Veteran Files Customer Service Complaint Against FedEx


Jeff from Newbury Park, CA is a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. So, you can understand that he was pretty upset when this FedEx driver parked across not one, but two handicapped stops during his route. He filed his complaint against FedEx on HissingKitty this morning. One of the FedEx delivery persons came in here with 5 or so cartons of product. It did not belong here but we were actively trying to find out where it belong.

Myself and another co worker was calling different depts. trying to find where it went. The delivery man had been here maybe 3 or 4 minutes and started saying are you going to decline the delivery. I said no we want to find where it goes in the hospital.  He just kept saying I have to go, I am leaving now. I said please we would just like to find where it goes. My co-worker was on the phone with one of the other depts. and he started out the door saying I have other customers to deliver to. I am leaving and just left with us trying to locate the correct corporate department number.

To us this was so rude and extremely unprofessional to walk out on us actively trying to find the correct location. Now you have the delivery to bring back. We don't know where it goes but I guess that is your problem now to find out where the delivery goes since the FedEx employee would not let us help. He went got in his truck and left.

FedEx supposed to have delivered a package to my house, they said they delivered it, but I did not received a package at my house.  So now the package is missing. FedEx, has given me a run around and nobody still don't know where the package is.  

FedEx worker has lied saying they call and spoke with me and nothing has done that.  I told them I can get a print out from my phone company showing know one has call or anything. Do not recommend shipping anything with FedEx, and customer service need to have training.

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I get chemotherapy drugs from the company that makes the drugs because I'm part of a study. There is a sticker on the outside of the box that reads "Medical Necessity". They always send enough for two weeks and they're sent in a FedEx box overnight. When I got my box today it was obvious that someone had tried to get in the box. I have photos. Inside the box is a zip lock bag with the drugs in them.

The bag was closed but the bottle with the medication had been opened, which is not easy and the capsule were out of the plastic bottle and all over in the bag. It was very clear that someone had opened the box and opened the bag with the drugs. Since the bottle is labeled Biohazard, please dispose of correctly, I'm guessing that the FedEx driver opened it stuffed it back in. It's not exactly reassuring to know that the medication that's keeping me alive had been gone through by someone after leaving Biologics (the lab) and getting to me.


I have had enough. It is getting very bad when a FedEx truck is in the middle of our small driveway and parking lot area. We live in a small complex called Forest View in Keene, NH. It is on Harmony Lane. Backing out and driving into of our spots is hard enough sometimes The drive will park the truck and go over and talk to one of the female residents anywhere from a half hour to hours! No joke! At all hours! Early afternoon to later then 11 at night. Is this the way FedEx trains their drivers? Zero professionalism? This behavior has gone on for at least 20 to 30 times just in the last month! Literally hours of socializing on company time.

Throwing the package reader thing on the ground multiple times and leaving it there for 15 minutes. These devices can't be cheap.This is to me very inconsiderate and rude and theft of company services with the hours spent not delivering packages we pay good money for. And the use of a company vehicle for personal use is just too much!If there was ever a reason to make an example of no tolerance, this driver would be the one.

Trying to back out to go to work at 11 last night was the final straw. Only to be greeted with a parked truck yet again this afternoon while he is across the way socializing for at least a half hour. And I can prove these allegation if absolutely necessary


My wife and I were traveling from Rockwall, TX to Mansfield Tx Sunday June 28, 2015.  We were on west bound I-30 at a speed of 65mph and at approximately 12:30 pm a fedex truck number 127304 came speeding up behind us and almost hit our rear.  He stayed on our bumper until I switched to the right turn exit to south bound 635 in Mesquite, tx. The driver pulled up next to us on my left and realized he needed to exit on the service road also.  

He started honking his horn and made an aggressive move toward my car causing me to move to the shoulder. After exiting to 635 I tailed your driver until he exited off 635 on to south 45.  His driving was erratic crossing lanes and moving back to his lane.  He tailgated every vehicle he was behind and not once when changing lanes or taking an exit ramp did he use a turn signal.  I understand the time requirements you have for deliveries, but you must take responsibility to protect the public you serve.  It is my opinion this FedEx driver should be reprimanded and sent to a safety driving course. 

He is much to dangerous to allow on the road.   


I expected a package I had been waiting on for 2 months to be delivered. When I was notified that the package was delivered to my doorstep via FedEx, I was very disappointed to find no such package at my door. I contacted FedEx complaints department and their reply was, "Oh, it must have been delivered to one of your neighbors. Could you check with them?" WTF. In my subdivision, most all the houses not only have numbers on the hime, but it is on the mailbox and driveway! So, FedEx assigns me some goofy confirmation number and says it will go to their trace department for investigation.

I wait a couple days to give them time to find my package. I made another call to FedEx for some resolution. Now they tell me the driver came back out to the neighborhood to make sure it was my house he delivered to. Funny thing is they say he noted my house was peach colored. My house is tan with bone colored trim. I can surely say if I will never recommend FedEx, and I will insist to use another method of shipment whenever possible! I am so steamed.


In the last month i have had 3 packages shipped through Fedex. All 3 have been miss delivered. I have spent more than 1 afternoon after work searching the neighborhood for my lost packages. Know for some strange reason i am having another package shipped through Fedex, tracking number 297593760405740. My question is what do i need to do to receive my package at my own front door. Believe me this will be my last package shipped through Fedex.


On Dec. 15 at 6:45 pm called fed ex to track my amazon order that was suppose to have been delivered Dec. 15,2015 at 5:06 pm. I got home 10 minutes after that and package was not at my door. Talked to Crystal. So fed ex supposedly put a trace agent to find out about my package. I feel that I was getting a run around, because driver named Malvin Phone # 8135749431 contacted us and said he did not deliver package to my house. So now I am confused as to why driver is contacting us directly. He and a trace agent named Corrine instructed me to put in a claim.

Which I did. And nothing happened . I have more information and am very frustrated as to how fed ex does business. Not sure if this was some sort of scam your driver and other employees had during the holidays. I never received package nor have I gotten a refund for package I did not receive. Just been getting a run around from Fed Ex, Amazon ,JB tools. Fedex tracking # was 0436478153 56875. Amazon order # 106-391-0725-5536210. Fed ex case # 1215578411.  Trying to get this resolved. Very disappointed with service from all parties involved. Response greatly appreciated.