CVS Money Order Problems

I needed to purchase a money order for just under $26.00. The CVS employee asked for my drivers lic. When I asked why, she responded something to the effect of “federal rules”. I went home and looked this up. The only thing I found at several different sites was an ID is called for for money order over $3,000. I returned to the store and advised the employee of this. Her response was, “Well they are making us do this.” I advised her that I felt my rights were violated and that I would be speaking with an atterney about this. I then stopped at six other places that sell money orders, including WalMart.

When I asked aabout an ID to purchase a money order, ALL OF THEM, said only if over $3,000. CVS, it seems that your employees have been told something wrong. So far CVS is the ONLY one asking for ID. I will no longer shop at CVS until this resolved. I want my ID info removed from CVS data banks.


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I’m a cashier at a CVS in the new Orleans area, when selling a money order, the register prompts us to enter the customer’s I’d info. This is fairly new but it is what corporate updated the registers to do, and there’s no way to override it. Complain to the corporate office, they will listen to customers before employees

bought a 6.00 money order from CVS today. I was asked for my ID, I questioned why and was told it was in case I was laundering money, I was like really? you think I am laundering 6bucks? I need the MO to get a copy of my college transcript. After going around and around I ended up showing my ID to get what I needed. Is this against the law? I feel as though my rights have certainly been violated in some form or fashion. Is anyone else thiking class action????? If so I will be one of the flag ship members.

wow, your complaining about showing a drivers license?? god, have you never worked a normal job where you had RULES that your boss makes you follow? it doesnt matter how violated you feel, we have rules at estbalishments like CVS. why on earth would you feel VIOLATED when showing an ID unless your a freaking criminal? you must have nothing better to do than to try to prove a kid wrong by going to 6 other places JUST to make sure you were scared because they asked you to show your ID. thats really stupid, and you are one of the reasons customer service members hate their jobs. get a life.

It is to combat money laundering. and fraud….its to keep track of how many money orders are sold to an individual in any given day.

“wow, your complaining about showing a drivers license?? god, have you never worked a normal job where you had RULES that your boss makes you follow? it doesnt matter how violated you feel, we have rules at estbalishments like CVS.” Yeah, you were just following ILLEGAL ORDERS…. There is no obviously no federal policy requiring SCANNING ID INTO THE COMPANY’S COMPUTERS for a SIX DOLLAR M.O. “why on earth would you feel VIOLATED when showing an ID unless your a freaking criminal” Hey you naive jackass, because we LAW_ABIDING TAX PAYING CUSTOMERS are sick of your corporate bosses tracking EVERY MOVE WE MAKE and LYING ABOUT IT and pretending its federal policy. (it’s not because hundreds of not thousands of businesses in NYC sell M.O.”s WITHOUT ID.) If CVS suspect sthat they have become a haven for drug dealing and terrorist money launderers, then have their security WATCH THOSE LOCATIONS for the repeat multi-customers (hot tip, money launderers will simply send DIFFERENT PEOPLE to avoid your id checking). I spend $100/week on prescription and OTC at CVS and I AM TAKING ALL MY BUSINESS to the little indie pharmacy 2 blocks away who DOESN’T demand my ID for a money order, and is pretty much in the same ball park for prices. PS – in NYC, almost every CVS I have been in is managed by some guy FROM SOME FOREIGN COUNTRY. I wonder if CVS scans THEIR GREEN CARDS?

you people need to get a life. Know whow many times I’ve heard the phrase “you’ll be hearing from my lawyer?” It’s laughable. No lawyer would take your phone call. Ever dealt with one for any reason at all? Better break out that checkbook, cheapskates

Seeya. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And that indie pharmacy? Don’t get too attached

LR: Had the same indie pharmacy for 30 years before moving . . . they’re still in business. Do you suck at the teat of larger corporations like a lemming (i.e., bigger must be better, etc.), possibly? Tracking money orders against drivers’ licenses seems a bit ridiculous – it assumes everyone is a potential suspect of some crime, by default. But, that’s the fearful state the endless-war-on-terrorism mindset brings – great for Big Business . . . Executives. Not so much regular people.

Hmmm. I found this discussion because I was looking until what time CVS and/or Walmart will issue money orders, and I wanted to take a few minutes to respond to some of the statements you made in your post. “Yeah, you were just following ILLEGAL ORDERS…. There is no obviously no federal policy requiring SCANNING ID INTO THE COMPANY’S COMPUTERS for a SIX DOLLAR M.O.” Really this is besides the point. It’s a company policy, and you’re agreeing / not agreeing to contract with the company. Should there by any use of that information received – for example, selling your information without adhering to federal and / or state privacy notification laws – then you would have grounds for a lawsuit. There is a whole other question there of what you would be able to sue for, whether you could obtain monetary damages, and if so, the level of those damages. What in fact was the injury? I suppose you could claim that you were misled to giving your driver’s license, but even if that were the case (no pun intended), what could you claim? Fraud? Ok, you were defrauded into giving your publicly available information. Not so much of a basis for a claim, I am sorry. As for the ID requirement for any type of money order, I suppose the CVS analytics programs can pick up trends that we, as forum posters, might not think of or might not be able to using just our basic computer programs. If the “dealers and money launderers” send in different individuals to different locations to purchase money orders of different amounts, I’d CVS is out of luck. However, rather than incurring that cost and trouble, those dealers will go to Walmart; thus, CVS’ goal is achieved. The downside is that CVS has lost some business, however, that is consequential. They upside is avoiding a public relations nightmare, and avoiding both federal and state investigation (both with potential civil and criminal consequences). I’m sure that CVS does not care about the money they’re losing with your taking your business elsewhere. Why? Because their profits are enormous, I’m guessing a little more than any profit they make on your business. You may have an issue with their money order policy, but most others customers don’t. I know, it’s upsetting to consider that, but it’s true. If 5% of the money order purchasers did object, how many of them would discontinue use of CVS’s money order services? 10%? 25%? That’s 10% or 25% of 5%, remember. Now consider that removing this company-mandated ID requirement reduces the valuable information produced by CVS’ analytics programs – by 100% (because now 100% of the money order customers will not provide ID), increases the probability of fraud (there’s a liability defense element here, i.e., ‘we had the proper security measures in place’), and you’ll see that, much to your displeasure, you taking your business elsewhere really does not matter to CVS. As to whether these employees have their green cards or not, I don’t quite see how that touches on the ID requirement. Even if the residency status implicates fraud, it doesn’t mean that the company should abandon a policy aimed at reducing fraud and improving analytics. I agree with you – I don’t want to give my ID for a money order either. And I won’t – I’ll go to Walmart or another institution, like the US Post Office. But if you’re going to make an argument for something, try to make an argument that’s a little less emotional and a little more logical.

Get over it people is is just your dl and they have no control over what cooperate wants

Umm… just because the law doesn’t require them to demand ID to sell a money order doesn’t make it illegal to do so. It may well be illegal (it’d be illegal in some states were you to be buying the money order with a credit card, for example), but your complain is not exactly compelling when you’re complaining about CVS breaking a law that you apparently don’t know whether it exists or not.

I totally agree with it being a violation! The IRS is requiring them to do it. They and the government want to be able to track everything you do. They always want there piece!

Seriously…. I work at a bank and people like this don’t think they should be asked for ID ever. Imagine driving all over town asking who does or doesn’t take ID…. waste of time. Find something productive to do with your day. Different companies have different ID requirements going above or beyond federal law. Stop googling laws and find something productive to do with your day. Asking you for ID to do a monetary transaction is normal… welcome to reality

Most of these comments are really scary – what happened to this previously great country? It was founded by people who appreciated liberty and freedom and valued individualism and independence. Now it’s mostly populated by sheeple that aren’t even able to feel violated when they are violated or who, like LR and ashley, hate the people who protest being violated because they themselves already gave up and agreed to be regularly violated in all orifices just to get minor extra convenience or extra savings. Analysis of John Markus, sadly, is very true and he is right that we cannot do much about this situation – at least as long as LRs and ashleys of this world constitute majority in this country, as they unfortunately do now.

Really??? You feel VIOLATED over having to show an ID? I think if you are upset over this you must have a really easy life….