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I am not satisfied with the mattress I Purchased a few months ago. When I lye down it sinks in the middle it is defected. I am not looking for a refund I just want another mattress where I can get a good night sleep. My back and legs be hurting me all through the night. I am tossing and turning. I went back to the store and I was told that I picked the mattress from the show room which I did but I did not know it would sink in middle when I lay on it and try to get a good night sleep. I was told to write to you first before taking further action. I do not want any trouble I just want what I paid for.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Nadine Andrew
1843 South Taylor Street
Philadelphia. PA 19145
If I am not available my answering service will pick up after the 5th ring.

Thank you.


For a Mother's Day gift, my four children gave me a $500.00 gift certificate from the store located here in the San Jose (Brokaw) through Nasir. I went around to a couple of stores, after all there are so many in San Jose to go and look to see which mattress that I want. I ended up in the Steven Creek Store. The lady there that helped, Claire. I paid the difference of course. By the time that I purchased the mattress, it was almost Memorial Weekend. There was a special going on, which was the bed frame, the one that is worth $500.00, This is the one that is able to lift the top of the mattress only Ielectrical) At the time of purchase, it was not available, I would have had to wait, like around mid June. I told them that would be fine, I needed time anyway, because the bedframe that I currently had, would have to be unassembled at the time (twin trundle bed) Anyway, I asked at the time, if I went ahead and scheduled the delivery of the mattress, asked how much? It would be free. I asked it they would pick up the mattress that I currently own? They had said yes. On the day of the delivery of the mattress, the only problem that I had encountered, was the driver would not pick up the mattress. I clearly stated that I requested, at the time I had asked for them to deliver. The driver was rude. He picked it up anyway. As promised, the bedframe was scheduled sometime around mid-June. I went to see Claire at the Stevens Creek store to see if there was a possibility if perhaps maybe the bedframe that they were offering for $500.00 could be possibly exchanged for something else. I even showed her some pictures. The reason that I am asking, the bed frame that I have is so much higher than the frame that they are offering. I would prefer to use the space, for items that I would like to keep. (important) This idea, I actually got from my daughter. She actually just purchashed her new bed from Mancini. When the delivery guys went to see their bed in the morning, they saw the bed frame, were able to come back in the afternoon, male a comparable exchange, with no price difference. That was what I was expecting when I walked into the store that day. I also asked Claire if the legs to the frame would come off. What Claire told me was when the delivery guys come to the house, just ask them to take them off or adjust them, or perhaps make them longer. So, another one of her options was to go to a hardware store, purchase risers. However. that was not really what I was looking for as an answer. When the automated phone call came, I was not sure what I wanted to do at the time yet, if I wanted to keep the frame, I still had to dismantle the bed. I did not confirm the call. The delivery guy came anyway. What makes me upset about how these automated calls work, the call is not confirmed? yet the delivery guys will still come out regardless? That would still be a waste of their time? Anyway, so I told myself, since I was there anyway, I never got to dismantle the frame. I went ahead and asked this delivery guy about the frame. I asked him if the legs pf the frame can be removed. His answer was no. What I am trying to say here. Claire does not even know what the bed frame is all about? When I was at the store, all she did was show me that this frame can lift the mattress from head up? I did not get the frame that day, sent the driver home. A couple days later. I was still deciding on what to do. On July 21,2018, I got a text, that they were going to deliver the mattress at around 4:15-9:00 pm that same day. Obviously, I was not ready, because the bed had to be dismantled. So what I did, was call the Steven's Creek store. It went to voice mail. I called again. Voice mail. Third time. hang up. Fourth time another hang up. I discussed what happened with my eldest daughter. What she told me was she was getting a unknown number calling her cell phone with no message. I decided to block my phone number and call the Stevens Creek number one more time. I spoke to Trevor. He asked me to try the Brokaw Store and speak to Nasir. I called Nasir. Nasir scheduled the delivery without my permission. I asked him why he did that, Basically he was calling my eldest daughter without leaving her messages. That is why I am upset with this whole delivery.Again. I did not confirm the delivery. My son had to quickly dismantly the frame. I asked them to pick up the frame, again, they did not pick up the frame. That is how unsatisfied I am with Mattriess Firm. Just plain poor customer service....


purchased a mattress just over a month ago/ contacted the charlottesville va. store today and was treated very rudely to say the least by the young lady working there today/ was told by her she would check on things and contact me back/ well i waited and called her back 2 hours later she said that i had already exchanged twice/ well b4 the 120 trial time had expired/ mind you i paid both times for the different mattresses to be delivered/ so
i wrapped up the mattress in plastic and returned it to the store thats when things went very sour/ she wouldnt give me the time of day/ so i just placed the mattress outside the front door right side up! now i have contacted and disputed said acct with my credit card company/ a mgr called me and said that i must come back and pickup the mattress/ however the credit card company said its disputed and to leave it be! i will definately not deal with mattress firm again/ and will be filing a dispute with the better business bureau this upcoming week! sincerely r. a. wiebel


Customer service for both online orders and in store orders is terrible. If the delivery is wrong it is expected that the customer wait 24-48 hours before the issue can be rectified. There is no immediate solution available because no one has the authority to change the process in which the company does anything. Those who do shrug their shoulders and this is just how it is.

When the wrong item is delivered in morning customer must wait for the delivery to arrive back the warehouse to check in any undelivered merchandise at the end of their run which is typically between 4-6pm. While the undelivered items are on the truck neither can customer service representatives, the warehouse staff, nor showroom staff can touch the order. For next day deliveries the orders must be entered into the system by 4 pm for the warehouse to route. Since the team will arrive back the warehouse after the window for a next day order to go through closes the soonest a customer can get the correct items deliver to them is 48 hours later.

The delivery teams are not allowed to start their routes before 9am (without prior approval as this is not the norm) this is due to the fact that warehouse is does not have staff available for the teams to arrive before 7am to load. Due not having early load times team don't get on the road until after 8am. Then start an 8 hour run. On top of this, the teams are also not allowed to be early to any delivery on their route nor go out of order regardless if the route provided is NOT the most time efficient route possible. Which means even if the customer is agreeable to this it is not allowed. Overall, this means that their is no way for the team to arrive back the warehouse to check any undelivered items for the day until after the next day window closes. This policy continually causes customers to be upset about customer service and the quality of the delivery service that Mattress Firm provides. They want immediate resolution. They want to know that the items they ordered will get to them in a timely manner when the mistake was Mattress Firm's.

Not only is this frustration for customers but also all the employees who have to work within these non flexible rules. If you call customer service it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get online line with a representative.


On March 16, 2018 my daughter and I went to Mattress Firm in Lufkin, Texas in hopes of purchasing 2 mattress sets. The salesman on duty didn't seem to be interested in selling us anything, referring us to their retail store in Nacogdoches, (for refurbished mattresses and/or mattresses that they couldn't sell in their Lufkin store). We weren't interested in buying second hand mattresses. Whatever situation we may have had was none of his business. He was there to make a sale. I'm not sure if his demeanor was because we were Black, or because we were not dressed in suits. Referring us to the store in Nacogdoches first, without trying to sell us what was in the store in Lufkin, was very disrespectful. I will never go to this store again, and will make sure that all of my friends are aware of this man's demeanor toward Blacks. He didn't know how much money we had in our pockets, as I am a retired licensed Social Worker for the state of Texas, and my daughter is an elementary teacher. Mattress Firm just lost that sale.


Mattress firm has the worse employees that use the chat resource! I was just wantin some help with doing a complaint and the first person, laurenanne, was who I was chatting with first and I was tryin to explain my situation to her and she COMPLETELY avoided my question and just said " thank you and have a good day" and just ended the chat without me having a chance to write back. She obviously didn't even read what I was asking because before she wrote thank you have a good day, she asked a question that had absolutely nothing to do with what I was asking and that's when she just wrote thank you and have a good day and ended the chat. So after that frustration of getting nowhere, I started a chat again with someone named Susan. And she was VERY unprofessional. Her grammar was horrible, she constantly kept misspelling things, never capitalized any letters at the front of her sentences, she was abbreviating words. She really had a hard time answering my question when a 5 year old could've done a better job. I'm certainly not a grammar pro but I certainly expect them to be professional with that. Both people I chatted with were very impatient and I told the second lady that I was using my iPad and couldn't type as fast as I normally can and she still was being very impatient and also was asking me for my information which she had no buisness asking because it had nothing to do with the question I needed answered but she told me she couldn't talk to me without getting my information first. Mattress firm definitely needs to get some better people for the chat resource. That was down right a disgrace for mattress firm!!!


The workers are very unprofessional. They be dirty smell like weed mouth smell like alcohol when talking.Sloppy drunk. None dont have any license and most of them is a felon or offender. I over heard them saying they be taking mattress home and resell it for their own price and they have been in plenty accidents but the police is investigating the company I ask which location they work to. They stated its the warehouse in north charleston,SC off cross county road. I would have all them fired they dont represent the company well at all and not good speakers. They talk from the streets."slang talk"


Order a mattress on 8/9 not able to deliver same day. I accept delivery next day 8/10 after 11pm mattress came with mildew spots and I refused the mattress. I was told by the Mattress Firm customer service number that another mattress will be delivered on 8/12 I receive a call after 11pm they're 20 minutes away. Receive another call after 11pm that they will be there at 12:30am. I am spending $4,000 for a horrible service. The location is at stonecrest mall, lithonia Georgia.


We bought a mattress and box springs 4 over 1500 my wife is disabled and in her 70s. We got approved for a new mattress. Over 4 months ago the bed is so bad without help she can't get out of bed.


to the president of mattress firm, don't know why you have a customer service line-- no one will answer or call you back if you leave number== have been trying to get someone from your corporate office to call us to see why were billed for items we never received.. been trying for 2 weeks and, first we were told it was a warehouse issue, then we were told is was corporate, in their hands, still have not seen any effort by corporate, this has been 2 weeks of us calling - do issues like this go to a dark room and die a slow death? went to your corporate office yesterday and was told needed an appointment? how can you get an appointment when no one will talk to you? today a truck arrived at our door to pick up a frame, we never received, and we had a call ,shorty afterwards, wanted to why we would not let truck pick up frame, again - never received frame or mattress, but your firm send notice to your bank stating the we received items? now we are trying to get this corrected , but with little help from your corporate office. wish we could get cooperation or emails regarding this situation like the ones we still get stating hoping we are happy with our purchase. can you show us were we signed for the items we ordered, if not, please issue a credit and notify us that is matter has been resolved ( and communication with your bank that show we do not them anything). still wanting for call? helping a customer with an issue like this is not one of your company's strong point. a call would have had this issue settled weeks ago.


Bought a Sealy foam mattress and within 17 months the side was breaking down plus there is a body impression in same. Paid $1200 for this mattress, figuring it would be our last mattress. Have now been working at restitution for three months to no avail. Store manager and warranty department have been of no help so far. I want a refund to purchase another mattress. They want to replace this inferior mattress with another inferior mattress. I would NEVER, EVER do business with Mattress Firm again. So they leave me no alternative other than small claims court. I see I am not the only complaint. Should have checked out this bedding company BEFORE I made a purchase. I am just so disgusted at this point.


I really can't believe the poor service I have received from Mattress Firm over the past few weeks. From the delays to the cancellations to the delivery problems. This will be my last bed I ever order from them and I don't even want to step foot in their store again. I purchased a bed last week and they keep lying to me about delays. Just deliver my bed already!


I will give them a good rating because of my recent experience at Mattress Firm. We went in shopping to replace our old mattress and found exactly the right one. Of course they did try to sell us the most expensive King set which is from Tempurpedic but we turned that down in favor of one that did NOT cost $13,000.  Overall I wish that their prices weren't so outrageous for the higher end models, but overall a good shopping experience. Shipping was very fast and they even hauled away our old mattress for free.

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