Orbitz Travel Insurance Plan Poor Reviews

I cancelled my husband and my flight in the latter part of June. We were to take a flight to Detroit in August. I also had purchased the Orbitz Travel Insurance Plan, at an additional fee. When I called to cancel I was told that that particular number I had called was for hotels only. They immediately transfered me to another agent. I was told by this agent to call another number. I again called and was told once more that they didn’t handle this type of problem. After 2 hrs of needless phone calls to Orbitz, I went on line to try to cancel my flight. I received notice it had been cancelled and the monies would be refunded within a two week period.

It has been 4 weeks and I haven’t received any info on the status of my refund. When I went on line to ask about the tracking status, the computer continuely stated they had no record of my name or area code?! Why do they allow such companies to function like this? This extra Travel Insurance Plan #2395 that I paid extra for, for my husband and myself is worthless! This is faults advertisement in the fullest! There should be some law that Orbitz has violated! How about it Orbitz, where is my refund?

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