How I Complained to the CEO of Toyota (and Got Satisfaction)


I have a 2014 Toyota Hilux that I bought bread new from Toyota Malta, about 2 years ago. And I have a serious problem with my second gear not engaging properly at times. And I asked them to replaced with a new one. But they told me that they want to strip it and put it back together. What? I don't want that I ask for a new one as I only did 6,200 miles and still under warranty!

I have complained to the president of Toyota in Japan, Mr. Akio Toyoda and he washed his hands and he passed my complaint to Toyota customer relations UK to a lady by the name of Claire Rowley she was no help at all.

Just a waste of time! So, I just want people to be careful when they are buying a Toyota in Europe especially Malta or England they are getting very poor customer service. The company does not care about us as customers. This is what happened.

I am writing regarding a purchase of a 2008 Toyota Scion from "Toyota West" in Golden Co., on 11/13/15 Before the final purchase I took the car to my mechanic, Mgr.of Meineke in Castle Rock to check the car out. He found that the car needed to have the power steering and transmission fluids flushed, totally not in the range they should be. Transmission fluid was actually black. I returned to the dealership with this information and was told that their prior findings said the fluids were fine and also proceeded to tell me that the transmission fluid was good to 100,000 miles, I guess no matter what it looks like? I called Toyota Corporation to report this, case #1511170605, explained what my mechanic found and said what needed to be done and how the dealership refused to take care of this issue, it was over a 9,000.00 purchase. 

They contacted "Toyota" dealership and someone called me and basically told me again, there was nothing they would do. Knowing that if this was ignored I could run into a serious problem with the transmission which could cost thousands, so on 12/22 I brought the car to Meineke and paid for these two flushes, I also made sure a picture was taken of the fluids, which I can produce if necessary, showing the black transmission fluid.

I called Toyota Corporation again, spoke to Theresa, explained the whole issue, how Toyota Corporation refused to help besides a phone call, told her I had the flushes done and had a picture of what the fluids looked like and what they should look like. She told me, THEN, that she could of recommended a different dealership to go to but since I had the flushes done, there was nothing further she could do. Why wasn't this suggested to me when I called the first time back on 11/16/15...No they waited until she heard I had the work done already!

I feel very strongly that this was horrible customer service, this dealership just wanted a sale and didn't care about customer satisfaction at all. I am a customer who has now purchased 4 Toyotas, my parents have had 2 and my daughter is on her 2nd, this was the first time one was purchased in CO. Also, since it was a used car we only received one key, both of my daughters 2 cars and my last Toyota were also used and we received 2 keys. The sales agent at Toyota told us we could purchase an automatic key for around $300 or just a regular key for around $100. They are selling a car for over $9,000 and could not supply a second key. This dealership is all about profit and to hell with their customers. 

Ultimately, I learned that there are many ways to contact Toyota, but the best way is to get in touch with the CEO!

Need to contact Toyota? You can call customer service at 800-331-4331, this seems to be the best number to contact. An alternative line for calls originating outside the United States is 310-468-4000 or by fax at the number 310-468-7814.

You can use an Email Toyota support form on their website to fill out an inquiry for customer service or about issues you may experience. The company is also quite active on social media. So, if you do not get a timely response by phone, email, or fax you can connect with them on Twitter or on their USA Facebook page.


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I took my Rav 4 into have service to replace wiper insert on rear window. I also had a light bulb that needed replacing. The bulb, is the 3rd brake light. It's atop of the rear door. Total parts $12.02, but LABOR was $45. This place is weird. They have no letterhead on their stationery. No information about the company. Save yourself some money. Do NOT use their service department. Take your vehicle somewhere else.


I took my car in for replacement of water pump on the 5 Nov 15. After the car was finished I took it to home, on my way home I realized that old parts were not submitted, I called Toyota requesting for old parts then I was told to come and collect. I drove back to collect them then I was told my car is still under guarantee and that the parts will be send to Toyota. Then was told I will be refunded, I filled in forms for refund and till today I am not refunded. I went to the Toyota office yesterday and they said I will get the money and ask for Toyota head office or complain number they said they do not have.


Bought new Toyota in 2013. Had it to the Dealer for routine service and notified them that the battery was leaking acid. Tim, the service manager, took pictures and said he could not authorize replacement of the battery without approval. The acid ruining the terminals and the battery box. I think this is a safety problem in the making. The dealer is Baierl Toyota, 19045 Perry Highway, Mars, PA 16046.


I am very sorry to say that the service people at Tony Toyota Graham at Tony Graham Toyota at 1855 Merivale Road Ottawa Ontarionot treating me fairly. Here is my story. On Thursday November 05, I called to Tony Graham Toyota, around 4:20PM, to ask for an appointment for fixing my Highlander. After described briefly about my car engine noise's problem, a female on the other end of the line said that I can bring the car in now; the service will be open up to 2:00AM.

I drove the car to the service bay. I described my car problem. I suspected that the noise comes from inside the engine, not from the exhaust parts. A service person advised me to leave the car for the service to diagnose. It would be checked early in the next morning for cold start crank; and will call and let me know around 9 or 10 AM next day. 

The next morning (Friday, Nov 06) no one calls me to advise my car's problem. I called to the service and a female told me that my car has the leaking of the exhaust; they are working on the estimation of the cost of the exhaust parts. I asked for the cost of repair. She said that she will go and ask the technician more about that. It seemed they are still not come up with the cost yet. I told her that I will call back.

On Saturday I went to the service and asked about the cost of repair. A person told me the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine needs to be replaced; and it is about $250, will be order from Toronto. He also told me that the other part (he called the intermediate pipe) is also to be replaced; and it costs about $450; and will be order from California. I don’t know if the intermediate pipe is an optional replacement or a required part for this case or not. He said that it takes about 5 to 6 days for the part from California to be at the service. The total cost of the job is about $1050 plus tax. He said that if I authorize for the repair, he will place the order immediately and it will be faster, and will be here about 3 to 5 days. The replacement is about a few hours of working that I can have the car back.

I agreed and authorized him to do the work. I also mentioned to him that if it takes longer than a week to get fix, let me know since I need the car badly. I also asked if Tony Graham has car for renting, I was told that it doesn’t have that program.

On Friday November 13, I called to the service and asked for my car status. A person introduced himself as Robert told me that it will take 7 to 10 days for the part from California to be at the service. I told him that if it takes more than a week why no one let me know about that; so that I can come and temporally get the car for my transportation until the part comes I will bring it back to replace the exhaust. I also told him that I will come and get the car on the next morning.

To make long story short, I would like to mention a few points here. When I called in for the service, the female questioned me about the car maintenance. She told me that I didn’t have the car maintenance at Tony Graham. If I am not allowed to have my car repaired at Tony Graham because my car doing maintenance somewhere, she should have to tell me not to bring the car in. This car did not get any maintenance anywhere. But I bring the Highlander and the Corolla to have oil change regularly at Tony Graham.

Mr. Robert argued with me about how the service waits for part and threatened to hang up the phone on me while talking to me. When I mentioned to him that I’d like to come and get the car back temporarily until the part have arrived, he seemed NOT to agree with that. But he said that he will leave note for the service. On the customer service business you don’t threaten your customer to hang up the phone on them. I would like to know if all the service telephone calls have recording for the quality of the service. He also keep saying that I did not have an appoitnment with the service. I don't know why my car was over there. I called in to book an appointment. Someone told me to bring the car in. Isn't it an appoitnment?

To be honest, if I know that the unusual noise comes from the exhaust fault (I hope that Tony Graham correct about the diagnose) I would have only bringing the car in after the part had arrived. I am quite surprise that common Toyota parts must be order from California, and takes 7 to 10 days to be in Ottawa. I am quite surprise that I have to call and drop by at Tony Graham to ask for the service status of my car repair. No one calls to advise customer about the repair.

I also would like to know if the management of the service verify repair reported from technician before presenting it to the customer; to verify the quality of the service and to avoid unnecessary parts to be replaced. This car is my only way of transportation to my work. I would like to know in advance when my car get fix.


Responding to a classified add about a 2009 FJ Cruiser. I took the drive to have a look on May 30 2015. Upon my arrival I discovered the FJ had recently been traded in
and no detail work had begun. I was greeted by a salesman name Jonathan, who began to show me the car. I noted that the interior rear plastic storage area was badly scarred and the
Car’s headliner also was scuffed. John told me that the body shop could recondition the plastic panels and some of the headliner problems. Jonathan also told me the FJ would be receiving a set of new tires. I STRESSED the fact that I did not want JUNK tires put on. Jonathan assured me 

That the CJ would receive the same tires that came with the car and they wouldn’t be JUNK. After one day of consideration I returned and again pressed the issues of rear plastic restoration and tire quality. I wrote a check as a deposit for the CJ. A few days later I went to pick-up the car and discovered the interior plastic was untouched and the CJ sporting MINERVA tires (made in China) rated very poor. And even in one report called the tires SUICIDE TIRES for there poor traction in wet conditions. I also noted that the windshield had 3 rock strikes that made small cracks and the detailing of the car to be delivered appeared to have been completed by a blind man. What a DISSAPOINMENT to find all the promises made were never met! I left the CJ and was told they would work on the interior plastic and headliner.

The tires would have to stay even though promises were made. I went as far as to ask what addition money would I need to pay to have good tires installed. I was told. Since the MINERVA were put on they would not be able to change them. I then question Jonathan about the windshield and emphatically stress I wanted an original Toyota part. Once a gain I was told that the windshield would be replaced with a Toyota part and that it was very expensive $500 because it was special. I asked Jonathan if the price of the CJ could be reduced that amount, but was told it would have to be replaced due to safety standards.

I left Rancho Toyota leaving the CJ there. A few days later for the second time went to pick up the car. The interior rear plastic panels were taken care of satisfactorily and the headliner was in a bit better condition. The windshield had not been replaced because it needed to be ordered. I then would be called when it arrived and the installation completed. I again complained about the tires and shared with the sales manager the chronological events that led to my disappointment with Rancho Toyota. It was apparent to me he was unwilling to satisfy my requests. Days later I took the Toyota to have the windshield replaced and once again DISSAPOINTMENT the windshield was not OEM Toyota and the caulking was done by an amateur. I pointed out the issues again and was told they would redo the caulking, but the glass was staying because Toyota was more expensive.

I got home and found the actual body panels around the windshield were flopping around because the installer broke the clips, no mention of the shoddy workmanship was mentioned. I drove the CJ back and showed the service rep and questioned him how a car could be released without quality control. I was told that Rancho Toyota would order the clips and have them installed a week passed with no follow through phone call, so I called and was told that they would check and call back. I just returned on my FJ Cruiser on my MINERVA tires, my non Toyota windshield and body parts flapping because the clips were not ordered properly.

Love my Toyota cant stand Rancho Santa Margarita Toyota. Recommendation: get your Toyota at a different dealership!


I went to Mac Haik Toyota in league city Texas for an oil change. It took them over two hours to do a simple oil change I was not happy. I then made an appointment for the next day at 1:30 PM for a transmission flush. I arrived early and dropped off the car at 1 PM. I was told by the service manager that the car should be ready between 5 and 6 PM. At approximately 5 PM the service manager called me and told me my car was not ready that they were not finished with the work and they would need to keep my vehicle overnight. When I arrived they offered me a rental vehicle because I was upset with them and I promptly told them forget about the service since they had not even begun to work on my vehicle. 

The service manager had numerous excuses why they could not get to my car. When I asked why did they ask me to make an appointment they said that only gets you service sometime today. When I asked why was I not called earlier to let me know my automobile was not going to be ready that day they made more excuses and just apologized sorry sir. I've been asked for my car and my keys and told them I would not be back at their dealership. Mac Haikjust took over this dealership from Star Toyota approximately 30 days ago. I have purchased vehicles from this dealership in the past and let them do the majority of my service; that will no longer happen.


My Prius was damaged and went to the shop to be repaired.  I was able to rent a Prius from Enterprise.  I have misplaced the key.  It was the only key to that car, so I couldn't just go get the other key.  So, I have to have the car towed to the dealer, purchase another fob key and get it programmed.  I understand the fob is $350, and to program the car and the new key is upwards of $1,000.

I have been a Prius owner for 5 years.  I was planning on buying another one next year, but now, given this experience with the key fob, there is no way I will do that.  What if I had been in the mountains camping (which we do quite often)?  I'm glad in a way that I know now.  I never want to experience this again.  So, no more Prius or any other car that has a key fob.


In November of 2013 I purchased a 2008 Rav 4 from a local toyota dealer. I was given 2 keys, one used and one new.  A few months later I tried to use the new key. When I put it in the ignition and turned it the key broke apart.  Kept all the pieces and when I went in for service I asked about repairing or replacing the key. Not repairable an another key would cost me a bit over $300.00.  Really for a new key that broke the first time I used it.

Last month I again took the key pieces when I was in for an oil change and a nice service man put the key back together stating it would not start the car but would remotely unlock it.
Last week the original key that I've been using stopped openin the car remotely,  so I was using the door lock. Today I couldn't unlock the door with the key and was stuck until a family member came with the remote open only key.   Now I must carry 2 keys and if something happens to one of them I will not be able to either unlock or drive my car. I should have insisted on a new key when the new one broke, stupidly I didn't and now I don't  have one complete key.  

When you buy a new or used car you should receive 2 new keys and they should guarantee replacement keys, when they no longer work. Toyotas are on the road for many years and you'd expect keys to last. $300 for a key is very expensive and for someone who needs 2 working keys  more than I can afford. I'm sure I'm not the only person who was given a defective key and had one stop working. I hope toyota stands up and addresses this issue and replaces keys that are no longer working.


I have been a Toyota customer since 1984 when I purchased a Celica fastback for my wife.  I next purchased a 350 ES Lexus in 2009 and lastly, I purchased a 2015 Venza in Dec. 2014.  I will never purchase a Toyota again based on information supplied to me in my latest purchase.  Prior to purchasing the vehicle, I conferred with Competition Toyota and Riverhead Toyota.  At both dealerships I expressed my concern that the Venza introduced in 2009 had the same shape as the 2015.  

I inquired when Toyota would be changing the shape of the Venza.  since I was also interest in the Highlander  (a brand new design for 2015.)   At both, I was informed that Toyota would keep the Venza design for one more year and change it in 2016.  Since my wife (who has since died) had trouble getting into my Audi Q5 and based on the fact the Venza sat lower then the Highlander, I traded in the ES350 and the Audi Q5 and settled on the Venza.  

Recently, I opened a subscription to Consumers.  When I looked up the Venza, I was shocked to see that the Venza was discontinued.  I can not believe that the dealerships would not have advised me of this fact  I would have never purchased a model that was being discontinued.  I believe that this was totally unethical and thus I wili never deal withToyota again.


I just need some clarity. I was involved in an accident in December 2015. To date my car is still with East Rand Motor Lab send there by my insurance. I've been told that they do not have Prius parts in South Africa. How can Toyota sell a car in South Africa that has no parts available in the same country? What is more disturbing is that my insurance only gave me a courtesy car for 30days. In the meantime I have to fend for myself on how I should get around. I'm still paying for the car and the insurance as well.  I also think that in such a case Toyota should assist with a pool car as my insurance is not in a position to do that.  I just need clarity on this matter.

Your response and assistance will be appreciated. My 2004 Toyota Prius broke down in Louisiana so I  had to get it to a dealership. I decided to take it to Toyota of Slidell in hopes that they would resolve the issue and get my car out in a timely manner since I was there on a trip and live out of town  ( Houston ,Texas). When they began the work they never gave me a clear and concise diagnosis of the vehicle which it is evident in there incoherent jargon that they handed me after paying $869.57 for the work to be done. If that wasn't enough when I drove my car and stopped for gas back in Baytown, Texas  the car would not turn back on. ( this was the issue I was having to start with when I left it at the dealership.) Needless to say I had to tow it from Baytown, Tx to Sugarland where our home dealership is located.

There they have diagnosed it and told me exactly what is going on but the issue is they are now charging me almost $2,000 to have it fixed when in all actuality this matter should have been resolved had the initial dealership in Louisiana replaced it the first time around. What is most upsetting is that it has been sitting there at Toyota Fort Bend for months as I am awaiting to be compensated for the issue of Slidell since they apparently didn't fix anything- and  I am still left with no vehicle and I'm having to pay twice for the same work that should have been fixed the first time around.


I made an appointment with Toyota to have a recall repair done. A repair I had been waiting two years for the part for. My appointment was at 10:30 am. I arrived before that time and checked my car in. I was told by the service rep, Justin, that it would take 1.5 hours. I was going to wait for the car so I went into the waiting area. At 1:30 pm I was informed (after I had asked for an update) that they had just put my car into the service bay.  It was another 2 hours before my car was ready. I was given the excuse that they had gotten busy. It is inexcusable for Toyota to treat customers this way just because they are having Toyota's mistakes and problems corrected. There is absolutely no excuse to treat customers with so little regard because the repair is a recall. I will never purchase another Toyota.  And I will tell everyone I know about how I was treated.

I wanted to share another experience with you. A few years ago, I brought my 2008 Toyota Corolla in for an oill change and tire rotation.  I had an appt for 7 am that I schedule the prior day while I had my Rav4 in for service. Upon my arrival I was told I also had a recall (passenger air bag module) and an inspection sticker.  I was told my vehicle would be ready by 9:30. At 9:15 the service associate (Dave) came in with a list of items that needed work that needed to be done.  I authorized the battery cleaning and the replacement of one of the connectors ($90.00).

At 10:00 Dave came in and told me that before they did the inspection they disconnected the battery and so they would have to take it on the road to see if they can get it to reset.  Well he did not tell me it how much time and thankfully the gentleman told me after about 45 mins passed that it was hundreds of miles before that would be done.  So I went out to speak to him and he called the mechanic back to the office for me to pick up the vehicle and to give me the rejection sticker.  I told him if I knew it was going to take that long or cause the problems it did I would of not had the service done.  I did asked him for a discount which he gave me $25.00.  I ended up leaving the Toyota dealership a little after 11.

The mechanic drove the vehicle for another 38 miles (which was not documented on my paperwork) This caused me to waste half a day from work, another hour of my time of which I was supposed to be leaving for work at 9:30, and approximated $8.00 worth of gas). I also am going to have to bring the vehicle back and wait for the inspection sticker in a few days. I also asked the gentleman in the waiting room what he was having done to his vehicle and he was having the same things done as extra service –coincidence? Please review and let me know what can be done to mitigate this experience.


I bought a 2012 Tundra from Village Toyota Florida and found out after the sale that I needed a front end alignment and new tires because the truck steering would pull and wonder on the road while driving. I questioned the salesman and service manager at the time of sale about the problems and they looked at the truck and told me it was fine. After taking the truck back a few months later I was told the front end was out of alignment and I had to pay to have them align it. At that time the mechanic showed me how far it was out of alignment and the uneven tread wear on the tires. They told me that the tread was in Toyota spec so I went to another Toyota dealership for a second opinion. The other Toyota dealership  told me the tires were cupped and the tire tread was uneven.

They also told me Village should have never sold me the truck with the tires that way. They said I needed new tires and a front end alignment on the truck to correct the steering issues. I took the truck back to Village Toyota and talked to a new manager that just started and explained what has happened with the truck since day one of the purchase. He let his service department look at the truck and they told me the tires were worn because I drove it 3,000 since purchase and they were fine before that.

The manager told me he would only give me $225.00 off of the new tire price at a tune of $1,100.00 and would include everything even another alignment check to make sure it was ok. When I went to have the work done they charged me over $1,200.00 and added the cost of a second alignment.


I received a letter from Toyota Corp in March 2015 that they will replace my defective Solara dashboard at no cost. I immediately contacted Petersen Toyota (local dealer) and made an appointment to start the warranty claim. That was completed in March 2015. Petersen said that it would be 3-4 months before the replacement would arrive. Fast forward to December 2015, I contacted the dealer again. They said that it was on order, but they didn't know when it would arrive.

I then called Toyota Corp (1-800-331-4331), they said that my claim was not properly filed by Petersen and I would need to return to the dealer, because the dealer forgot to take pictures of the defective dashboard. At that time, I was told it would 2-3 been 4+ months. I contacted Toyota Corp again today (5/16/16) and no one could tell when my dashboard would arrive. I've been waiting for well over a year.


In June 2015 we purchased a Toyota Tundra four-door limited truck. We had the dealer install a hard cover on the truck bed. In early November, we noticed paint chipping around the bed edge. We took it to the dealer (Shottenkirk Toyota in Quincy, Illinois).

They inspected it and told us it was a manufacturing defect, that the bed cover did not fit properly. After telling us they would investigate the problem with the bed cover company, they agreed to have the bed repainted. Now Peter's Body Shop is about one block from the dealership (a shop we had done business with in the past and trusted). It is this body shop we had every reason to believe the truck would be sent.

We were told it would take a couple of days to fix the problem. We dropped the truck off at the dealership on Sunday night. On Tuesday, I called the dealership to check on progress. It was then I learned the truck had been sent to Gibbons Body Shop in Hannibal, Missouri, about 30 miles from the dealership and that an employee from the body shop came to Quincy and drove the truck back to Hannibal.

When I questioned the Shottenkirk service department about this, I was told that we had been informed from the beginning that Shottenkirk used the Hannibal shop for all body work. That is not so. We were never informed about this and believed the truck was just down the street at Peter's Body Shop in Quincy. I called Gibbons on Wednesday and was informed that the truck would be ready by Friday (somewhat more than the two days we had been told.) I called Gibbons on Friday and was told the truck would not be ready until Monday.

I called Gibbon's on Monday and was told the truck would not be ready until sometime Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. I called Gibbons and was informed the truck would be delivered back to Shottenkirk around noon. Now, I don't have a problem with Gibbons. I have been told by others that they do excellent work. I do have a big problem with Shottenkirk. Their use of Gibbons Body Shop resulted in putting an additional and unnecessary 60 miles on our truck and placed it at risk of an accident or other highway related damage. I have not discussed this with Shottenkirk as I know I would not get an honest answer from them in relation to what we were or were not told in the beginning about the use of an out of town body shop.

And to be honest, when I talked to the service department the first time, I was barely allowed to get a word in. It is my opinion that their policy in this regard is not in the best interest of the customer. We have two excellent, reputable body shops in Quincy and there is no reason (other then financial) to be taking vehicles out of town for body work unless the customer specifically requests it.


I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla and it has been serviced only by the Toyota Dealership.  So far I have had to buy a new battery which doesn't seem necessary for a 3 year old car.  I had a 1997 Honda Civic until I bought this brand new car and replaced the battery ONCE.  Also Tuesday 6/7 2 lights came on, Engine light and Tracker light. Took it to the dealership and they did an engine diag. they pulled codes and found P043E- evap leak detection P2401 evap leak detection pump stuck off P2402 - pump stuck on, P2419-evap emission pressure switching valve stuck on.

The bottom line is it cost me 867.19, and for a 3 year old car, this is not right. I can't believe that a 3 year old car has had this happened.  I bought a Toyota because my family has had them and never had these many problems, and it looks like I got it, you can contact the Dealership, Toyota of Greenville 2660 Laurens Rd, Greenville, SC 29607 and you will see my car has gone in the every time it needed services and it seems I am spending a great deal of money.  I am very disappointed and I will not buy another Toyota.  Thank you for listening/reading.

I have a Toyota Corolla 2014 two years old with 37,500 miles on it just over the warranty mileage. The tire pressure low warning light blinks on and off. Went to Toyota Wallingford, Connecticut where I bought the car they checked the tire pressure which was okay and said that it will be $105 to check and to $243 to fix the problem. As a loyal Toyota owner  for many years I feel that the repair should be covered by Toyota. Yes, it is over 36,000 miles but I have only had the car a little over two years. My other Toyota Corolla 2010 has no problem. Your help would be much appreciated with this problem.


On March 20th i went to Sansone Toyota with the intention to refinance my car but instead was persuaded into trading in my 2011 Camry XLE for a 2016 Camry SE. On this day all i was required to do was sign some paperwork so that i could walk out with the car since at the time of the decision making it was already after hours. A few days after i received a call from the finance dept asking me when i could return to finalize the paperwork.

Which at this point i had expressed remorse and inquired about returning the car and was told that it wouldn't be possible. On the same day i emailed my sales person my concern and wasn't followed up with until a few days later. When he did follow up i was basically told the same thing and so now i came to realized i was trapped in this lease.

When i returned to finalize my paperwork it wasn't until AFTER signing the most part that i was given the paperwork to sign off my 2011 Camry to Toyota XLE which at the time i because the ''financial advisor'' was trying to get me out of the office quickly since he had another couple waiting to do their paperwork also i wasn't made clear that at that til that point the 2011 Camry was still my vehicle.

On April 9th less than 20 days later i made a call to Sansone Toyota and asked to speak to the sales manager who basically tried to push me off til Monday, so i drove over to express my concern and see what my options were which he basically told me i didn't have any. Not even return the n3w car for my old one which he confirmed is still on the lot.

I've already had a passed terrible experience with Sansone and the only reason i returned was because i felt that in dealing with the sales manager who remembered me from when i Financed my 2011 Camry i would receive better customer service this time around. All i wanted to do was return the 2011 Camry SE which i'm not all that entirely happy with and refinance my 2011 Camry XLE and i am now trapped in a 3 yr lease with a car that i don't want.


This is to bring to your kind notice that few days back my car Toyota ALTIS PB10DL1867 developed an engine problem. Display panel on dashboard started showing a warning sign of engine check lights and the car used to halt or stop abruptly (it used to restart after sometime).

After initial diagnose, I was informed that the car is ok and engine failure was due to adulterated diesel or something. The car was sent back to me after payment of diagnosing charges (RS 800). But the problem persisted and the car stopped again in middle of the road causing much embarrassment to my family for more than half an hour. The car was sent to the agency once again.

After three days, it was diagnosed that the fuel rail need to be changed with approx. estimate of RS 60000. The part was to be ordered in one weeks’ time.  Diagnose charge of Rs 1051 was paid again with the advance payment of Rs30000 against the component ordered. During all this time my car was parked idle for another ten days.

After a week or so the component was replaced and new one fitted. After Total bill of Rs 58666 duly paid, car was handed back to me but to my horror the car stopped once again causing lot of inconvenience and embarrassment once again. Same warning sign was showing up.  The car was sent again and after another four days of diagnose during which the car was check run for 100 kms I was given an inconvincible excuse that the new part was fitted with a wrong coding or programming. And now the new coding has been done. The car is perfectly fine now.

At this point my trust level was completely shaken. I am in strong doubt that following wrong diagnose the component was unnecessarily changed costing me so much money, wastage of time and inconvenience. Things didn’t end here. Now after few days again my car is showing the same warning sign. The agency has been informed. The car is again under checkup during the festive time the when car is needed most.

We have an immense faith in the brand and have already three Toyota cars with us.  I request you to look into this matter on most urgent basis and get my car checked and reimburse the part changed and other expenses.