turbo tax refund. told would receive in mail within two weeks. Today, 3-24-11, I got in touch with a state refund customer rep. and was told our refund had been deposited on, 2-8-11.

And still we had no turbo tax card or any kind of contact from the company telling us what we needed to do, or find out if we received our refunds. Which would have been the right thing to do. I called the toll free number to find out about getting a card sooner than 7-10 business days and was told you would fedex one in 5-7 days. I insisted on an overnighted card. Said be here in 1-3 days. At the end was told would get the card on Wednsday, six days later. After figuring out turbo tax said six days I called back and was told 1-3 bussiness days. Their screw up cost us a lot of things.

A motorhome for a cost next to nothing, utility shut offs, which cost us deposits on top of other fees. We will never use this company again unless turbo tax ends up compensating us in some way. Turbo tax needs to instill some better customer service, such as, better communication when these errors happen. Follow up contact to make sure the customer has all the information needed to get their refund in a timely matter.

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