Top 8 Macy's Customer Service Complaints of 2016


We see Macy's complaints from real customers each day, and have been accepting them since 2011. But no year saw more angry shoppers at this popular retailers than 2015. Here is a collection of the problems experienced by 8 real Macy's shoppers, and their experiences with customer service.

So far in 2015 we have seen more than 100 format complaints filed on our website against Macy's. This easily trumps the 20-30 we saw each year prior to that.

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Complaint #1

I received a $2.00 statement after paying my balance in full.  I know this has to do with your revolving charge very small print that you send us. I don't get this from Talbot's! I have had an account since the early 1970's starting with G. Fox, transferring to Filene's, then finally Macy's.  Macy's is the only store I shop at in the Meriden, CT mall. Now I will have no reason to go there. I will cut up my two Macy credit cards (one under Peter, the other Helen). I'm sure my little account won't make much difference to you but will surely make me feel better! I will buy all my clothes at Talbots, other items from Kohl's, Target. and online!  In this day when box stores are loosing business you'd think customer value would be important! Goodbye Macy's! - Helen Allison

Complaint #2

This afternoon, at 3:06 pm (Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015)  I was shopping at your Macy's Suburban Square Store (Ardmore, PA), and I happened to pass by the bags department, as I was looking at the Coach bags on the glass shelves by the wall, I was standing 3 feet away, suddenly the whole piece of glass that's holding the bags collapsed and the glass was shuttered. What a traumatic and scary experience! None of your employees came up to see if I'm OK, I was shocked and shaking. One of your employees, quickly took a broom and swept away the debris of glasses. - Gloria Costo

Complaint #3

Due to Macy's decision to cut ties with Donald Trump, I feel that I have no choice but to cut ties with Macy's. It's not that I agree with everything he says, it's the fact that he should have the right to say what he thinks. Working with Martha Stewart is okay, but it's not okay to work with Donald Trump? I have no problem with you working with Martha Stewart, either. You buy and sell products made from slave labor and that's alright? It's hypocritical.  - Carol Caughey

Complaint #4

I buy all my women suits at the Arrowhead Town Center, Glendale, AZ and twice I had to return to the store, as they have left the store censors on my suits.  I will try to check my suits from now on, but it causes a problem as I have had to go back just to have them remove the censors from my suits. Thank you for hearing my complaint, I love the suits at Macy's and will continue to buy them there. - Nery Davilla

Complaint #5

My husband and I were shopping at your Hilo store in the costume jewelry department and we were interested in looking at something in the locked case. There were three girls behind the counter but none of them asked us if we needed help. When we asked for help they were annoyed and said we are on our lunch. One of the girls came over and showed us what we wanted to see but again did not show any interest in helping us. We made the purchase however if we had other choicesI would not have made the purchase. I then proceeded to call for your manager on duty but after several tries I gave up.

As a retail manager myself I was horrified that I had to leave a message to talk to somebody. I truly believe that customer service is the foundation for any retail store and I have to tell you, you have a ways to go in your Hilo location.I would hope that with this feedback you will go back and revisit expectations with your staff. I can tell you that I That I  have had much better experiences at your Hilo location. - Maggie Morgan

Complaint #6

Despite speaking with a representative and the rebate people a number of times, I have yet to see any rebate check for one of the multiple items I purchased for Christmas 2014. So this is how they pay for the fireworks show? I want to drive out to this rebate place in El Paso and find out where the checks are going, because I haven't seen one yet. The did waive a late fee when I was ONE day late. Here's my issue: Why say all over the place that there MAY be a late fee. I asked them to cite a single example of when they opted not to charge the fee? So WILL is the correct word. Finally, logging in at any given time, it will not show you a complete purchase history.

Today is 7.15.15, but I can only see a .pdf for June. Under recent transactions, it shows nothing for the last 3 weeks, and I want to see the fee for being one day late. If they can put it in the total, they can show it as a line item entry. I am owed over $100 in rebates. Pay it off, cut it up, use an AMEX. That's what you should do. See the fireworks show I am paying for pisses me off ever so slightly less, but not much. Still waiting for a call back from my online complaint follow up. I gave them 2 stars because someone did call back last time. They just didn't follow up or fix the issues. - Jeremy Conrad

Complaint #7

I am a Mexican American and Because you believe in supporting illegal Aliens coming over to kill the Innocent American People, and what I mean is Macys coming out against Donald Trump. I have decided to limit my shopping at Macy's. I see Macy's is against free speech. Donald Trump for President. I have spent over $2000 so far this year. - Bernie Martinez

Complaint #8

I made a purchase on 10/22 of some baby clothes which totaled $138.26.  I also had a 30% coupon to use.  On 10/23 four of the five items purchased were on sale.  I called to get the sale price.  I ended up with a credit of $40.79.  Your office emailed me that I would receive a credit of $7.43 which is the sales tax on the original order. Currently there are multiple charges on my checking account from Macy's which ended up being an overcharged of $111.77.  I called on October 24, 2015 to report the problem and (after waiting for 40 minutes) spoke with Natalie in customer service who told me that I would be charged twice for the same order until it was delivered which is crazy.  I asked, after getting no results from her, to speak with a supervisor. 

I thought I was being transferred to a supervisor but after waiting for 30 minutes I was transferred  back to customer service.  I ended up talking to 4 different people (no supervisor) that day with no results.  I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to give anyone $111.77. I need this problem resolved as soon as possible.  Please call me at 410.298.7361 if you should need more information and/or clarity to the information I have provided. Some of your customer service representatives need additional training based on the information I was given by all 4 representatives I spoke with. - Judy Marshall


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6 Additional Customer Complaints

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I recently called in to your Card Services line after receiving a call from them. I can honestly say this was by far the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. The representative that I spoke to Analesa, employee number: 91035416 was the rudest, nastiest, unprofessional person I have ever spoken to. I called back regarding my account and was asked "what made me feel like I did not have to pay my balance" like I was speaking to someone that I owed money to, such as gang.

This associate was entirely rude the entire call and didn't bother to let me inform her that I had already spoken to a Macy's associate prior to her call, to which assisted me and took care of my concerns just fine. I asked the associate Analesa 10 times to speak to a supervisor to which she denied numerous times and stated "They are just going to tell you the same thing I told you". I then began to ask her again if I could speak to a supervisor. She then continued to ask me why and denied me a supervisor unless I told her why I wanted to speak with one. After several failed attempts to speak with a supervisor I finally told her it was in regards to her unprofessional and poor customer service, after telling her this 3 times she finally got me over to a supervisor. She placed me on hold for 10 minutes before a supervisor even came on a line. 

Once I spoke to the supervisor Joana, Associate ID: 7316, I felt no different. She was a lot more professional but could care less about my concerns. She just provided me with an address to send my concerns to and told me “We look forward to your letter”, whatever that meant. I am beyond appalled that a Macy's associate would be treat someone that way. I have been a loyal Macy's customer for years and I am truly heart broken over this situation. I am not sure if I could ever step foot in another Macy’s. I am considering cancelling my Macy’s card once my final payment goes through.

I hope that this letter makes it into the hands of someone who truly cares. No customer, not of Macy’s or anywhere else should ever be treated that way. I am now a heart broken Macy’s customer. In case you wanted to pull the call it was from 6/29/2015  at approximately 4:56pm with Analesa, associate #91035416. 


I order a set of sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet cover on 9/7/2015. When I realized that the extra 15% Labor Day special was not taken off my computer order, I called the Macy's order number. I waited 10 minutes, and was helped by a women who seemed pleasant. She offered me 20% off my order, which I thought was kind, and because of that I ordered an additional set of Charter Club King size pillow cases. Much to my despair I received a message from my Chase bank this morning, 9/9/2015, that my account was in the minus. I was shocked because this account is separate from my shared account with my husband, and is my fun money account so to speak. While there is not a great deal of money at any one time in it, there was more than enough to cover my purchases.

I might add that I am dealing with a very severe illness that I am fighting with all my strength, and I do not need this kind of aggravation! When I called the Macy's order number today and explained what is going on, the woman did not comprehend what I was saying! I HAD BEEN DOUBLED CHARGED, AND MY ACCOUNT WAS NOW IN THE HOLE! I asked three times to speak with a supervisor, and was denied three times! Is this customer service? I was told we needed to have a conference call with my bank, the three of us.

When she called the number I gave her on the back of my credit card, I did end up talking with a Chase representative, but the woman from Macy's dropped off. These charges are still pending, and Chase cannot do anything until it goes through, then I deal with the complaints department of Chase! Now, I am currently talking to some other Macy's customer service number, a gentlemen named Scott. He is being polite, but he is new and is trying to learn from my disaster. I was told they cannot find my order numbers, which I have printed right in front of me. I asked him if I could talk to his supervisor because I am fighting a very severe illness, and have had to sit at my computer for the last hour. I am ready to pass out. He said that he has to learn how to deal with this issues; I am stuck with him.

Currently, I am waiting for a phone call back from Scott because they do not see the order numbers, and the situation is so confusing he cannot understand it. I am looking at my bank account charges, and have had to read them off to Scott so he can research this. By now I am terrified I have been defrauded because both the women I spoke to about the original account had Eastern European accents! Am I even dealing with Macy's? Can someone help me? I will never do business with Macy's again if there is not a satisfactory outcome for me. Not only that I have a friend who works for a television station, yes I really do, and I will spread the word! This is shoddy customer service at the best, and perhaps I have been defrauded at the worst.


I own a balance to Macy's and have been attempting to make arrangements to pay through Debtwave. I have provided Debtwave a power of attorney authorization. I have been informed accounts that are past due have been assigned a "New Account Number" for which letters were issued in June, 2015.  I have received no such letter. I receive calls regularly regarding my balance. Debtwave is remitting $95.00 per month and has attempted to contact customer service.  They have been informed of the issuance of the new account numbers.

When I am contacted to request my account number, I am told that I cannot be provided with it.  I ask that a letter be issued again and am told by customer service that also cannot be done. I have attempted to contact your collections office between 8 - 5 Monday through Friday to discuss this.  I am disconnected each time before I can speak with someone. Failure to provide me with my account number or work with me is a violation reportable to FTC.  

What I want to resolve this issue: A replacement letter from Macy's providing me with my Account Number that can be referenced by debt wave. An earnest effort by Macy's to work with Debtwave to determine a payment amount that is acceptable to all parties. A response to this e-mail informing me of how this issue can be resolved. I sincerely want to resolve this debt and to assure Macy's receives funds; however, because of the system design no one is getting what they need to do so.


On 11/16/2015, I ordered four children's coat, they were 2 boys' coats, and 2 girls coats. Order number was DB15710324202 for the four coats. Two coats were received on 11/20/2015, the two boys coats., but the cosmic purple girls coats never came.

On 11/21/2015, I called UPS 800-742-5877, spoked to Nina, and inquired about the other two coats and they told me that they had been delivered and that the driver said he met customer woman. I then called Macy's 800-289-6229, and asked what the next step was to getting my coats that were paid for. The clerk informed me that there would be an investigation, and the coats would be sent out with in three days.

On 11/25/2015, I called Macy's again got Melissa, she was very rude and said no POD letter was sent and nothing would be done until the Pod letter was received, and investigation was completed. I explain that I knew nothing abou a pod letter! she again put me on hold for another 20 min. I then asked to speak to a manager, she said she would get a specialist, again very rude she slammed the phone still I was on hold for another 20 min. After about four times of being on hold, a specialist never coming for another 15 min,then a person got on the phone named Suzanne. She was also rude very unapproachable, very clipped tone ans even nastily speaking.

She said that there was nothing she could do and I had to wait on a pod letter, now mind you this is 3-4 days after it was supposed to be delivered. About 11/30/2015, I received a letter from Macy's that they had investigated and found that the coats had been because the person at the house signed for the coats, and that they had been delivered and I could no get replacement and I could no receive my money and the coats. Firstly the coats were never delivered. Secondly, they first said the met customer woman. Thirdly after the inquiry they said that I had signed for the coats. Fourth, my name was spelled wrong on the other coats when they came, I even asked them to show me what was signed and what name did they use? No one could show me what I signed.

The name was spelled Hefter, and my name is Hester. Lastly, I never got my two coats, there was never a through investigation done, and Macy's went about this wrongly. Now it seem as though I am a liar, and I got merchandise that I never received. I haved shopped at Macy's for many years, and have never had anything like this to happen to me there. It's been a great store, people speak humanely, this Melissa, and Suzanne were horrid, and if this is the way people speak to you when you have problems, I would be reluctant to buy, or even order on line.  Help me clear my name, please do a through investigation


Tried to pay my bill on the phone.  I was asked to repeat my credit card number after I had already keyed it in; then I was asked for the last four of my social two times.  Then, because I had already made a scheduled partial payment for my due date, he could not help me to pay the balance of the payment without sending me to a supervisor.  I could hardly hear him because of the other customer representatives screaming in the background. 

I told him that I hoped it was being recorded because this was terrible customer service.  He told me that it was being recorded.  Who knows if anyone even listens to the recordings!   I was then put on hold for 26 minutes.  The woman who answered after that long hold was not a supervisor.  

So she had to put me on another hold for five minutes more to get a supervisor.  Then the supervisor put me on hold to pull up my account.  So I had to repeat my customer number again, last four of my social, name and date of birth - fourth time!  Now it's 35 minutes - she said she was having trouble with her system.    You can't even make this stuff up!  I have both a store card and a Macy's Amex card and am a very good customer.

I believe they put you on hold just to further infuriate the customer!  I was on hold earlier today for eight minutes and had to hang up.  This is hardly customer service, it's customer disservice. We'll just see if anyone cares to contact me regarding my most recent experience with their customer service department.

Macy's is going downhill and fast. This used to be the store to shop at years ago and it's now awful.  Ordered expensive bedding set.  When it arrived 3 days later, pieces were missing and everything was labeled 50% off even though I was charged full price.  I immediately called Macy's customer service and have been passed around for over an hour and placed on hold 10 times.  They say the system will not allow them to give me the sale price.  I asked to return everything and they put me on hold again, where I sit now.

I will never use the online service of Macy's.  I realize I pushed the wrong button.  I did call right away to correct the mistake.  I understand you have your customer service out of Central America.  I got pushed over to other reps before too long I was on the phone for over the allotted time of 30 minutes in which I went over my limit.  I wanted to put the balance on another credit card and cancel what I put on the Macy's card. 

I was forced to pay the balance out of my debit right away.  I will not be shopping Macy's for a long time.  I will go back to Nordstrom's which gives excellent customer service.  Please get reps who don't have heavy accents so those who are from the USA that grew up here don't have to struggle to understand a rep.


On December 21, 2015 we bought a massage unit at your Ann Arbor Michigan store, the cost of the unit was $143.10 as a result of a percent off coupon.  As we were not pleased with the quality of the massage unit we returned it to the store on February 9, 2016 which was three days prior to the payment due date.  My wife also bought some makeup on Feb. 9th.  We were quite surprised to receive an invoice in today's mail (Feb 20) stating we were past due and had incurred a twenty seven dollar late fee.

We immediately called in to dispute the late fee as the item was returned prior to the payment due date. My first comment is that your phone representatives are very difficult to understand as English does not appear to be their first language. Second of all your representative explained that your statements are printed three days prior to the statement due date and that's the reason for the late fee.  After much discussion and disbelief of your policy your representative informed us the late fee would be waived but in the future we should make our payment at least a week prior to the due date.

I should also add that prior to this call I had called another of your representatives for help about a forgotten password and that person also was extremely difficult to understand.  I very seldom take the time to write about matters such as this, that in itself should give you some indication of just how upset we were with your policies.