Winners International Sweepstakes Prize

A caller representing himself as John Walker with Winners international sweepstakes has repeatedly called my 87 year old grandmother telling her that she has won a $5 million dollar prize and she must send money to claim her prize. He has been asked to stop calling, police reports have been filed, and some numbers have been blocked. I have personally returned called to the numbers, the same guy answers and has been extremely vulgar with me. At one point, he told me to “go F*** your mother. Winners international sweepstakes has called from several numbers including 876-346-5921, 876-379-1538, 876-326-8697, 876-455-1738, 876-441-4213.


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I have received about 5 calls from this company in the past 5 days. The caller has been named John Peterson, J M Kingston, and Peter Excelsier. I have won a certified check $1.5 Million, $2.5 Million and now $5.5 Million all USD plus $5000 in cash, either a 2011 Mercadies or BMW to be delivered when I go to the Western Union and send $500 to a Sandra High at 880 Ftont Street, Coatesville, PA. 19320. Peter Excelsier states in is a Federal Agent working with the INS to get this “Winnings” completed. The calls have come from these two numbers 876-302-1096 and 818-627-9159

04/19/2011 I got a call today from this Peter Excelsler. He told me I had won $5.5 million, a car and $5000. cash. the called from one of the same numbers 876-302- 1096. All I had to do was pay taxes of $1,000. and wire it to a man by Western Union and to call him back as soon as I got the money wired. After I verified the money was sent they would be at my home with the the 5,5, car and money including my $1,000.00 woud be refunded to me then. I did not send the money so about an hour later Peter Excelsler called me back and was rude and tod me that since I took all the information as to wher to send the money to that I would be arrested and the police would be at my house at any time. I called the polce and FBI to report this scam. After that I looked up the name and address of the person I was to send the money to and found his phone number, blocked my caller ID and called him. He told me that the same man call him about winning and he was to send $395. some place else. the gentelman said he did not have the money and the Peter said he would loan it to him? I”m not sure how the rest of the scam works (yet) but I did find that my caller ID had the “Kingston JM” showing with the phone number 876-302-1096. I an not stating the mans name that I was to send the money to due to the fact that he too might be a victim.

Winners International is fraud orgnization that should be investigated by the FBI,I have had series of call claiming to represent W I and said I have won some money to a tone of 2,5 million and I should go to Western Union and pay some $1500.00 to enable them deliver my package to my residence.I called the FBI and the gentelman I spoke to anly advised me to ignor then. I think this scam group is in every city of this country.The authoritied should wake up and do something about it. The unsuspecting public does not know that such a scam exists as a result many people have lost their money. Let the newsnet work expose them Make it news item so that many people will hear about it.

received similar call today. I had won 1.9 mill. Just had to send $325 for gov stamps to release funds When I tried to refuse after talking with my husband , I was told I would have to talk to the President of the US and would be investigted by the secret service if the money was not delivered. That’s when I finally caught on. What idiot thinks you can talk to the president .directy?

I just got off the phone with a guy I could hardly understand who told me I won 2.5 million and a Mercadies. I knew from the get go that it was a scam because he wanted me to send money to Micardo Anglin in Florida. What idiot believes you have to pay before you recieve anything that you supposedly won!!!! I am waiting to see if he calls me back. I told him I was going to check it out but he kept pushing me to get to Walmart before 5 pm so I could send a money grame right away. Well I wonder what will happen when/if he calls back. HEHE I think I will go ahead and call the police to see if there is anything else I need to know or do. Please people always be sceptical and don’t fall for anything people say when they are trying to get money from you!!! If they are legit they wont ask for money before delivery of a prize you have won!!

Mr. James Renolds has called me 5 times in 30 minutes. Stating is is with UPS at the local international airport with 2 packages for me with 5 million dollors (How does UPS know what is in the package). There has been a hold put on the packages and I must call 818-539-6260. Then Mr Mark White call from California, stating I must call him back to claim my packages. They claim # 1092A-3. Mr. White has left four messages, and called 5 times within the same 30 minutes. I have filed two complants with the FTC and BBB. I would like to break their fingers at this point!

This site is good and helpfull,God bless you peoples helping poor peoples it is realy good thank you.

This is a good helpe for poor people that they won’t send mony to scamers i luke it.thank you.

I have had calls from phones in Jamaica saying that they were working in NYC for Winners International and that I won 2.5 million dollars. He was very persistant and called several times a day for more than a week. He wanted me to send $$ to get the “package” of money winnings. Today, I received a call from a David Richardson from Winners International stating that he had a Cashier’s check for 2.5 million. All I had to do was go to Walmart, JCPenney, or any local drug store pay $4.99 for an access card to activate the card for $80. Give them the information on the back of the card and they will deliver my ‘package’ tomorrow. They claim to be in Nevada. I asked to talk to his supervisor but couldn’t understand a word he was saying with his accent. I finally had to hang up on him. I asked him about it being a scam….said No and that he was trusting ME and I should trust HIM.

WOW!!!! I just got off the phone with one of those idiots…. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING THEY HAVE TO SAY!!! This is a scam, and is way beyond trying to just be happy go lucky saying you one a sweepstakes!!! First, I asked him how I entered it, he could’t tell me and just said I won it for 100,000..He said go to walmart and get the card for $150. Then I asked since I won why do I have to pay any money out to him…He said I didn’t and that I just have to go get the card and access it for $150 and scratch off the # and call him back. Than I told him I have no job, he said borrow from someone… Being persistent, he said “I’ll tell you what I will do, (heavy jamaican accent that I could barely understand) just go get in for $60 and we will take care of it.. and I told him again that I had no job… lol. (I like to mess with people sometimes). He said” look I don’t get the money it is for taxes and registration fees, etc.” I told him again that I don’t have the money for it and he kept on…I asked him for his name and the company and as he was talking I was looking the company up and saw it is not accredited and has a rating of F!!! Saying that they are based out of Las Vegas!!! I live in UT. I told him that I will just go to the offices and pick up my money than saying that it is the same price in gas and I would just have some fun while I was there… He tried to give me the run around saying that we don’t do that… Then I asked him to just send me a check, and he said the company couldn’t do that!!!!! What!!! He also kept telling me to listen, listen, listen, and I said I have been listening and you don’t make sense… He said “Listen you little f*#@”. I hung up… Than he called back and yes I did answer (so I could really mess with his head lol).After letting him try and get back into leading the stupidiy he said “Don’t you want this money”, then I said “Yeah I do, tell you what, western union me half of it, then I will get the card for 150. I will send you 5000 back to your company for the hassles and than you can send me the other 50000!! It’s a win win” he told me he couldn’t do it, that it wasn’t company policy(meanwhile all I could hear was dogs barking in the background so I know he was on a cell phone)!!! I told him that was my only option, cause I didn’t trust him and how that exactly worked… I told him that it wasn’t logical for me to send him money when I won the sweepstakes( that I never applied for). Then I told him if he couldn’t do that to let me talk to his supervisor. He said he was out at lunch ( It was 2:30 vegas time?? hmmm…) for something like this the supervisor should have been there don’t you think.. Anyways he said he couldn’t do it and I told him I have been reading stuff about the company the entire time and he was just ‘ignorant persistant’!!! (i like that new phrase) I told him as a salesman I would have been long gone by now and onto my next customer, ESPECIALLY IF I TRULY WON SOMETHING AND WAS BEING THIS DIFFICULT!!! He didn’t get it cause he is a scammer!!! Then I told him if he ever called my number again that I would call the police and he thought I was joking!!! I will call if he tries to call again cause I want people keeping their hard earned money. He did this all for $150 that he is never going to get from me and I had a laugh while talking to him!!! I learned a lot from him by asking questions!! BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!! If anyone every tries to get you to put money up front and you have never heard of the company…. DON’T DO IT, DON’T SEND THEM ANYTHING, DON’T TELL THEM ANYTHING OF IMPORTANCE!!!! I asked him where I lived and he said he would look it up when he got home!! DO NOT ANSWER 876 NUMBERS- unless you have relatives in Jamaica. Non geographic area codes for us are 456, 500, 700, 710, 800, 855, 866, 877, 888 and 900. THANKS FOR LISTENING AND I HOPE THIS HELPS

Today Mark Anderson called from Prize Winner International. He said I won the 2nd place of 2.5 million US dollars and a 2011 Mercadies. It will be delivered by UPS. The US Marshall and a lawyer will be to my house today to present 500,000 cash and the rest in a certified cashiers check, and the new car. In order to claim it I had to have a driver’s license and a 14 digit Green Dot scratch off money pack card from Walmart in the amount of $350.00. He put the lawyer on the line to verify the instructions. They called three times in the same day to see if I had gone to get the money card. I was supposed to call them with the 14 digit number and the receipt verification. HA HA HA. They told me not to tell anyone because people would try to take my money.

Got a call from Winners International saying I have won big bucks and a new auto from my entry into PCH lottery. I had to go to a Western Union or a Walmart and buy a “receipt” to pay the balance owed on taxes ($450). Sounds like a scam; what do you think?? Their phone number is (876) 863-3753 and I’ve talked to Andre Smith, Mark Myrie and Gregory White. If this is a scam. our law officers should get them Locked up.

try $447.000 to winners international reports to international crime FTC Homeland security Embassey in Jamaica A two year wait and nothing

consensus award bureaul.saids i win $1,ooo,ooo.oo one million u.s. dollars on 1/9/13 international sweepstakes.director name is H pamsl.toll-free number [800]277-8219 call it please.

I am so glad this posting is out here. My aunt just got a phone call saying she won $8,000,000 and a BMW that would be delivered today. They told her to go to Walmart, buy a money order/gram, scratch off the number and give it to them. Heavy accent. There was another guy acting as a “security person” who said they were with International Sweepstakes. The number was 876-880-5335. DON’T DO IT!!!!


7/10/14 KT – green dot card scam from Winners International to load $395.00 on card and call with “confirmation number” which of course is the card # with receipt number to fleece you. Walgreen’s was mentioned as a national retailer who “automatically” entered me into sweepstakes using their POS debit system. Walgreen’s of course is in no way involved except to be the retailer the scammers use as an explanation for the call. 5 callbacks because I did not bite. Sad, bad people out there.