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8 visits to the Milosch Palace Chrysler Plymouth - Jeep Ram dealership to repair a window problem without success. Service manager could have cared less and in fact became argumentative when confronted with the facts. He and the dealership he works for has single-handedly convinced me to never buy a U.S. made auto again. Took the vehicle to a another dealership and they fixed the window problem while I waited.


The service people don't listen 100% to your problems, they only write down 1/2 of the issues and sugar coat the rest! For instance my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude (over 16,000 miles on it) has a annoying squeak in the front right area, they have greased the strut portion twice, and it's still there! I worry about somewhere down the road, having to pay lots of money for something they need to replace now! Instead of looking for the problem, they found a squeak or unusual noise in the steering column and tore that apart!

They did that on their own! Another issue I have is the paint job on this vehicle is horrible. I notice the drivers side more, because I drive it. I have massive scratches along the door panel, that extend back to the passenger side, is it possible the clear coating wasn't applied! I asked that question and they just looked at me, with disbelief ( I am not a dumb person) Things like that happen! They told me (Deanne) that I scratched my car, no I didn't, don't tell the customer they did something when they didn't! I also noticed a dent on the passenger side that wasn't there before I went into the dealership for the first oil change, of course no one did it! and the next thing that happened was I washed my car at the touchless car wash, you guessed it, the door froze shut and when it finally opened the plastic piece broke off.

Now they tell me, Chrysler has to make the determination to fix this! Bull Crap! You fix it! And the last thing I want to mention is, when coming to a stop, when starting up, the Jeep surges, it's not a smooth start. Is there anything anyone can do for me! I am sending a copy of this report to Chrysler. I had a Kia before this purchase, for 1/2 the price and 1/2 the problems! I will never purchase another Chrysler product.

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