Direct TV Service TV and Internet Not Working

Excede installed there service then direct tv hooked tv service 2 days later after about 5 to 6 days the tv said we where not hook to internet called direct tv spent about 1 1/2 hours on the phone to get it fix but it would say not connected so they send out a tec. but after about 10 days the computer was just about at a stand still I call then was told that I was only allowed so much up load then they gave me a little more then stop again after 2 days then I called again a women on the phone then told me that she didn’t till that there best service would do for us I’am handie cap the only thing I do is watch movie and get on facebook to see pic. and videos of Family and friend and play there games it’s about the only thing I have left in life and when the tec came I told him I did away with the service because I was told by another women from Excede th at if I paid $50 more they would give me more service then I had them take it out I when with yous because I wanted to cut back on my bills then this happens. so now direct tv wants to charge me I don’t know what now just got paper But I was lead to believe that this was what I need for my use after telling them what my use would be . and feel like I was sucker in to there Service I’am now back to virzon for phone and inter net and can do every thing i need for far less money.and I was trolley miss lead. thank you Barry Lewis ps when ordering Eceede we were told we had up to to 30 days to cancel there service then they said we sign a contract on my email but they had the wrong email address to but still wants to charge us for stoping there service.

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Cable TV

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