CenturyLink Class Action Lawsuit

In Oct 2010 I stopped my non working broadband internet and bundled Dish Network services from Centurylink. I paid the final bill and they told me I would have to pay a 200.oo early termination fee. I refused and they started harassing me and turned over the account to a collection agency.

I had been with them for over a year and a half so how was it an early termination. I talked to Centurylink several times and finally a supervisor (name withheld by me) told me they renewed my contract because when I called in November 2010 to cancel they gave me 5.00 off my bill if I would continue with improved services.

The services did not improve. They even charged me for home telephone services which I did not even have. I’m fed up with the collection threats and will gladly pay an attorney to start a Class Action Lawsuit for me and I know countless other victims. Does century link go door to door and sell direct tv installations? No!

I never signed any contract with Centurylink. You may email me with your story. Centurylinks former name was Centurytel. The strangle hold monopoly is over. I paid Dish Network even though Centurylink should have paid them with my last payment. Centurylink is going DOWN. BRING IT ON.

If you have had an experience with this company Email me at DARCUN1@AOL.COM put Class Action in the subject and I will add your name to the list. God Bless and down with these GREEDY Unethical companies.


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we will start a class action law suit against centurylink and a total media blitz www etc. if our issue is not resolved asap, we where lied to we have a basic phone line @ 14.00 per month we have received many offers via phone and by u.s mail offering high speed internet service at 14.95 per month when we went into your Henderson, nv store on sunset bl we where advised by your centurylink sales rep tina that the total service will be 34.95 per month plus tax this is including our basic phone line with 5 mbs speed the next day we noticed problems trying to download i called customer support and was advised that we only had 763 kbs not any mbs as agreed upon by your sales rep, we returned to your store the next day and this same sales rep was very rude to us and we found out that the price she quoted to us was a lie we showed her the original contract that was agreed upon and she grabbed it out of my hands and was going to rip it up staiting that it was an error then she tried to rewrite over it, also, while we here waiting in this store there was many centurylink complaints about the same issues as ours this sales rep tina was being very rude to other customers as well and more less said tough shit, this is when the store mgr .lydia johnson overheard this employee acting like this and took over she said that she is the mgr. and has the authority to correct and override any and all that has occurred as the mgr. was talking to us tina was making snotty comments, the mgr. said that she has had many problems with this sales rep and will be taking care of it and was sorry for the problems we had with her lydia the mgr. offered us the 5 mps high speed internet with unlimited long distance service and caller id at a total of 48.00 per month ( total ) for the inconvenience. we later received the bill 142.29 for what? we never got a return call from your centurylink store about this we paid it as we where later advised it would be prorated and credited, this is a total lie the second bill has just arrived 77.71 it looks like this is our monthly bill ??? no credit or correction ever made as agreed upon…..we went back down to this store the employee was rude we never got any help they just said call customer service … this is a total fraud scam scam scam this needs to be corrected asap by 11 am on Monday march 7th if this is not fixed we will take any and all actions available to us ,legal, total media blitz, and etc once i start i will not stop you wasted many hours of my time !!!!!!!!! so time is of the essence here Monday 11: am this must be corrected

My story is so similar, I found a Bundle offer on the internet and called, after over an hour of making sure that the end total was what I thought it would be, I agreed. The bundle with phone & internet centurylink, & Directv advertised $89.95. I received a bill from Directv for $47 for the 1st mo. now its $67 and I just received centurylink’s bill for $154.00 I have spent all day on the phone being transferred around with no satisfaction. I am literally in tears with frustration, and don’t know what to do Direct is a 2yr contract. I am going to cancel Centurylink tomorrow but I am afraid of what kind of fees they will try to charge. I was lied to and I feel alittle better knowing I am not the only one but what can we do?

I would gladly join any lawsuit against these crooks. I cancelled them and they tried to tell me there was an agreement, but could not prove I entered into an agreement. I changed my service to Verizon and Century Link blocked the conversion of my number to Verizon, making several excuses but leaving me to contact Verizon and clean up the mess. They disconnected my DISH without my permission, I explicitly told them to break the billing from my bundle and return billing to DISH. DISH was great about helping me. Century Link then sent me a bill on 4/10/11 for Local Service from April 10 to May 9 after I cancelled service on March 28th. I was billed a cancellation fee after a week-long battle ending in me not being in any agreement. I was also charged a Service Order fee for ??? I will join any suit against them.

To follow up..I finally got to someone at CL with some sense. All charges billed after cancellation were refunded. I am still willing to participate in any suit against them due to the weeks of stress and headaches caused by their malicious retaliation against me for taking my business elsewhere.

Where can I sign up? We pay for X every month, but our daily service is marginal at best. They keep saying they have a problem, but that it will take time to fix. They have been giving us refunds, but I’m tired of having to call and request the refund. How many others are paying for X every month, getting far less than X, and don’t even know it?

We had CenturyTel when they were CenturyTel just for Internet no problems over those years. However, about a year ago we decided to go for phone. We had a quote on a price with dollars and cents that came along with a verbal agreement on the phone. Being that it was dollars and cents and that we wanted to know the price with all the fees and taxes, etc, they must have been sure on the price. Think not! We get our first bill with the phone. It’s three times the amount and their billing representative insists on that it was fair “prorating” for the first bill. Mathematically, I couldn’t ever make any sense of it. Eventually after talking to a few people I am able to identify an issue myself with the bill that brings the bill down somewhat but not enough to make sense out of it. The second bill was about 20% more then the original quoted amount so we decided to just drop the phone and keep the Internet service. At that point they had already threatened an early termination fee. My wife was able to talk them out of it since they didn’t keep the agreed price. They did continue to discount our Internet service, but we had never agreed to enter a contract for this. Nor did we ever see or hear any terms or conditions. So about 10 months later we find vendor with a better deal. Disconnected the service, never threatened a disconnect fee. A month after we paid the last bill we received a bill with a approx $150 disconnect fee as well as tax. I called to dispute it today and had asked them to prove that I had entered a contract by checking recorded calls. I told them I would only pay if they could prove that we were under contract. These verbal contracts should be illegal, people aren’t going to remember them unless they see them somewhere and too many things are assumed. It allows these businesses to do whatever they want. They could tell me we don’t have an archive of the calls to play back and that I have to pay it anyway. How can you and I their pee-on customer that makes them so much money every do anything about it?

Fist year with Centurylink was good. Suddenly I was at dial up speed with no connectivity most of the time. The local service techs have been here countless times yet the problem remains. I know the connectivity problem is from old wiring from the station to my house. The slow speed internet is from too many customers and not enough bandwidth. They Advertise “Consistently Fast Internet Service” My experience is Inconsistent Slow Internet Service and after many many many service calls it still is a joke. WE NEED a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT FOR THIS scamming crooked company!!!! I have kept records of the Speed and Dates.. Please inform me of any Class Action against Centurylink Internet and I will Gladly Help Out. Skip

In January I contacted Certurylink to get an internet plan. I was specific to ask for a policy that I could get for month-to-month that I would not have to pay an early termination fee for. I asked because I knew that my lease would be up in less than a year and my wife and I were in the process of looking for a new house. The salesperson that I was dealing with assured me that I could pay month-to-month without a cancellation fee. Now I have bought a new house and have called Centurylink to cancel my service, in August. They want to charge me over $200 for cancelling my service. Centurylink told me that I made a verbal agreement to a year-long contract. I responded by telling them that I did not agree to a year-long contract and that I wanted proof of my verbal agreement or written agreement to such an accusation. They told me that it is documented that I verbally agreed to the services but they did not have written or auditory proof of such an agreement. Again, the manager of Centurylink told me that I would be responsible for $200+ for cancelling my service. Can they really do this????????????? Especially without proof of an agreement????????

I think we have plenty of people on this site who would gladly move forward on class action.

Hi I have had a very stressful situation with Century Link. In July 2011 I fell into a open and unmarked side walk vault of Century Link’s and suffered sever injuries.I contact them to take care of my hospital bills, and they refused. They later sent me a letter saying that the vault cover was stolen and they are not at fault. of course I did not believe there explanation So I investigated it a little more and found out that the vault cover had been removed by Century Link and they were known for neglecting there property. On the same street where I fell there are some other lose sidewalk vaults that belongs to Century Link.I am planing to sue them soon.

same thing. century Link double billed me. They do not answer questions. The DSL is slow and often down. The bundle with Direct TV is another double billing. I had great service with DISH and it was a mistake to change. The change was because Century Link promised such a good deal as a bundled service. All is worse and I have paid the same bill two and three times. I would be glad to join a class action suit against both.

I simply wanted to change my number from a business line to a home phone. They said OK, gave me a conf# but when I received my bill it was still for $90.00 instead of the $13.50 that they promised. They said that I can’t cancel as I am published and have one more year on my contract. I never signed a contract with them, they took over Qwest which had been my provider and I never signed a contract with them either. I can cancel the line and lose business or switch to another company that is unknown. After reading reviews of the few companies available I’m not sure what to do. I will send a complaint to the FCC and my state AG and hope for the best. Not happy with them at all. They even said that they couldn’t send me a copy of the policy to forward on. Cathy

I signed up for dsl through centurylink an got the 3 mb package an got 3mb . centurylink now offered me 4 mb at the same price if I signed a contract so I did , for a month i received 4 then all of a sudden i get less than 3 an Im stuck in a contract what a scam…ive been through all the crap of service guys coming to the house an giving me stories its this an that , ive even replaced all wiring in an outside the house thinking that may be it. I knew it wasnt but they cant say it is now.I need to figure out can they hold me to a contract if they arent giving me what I signed up for

My husband and I had century link for internet for over a year and moved to a smaller town where they didnt offer the 4mbs anymore so all we got was barely 1.5mbs which was fine till I found out I was paying the same 45.00 for less way mbs plus it never worked. We got internet the maybe two days a week. I called i dont know how many times and they sent out numerous repair men, I had to trouble shoot 3 times over the phone and even went out and bought a new cord. With all this work I know your think why didnt you just canel. Well I did and they said they waved all payments dont worry about any bills to come. Well here we are 4 months after that trying to buy a house and guess what has just now should up as being 30 days past due and dropped my husbands credit score 8 points. I called and they have no record of any issues or complaints, how do you send out a tech more than once and have no record of it.

Worst customer service ever. Caught them in lies twice at least. Was charged a late fee on my phone payment even though it was within their “5 day grace period” and also the law in Nevada gives more time than they say. They told me the Federal law is over State law. When I asked what Federal law, they didn’t know. I told them the Public Utilities Commission in our State offered to help me with the charge I am disputing. They told me they were not a utility and didn’t have to talk to the PUC. They did remove the charge but the woman at the PUC gave me her direct line and said if I had any problems, she would have their contact…contact Centurylink to resolve the problem. So I suggest that not only should you complain to the FCC but also the BBB and the PUC in your State. Maybe with all of them contacting this phone company, they can be persuaded to do the right thing or lose their Business License for your State. With one exception their customer service has been rude and yes, outright lies about things. This last time the guy said I had had late charges before…I said I don’t know of any. He said last Sept. Well after I hung up I got my Sept bill and the only extra charge was $9.00 for Gross Receipts fee which I had called about and was told Centurylink was supposed to collect $1.00 a month for the local County and didn’t do that and were caught and had to make up for 9 months hence the fee. Like I said…..I even have it on tape….they had lied again. Best to record them and that may help to resolve a problem with them. I despise them but they seem to be the only phone company except for our cable company that also does telephone. Good Luck to everyone who deals with this company.

I am being charged for a phone line that I do not have by Century link. Yet I can not get an answer as to why!

I signed up for internet with Dish Network and they lease lines from CenturyLink in my town I guess. I am paying for the internet with Dish, and have functioning internet, but CenturyLink decided to open up an account for me and charge me as well. PLUS, they want me to pay for set up fees that I was told were free when I talked to Dish. I never signed a contract or anything with them and now they are threatening me with collections and negative credit reporting if I don’t pay up. They are a nightmare to deal with. I am contacting Better Business Bureau Monday morning. This is extortion!!!

Well, I am back again. I got my new bill from CenturyLink and even though they did take off the $5.00 “late charge” last month, they added it back. The new bill is due 2/1 and I paid it on 2/2. See my original post where they told me there was a 5 day grace period. When I called today, the woman who handled my call said there is NO grace period and she would not take off the new $5.00 charge. I guess cause I paid within the 5 day grace period told to me in January, they could not see a reason for the bill being paid within one day so they said there is no grace period. Well, I have my prior phone conversation saying there is 5 days and the current one saying no grace period on tape so we will see how they explain all this to our Public Utilities Commission and maybe I will contact my local TV news investigation unit and expose what this company is doing to its customers and they are really the only company available here except for Cox cable who also does phone service. Our State Law okays taping a phone conversation as long as one party to the conversation knows it is being taped (that was me!). I have a feeling I will get that $5.00 taken off again and I will keep the tapes as proof of their “5 day grace period”. What are they doing to the rest of their customers?

My handicapped brother and his handicapped wife got a replacement modem/router from Centurylink after a lightning strike. When the replacement arrived Centurylink created a new account for the modem as if they didn’t know it was a replacement. To make a long story short they have been paying for having two separate internet connections for the last two years even though they only have one modem and I don’t think they have a functioning second line since I think their is a wiring problem in they apartment. Even though Centurylink now knows that my brothers wife, who is mentally challenged has been paying for the second unused line because she didn’t know any better they are unwilling to refund the money. Centurylink made a mistake and won’t own up for it and are willing to steal over a thousand dollars from two handicapped people instead of refunding their unethically gotten gains. In my opinion Centurylink should be asked to leave Minnesota and take their unethical business practice with them.

I worked for Centurylink in customer care for almost 2 years it’s truly a terrible company. Centurylink does not have a dedicated customer care department it’s a sales department. Centurylink looks at the calls to customer care as $$$$ signs. They looked the other way when top sales associates slam accounts with products and services. If you weren’t top in sales you are treaded like dirt and always threatened to be fired if you didn’t meet sales quota. People would get fired on a weekly basis and the training classes which we called our replacements were constantly churning out new agents. I’m shocked they don’t get giant fines for over billing. To give a couple examples for the state of Florida during the full year of 2011 when a customer went on vacation mode they didn’t get the discount unless the customer called in every month for it and when they came back from vacation the system would charge them a $53.00 connection fee. Another example when a customer calls in to add a call feature the system auto charge the account a $53.00 connection fee as if it is new service. Centurylink was aware of these over billing problems and never fixed them. I would give thousands of dollars a month in credits because of the dishonest over billing. These are just a couple examples of many! You know you work for a bad company if you won’t even subscribe to their service. I started to look for a better job when I received my first write-up for falling short meeting quota I had 89.10% and I need 90.00% to goal to meet quota. I’m happy to report I no longer work for Centurylink as they are paying for me to look for another job via unemployment. Two weeks after being fired Centurylink is downsizing because sales are bad and the call center I worked at in Altamonte Springs Florida is closing on June 1 2012 and everyone is being fired. I can’t say I feel bad for the supervisors! You should stay away from this company at all cost!

They just turned our bill which we don’t owe over to a collection agency. $29.96 for supposedly the last bill which had already been paid.We called and discontinued their service because they kept inching up the bill every month. $34.00 dollars when we discontinued.They can’t offer highspeed cause no lines for it.

I had the same experiences. I had no service for a total of one month from two storms that occurred. They creditted my account and then turned off my service one day later over a dispute where they had over charged me $50 prior to that. They have not turned on my service, but continued to charge me for service they were not providing me, despite that fact that I called and insisted that I no longer wanted their service. I even disconnected my phone and internet to make sure that they could not charge me for service. I received a BILL FOR $230 FOR SERVICE I DID NOT RECEIVE. As they purchased the company that I had service with since 1999, there would be no early termination fee. When I attempted to correct them on their $50 over charge, they would connect me to double talkers who would verbally attack me. I now go to the library to use the internet. I get more done this way. I agree. I refuse to pay for a bill that I do not owe. I’m sure there are many other people who have been ripped off by them. I certainly am angry about these dishonest unscrupulous companies. Someone needs to punish them and make it clear to them that we are not going to be abused in this manner anymore.

this company is trying to get a early termination fee out of me with out a contract they have awful service and i was only with them for 4 months . so that means i saved $40 and there trying to get $200 good luck with that

While having a sprinkler system installed, the contractor accidentally cut one of the phone lines buried in my backyard, that provided phone service to some neighbors. Century sent one guy to fix it, my contractor paid the bill over $500 (that included $168 for “misc administration fees” !!!!). Then one month later I received the SAME bill with a different invoice #. Called them with proof that we paid and I was told “OK, disregard that bill, we just cancelled it” Now 6 months later I get a letter demanding that I pay THAT bill. After spending hours on the phone with different Century people I was told that “it took 2 guys to repair the line (I only saw 1 but whatever…) so I asked the person:” So if 2 guys come to do the work, I HAVE TO PAY 2 BILLS??, what if it took 20 guys to repair it? Would I have to pay 20 times?” Her answer…YES!!! Now if that is not fraud, I have no idea what that is. A couple of days later while emailing them, they send me an email saying that it was NOT my fault because it was a fence contractor who had caused this other damage. I have no idea who that fence guy is. They told me to disregard the bill. Well, today another month later, they email me WITH THE SAME STORY saying that I have to pay or they will take legal action!!!

I had my services disconnected on March 30,2012 andI got a bill showing I have$99.50 past due. I do not owe anything as my bill was all paid up when I called to have all services disconnected. They better credit me thelatecharge and credit my account or I will join the class action lawsuit

Centurylink is the Most unethical company that I have ever done business with.Bills were always over billed.Had DSL service in Florida for 6 months.Tuned it off and they billed for a non-regulated $200.00 early termination fee.The gal that took my order originally told me that Florida is the only state where you can disconnect without penalty because of the many winter visitors.You know they have a problem when the President of Centurylink sends a PDF file which discribes the ethical behavior requirements within Centurylink.With their business practices they are ripe for Law Suits from the private sector and large Fines from several state attorneys offices.I

I am a Private Investigator and retired law enforcement officer – never in my 25 yrs have I encountered such incompetence as Century Link. I was scammed into trying the PRISM after 23 hrs and my internet not working which shuts my business down and my telephone and my tv and multiple calls I was PROMISED THE TECH WOULD BE BACK TODAY TO RESTORE ME BACK TO WHERE I WAS. Right the idiot showed up started trying to speak but being who he is all he could say repeatedly was which room is the problem occurring in and “the proper procedures are for a tech to come out” blah blah I had to tell him to get out or face police. Then I am told I have to restore myself back and resend their equipment. Now as the live wire which has been laying across my front yard my driveway along the side of my house wrapped around the wheels of my garbage can (yeah that was fun untangling) and 2500.00 later as it cost me 350.0 for my computer man who found “Patched wiring” and multiple other problems I at least have internet. Two words THEY SUCK. and should have their pants sued completely off. Thank God I am a PI and video tape a lot of work comp people b/c everything is documented, videoed, photographs and two witnesses.

These guys are certainly terrible, I switched to them after getting an $80 non-bundle charge from Comcast… and I really regret it. Comcast was pretty good, all things considered. Great for wired gaming, I got no lag at all on my ps3, even on hosting games with no servers. Now im lucky to finish a 15-minute round of Cod:Black ops without disconnecting, certainly cant play modern warfare or killzone. I thought centurylink was the sweet alternative, i mean $35 a month for internet “consistently rated higher than the competition”??? Sounded great. I can save $500 a year or more… Im lucky to go more than an hour connected now, with CL… in fact if i broke it down, that $45 doesnt seem like alot for real customer service and good, fast, reliable internet. I hear Cox is good, maybe i’ll try there next.

I went to Centurylink last month and bundled with DirecTv. It was going to be a total of $62.99 plus tax a month. My first bill with CenturyLink was $62.00 but my Directv bill was $76. I immediately cancelled CenturyLink when they said they could not give me what my confirmation email said (and when they talked me into staying at $9.95 a month I agreed but never got a confirmation email) and got rid of DirecTv and was told I would have a $220.00 early termination fee. I have recorded ALL conversations with ALL the reps I have talked to and I recommend everyone do the same. I use a small DVR bought at Walmart for $40.00 and have every amount they have “promised” and never delivered with every rep I have talked to. So far Centurylink has not charged an early term fee and neither has Directv. If they do I plan on suing in small claims and using my recordings and my original web confirmation. RECORD everything you do with a customer service rep over the phone and if they promise an amount request a confirmation email. I didn’t get one from Centurylink and called back and told them again I didn’t get a confirmation email for the $9.95 a month but I did get a confirmation email when I scheduled my payment online and asked to have it sent to me again and was told they could not resend it. I have every lie and flase amount promised on tape. I do not make a customer service calls to anyone without my DVR on speaker phone and I call on my cell phone so I have a record of making the call as well. If I am charged a fee I will sue to get it back after all I do have a recording of all conversations and their breach of the original contract.

I have never had so much trouble with a company before as I have had with these bozos. I signed up for service in March. They said to expect everything hooked up on the 21st. I took the day off from both school and work to wait for the tech because they insisted it couldnt be done on a Saturday. NO ONE showed up that day. I called them and apparently they set it up at a wrong house and then sent the modem to a totally different house! I demanded a new one and was told that I would be charched reshipping fees. After many hours of fighting I was told “fine we aint gunna charge ya no fee” but when I got my bill I was double charged for it. I called and they actually got it fixed and took it off my bill before I paid. The next month I didnt a bill. I called them and they said dont worry it should be there soon. and said they were marking it in the notes that I had an extension since the bill hadnt gotten there. The following month I got a disconnect notice. The made me pay 150 in three weeks. My bill is only 50 and I had only had it for 2 months. I don’t understand how that consituted 3 months worth of pay. But I paid it and threw in my may bill early. I got a correct bill in june and paid it a week after I got it (on my payday) which was at the 29th now suddenly I have another disconnect notice. I never even got July’s bill but I’m getting disconnected? this makes no sense! I just reported them to the better business beureau, but I wouldn’t mind hopping in on this. They have to learn that doing this to people is just not right.

I am also having issues with this company. I live in the basement of someone’s home who I am renting with and I wanted my own internet and phone aside from theirs (it’s the crappy 1.5 speed internet and I am a online gamer and need as much as I can get). I had to have the landlord call centurylink to have them come seperate the lines. She got charged the fees which I paid her for and the lines were seperate. I at the time did not have a functioning phone so I was unaware that my phone line was no functioning properly. When I actually got a phone and plugged it in, I could hear the upstairs talking on their phone still. This was crazy. So on July 1st I called them up and stated that I was having an issue with the line. They told me that it would be an 85.00 charge if it was any other issue but the box outside. I said well lets have them come out and take a look and I can decide from there. They asked me if the time frame of early morning was ok, I stated that it was not, I work from 5am to 2pm monday through friday so anything after 2:30 would be great. She says she could do the window from 2-5 or 6 can’t remember exactly and I agreed to that. Well on July 2nd they came out roughly around 12pm. My brother was home at the time watching my son for me. He let the tech in the guy came in and went outside came back in and said, “oh look it was something wrong with the box outside.” My brother said cool. I got home and he informed me what happened and I said well at least I wont be charged but I was extremely upset that they came almost 3 hours too early. When I got my bill, there was the charge of 85.00 on it…needless to say I was upset and that is an understatment. I then called them on July 26th after receiving the bill on the 25th asking why I was charged. The tech made a report stating that the issue was inside the house and that was why I got charged. When I stated that maybe when we paid the fees in April when I got my service that the job should have been done right I was told that they do not see any fees that were charged to my account. I said of course not it’s on my landlords bill cause you guys wouldnt let me put it on mine. They said well we cannot access her information due to customer privacy. If my landlord called them and asked that I can get info on her account in this regard that they can. I said, so, my brother was ok to have access to my account and authorzie service to be done to my account when he clearly is not on my bill but to fix my bill you guys decide to follow procedure. They told me there was nothing they could do for me. Needless to say I am going to spread word of mouth about this company. They have bad business principles and as a person who works in a customer based job, this is not good for returning customers. Not even a comprimise on anything. Needless to say I will be talking to a lawyer.

This is what they are trying to do to me! I am pissed! I never would have accepted a contract!

I have been using qwest/century link since 2001. We needed high speed internet for the business. for years we have put up with slow and I mean slow internet service from them, so I justswitched to the Charter bundle a couple weeks ago. Guess what Century link now says I owe them $1,500.00 becuase I have a “verbal contract” with them until April. Sign me up I am sick and tired of being screwed!

I’ve read many of these complaints…and mine is months afterwards…has anyone had any results or resolve with their issues? I am having an awful time with them! I was being screwed over by them month after month with my land line & directv bundle…I thought I had it been settled then all of a sudden, they did it to me again (telling me I hadn’t paid them when I had…with the proof they would NOT take)…and my services were constantly being interrupted by them. I had finally had enough and cancelled all my services with them and went with Cox Comm back in March of this year. I got a final bill for $139 & some change…labled closing statement. Well….well….was I ever shocked pissed off, and outraged when I got a bill wanting almost $170 for a bill I had not paid…SAY WHAT?! I am so sick and tired of this. It’s been convoluted since November of last year and so much lost in the translation that I have no idea what they are talking about. They want money from the original bill they said I didn’t pay back in December of ’11 of which I had the proof…they credited my checking account…wtf…even though I told them not to…just to credit my account with payment…SO….I paid what I thought was that amount via a paper bill issued by them 2 weeks later….nope…I guess that wasn’t good enough. I talked to one of the head supervisors who told me she had fixed everything…no worries…blah blah blah….NOPE…SO here we are…I am in a battle with the BBB (that’s a joke)…and I have no idea where to go but I am NOT going to pay them again (this would make 3 times for the same bill)…I cannot help they are stupid, incompetent, unprofessional….not my problem….
SO…..here I am…any ideas…anyone doing anything against centurylink? We need to, imho…

Did you ever get any resolution to this? Any advice? The same thing has happened to me and they have told me the same things that I verbally agreed, etc when I was never aware I was under any contract or I would have never went with Century Link!

I am in the middle of a huge mess with century link. After being a dish/land line phone/internet user for about almost 4 years, I wanted something cheaper, (I was paying about 182 a month.) So I called century link to ask about prices, found out much to my surprised they were now bundled with Direct tv and quoted me a bundled price of around 66 dollars and something cents. That was for both tv and internet and I requested my land line for my phone be canceled so I would not have that bill. We don’t have any working home phones anyway and didn’t use it. I also requested that that I have a paper bill. (And I will comment that while with dish I had also called and asked for a paper bill instead of an email bill and was assured at that time they would do that but instead canceled my email bill without ever sending me a paper bill. So I would call from time to time, guessing when my bill was due, and pay.) In May, I was told that my combined bill would be the 66 dollar amount, my land line was getting canceled, and I would also receive a paper bill that was itemized. ALSO, I refused the 3 month trial of the extra channels, because I said I would forget to cancel it, and didn’t want to get charged. They verbally agreed to that also. Then they came and made the switch. Well, I got really busy over the summer, then went out of town on a mission trip, and came home and was fairly ill until school started…I teach. The first weeks of school are extremely busy and I have kids in stuff, plus other things. Over the summer I kept wondering why I wasn’t getting a bill…tried looking on the website but couldn’t figure out how to email these people, the website goes in circles…and didn’t usually have hours to try to figure it out. Then more time would slip by me, until I finally emailed Direct TV and asked if they knew anything about my bill. They sent me a personal email, which is more than I can say about centurylink, and while they couldn’t help with my bill, did at least give me an account number. Then school started, no bill, and then I came home to an almost 800 dollar bill for the time since the end of May. That was Saturday. I tried finding an email for someone on their website, sent an email, it came back undeliverable. I finally found a way to send a comment that did not require a password, and sent a message with all of this on it. I got an initial response, then got another response today giving me the number to set up payments for my account. They also said to email back if that didn’t answer my questions. REALLY??? I couldn’t believe it!! I was dumb enought to expect them to check into this and figure it out. So I called the number for the financial services, and that lady was nice enough to give me customer service. Jennifer, the person I spoke to basically said it was my fault because they sent me email bills (which I specifically said I didn’t want), and I did not see, and I would have caught if I had checked on this sooner. She also thought I was being a little bit dramatic about it, and also said I didn’t have any documentation of the phone call when I was given the other price. I guess she said my bill is now 182 or 184 a month, and when I said that’s what I was paying with dish before she said no that I had been paying 192, so that I was saving money now. I asked why would I go through all the hassle of changing to save that little per month? She didn’t really acknowledge that. When I told her I was going to look around she said they were the only phone service around. I asked who else I could talk to and she said there was no one else and that there was nothing I could do at this point, and emphasized that if I had caught it sooner I could have fixed it sooner. WOW. This is all about to just blow me away, I am almost in shock. And it gets better. When I did call the financial office today apparently my bill has jumped to 1000 dollars since May, actually the very end of May. AND the channels I did not want…they put them on there anyway. Again, she reminded me there was no documentation. I am sick about this and don’t know what to do, or who to call. I would love to know of any class action suits or how to help report them and file complaints. I don’t want my credit ruined because I was scammed, it was like a bait and switch or something. The centurylink lady, Jennifer, sure didn’t like me using the words “scammed” and “lied to”, but she was either implying today that I was lying or stupid, not sure which.

Liz, please post what happens! I am afraid I am heading for the same thing. They seem to only have records for what benefits them! They basically just make stuff up, and seem to get away with it!

Though this is an older post, we are just now running into a similar problem. Just a couple of months ago, I called CenturyLink to find out if there was a way to lower my bill, as it had been up to 100.00 a month, compared to the former 65.00 a month. When I told them I’d have to cancel, the rep supposedly put me back on the special of 19.95 a month for the next 5 years. She then told me about the great deals when bundling with Directv. We were currently with Dishnetwork, paying 60-something a month for 120 channels. When all was said and done, I was going to be coming down to about 125.00 a month for the time being, with free movie channels until Feb. 2013. My first bill came through just fine at around the 125.00. However, my next bill came through at 225.00. It showed that I was being charged 45.00 for the movie channels, and a 20.00 charge for the Genie receiver. Something that I’m just now seeing in fine print, is an extra charge. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE explained until today, that CenturyLink prorates these bills, and that when I call to cancel the movie channels, we’ll be reimbursed that 45.00. They simply told me sorry, but that first bill can look pretty scary. I can’t afford 225.00, and I never would have signed up if I’d been told the details. We are in a 2 year contract now with Directv, and I just want out!

I would love nothing more than to see this company sued to kingdom-come and back. I am sick of the extremely slow DSL, and the continual rate hikes without warning. Sick of it.

I just disconnected from century link last month to save money. We only went with Century Link because it seemed to be our only option after we moved. Our first year was fine from 2011-2012. However after our first year of service our bill went up due to our end of contract with our special promotion prices. So they agreed to renew our contract with an updated promotion. We got our bill lowered again with what was supposed to be a faster speed but we noticed no change in speed. Then when we got our next bill it was still high. We called and were also looking into switching to a different company at this point. When we called they said our previous arrangement was calculated without adding in taxes. So they had us believing our whole bill would be lower but really it was lower before taxes but the same over all! We were frustrated with this blatantly sneaky method and managed to get them to lower our bill with even slower speed. We were fed up with the price hikes, sneaky services, and all for slow internet when it is supposed to be high speed. So we found a place to get cheaper service that my mother recommended to us. We switched and canceled with century link. Our new service has double the speed at half the price we were being charged with century link! We got our final bill for Century Link today and it is saying we owe $350 in an early termination penalty! This is outrageous! I don’ t ever remember them telling me in words or writing about this ridiculous fee, but of course they swear they told me. I can’ t afford $350! I switched services to SAVE money. Just another heartless company out for greed!

I got the same feeling when I talked to someone from Century Link too… like they were implying that I was dumb. It is like they are trained to be arrogant liars.

I disconnected my service with Centurylink (previously Centurytel) because I was moving out of state. This was in February 2012. I have yet to receive my refund for an overpayment.This is now January of 2013. Just called them again today,threatened a lawyer and I asked if this was being recorded. Tabitha said yes was being recorded.Got her employee number,probably faked and will contact them again on Monday to see about my refund. Funny,they keep sending me a statement that they owe a refund,but never send it.Almost a year has gone by and they keep saying it’ll show up in the mail.

Same story . Centurylink fraudulently billed me and will not even acknowledge that I have a problem .All they know is that if it is on the bill , you have to pay it . No brains involved after that point . I have complained to the : F T C___F C C ___B B B___ and the State Attourny General , but it seems everyone is afraid of the big bad phone company !

The same thing happened to me. I was told adding phone service to my established internet service with CenturyLink, it would only be $10 more a month. I have not yet seen anything like that. I was paying $54; my latest bill was $154. Every time I call their customer service my bill goes up.

I am a disable senior citizen victimized by CenturyLink. My phone bill became a nightmare even though all I ever had was basic service with no frills. I never called anyone long distance. I rarely even used my phone; yet my bill tripled. There has to be something comsumers can do about this dishonest company.

I bought a house in Oct 2012 and called Centurylink for an offer, Im from Vegas and Cox is there competition here, at that time Cox had a bundle 30/30/30- cable internet and phone, dvr was extra premium chancels were extra. the salesman from century link i spoke with assured me he can give me a better deal. they had a promotion at that time for internet and cable with 2 dvrs and premium channels for $86 a month for the first 3 months and after that the bill was going to be $136 if i dnt stop the premium channels. i sign up and my first appointment was for Sat Nov 2 at 6pm for set up on the equipment, nobody showed up and i called again and the guy showed up on Tue. turned out he couldnt hook up the cable from their main box on the street to my house and had to wait 4 day till he did. after i got everything settle down mine main DVR wasnt working and it took them 2 more days to change it for me. im telling you all this because there is a point.!!!!! i received my first bill in Dec and it was for $274 and some change!!!!! imagine my face when i open the envelope :) so i called them and i was told that first i am paying a month in advance!!! never been told that when i was signing up for the services(which is fine Im using it anyway), second my bundle was end up being $136 and some change a month and NOT the initial offer of $86 and firth i had $60.00 of prorated charges for the time i was waiting for them to connect their box with my house and the time the cable wasnt working!!!! I start calling them with the request for the bill to be fixed. one of the representitives told me she will lower my bill and she will fix the extra charges which shi DID by terminating my DVR services without telling me, which made me call them again….my phone calls would “drop” all the time due to “bad reception” and at the end i started my phone calls with my phone number so they can call me back if the call drops again, which happen and i never got a phone call back. finely on 18 of Dec i called again and spoke with a very nice lady her name was Dylan which assured me all this charges where not reasonable and she went trough the system and fixed all the extra charges witch at that time were about $140, and told me to wait for a phone call from them to confirm my request. my bill was due on 29 of December and on 3 of January, 2013 i got online and not only that my bill wasnt reduced i had a late fee of $30. i paid my bill with the late fee and in mid January I received my new bill $63 and some change for the new month and on the bill a had a $5.00 late fee???????when i called to ask why am i receiving a bill when they are giving my credit for $140. i was told that my requests were declined and that i wont receive any credit back! on the 25 of January i terminated my contract with them and was told to bring back the equipment to their offices in town, i did and asked the sales person their if i have any outstanding bill and was told i have a credit of $13.00, due to paying a month in advance. 2 nights ago i receive a $390.00 bill from the: $200.. early termination fee for the internet and $236 early termination fee for the cable and due to $50 service credit and my $13.. credit for the upcoming month my bill came to $390.00.i have never sign or agree for a contract and i was NEVER told there is a contact!!!!!!!!!!! i am looking into a law firm right now that can help me resolve this farce if anybody has already started done that please contact me so we can help stop this “people” Valenti_777@yahoo.com

First, sue them in small claims. Judges understand this criminal organization. Secondly, do you mind sharing the new provider who saves people money, perhaps I can give them a try. You, like many of the post on here have been a part of my due diligence to explore options before I sign up with any internet business claiming to offer dismal cheap internet service. You all have saved me some unwanted and unwarranted headaches or jail time for that matter.


Mr. Lee

Same thing as the previous messages, lies ,lies and lies, to all consumers, Century Link is charging me $200.00+ to cancel my contract with them (I never received anything in writing except for their bills)

We have to come with a Class action Lawsuit in order to bring this company to comply with the law, write to the offices of the federal government, General attorney, etc), our congressmen and consumer protection department and so on.
This company is just like Q West before becoming Century Link.

I too have major billing issues. I wont go into detail but it is not at all what they represented to me when they solicited my business. I have been overpaying every month and every month they say they have my bill straightened out only to receive another wrong bill that I am told to pay and then I will get credited later in the cycle. It never happens and now I am at the point I think I should get an attorney.
Did you ever resolve your issues?

Same thing happening to me, expect I have someone local tapping into my Internet even with it password protected. They have installed a Trojan of some sort. All my computers have protection and I had someone out to my house to tell me it’s someone squatting on my Internet. Century link can provide me with a fire wall and protection on the feed for an extra 15 a month. WHAT I had fios where I used to live, Comcast before that and never had to pay extra nor ever had these issues. On top of that I have the slowest speed ever when I was promised it would be just as fast as bright house the other company here in Florida. It’s not, so now I’m over paying for what I could be paying aol for better service through the phone lines, and to add insult to all of this I now somehow signed a 2 year contract…..WHAT no I did not and just like everyone else no on can provide me with what I signed. I’m all in for a class action suite.