Redbox Scratched and Defective DVDs Skipping

I have a complaint about more redbox movies I have been noticing a lot lately. More than handful of times I have gotten movies at redbox to take home and watch with my girlfriend as a date. This is a special time for us as we work a lot and rarely get the time to watch movies together. More and more lately redbox dvds have been scratched and defective. The movies start skipping and upon inspection I see how scratched up the movies are. No matter how much I clean the dvd it still doesn’t play correctly and our evening is ruined. I wish that redbox had an easier way to report scratches or defective movies returned through their system.

At least it would help avoid future frustrations by customers. A couple of weeks later, after renting a dvd from redbox, I was watching a movie and all of a sudden it stopped in middle and wouldn’t continue. I tried restarting the movie three times and selecting later scenes but it still froze at a certain spot. This is not the first time I got a dvd that was scratched up from redbox. I’m very frustrated with their service and lack of care for movies in their system.


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I agree with you, no one likes watching a movie that is skipping and freezing…. it can be extremely annoying. Everytime you get an unplayable movie call Redbox or go to the website– this way they can credit you for it, and mark the movie for removal. You also have to keep in mind that the DVDS are rented out for $1.00 so thus causes the DVDS to be handled alot more and regular wear and tear on the disks happens alot faster then it normally would to one of your personal DVDS. Also due to the fact that it is a rental not everyone may care about the DVD as they would if it was their own.

What the bleep is going on the movies I rent with in 24 hrs of their release to the machine and they are all scratched up and don’t play and I’m so sick of this!!!! I don’t get to go to the theaters because it cost so much a and I live on a fixed income so I liked red box but now I’m paying for scratched product that doesn’t play and red box doesn’t give a crap!!!!! What the bleep is up with that????

oh cry me a river. it’s a dollar. walk your ass back to the store and rent another.