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The general manager of the Hopkinsville, KY Holiday Inn falsely accused me of threatening an employee in the parking lot. I didn't do it. She embarassed, humiliated, and bullied me off the property! This woman threatened me with trespassing charges and told me she would call the police on me. There were witnesses onlooking this. A civil suit is what's going to happen.


My Complaint is that while I'm a regular customer each week of a two night stay. I find it very dishearten that the kitchen staff on the weekend are very rude and very uneducated about personal hygiene and customer service when helping the customers. The staff wants to serve warm milk as the fridge is broken and food is prepared with no gloves or hairnets. The kitchen weekend staff are rude and customer service training is needed. A staff member has asked me to not enter the kitchen as I stood in the door way of the kitchen to ask for a tray. The staff member went on to make negative comments about me as the customer to another employee. Not sure if the facility has ever had Customer Service training 101 or not? My suggestion is that someone hire up check on what the issue maybe with the following Holiday Inn Express Salisbury, NC location.


Stayed at this hotel in August. Was overcharged for an additional 3 days after we checked out and left the area. Tried to contact the management to settle the dispute. Management never returned my phone calls. Amount in question is $503.00. This is not insignificant. This hotel is running some sort of scam, double charging for their rooms. They charged us for a room that we did not use for three days. Room must have been given to another consumer who also was charged. Will NEVER stay at another Holiday Inn anywhere. Fraudulent practices.


I am filing this complaint as a rewards member # 165459801, who is a frequent business traveler and stays at many hotels. Upon attempt to check-in, the front desk staff completed paperwork and stated he would call my cell when room was ready. Please note, he did not call, I had to call the holiday in staff member. When I checked into the room, I was shocked at the condition. The pillows were flat and you could tell were old and worn as well as the sheets, towels and duvet. Please see attached vent from the bath room that was filthy as well an unhealthy. Although there was a vent in the bathroom, it was nonoperational. I asked for additional coffee and was told no as the limit is two Kuerigs' per room. This is sad response for a hotel staff member to tell a guest. The hotel is providing a service and being paid.

I am one not to complain however the quality of this hotel is unsatisfactory. I am requesting rewards points for one night in this category hotel due to the inconvenience. Please respond to my cell: 727-249-4698.or email.

Thank you,


reservation # 45543802 Stayed at Holiday inn express October 18 and 19 2018
Reserved a handicap room with walk in shower.

Checked in late on Oct.18 and had to ask for senior discount,which was given.
Room given was # 402 with a tub and a bench under the sink.
Wife is disabled and cant do tubs. Wheelchair bound.
Nothing was available that night.

Took a shower. No HOT WATER. Desk informed me: HIGH USAGE
.Tried at 3 a.m NO HOT WATER.

Oct. 19 went to the desk and complaint. Promise by the clerck taht it would be taken care off.

Came back that night. SAME ISSUE. Other area hotels did not have rooms available.( St. Marys county fair)

Due to late hour, nothing could be done. Wife could not shower now for 2 days.


Came back in Florida and tried to speak to the manager ( she was off during my stay)

I called 4 times and was put on hold and even disconnected. Promised return phone call. NEVER happened.

Since she does not want to return my phone calls I contacted the St. Mays county health department.

I am sure she will talk to them regarding the hot water issue.
I am awaing a phone call from the health department which they promised to report their findings

John Traas 491 Lindsey drive Lakeland Fl. 33809 863 859 1307



I reserved 2 rms for my HC like I do every yr for the past 15 yrs. When I arrived on 10/18/18, I was told their was only 1 rm reserved. I awoke to hotel staff walking in, so, I approach the front seat to fund out that I was charge a no show fee on the rm the rep couldn't find the day before when I chk in. When I attempted to shop, I was inform that the $1900 I had to spend for the HC weekend were exhausted by the Holiday Inn I was staying in. I arrived back at the hotel and demanded a refund as my account had been charge 5 or 6 times totaling $1900+ for 2 rms for 24 hr period. I was promised by David Cochran & David Littlefield at the 6200 N. Robison Ave in OKC 73118 that I would be charged for 2 nights instead of 3 and my funds would be returned to my account by Saturday at the latest Monday 10/22/18. In speaking with my bank, it was recommended that I file a complaint as Holiday Inn should have returned my funds to my account when the mistakes were made and I should file a fraudulent form for the egregious conduct displayed towards me, a loyal consumer. So I am trying to find out what I need to do at this point to get my money returned to my account. Please call me at 918-219-6424 or email me at please. So very disappointed and angry about the way this was handled.
Gwynette Chaney Olden


We arrived at 930 pm in Richwood, KY. Had booked the only room avail. When we entered the room it smelled like a mixture of filthy carpet, mold and cat urine. I immediately went to the desk to complain. Clerk said there was no other rooms and she couldn't do anything for us, except take 20 off and switch our room for the next night. When I went back to the room my husband Stepped by the bed and his sock was SATURATED with something wet. We put towels on the floor and by morning they were soaked. We then Looked around and checked the bed on the other side and the whole floor was soaked under the whole bed. I'm sure the air conditioner was leaking for who knows how long. In the mean time, the smell kept me up all night, I was all stuffed up, had a headache and had to take my inhaler. I was furious and went to the desk to tell the girl. I asked for the manager and she told me there was no manager there and she took my phone number to give to the manager. I told her I could not believe they rented a room out in this condition and the whole night should be complimented for our misery. She said she couldn't do anything about it and would have the manager call. The manager never called us to rectify anything. I feel we deserve a full refund for that night. Any decent business would make this right with their customer. I feel like we were just ignored with this complaint.


We were solicited to participate in a 2 hour presentation for the holiday inn club vacations. To start, making the reservation was quite a time consuming and frustrating endeavor that I won't even get into. My issue is with the promised $100 voucher at the end of the presentation. We did eventually get it in the mail, and filed it for future use.
About 6 months after our stay when we wanted to use it, we were informed that it had expired. No one told us it had an expiration date during the presentation. I don't understand the rationale for an expiration date on something like this. It was a surprise to us.
When I called them they said sorry, too bad (my words), but I could tell they had no sympathy at all.
You have one unhappy/disappointed customer.
Steve Broadwell


I am currently staying at your hotel. I came out to celebrate my granddaughter birthday I have two adjoining rooms. There are know complimentary gifts for your guest.unless you are a spire,platinum, or gold member. I wish water could be offered to all guest. They use to offer a complimentary drink.


Found a cockroach and room smelled moldy


Just checked in at your Holiday Inn Express 1686 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, Ms and was told a lightning strike damaged the elevator, ice machine and computer last night. I have had both knees replaced and a back surgery & need both shoulders and neck surgery age 64. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and back, neck and knee problems and we both have problems climbing stairs. Luck for us we are on the 2 nd floor but had plenty of things to pack including an ice chest that a guest helped me with . We brought our 4 & 10 year old grandsons for a short trip to the beach before school starts. I feel we should receive a reasonable discount for the lack of services that should be expected by all guest but especially those who are handicapped. I asked that we be moved to first floor for tomorrow night but didn’t get a response from the staff. Please email me with a response & a call to 337-592-3452. Thanks
Rickie Conway


I recently stayed in your hotel in Orlando,Florida at the Holiday Inn water park suites I booked 3 rooms to accommodate myself and grandkids I was appalled at the nastiness of the rooms the toilet had so much mold in it that my seven year old granddaughter was traumatized and didn’t want to sit on any of the toilets on this entire vacation there was mold on the shower walls the kitchen sinks has so much scum around the rim I was just disgusted. The service was horrible I would ask for towels and it would take an half of day to receive to receive them I was even told they were out of washcloths until Tuesday!!! It appeared to be a very busy time at the hotel but that’s no excuse for The dirtiness!! I had rooms 1323, 1325, and 1327 on July 20-24th. You all need undercover boss to this hotel site and a mom panel to show you guys how to properly clean a room!!!


Staying at Holiday in Thessaloniki Greece. It is 4:39 am. The room stinks to high heaven like sewer. The air condition unit has been leaking and flooding the room. Hotel management promised to fix the problem but did not do anything about it. The packed the floor around the unit with towels and told me "thechnitian comes tomorrow. The other rooms I offered were even worse. One had a very loud AC - the other had an AC unit that was located right next to the bed. I am still staying in my room and feel very disappointed and upset. Feel that my holiday has been badly effected by the lack of service and care of what is supposed to be quality 5 stars accommodation. I want to be compensated for my pain and suffering.


Dear who may concern

I Daly patto stayed in holiday inn Osaka I was very desppointent my family and came all the from Australia to Japan to stay at holiday inn we always had great expreince staying in holiday inn but Osaka holiday inn it's dirty it smelled.
our three rooms were smoking we choice non smoking their was 9 of us 6 adults and 3 kids plus I got a room of 2 single beds I choice double beds me my husband and two kids age 11,and13 slept in a room with 2 single beds plus even my sister inlaw her room was 2 single beds 2 adults one child and the other room was just 2 single beds 2 adults but all smoking.
The rooms were dirty and dusty smelled like smoking next day we had to check out cause the smell was bad my daughter has asthma we couldn't stay.
We were there from 4th July we checked out on the 5th July instead of 10th July.
We booked it through
I'm very disappointed with holiday inn this time.
I'm going to put bad review on trip adviser.
Thank you


I, Sherry West ,resided at the Holiday Inn , Strongsville, Oh, on 7/12/2018 - 7/14/2018.After checking out I emptied all garbage into the trash can, which included cigarette buts, ashes, and other items. My husband would frequently go outside to smoke. he'd keep his ash tray to prevent littering. I checked out on the 14th of July. before I check out, I personally went to my both rooms I rented and cleaned the room due to,(OCD). My account should have been closed when I checked out, however, it wasn't. The following day, Holiday Inn Hotel garnished $250.00 x 2 , from my account. accusing me of smoking in the room. I don't smoke, and I don't allow my husband to smoke around me, or onside a room any room that I'm in. Because house keeper spots cigarette buts in the garbage can isn't sufficient evidence of smoking inside the hotel room. I never left my room during my stay no one had smoked anything inside the hotel. 500.00 was garnished because there was assumed evidence of smoking. I am asking for a full return of $500.00. Im requesting my deposits incidentals which was $35.00 x2, for two days which is $140.00. Do to the false accusations, I have been inconvenienced tremendously. I lost 2 clients because my money has been tied to a false accusation.Im asking that my money be returned immediately, and an apology from the staff who assumed i was smoking in the room, because they spotted cigarette butts in a garbage can while cleaning the room. I deeply regret staying at the Holiday Inn at Strongsville, Oh.

Sherry West


I have been a member of your Holiday Rewards club for over 30 years. At the last stay I had on June 21 / 22 at your facility 4575 E Ira Lane in Phoenix AZ, I was told that before I could check in that I must let them run a credit card with $.01 on a tab in case I damaged their facility. Is this a new policy? Also the $.01 is still on my credit card, it has not been removed. What is going? Is this the way long term user of yours of your facilities are going to be treated from now on? Member no.330827849.
Gaylon Wood


June 16 or 17th ... $915.99 was taking off my bank card. And I cancelled my reservation june 19th cause I don't hv that kind of cash just laying around. And I waiting on the return of my money!!! It would be nice to notify someone that ur takin out the full payment for a hotel stay!!! Cause i could use that $915.99 for my bills and rent that im behind on.
Poor service !!!


Let me just start off by saying the gentleman who checked me in was very nice and pleasant. My first complaint is I was promised early check-in I did receive a phone call around 10:30 a.m. inquiring about the early check-in and asked me if I wanted to be upgraded to a sweet but unfortunately I cannot upgrade. Then I was told around 1:30 I should be able to check in early before 3 p.m. I then called about to due to me not hearing from anyone and they at the front desk how did Vice that I could not do it until regular check in at 3 p.m. . As I got to my room after that there was a clump of hair on the pillow case the outlets to plug in your devices we're hanging out of the socket which had to be pushed in by myself. The bedside lamps did not turn on at all. The bed was very uncomfortable needs a new mattress. The guests in the other room next to mine were very loud as they were in and out a couple of times in the middle of the night and this was a joining room so you could hear better then normal and I was not joining with the other guests. The server for the breakfast has to really change attitude when she is asked questions as to where items are found. I was really expecting a higher-quality loom and service as to where the hotel is located at. Very disappointed and glad I only stayed for one night. I will not return back to this location


I made a reservation for 6-21-18 at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin South 701 East Stassney Lane Austin....Phone number 512-851-1000.
I made a reservation a few weeks prior and was not able to stay with Holiday Inn on 6-21-18. I called to cancel and was told I could not cancel. Due to me making the reservation in advance and receiving a discount for doing so. I ask if I could reuse the reservation in the future, no answer. I was transferred to the manager Tonya. I left a message with Tonya on 6-20-18. No return call. I called back on 6-22-18 and left a message. I was hung up on .I called back and left a message for Tonya.
My complaint is no one has called me back to date!!
The I don't care attitude and hiding behind a big corporation has become tiresome to people. I will file my complaint and take my business elsewhere.
Brent Coleman


We were NEVER told there would be a charge for my 5# dog. So called "pet friendly " is not adequate. I have stayed at many luxury motel/ hotels, and have NEVER been charged or had to sign a contract. How bizarre and disappointing. We will NEVER stay at another Holiday Inn Express with or without a pet( family member)


Witness employee stealing from guests! Victor Lawson, banquets , Donald, night houseman.


Made reservations on Feb. 20 for a Holiday inn Express in Minneapolis Minn. for a family wedding and reservations were confirmed. On May I was notified that my reservations were no good. I called the Holiday Inn Express and they told me that the had overbooked and because I did not pay with a credit card I was being cancelled. Talking to Bridgett she really didn't care that I made my reservations on Feb 20. I believe Holiday Inn Express should have notified me before May 1 when the wedding is on May 5. I will not use a Holiday Inn ever again.


Reservation was cancelled 4 days prior to reserved date due to urgent matter.
Holiday Inn Indianapolis Carmel 251 East Pennsylvania Pkwy Indianapolis IN 46280 US
The Hotel charged me 148.73 due to a third party Sitesearch LLC 2 week policy.
I pleaded with them that they might understand the urgent matter.
They refused to reimburse the payment.
This is certainly bad business and will tarnish the Hoiday Inn reputation.


To whom it may concern:
I traveled to Virginia Beach this past weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday. After enjoying a very relaxing and enjoyable stay at a Virginia Beach hotel, I traveled to Norfolk and checked into the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach/Norfolk on Greenwich Road. Unfortunately, my stay at this Holiday Inn was one of the most terrible hotel stays that I have ever experienced. After checking into the hotel, there were a number of issues that made my stay, and my birthday weekend a very disappointing get-away.
Included below are the issues and concerns that I encountered during my stay:

1) The side chair in our room had a very obvious and somewhat disgusting stain (see attached photo).

2) I was unaware that there was a conference at this location. The conference attendees were quite loud
and obnoxious. When we returned from dinner, we were unable to get on elevator because there was
flash mob dancing in front of the elevator.

3) Once we were able to finally get to the elevator, there was a repugnant smell made me nauseous.

4) When we finally prepared from bed and pulled the sheets back, there was black stringy hairs on the
sheets (which made me think that the housekeeping staff did NOT change the sheets). I called the front
desk and explained the situation, and they agreed to bring us replacement sheets. After waiting about 10
minutes, a bellman knocked on the door and handed me the sheet. He appeared to have an attitude
and instead of coming in and replacing the sheets or apologizing for the inconvenience, he said nothing
and turned around and left.

5) I was already disgusted that I had to look at the obviously slept-on sheets, but I feel it was very
inappropriate that I would have to change the dirty sheets that should have been clean to begin with. To
my dismay, the replacement sheets that were up by the front desk did not include a fitted sheet - only two
top sheets. To top this off, one of the replacement sheets was dirty!!

6) Trying to rest in a bed that you sense is not clean is disturbing, but the noise level from the conference
attendees traveled up from the lobby making it impossible to rest. Our room was on the sixth floor, but
we could STILL hear the very loud noise convention attendees (who were screaming, singing, etc.).

7) The crowd finally settled down around 2:00 am and we were finally about to get to sleep. However, I
was startled awake by a loud banging on my door by some drunk idiot!
This letter is to express my concerns that the hotel was not at the level that I expect when I think of the Holiday Inn franchise. I feel that it is the responsibility of Holiday Inn staff to ensure that all guest feel accommodated and comfortable. The lack of clean furniture, odor control, clean and fitting sheets, courteous bellmen, and crowd control all contributed to my having a horrible stay for my birthday celebration. From my frequent stays at the Holiday Inn, I have come to expect so much more than the service I received at this hotel.

I travel often and usually ask for a late checkout during my stay, but given my experience at the hotel we left the next morning at 7:45 a.m. because we were simply outdone with our stay at this Holiday Inn. Even though the front desk was staffed with two employees as we walked out, no one bothered to speak or bid us a good stay. I am truly disappointed with the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach/Norfolk and felt compelled to write a letter to express my disappointment. Hopefully, your corporate office can do something to improve the level of care and attention of this location.

EDIT: It’s been almost 2 weeks. Since I posted his on Holiday Inn Norfolk- Virginia Beach and no one has reached out to me.


I stayed 2 nights at the Holiday Inn Express in Simi Valley. The 2 nights cost $311.00, and was not worth it. The first evening we ckecked in the room, the air conditioner didn't work, the toilet kept running and the sink smelled like a sewer. I told the counter clerk; we were then moved up a floor to the opposite side of the building. In our "new" room the cable was not in service both days, I asked one of the cleaning staff member for some extra towels, which I did receive 2 for all 3 of us, but it took nearly 10 min just to communicate with the house keeping worker.

He didn't speak or understand a single word of English. When I did laundry my money was taken out of the machine while I went to get change. I think I finally lost my patience when some man, which I learned later was a maintenance employee was banging on my hotel room door; and kept trying to come inside my room. When i asked who it was surprisingly no response (no English) . As I mentioned all of these mishaps while staying at this hotel, the person at the front desk apologized but did nothing more. Why would a hotel say "satisfaction guaranteed or your stay is free" and not live up to it.

This hotel didn't even return my calls after leaving messages for Manuel General Manager. I will not be going back there again.


The carpet was so filthy we had to lay the bath towels on the floor in order to walk around. There were spots of blood on the comforter and sheets. Could not switch rooms it was full. Told by Holiday Inn customer service we could not get a refund for 5-7 business days. It was all the money I had to spend for a special weekend with my partner. This was a complete failure and disappointment. We stayed friday and saturday night, check out on sunday. By the time saturday morning, by 1:30 am the headache started, then the vomiting.

By the time we checked out we both were extremely ill. With the filth being stirred up from the carpet it is surprising we only had to suffer from saturday morning (1:30 am) through wednesday. I have all the samples needed to started the process of having this looked into by the appropriate authorities. This was appalling and disgraceful. We will never stay at another Holiday Inn.


I stayed at the holiday in at 1301 belvidere rd. west palm beach fl room 609 on 4/ 13/16. The room carpet was filthy lot of stains. Bathroom floor dirty. And sheets did not smell very good I travel to WPB 4 times a month. First time at the holiday in. No more for me. The stay in another hotel was much cleaner room yours truly.


Great spot to stay. You will not see many Holiday Inn complaints or negative reviews on the internet because the corporate office does such a good job of keeping the hotels clean and well maintained. If I cannot book a nice 4-star or 5-star hotel, I always go with Holiday Inn.


I love travelling in most of my vacations along with my family and I need everything to be perfect and peaceful. When I was browsing I got to know about Holiday Inn Hotels with reasonable prices, pleasant atmosphere and family-friendly services. I got a wonderful discount offer in this trip up to 30% and i have opted to step into Holiday Inn for my next vacation. Holiday Inn also arranges Groups and Meetings events, birthday parties, membership, club offers. You can book the reservations online at anytime and also get the travel advisory tips for your long trips. Wow, it's really amazing.

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