JCPenney Christmas Buttons Contest

I entered my JCP Christmas button code: vktqhkx and received a message that this code had already been used. Was it a winner or not? I entered button code after i had entered 1 it would not let me enter second button!!! It said I needed to go to for more but that didn’t work.Whats up also buttons i have not used yet are being refused saying they were done already?This is frustrating as i keep separated!! Also JCP Owosso store are very rude when asking for buttons,this has occurred several times with different sales associates.

Not all but a lot act like we should not ask or don’t want to give out!!! Promo ends soon and isn’t that what buttons are for?! Just saying i think they could handle people with more respect,we are not children being scolded, it makes me want to shop elsewhere and have been loyal customer for years. Tried to contact Penny’s on Facebook but nothing there either.

I received several holiday buttons that said they were used before, many people have had this issue. I believe there were five of them, but I didn’t know I could send in a problem to the complaint department, and only saved the last one when I found out I could reach you. The button is zusrvhf. Also when using a certificate, they said it was already used. It was a Five Dollar certificate and the salesgirl ripped it up. I tried to used another five dollar certificate and it kept being denied, finally the salesgirl put it through, I don’t know how, but she could see I was very aggravated.

Have entered the JCPenney button game and have won 3 $5.00 certificates and 1 $10.00 certificate. Have followed all of the instructions and received nothing in my e-mail,in box, junk box, or spam box. What kind of a fake deal is Penney’s playing. As a fairly steady customer I am beginning to sour on this fiasco. I don’t spend millions but do spend enough to create a glitch in your bottom line. For a lousy $25.00 in holiday certificates you are about to loose a customer. If you have issues than email, good luck with that!

I tried to enter a button code and it said invalid captcha so i did again,then it said button code was used it was NOT!!!!! This has happened before it is frustrating! I keep buttons separated so i know!!! This button code is jd2dnru now i want to know if its a winner this is very upsetting, time consuming MESS!!!! I have shopped for most Christmas at JCP and i find these b8uuttons are a hassle!

The store associates at Owosso Mi act like you killed someone asking for buttons its almost over for goodness sakes its not like it comes from their pocketbooks very rude i will get names they need people skills and refresher course! If you have seen the buttons leader board it’s quite obvious they need some help. Someone needs to call them asap Thank You i will be waiting on code if its a winner or loser NOT USED CODE!!!!

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