Cash Advance Telephone Collection Scam

See this recent posting from the FBI website . DO NOT give these criminals any money. This is a SCAM. Telephone Collection Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans. The IC3 receives a high volume of complaints from victims of payday loan telephone collection scams.

In these scams, a caller claims that the victim is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay the loan to avoid legal consequences. The callers purport to be representatives of the FBI, Federal Legislative Department, various law firms, or other legitimate-sounding agencies.

They claim to be collecting debts for companies such as United Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Net, and other Internet check cashing services.

So what to do about harassing phone calls from check cashers? Here are three steps to not getting scammed on the internet by one of these recent phone call frauds. First, don’t give them any of your personal information.These people are trying to get you to tell them private information, so they can use it against you later. Don’t give them anything.

Second, make sure you look them up online and ask for specific information about them. Don’t just make this about you. It’s important to verify exactly who you are talking to, and where they are calling you from. Be patient and take your time when you research these companies. Look for holes in their arguments. Third, if it sounds suspicious, it probably is, plain and simple.


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These guys don’ t give up. The first time they called me be in Jan. this year, they tried to out talk me and threatened legal action if I did not pay them 300.00 plus 300.00 in legal fees. Today it was 185.00(the original amt. was 300.00) but they were willing to settle for 185.00. This time they were soooo sympathetic. I questioned them intensely and did not offer any info. They offered to give me the phone number of the company for me to check for myself. Surprise! The phone number on my caller ID was the same number of the company “Cash Advance”. How do you spell D.U.M.B? They got tired of my questions and hung up.

This exact thing is happening to me now. I told them to do wat they must. They called me from several different numbers. and They are going as far as to call my job. Every time I call back for more infromation on the company they threatning me and hang up. Then because of caller ID they wont answer my phone calls.

These bastards tried calling me today. stating i owe 350. i flipped out on them and they said they were taking legal action and advised me to get a lawyer. After i hung up i notified the fdc immediatley. They advised me to call my attorney general and set up fraud alert with experian. ugh.

They have been calling me and even called my place of employment, threatened me by saying they were going to arrest me, etc. I told them that I needed something in writing and that I was not giving them any info or verifying anything over the phone. They called me from 281-385-8228, they call me at least 2 -3 times a day. The number sometimes changes but it is the same accent and everything. When you ask them questions, they get very mad!! I called the 281 number back and it said the number was dicsonnected and this was 30 minutes after they called me? They called me from another number and when I called it back a guy answered (w/out an accent) and then all of a sudden he had a accent, really? Then after I started questioning him he hung up on me and when I called back (6 times) he said I was harrassing them and then kept hanging up on me!! LOL……

Ok, yesterday I got a call from a guy saying he was an officer for a lawsuit… If I didn’t pay them 495.00 that day I would have to go to court and prove myself not quilty. And that I had so many things on me. He said I took out 300.00 dollars from “Quick Cash Advance” in 2010. And it was put into My wells Fargo account and I never paid it back, which was ironic I had never had a bank account in 2010. I am only in my 20’s and I just got my bank account with Wells Fargo 3 months ago. So I told that guy with his accent that I wanted To go to court. He kept trying to scare me into paying 495.00 that Same day!. I need to find the number to the FDC your all talking about. So if you can email me that number, I’d be thankful for it. Here’s the number to that guy, He says his name is Eric Johnson, Works for Fiber Crimes (lol fiber crimes deals with hair crimes)

Who do I call about this because they said I need to pay by tomorrow and I’m dumb and fax them a thing sayin I will pay

We need our gov to protect the people these scams need to be investigated and stopped its a crime someone should put some internet regulations.i was robbed 547.89 and should be resolved but it wont be very sad.

hey to all this is there new number they tried to scam on me.888-332-4306.claiming to be us cash advance.

I have been receiving phone calls on the same lines. The problem they are having is that my husband is a law student in the state of California and he knows they are bogus. He actually called the number back so many times that the person on the other end began to curse him horrible. The scam artist even got so angry that he told my husband that he was an idiot that it was a scam and he could make him pay. I called the police and my employer to let them know what was going on and forgot about them. Today, 3 weeks later, they called back trying to be professional and respectful. I got his name, (Mike WIlliams, with a foriegn accent so think that I could barely understand him) his phone number and I asked him what his legal right to deal with this matter was. He had no answer. I then told him that I knew he was lying because the state of California has limit restrictions on the amount that can be “borrowed” and it under $350.00 (which is what he said that I owed) I also told him that I knew for a fact that there are no criminal charges that can be filed against a person for cash advance/pay day loans. He tried to say that it was a fraud charge. I asked him how it could be a fraud charge if he was saying that I received money from his company and had not paid it back. That was not fraud it was default. Then I hung up on him.

amazing!! the same thing is happening to me at this moment… filed a complaint with the FTC immediatly..also, this Mike Character, called my job and began to threaten my boss, and scream that he was a liar and that i was a criminal and that I had commited fraud! He didn’t even know what company I had defaulted on a loan with,,,first he said cashnet, when i began to question him, he said no no no I said cash advance….OMG ..also filed a complaint with my state attn general.

got a call earlier this week from a Jack Smith, 347-377-7684 stating the same as above, hung up on him after he wouldn’t let speak and kept telling me i had to pay 498 that same day gave me 30 mins to return call and let him know if i would pay or have papers filed on me. Said it was from a Cash Advance loan i never applied for. Reported them to consumer affairs and filed a police report on them!

these men know all of my information bank account number social number and continue to harrass me on a daily basis i mustve had about 45 voicemails from them until my voice box was full and i deleted them they are calling from several different numbers at differnt times always with a different name but yet always saying and leaving the same message. tell me any thing i do with my social number they can track they can take the money out of my account just curious should i close my account or what’? do i have a reason to worry? i have five children i dont want them trying to rip me and my kids off. and i never recieved this so called loan..

These same people started calling me yesterday saying that my husband owed them 130.00 and with late fees it made it 216.00. They said that it was from US Cash Advance out of Florida. I told them that we would pay them so that I could get as much information as I possibly could. I knew it was a scam when the guy told me to send my payment information that was for the company to his aol email address. These guys even went as far as calling my husbands employer trying to get them to garnish his wages. As soon as I found that out I called his employer and told them that it was all a scam. Luckily they hadnt given him any information but they called over 60 times in 3 hours between my personal phone and my husbands employer. I reported them to the police, flagged his credit report and reported to his employer and the FCC and FTC. We have never recieved a loan from Florida, and the guy wouldnt give us any information about when the loan was taken out and he wouldnt fax or email or mail us information regarding the matter. TOTAL SCAM!!

I just got the same kind of call. He cursed me out and yelled at me beuse i said I didnt understand. He called me from a 716 number than 911!! He scared me im only 20 and i dont remember taking out a loan. Than he told me i have to give him $1500. I told him i only have $40 and he cursed me out again. Than he told some man who was supposed to be on 3way and they both were sheriffs to go arrest me now! Than i agreed to pay him so he instructed me to go to walmart and get 2 money packs 1 for $1100 and another for $491! Im not sure what to do but he said i will go to jail. Is that possible? Someone please help me.

GRRRR….AS IF I NEED SOMETHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT!! So I have these Indian guys calling my house and my cell, (no word from my employer yet) saying I got a loan on 04/14/2010 (at first) for 350.00 from US CashAdvance. This is the number they called me from 512-337-3337 and I called them back several times ( because I was concerned) and spoke to a Paul, then a Mike, then a Nelson all with indian accents. The first time I called they spit out my social without a ?, they also knew my bank account number and address, I was upset and they told me they will look at my file and call me back in 30 minutes. I told them no you need to look at my file while I am on the phone with you right now bc I do not need a warrant, the guy said this again and hung up on me. Ten minutes later I called back and asked for a supervisor, they hung up on me. So I called right back said I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on, got someone else on the line, mind you I did not state who I was so they must have caller ID, guy called me by my last name said he will look at my files and give me a call back in 30 minutes. Sooooooooo…..I reported them in every way possible flagged my credit and now when I get off of work I have to go and change my bank account number because I definitely do not feel safe that they have this info. I am just trying to make a decent life for me and my family and I get this from random stupid people…..I wish we were not tagged by a number!!

Haha. You know it’s fraud when someone calling you says their name is “John Anderson” and they have a super thick accent and barely speak English.

URGENT! Call the police IMMEDIATELY! (NOT 911 unless they threaten to physically harm you) contact the FBI, CTC, and IC3. Call law enforcement agencies YOURSELF. These guys just tried to scam me. I talked with Advance America, and they said that everything that these people say is a LIE! You will NOT go to jail for defaulting on a payday loan, and it is NOT fraud to default on a payday loan!

Indian guy lvm on my fiancés phone.. he called back to # 707-780-3012… First of all the man stated he was working for an unnamed attorney to collect a debt from a cash advance… He asked how much and did not get a monetary response but then he told him that officers would come and arrest him if he did not pay. He told him it is a mistake and never had a cash advance loan. the guy told him not to call the # back again and that he was going to jail for delinquency.

Well I just got called today again it happen last year at this same time and i turned them in and now it started again. and they got my daughter’s number too and its a new one because she in school and telling me the same thing as last yr that if i didnt call an make a payment by tuesday they were coming to my house or work to take me to court and jail. these men need to caught and put in jail.

What is this? just got a call and this guy who say’s i am facing a law suit and i need to pay 848.00, the thing is i have not received anything from them. this person wants me to fax my debit info and other personal info to him so this matter will be cleared up. i have not received any other calls from any court or anything like that. who can i call and whats the number?

these people are a FRAUD!! They called my work about a month ago (American name, like John and then started the calls again yesterday using the name Michael) – scared me to death – saying I owed Cash Advance and a sherifff was going to be out the next day at my work to arrest me….ummm, hello – the next day was a Saturday…dumbass…started reading off all these charges from California – what the hell?? I’ve never even been to California. They stopped calling but started calling my voicemail again yesterday and then today. They called twice yesterday, but the second time they called (RIGHT after the first time they had called, the guy was laughing and I heard laughing in the background – the guy just hung up). I have received a payday loan from Cash Advance before, so I called them and asked them what was going on because that loan had been paid off for MONTHS!! They said it was a SCAM!! Don’t give them ANY information – but shouldn’t we all be scared – they got our information somehow??? They are probably just a bunch of foreigners sitting in a “call room” like on SlumDog Millionaire until they get a “hit”!! These people should be STOPPED!!!

I just had a call from a 907# call my job and say the same thing. Maybe a few months back when I went on line to apply for a loan (turned out to be a loan matching company not a loan itself) I think this is where they must get thier information. They called my job said they are a Law Firm and gave her the run down and told my receptionist if I didnt wire money by the following day I will have a warrent out for my arrest. I was so heated I called them back they put me on hold (while listing to everyone in the background ruslting papers and phones ringing) I was hung up on. I called back later and they transfered me to the girl at the desk behind him. She said I have some loan w/ a US Cash Advance unpaid blah blah. I asked her for the name of her company she said DRNC I googled it and do not find any info. She wouldn’t answer any of my questions but said that she doesnt have that at this time. I asked her how are you trying to collect a debt and all you know is my name and the name of a company. No details what so ever. I kept cutting her off and refused to discuss anything further until she told me how much I borrowed and what day and she hung up on me. I call back and the guy answers again. I told him what I told the lady. He has no information.
I asked them for contact information for the compnay they are collecting for. “we dont have that here mamm” Hung up on me again. Every time I call back now they wont talk to me but just hang up. I cant wait for thier “Police” to show up at my job tomorrow like they threatend. If you get calls like this, DO NOT GIVE THEM $ OR ANY FURTHUR INFORMATION ABOUT YOU!

It does worry me that they did rant off all of my information banking SSN home address. Work information. I am going to put faud alert on my credit and ssn ASAP. I will warn my bank they are pretty good. They are good at notifying me when and unusual transaction is trying to go through. Thank God for that at least. Never Again!

No call the FTC their # 877-382-4357 I just went through the same ordeal when they call don’t answer

im getting calls from 919-653-3341 any one else telling me to pay up and is if i dont i will get detained and my boss will be told that im a criminal the name of the person is david cooper and officer crystal jones

yeah this is a scam! I called the FCC and reported them 877-382-4357

Maybe this is too late…but it’s a scam! They did the same threats to a friend of mine.

Funny story…..I work in the “payday” loan industry as a legal collector. I have many ways to get paid legally. One of which is not through any police department. It can be called fraud if for instance, you represented false documents. Then we take it up with the local police department. I am in Ohio…. so each state has different laws. Anywho, I received about 25 phone calls from a man that didn’t speak english well…saying he was an “officer” and they were pressing charges against me for “fraud”. They have even called my job several times. While speaking with him, he informed me of my “payday” loan I did online. Well I had attempted to apply for a loan , but once I got past the first page I decided not to do it. He claims I owed US CASH ADVANCE the sum of 2250.00. which included legal fees and so fourth. I began to ask him how I could owe something if I never received anything. Told him my bank statement would be all the proof I needed. He then began to tell me a sheriff from the town I lived in would be at my job to take me to jail if I didn’tpay the balance in full by noon the next day. WTH ???? Really dude….do you think I am that dumb? I told him I know the law and my rights after he called me stupid, a moron and a low life. I am seriously thinking about contacting the police to press charges.

I have the same thing going on. They are threatening to throw me in jail if I dont pay some loan that I supposedly took out. I did start to do a loan and then didnt go through with it either. I know very stupid. They started this in April, and stopped for a bit, Ive changed my phone number on cell and home, they now call the HR dept where I work and are harrassing them , then they call the call center and call my number and leave me vm, this goes on all day long. BIG SCAM! They have all my information as well. NO one should have to go thru this. They are from another country very thick accents as well. They call from a 507 number, look it up and you will see it is a scam. Your not alone they are doing this to alot of people. The fbi fraud will not help you nor will anyone else.

hahaha…This is what I did..they call me at work and it made me mad..told me I had three lawsuits against me and that I owe 3000 dollars from loans that I got in 2011 haha.. I never did of course. Well I was scared at first but it sounded like a fraud. I am calling them every five minutes asking for more information so I can get a lawyer…and to fax all paperwork..and if it was a lawsuit someone needed to serve papers to me..they keep hanging up on me..everytime I call…lol. I am going to continue calling them and threaten them.

These indian guys keep calling me the same way as others. Telling me I owe them $1200 for a payday loan and that legal action will be taken. Really…no paperwork, just phone calls from some number out of state. I will be calling the FBI to report this scam.

So it started yesterday an Indian guy called me from 916-243-6987 and left a message saying I needed to call that number back as soon as possible and not to disregard the message and if I did the only thing he could do is wish me good luck as this case unfolds against me well yes I got scared like hell called the number back it kept ringing then beeped like a fax machine I was confused so he ended up calling back when I answered he ask if he was speaking with me then went on about how I took a pay day loan with cash advance America and never paid it back for 300 dollars I begin to tell him I did apply online for a few loans but when it kept rerouting me to different lenders I just gave up he said no no you did take a loan out or someone using your social but either way I had a lawsuit filed against me and that I was going to be arrested at my job and brought to court I kept on asking him what place of business he was calling from and kept being Rude saying they don’t care about my personal issues well at that point I called the sheriffs office and they awared me this was a scam and to get my computer clean and report the number and conversation to the FTC called ur local police department they will give you more info and don’t apply online for loans these guys ate using spyware to steal our identity

they called and told me i was approved for $1800 loan for 12 months $180 a month the lady needed my bank name routing number and account number which i did not give them told them i would call them back they keep calling even though i wont answer the numbers they called me were 421-781-8274, 975-906-5090, 347-430-5470, 206-307-1449, 877-252-6473,599-489-7425 unknown and blocked dont be stupid and send these towel heads your money its a scam never give your bank info and legit companys never call you and already have your info wake up people they say cause i was turned down for loan thats why they are approving me just answered the phone and told the foriegn ****er and he hung up on me imagine that if you have any questions look up company on internet

they called me too .,he accuse me that i defaulted pay day loan from us cash advance which i never owe any money from them. he treated me that im being sue and send a police if i dont pay $300 , so i told him to go to hell . so the y keep calling my work and harass our company, this scammers need s to be caugh as soon as possible. the scammers sound like india accent, and also they use too many fake phone #so cannot get hold of them ,he stated his name is mike brown with india accent.

I received the calls from 716-406-4977 and they threatened me as well. Said they were officers at the New York Police Department. They stated that I needed to pay that day by a certain time. Told me ALL of my personal information. I filed a complaint with the FTC and have contacted my state attorney general. I called them back and told them that I NOW have a case number and I have read information about them on the BBB website as well as the FTC and the practices are illegal. I encouraged them to call me now because I too want to talk to them!

Yes, this is an active scam. I have been receiving threatening phone calls from a middle easterner name of Frank Hudson from 877-246-4937 telling me that I owe a loan from US Cash Advance. I never heard of them. They have my name wrong. I know this is a scam and refused to verify any information that Frank Hudson wanted. Frank Hudson left another number of 877-724-6493

There call at my job say I own them 900. His name is Raymond Scott form USA cash advance. The number is 1877-246-4937′

No disrespct to anyone who may have fallen for this obvious scam, as I do feel bad for you and am very angry at these criminals, but. I can’t believe anyone would actually send these fools money or personal information! Come on, people, use your heads! I wouldn’t even fork this over in this manner to a legit debt collector who calls with all sorts of scary sounding (and ridiculous) threats, let alone an Indian or Pakistani scammer pretending to have some All-American name like Frank Hudson. It stinks from the very start, and just talking to them for a few seconds it becomes even clearer what is going on. If people would stop falling for this, then the scam would stop. But obviously it works or they wouldn’t waste so much time and effort on it for so long. And based on the comments here, they really succeed in getting in people’s heads. Don’t let them intimidate you! Don’t let them bully you! Either ignore them or just turn the tables right back on them…it’s easy, and kind of fun. I’m actually a little disappointed that the calls have stopped today and they aren’t taking my numerous return calls anymore, because I’ve been enjoying all the different ways there are to mess with them and harrass them right back. In a strange way, I even found it rather therapeutic. Even if you’re worried that they already have bits and pieces of your personal info (which I agree is really messed up and is the root of this problem), they must not have everything they need from you to truly rip you off, otherwise they wouldn’t bother calling you. They’d just steal your money or identity without you. But no, they are calling because they need you to make the scam work. Don’t let it happen! Please, for your sake and for the sake of all of us…don’t fall for this nonsense!

hay there I just got a phone call from these people saying that they have a legal action against me for many thing, I know its a fake cos I did some searching online about scam, these people are D.F.F and they phone number is 336-455-7512

I received 1 also (979) 705-5508 Freeport, TX. I mean come people we have the Internet do your research before giving out your information. I asked him for all his information where the law office is at etc. but he kept saying I must pay now I said ill call you back I need to speak with my family and get the money. And I have yet to receive a call

I am writing to about some law firm they claim to be one saying that i m charged with check fault and that the company cash advance deposit money into my account said they tried to take money out but couldn’t I asked him to mail me not email me prove they keep saying it in my email and i told him to prove it and he said it was 3 years ago. their address is 415 new york,ny phone is 1 614 707 1052 he say his name is Christopher paul as anyone else have this happen to them.