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I have been trying for the last few days to contact someone regarding my dissatisfaction with a Groupon deal that was not fulfilled by the venue it was purchased from. I am disappointed that Groupon customer services have ignored my request to discuss this matter directly before issuing a refund. One email was sent suggested that I contact – which is an email adds that no longer exists!!!!!. This is therefore my last attempt at trying to resolve this situation directly.

All I asked was for someone from Groupon to contact me directly to discus this issue before sending a refund – (which I have stated on numerous occasions is unacceptable). Instead I have been ignored, refunded, and then offered a £10 Groupon voucher!

To Summerise my sistuation

The groupon deal was purchased for a Christmas present –
The Perfect Pamper Package for Two People at Look
Good Feel Good

Valid from 13.12.2010 to 28.02.2011
I tried to contact the venue repeatedly from the 3rd January with no success – leaving numerous messages to ring me back – with no reply. The venue did not have an email address to contact.

They now have an answer machine message that states that they can no longer take groupon bookings as they are fully booked and that we should contact you to get a refund. They haven’t even had the decency to contact me directly. I am sorry but this is totally unacceptable! If they are fully booked they should honour all vouchers and extend the booking dates. I have contacted them well in advance of the voucher expiring.

I am not happy with a refund for this deal – This voucher was purchased in good faith for a xmas present and therefore a refund is not acceptable as that person is now without a gift. I contacted the venue well within the time frame given. If groupon has sold more deals than the venue can honour, the venue should extend the dates to provide the service for which I have purchased – many other venues are more than happy to do this with the groupon deals – the venue can not be fully booked indefinitely!

Groupon and the venue should have had some communicated regarding how many deals could be sold to ensure so that the venue can cope with the number of deals purchased. The company advertises these deals as possible gifts – this it is not acceptable if the vouchers have a risk of being non redeemable. I am now faced with the situation of having to replace the deal for the person the gift was given to at an expense of nearly £300!

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