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My experience with customer service after the sale has been horrible. There is no value placed in the customer who pays their bills on time, who is patient and who does not make unnecessary requests. I have tried to schedule an inspection for an encapsulation we paid over $10,000.00 for and when I did successfully schedule an appointment, it was changed. This was done without regard to my schedule after clearly stating when I would be home. And today I have been on hold on 3 lines. Sad company regarding follow up and customer service.

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A terminx employee lives across the street and one house down from me. Yesterday he parked in front of my house ( truck #110787). I asked him to please not park there as I have animals and little nephews. He then presceded to tell me to fuck off he will park where ever he wants. This man was in his terminx uniform standing next to the terminx truck screaming profanities while all the neighbors are out. This was totally unexceptable as well as this truck in front of my house for 2 days when there is room for them to park it in front of there own house. I have already been in contact with my city as well but the next time this happens the police will be involved.

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1st issue: Last year we paid over $1000.00 for termite removal. The agreement was that once the 1st year was over, Terminix would come out to check and replace if needed the little green stakes put in the ground to attract the termites. I have already started paying the $299/year for the next Terminix year to insure that the issue has been handled. We have had several appointments set up for them to come out and check the green stakes and our walls for termites and we continuously get no shows. There have been approx. 3 appointments set up with one guy stating he just couldn't find our house and he was leaving and would call back to reschedule...this after my husband took off of work to insure he was home for Terminix and even after guiding him to our home. I have called and have been told they would call me prior to of 01/01/ one has come out to check the termites.

2nd issue: We just found that we also have rats in our home. We paid $1140.00 for a one year treatment. The 1st appoint that was set up, the guy came and covered up any holes around the premises. He set some traps in the attic and stated someone would be out the following Saturday to check the traps, but if it started smelling, we could call and they would come out sooner. He stated since it was a little damp, they would not be going up on the roof and another appointment was set up for the following Saturday for them to get on the roof and cover any holes they see. We stayed home the following Saturday...Terminix again was a no call/no show. The 2nd and 3rd week and as of today, we still have no calls or rescheduled appointments. So, I'm wondering what I have paid $1140.00 for...a couple of traps and some outdoor poison? I could have done that for under $50.00. Meanwhile, the rats are still tearing up the air condition ducts because we can hear them above our bed in the back bedroom.

In addition, when I walk in my house, I can smell the urine...especially when it's hot. Because your company is so quick to want the money, but so slow to follow through on your end and unreliable, I would like one of the following options immediately...Either you get someone out there immediately to follow through on both the Termite and Rat contracts that were signed or you give me a refund for both for not following through on your end. This way I can contact a better reputable company that can and will handle the problem. I am very upset and disappointed because I'm sure if it was your house and you were paying someone to get rid of pest in the amount that we have would expect them to be there when they say they will be.

We understand things happen, but in this case...we are the clients, yall agreed to specific times and dates, therefore, it's ultimately your responsibility to contact us if you are unable to make it. Note...We will not take off another day of work for you all work must be done on Saturday. In addition, we will not waist another whole Saturday waiting on you guys to show. If they aren't there at the scheduled time... we are gone. Weekends are our only time to get things done and it's so unfair the way that we have been mistreated...with the money spent. I wish to be contacted by a corporate manager.

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When our attic insulation was replaced last May at the same time the cracks were filed to keep rodents out. All these were expertly done. But when the chimney caps was put on I asked the man if he noticed my homemade one [perforated steel sheet] I had pressed into the chimney. He hadn't and wanted to know if I wanted the new one removed. I shrugged and said nothing. A week later I was on the roof to repair a leak and saw with pride the new cap in place. My neighbors have the same type. It is so much better than my old rusty homemade one,I was pleased and thought 'oh well after all I paid for it'.

A week ago when the El Nino rains started I looked at the chimney and to my astonishment the cap was gone! I did not give permission for the man to return and take it. Please have it replaced or I will file a formal complaint against Terminix. PS: I know three of my neighbors have had termites. When I advise them to get Terminix protection they shrug and say 'why when the termites can return the next day'. This reasoning baffles me for in my thinking that is why you need insurance. By the way their caps are still there.

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I used Terminix to get rid of some termites in a house I was renting to a nice elderly couple. The service was OK but the technicican that came out to the house was very rude! I just thought you should know to avoid further complaints down the line.

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On August 21, 2015 a Terminix representative, Ransom McDowell came to my home to complete an inspection of the property to determine if there was evidence of termite & pest infestation. After his inspection, he recommended 2 services - local treatment "subterranean", which was explained to consist of treating the soil under the house to kill and deter termites and other pests with installation of a covering at 2 entry points; and "exclusion" that was explained as to seal termite vent in attic, install plumbing vent on roof, seal holes in wall and seal pipe penetration. The quoted cost for the subterranean was $1304.00 and the cost quoted for the exclusion was $2500.00.

The representative was advised by my wife that we could not afford the service at that time. Ransom stated that we could get one service at that time and wait for the other. My wife and I decided to approve the subterranean service with financing. The Terminix customer service representative stated that he would schedule the service and contact us when confirmed. My wife advised him that she was headed out of town (as his visit was not scheduled) and she would continue any discussion on Monday, August 24th.

Ransom returned with a contract with a total of $4740.00 being financed and presented it to me to sign. Unfortunately I did not review the entire contract as I expected the amount financed to be the agreed upon amount. On August 24th, Zamir Brown completed the subterranean and left a report of his work with a charge of $1440.00, $136.00 more than quoted. It was not until my wife received 2 separate bills from Terminix ($1440.00 + $2500.00) that I discovered the deceit.

My wife called Terminix on 8/28 & 8/29 regarding the bills when she was placed on hold for 15-20 minutes as the representative reached out to Ransom McDowell. Ransom came to our home stating that he needed additional information in order to submit our finance agreement. My wife advised him that she would not give the information as she believed that he had taken advantage of us and now has us responsible for a debt that we cannot afford. Ransom stated that he would discuss the miscommunication with his boss who would get back with us very soon. Of course we did not receive a call from the Manager.

My wife called Terminix again on 9/7 and was able to speak with a Manager, Maurice who after hearing our dispute stated that he would look into the issue and resolve. Upon receipt pf another bill the end of September, my wife contacted Terminix again and left several messages for Maurice with no return call. She was able to speak with Maurice again in October and he stated that Ransom is no longer employed and he would work something out to bring this to resolution. No bills were received after September, however, in December we received 2 letters from SMAC with 2 different account numbers reflecting an amount financed of $4740.00.

This is highly unethical and totally unacceptable! I am 85 years old and have been a customer for the past 30 years and find it very hard to believe that your company does business with such a lack of integrity.

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