Very Long Average Wait Times with Verizon Customer Service


Verizon is not known for their stellar customer service, but this story shows why customers complain about them on a daily basis. I called their phone number at 1-800-837-4966 and this is what happened to me. I waited forever! And I'm not the only one.

Verizon was founded in 2000 in Bedmisnster, NJ and had an original slogan of, “never settle”. Recently, Verizon Communications changed the slogan to, “better matters”. In 2012 Verizon won every award on RootMetrics Reports and up to that time was the only other carrier to do so in one year.

In January 2015, after much criticism, Verizon Wireless announced that customers could opt out of “supercookies” being collected on them. The global British company of Vodafone is part of Verizon Communications.

One woman sent us an image today of her iPhone after waiting on hold for a customer service rep almost 30 minutes, for the 3rd time in a row. Here is her story:

I have been dealing with a constant problem with my Internet and cable going in and out of service for over a month now. I'm constantly on the phone with them to fix the problem but they have yet to fix it! They sent a dude here to fix it and nothing, few days later another dude and nothing. My internet is constantly going on and out and making it next to impossible to work from home. I am now on hold for the 30th time going on 40 mins AGAIN.

When I called to complain and see what they'd do for me to make up for this constant problem the manager I spoke with told me that being with them 8years means nothing to them and I would be better off canceling my Verizon and go with another company. I'm still on hold! This isn't the way to treat your customers! I'm paying $200 a month for crap Verizon service! This is ridiculous.


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9 Additional Customer Complaints

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I am contacting you to tell you about my horrible experience with Verizon. I have had no phone service for two and a half weeks. My iPhone 5 died on me Im a year from my upgrade date and your customer service found no way to upgrade my device. I ordered a gently used iPhone 5s and was told to go pick it up yesterday and was told when i got there that i couldn't have the phone because of some policy agreement between Fedex and Verizon. Meanwhile, I have no decent device for days. The unwillingness to improve my experience was totally disheartening. Between two different contracts I have been with Verizon for 8 years. I have never felt this way about this.


Verizon customer service absolutely stinks. Been trying to get help with a defective tv set box for over a month with no luck. Spent hours on hold waiting for customer service to answer without ever talking to anyone who can help.  Gotten some people from an oversees call center who were worthless. With all the money they charge us for service you would think they could hire some Americans to solve service problems, and enough people to answer in a reasonable time. Been on the phone for 30 minutes AGAIN with no luck. I spend $7000 a year on cell phones and house service.  My next call will be to change providers!


I contacted Verizon service about a recurring problem with my Verizon e-mail account.  I continually face the problem of e-mails that I am trying to send to personal contacts returning to me identified as SPAM.  These e-mails are addressed to only one recipient.  The service technician's "solution" was for me to send each e-mail to a Verizon e-mail account that evaluates e-mails for spam.  I find this to be an unacceptable solution, as it delays my responses to e-mails. 

Clearly, e-mails being sent by me to a personal contact should not be identified as spam, so I am complaining that Verizon's spam filter is not acceptably performing its function.

Too bad zero stars is not available.  I thought I would save money by bundling my cable TV with my existing Verizon internet service.  The Verizon salesman failed to mention the $20 monthly payment for the receivers OR that I was in a 2 year contract spending more money for TV and internet than I was before.  I regret EVER calling them and, at the end of the contract I don't want, I am canceling my service.  What a dishonest company!


I switched from Comcast to Verizon late May of 2015. I was to receive a $300 debit card and a tablet. I received the debit card with no problems. I misplaced however, the card they sent me for the tablet. It had to be used by September 30th but I felt I had plenty of time. I called in July to inform I lost the card and I was told by the CSR that they would send me a new redemption card and it would take 15 days.

I did not receive the replacement card and I called 8/27. I was told it would be re-mailed but would take another 15 days. Still no card as of 9/22. I called 9/22 and I was told they would email me a new card and that it would take 48-72 hours. I waited and still nothing. I called 9/28 and was again told they would email me a new card. On both dates the CSR confirmed my email address.

I have the one email account at Verizon. I had a family emergency and left for a week and, still no card or email upon my return. It is past the time I was given to redeem the card so it's probably a moot point at this time. The irony is, I receive emails on a daily basis from Verizon trying to sell me something or trying to get me to "upgrade." With the type of service I have received I doubt I will be upgrading any time soon.

I have submitted a complaint to the FTC as well as this site. I hope to hear something soon as Channel 11, the local NBC outlet, indicated I had to take the issue as far as I could before they would intervene on my part. I think I have done all I can do at this point.


I am going through a divorce and looked for help with my bill. I have to cut corners in order to save money and afford my mortgage payment. ADT Home Security, DirecTV, AT&T, etc., treated me with the utmost respect and were more than willing to help me out during my difficult time. Verizon was willing to do nothing.

I understand you are under no obligation to do so but it certainly says a lot to me about how you value your customers. I have been extremely loyal to Verizon and have been a customer for as long as I have had cellular phone, dating back to at least the mid to late 90's when I was under a plan with my mother & brother. I will look for a new carrier immediately & would never, ever recommend Verizon to anyone. If you aren't there in my time of need after the thousands & thousands I have paid to you over the years, then our relationship was completely one sided.

I hope you reconsider your treatment of loyal customers in the future to avoid others leaving to find a new carrier. I was on the phone this morning for 37 minutes, all for nothing. Terrible practices when it comes to your customers.


I have contacted the company minimum twenty timed in the past four months. I still haven't gotten the issue with my service resolved.  They transfer me from one department to the next.  Well they sent out new boxes and the don't work.  I have been on hold now for over two hours. I am hanging up on Verizon for good. I do have choice. And yet the wonder why customers are leaving in droves.

I want to file a complaint that you took away the weather channel.  It is time for you to bring it back so we can watch up to date weather coverage during bad storms.  During our last outbreak of tornados in the Dallas are the weather station you are now using was showing the weather in Buffalo, NY or some place back east.  We have been loyal customers to AT&T but are seriously thinking about changing carriers.

Each winter we travel to Mexico for about 5 months.  We do not use our Verizon cell phones in Mexico; instead we have a Mexican cell phone.  Last year Verizon allowed us to place our phones on vacation hold for up to 6 months.  Now your policy has changed and the hold is for only 3 months.  Further, you allow only one three-month, hold-period in the year.

According to your representative, we could not put a three-month hold on the phones until March 21, 2016 -- almost at time of our return. This means that we pay for 5 months billing on two cell phones that are not being used at all.  This policy seems grossly unfair. My only recourse is to cancel the phones, and when we return, do business with another carrier.


Verizon doubled my rates without any notice. The complaint website has a redundant number. To the best of my knowledge vendor needs to advice change of pricing at least 60 days prior to the increase. I have 4 lines on family plan. Two of which have had unlimited data since 2004. we were told getting new phone on those lines means change of plan and we would loose unlimited data. So instead of buying the phones for those two lines we paid full price for the phones.

Verizon increased the rate from 29.99 to 49.99 without any notice. Spoke with manager Decora in little falls who said Verizon has the right to change pricing everyday if they wish. They do not have to give any notice. I would like an official and written response to pursue this with consumer complaint department.


I have been a faithful Verizon Wireless customer since 2006.  I originally switched to Verizon from Cingular (now AT&T) because I heard that your network was much more reliable than all of the others and that your customer service was the best.  I have found over the years that your network has been very reliable and very fast.  I have found very little areas in which I do not receive superior cell phone coverage.  This comes in handy when I need to do any work online or when I have been stranded and need to make a call.

On the flip side, the customer service over the years I have found lacking.  I have found very few of your representatives that will actually tell the truth.  What I have found is that either you have many employees who really do not care about the customers and just outright lie to them and tell them everything that they want to hear, or you have many people working for you that are just plain incompetent.  This is very concerning to someone that has put up with this for several years.  

My issues with this started at one of your authorized retailers.  I am a student and was in need of a laptop and this authorized retailer was advertising a great deal. When I went in to purchase the laptop I was told it was in new condition and I signed all of my paperwork for a new contract and opening a new line of service.  The internet that I received from the device was pretty slow at the time. Granted this was several years ago.

Besides the internet speed, everything went well until a little over 3 months later.  One day I went to turn on the laptop and it would not turn on.  The laptop completely crashed and I was unable to recover anything.  I called Verizon about the warranty and was told I had to contact HP.  

When I called them I found out that not only was the device I was sold used, but it only had a 3 month warrantee that had expired only a few days prior and they wanted $150 to work on the computer. I did not pay them, but immediately called Verizon back.  They did apologize, but would not do anything about replacing the computer. I was forced to open up yet another line of service and had to purchase another from the Verizon website.  This was going good until my internet kept getting slower and slower.  I spend hours on the phone with tech support from Verizon who kept telling me they have no idea why my connection was so slow. It go to the point that I could not even do any school work on the network.

I was told that I could cancel the internet service but not the lines and I could purchase basic phones for cheap to replace the laptops and this would allow me to not have to pay the cancellation fees.  So I did this.  Several times over the years I wanted to upgrade my lines and was told that I could using those other lines and transfer my upgrade and then I could cancel those lines, but then they updated the contract and I had to keep those lines.  So now I have 2 lines and no phone on either line and neither is in use.

Now fast forward to June.  I was looking at a new phone and I had to change my plan because I was still on the unlimited data plan. I was looking at the EDGE program for the phones, which was totally fine.  I talked with one of your representatives about what my bills would look like.  Well my first bill was much higher than expected and I was told because of prorating and things like that.  Then I get this next bill and I am being charged for 2 months!!! I was never told this would happen.

As a matter of fact when I asked someone last month (June) about my bill that I just received I was told my bill would be the regular amount, however it was not. I was billed for 2 months. When I went onto chat that is when I was told that I was being future billed. So I was lied to last month. I made some in app purchases thinking that my bill would be around $200, then I found out it is almost double that! I wish that the customer service representatives cared enough to give out the correct information.  

I have found that no matter who I talk to when there is an issue I am always told that there is nothing that can be done to fix the problem.  Then I am offered little incentives so that I will not launch a complaint. I have asked several people how to get in contact with the complaint department and everyone dances around the answer and absolutely no one would give me any answers.  

I have been trying to get rid of my unused lines  and just want to be told the truth when I call with questions. I do not wish to outright cancel my Verizon services as of yet. If this pattern of lies and deception continue, I just may have to consider taking my business to another company. I just do not feel like Verizon cares about its customers. I appreciate your time in looking into the matter. I am sure I am not the only person experiencing this issue.


I contacted Verizon on 6/1 regarding my bill.  After several conversations with rep from India as well as Frontier, my landline was disconnected and has been for several days.  It took 4 days, and several long phone calls to reps and technical support to finally be told at 11:30 pm on friday, that I needed to contact the "financial department" on Monday because they shut off my service.  My wireless has also been affected without wifi. 

My account is current and has been for almost 9 years.  I want to be credited on my account for the days without use of my phones, I want my number reconnected, and I want my gigabyte usage on my wireless accounts reinstated.  I would also like to be contacted regarding the poor way that my situation was handled.  I would like to state that when someone calls from the USA, we should be given the courtesy of speaking to a representative who works in the United States and speaks fluent English, not someone working in India and hard to understand and hear.