Scam Million Dollar Sweepstakes

Just had a very persistent call from a man (Paul Williams, and yes I know without a doubt that from his accent this is NOT his real name) insisting that I go and buy a reload money back card to register to have my 2.5 million dollars delivered to me TODAY! I keep telling him I knew this was just a scam but he kept insisting over and over again that it was legit. The telephone number he called from and gave me to call him back on was 846-290-6091 and he said they had the price team ready to deliver the money right now. It is so obvious a scam it makes me mad to think that many people might just buy into it and we need to see that they are stopped now.

Unfortunately there are some people who will spend that 300 that they can’t aford to lose on this scam and then they are out of that money. Can something be done to stop then?


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…Just Got That Same Winners International Sweepstakes Call From James Carter (Don’t Think So) I Told Him To Bring My $2.5M In An Armored Vehicle With A TV Station Rep…& Told Him That’s How We Do It In America…CLICK!…

just got a call from a man with a strong accent saying that I won 2.5 million and that i also will receive a new Mercedes. I tried to get him to identify how I was entered into the contest and he said that by shopping at walmart, jc penny, or sears, that i was automatically entered into the sweepstakes. He also couldnt produce my full name or address, i asked him how he was planning on delivering my car without knowing where i live, also no real answer. he kept telling me I needed to call a 1-876-569-3337 number to claim my prize with his legal office. I told him i would then hung up. I knew it was a scam so i searched for it online and found these posts that are obviously the same scam. about 5 minutes after i got up the phone he called me back asking why i havent called his legal office. i told him to stop calling me and that i knew it was a scam, he immediately began to curse and yell at me, i just started laughing at him and told him that he was pathetic. If it sounds to go to be true it is.

I got a letter from sweepatakes clearinghouse with coupons for some cuisinart cookware the total would be for my part $89.00 I am wondering if this is a risk I am taking. Please let me know.

I got the same call today, and the pdhone number was blocke….I asked for a second rep. number so I can call and check it out. The number given to me was 876-812-5502. They claimed to be with MGM Casino and Publishers. They told me to load $500.00 on two different cards to pay taxes on my 2.5M reward. I told them, when they are ready to deliver, call me at 911 and ask for Officer: Lock your a$$ up. CLICK