More Problems Emailing Comcast Customer Service

I emailed hoping my issue would be resolved. But guess what? No help from customer service! Ironic since this email address supposedly routes to the Comcast corporate offices.

Here is my complaint:

I have a big problem with Comcast in the past few months with non-HD pictures, no show on technicians and unsolved problems. Comcast has credited me dollars on these issues but now it is a different issue. Se my below email. While calling a few time for sometimes 3 hours on the phone a Comcast Representative noticed i was paying too much for my service and gave me a "DEAL". I had asked him numerous times that i do not want a "contract" i was fine with the package that i had. I was told it was not a package or contract, it was this price for what i have been going through for being a good customer.

Comcast records all conversations as stated when i call if you would like to look back and listen. As of 30 November i received and email stating that i am in a contract of $119.99 per month and that will go up to $144.99 in September of 2016. If i would have know that i would not have gotten into a CONTRACT. Why would i have upgraded my service in a contract at that time with such bad Comcast Service Technicians or Non-HD channels from Comcast.

Yesterday, 30 November, i received an email to confirm my order over two months later. When i read the email is stated that i was in a contract in which i did not want. I spoke with a Retention Representative and he said that i could switch to one year at $129.99 and i had told him to let me discuss at home with my wife and will call back tommorow. I called back today and was told i could not do that and if i did there would be a charge in excess of $200. I do not understand what is going on, if feels like i am dealing with a bad used car lot. I am not asking for the world, Please Help!

On September 20th i a called Comcast. I have an X1 box and 4 DTA adapters. Throughout the house i receive all channels in HD except channel 805 (Philadelpia Fox 29). When i watch the football games and all other shows on that station it is in ANALOG. I have had signals sent to the house, changed co-axle cables, HDMI cables and restarts after signals sent. I had my first scheduled technician to come out as a no-show with telling me the ticket was closed.

The reason the ticket was closed was because my appointment was from 3-5pm and when i was on the phone with Comcast to ask when he would be out he called and left a message that he would be out at 7:30 pm.

Comcast technician rules are if no one answers the phone your ticket is cancelled, which i do not understand. The next tech ran two new cables from the street to my home, one going directly to the X1 box and the other to the Modem and 4 other DTA adapters but channel 805 had the same result and said he would escalate the problem on that Thursday. The following Monday i called to ask if any problem was solved and it was not looked into and was told they would send out an engineer to look at the problem. On the following Wednesday a Technical Supervisor came to take pictures of what the last tech did and installed a new X1 box and did not fix. I

have received numerous credits but i would like to have the HD picture and in my contract with Comcast or someone to acknowledge a customers problem.


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5 Additional Customer Complaints

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I was recently assaulted by one of your apparently contract employees and have not received a phone call back on the matter.  Your contract employee called the police before I could lied about the entire circumstance and now I have to appear in court next week to defend the lies he told, which is outrageous!!


I have called the Corporate Office numerous times registering my complaint.  They r oute my call to Huntsville, AL and they route the complaint to Memphis, Tn.  My service is awful.  Nothing has been fixed.  Workers come out and say they have fixed the problem, but problem still not fixed.  i can't get any relief at all.   Customer service stinks in the Memphis area.


I’ve been with Comcast for 9 years. And I am here to tell you that I’m not happy with your internet service. I’ve had your tech out here looking at the problem with my internet cutting on & off. I’m tired with this; I’m on my last nerve, ready to cancel my service with you! I don’t want to deal with Century Link with their slow internet. But you are giving me no choice! This has been going on for past 6 months with no end. And it’s getting old fast.


This is the third month in a row I had to call due to billing issues.  I have now a two year contract that should be the same price for two years starting this past June.  Extremely frustrated with the Billing Department.  We would like to keep Comcast (because we do like the Xfinity service), but the Billing and your customer service personnel has to get a lot better.   I called earlier today - first person I spoke to I asked for a supervisor and she said give her my phone number and a supervisor will call within 24 hours.

I said I just spoke to a supervisor last month due to billing problems and I did not have to wait 24 hours - she said this is a new procedure.  Called a second time, asked for a supervisor, he hung up on me - called a third time (and hopefully) what the representative said he would do he actually did.  Last month one of your representatives said they would fix the problem, called a couple of days later - nothing in the system.  

I really hope the Consumer Affairs listen to all the complaints with your representatives you hire. I will keep Comcast for now, but hopefully our bills will be correct.  Wrong amounts for three months in a row is unacceptable and someone in an executive level should take care of your Billing Department, your Representatives that lie to your customers, and your Representatives that do not follow thru.  


This all started when a Comcast customer service rep left me a message that they were offering new services because I was a "loyal" customer (turned out to be their new X1 services) When I called, they said they did not have any offers? I asked them if there was anything to help reduce the bilI. It was currently $226.00 up from $186.00 previously. Every month it seems to goes up. I'm 72 years old and live on fixed income so every doller helps. The Comcast rep said they had a Economy plan for $136.00. The services would be the same except for the TV stations. Well that was a lie. Next day my phone went dead. I have a cell phone I use for emergencies and called. 

They said the plan I had was more then TV changes, they also reduced the internet and were providing only local phone service. I said I wanted everything back the way it was. That's when it got ugly. They couldn't fix it because they submitted the paperwork incorrectly. I had to use up most of my minuets on the cell (200) I asked them to call me when they resolved the problem. They never did. I called back that night and still did not get any satisfaction.  The next day I drove to a Comcast store and explained the problem to the rep there. She was helpful and the next day she was able to get the phone working with the same Number. Any one who called got a "this number is out of Service". I still havn't  got an adjustment but I did get a one time charge for $65. They are unbelievable.

Over all I was out of Phone service for 3 Days and had to get my cell phone plan adjusted. I talked to 7 REPS and got no satisfaction. All they do pass you along until you almost give up. Now they are back trying to give me the X1 service. Fat chance. I'm reluctant to call to get my original services back. Like I said I'm 72. I may not live to see the changes. Maybe I will switch to Verizon. I have a bad taste in my mouth with Comcast.