The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Scam

Does anybody really believe advocare is in it to help people? I sold their crappy cheap products for over 2 years and now realize the errors of my ways.

The “product” is just a bunch of buzz words used by advocare reps to confuse people into buying into the system that creates wealth for those at the top, and stress for those at the bottom.

You end up being guilt tripped into spending more than you make, so you are always trying to sell advocare products in their pyramid scheme to feed your habit!

I have made lots of money trying many cool things online lately, but advocare was a big mistake.

It’s like legal crack for the hopeless out there trying to better their lives.

Don’t fall for the same advocare jokes I did, read the complaints online and see this pyramid scam (scheme) for what it really is.

They claim the following:

In 24 minutes you will feel the difference!

In 24 hours you will know the difference!

In 24 days you will see the difference!

I say in 24 months you will know the scam…

Oh and if you want to say you have made millions on advocare great so what I know drug dealers who could say the same thing. Money is not a measure of success when it comes at the price of others health and hard work!

Honestly before I did any more selling of health products, I checked out some books on supplements first!


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By the tone and volume of the script-like replies to the complaint, it’s obvious that this thing is a pyramid scam and completely worthless. Lipstick on a pig, whited sepulchure, etc. Be careful with all that enthusiasm, you might get so high that you trip and fall. FDA not approved. Next thing, they’ll be saying, “Come on, you can do it, let’s go!”, Oh wait, I think that was Jenny Craig. At least you get meals out of that and don’t have to con your friends and family after realizing it is more difficult to con strangers. Any health ‘program’ where you can’t buy it in the store or get it from your MD is a scam.

If AdvoCare is a scam, how is it so successful? Someone that is serious about doing AdvoCare as a business, or any business for that matter, need not be so ignorant to believe that it doesn’t take hard work and dedication to be successful. The products are phenomenal with our without comparison to the business or success system. I couldn’t imagine why 12 highly esteemed Doctors would put their name on anything that could damage their reputation or credibility. Dr. Stanley Dudrick, for instance, invented the intravenous feeding tube that has saved lives of countless numbers of people, possibly even one of your own family members! The products have been a huge benefit to my family, friends, clients and myself. The BUSINESS has been nothing short of a blessing. If you did not make any money with AdvoCare in your time attempting to do so, then you must have had extremely poor judgement in who you chose to follow with your business guidance and you must not know how to Google. All of your tools are there for you to use and your lack of credible reasoning for this complaint shows in your simple-minded statement. There isn’t a millionaire out there who just woke up one morning and checked their bank account to find that their Money Fairy came and sprinkled 9 extra zeros onto the end of their $79 “investment” into Advocare. Furthermore, I find it quite embarrassing on your part that it took you TWO YEARS of your life to realize that AdvoCare as a business is not for you, as it clearly states, “The business may not be for everyone.” The products are for EVERYONE and they will continue to change lives with or without you.

Negative, ghostrider. I don’t have the time to go into all the ways your comment is ludicrous but it is completely obvious that you’re not familiar with AdvoCare in the slightest. The products speak for themselves and if you had ever tried any one of them, your comment would not exist. If an obese woman was outside of AdvoCare picketing the Training Center and when asked why she was doing so replied, “AdvoCare products didn’t work for me and they WON’T work for you!” …further investigation then led to finding that the woman solely at fast food, drank sodas and watched tv all day-everyday. Would you take her as a credible source in choosing NOT to purchase these products since they “obviously didn’t work for her?” I would hope not, but I wouldn’t put it past some people…

p.s. FDA approval doesn’t mean a thing. AdvoCare is a NUTRITION AND WELLNESS company. “FDA” stands for “Food & Drug Administration.” AdvoCare is not a pharmaceutical company or a food company. Go to Wal Mart and play “Find the products with or without FDA approval” and you might be quite surprised. Then compare “Product Recall” lists between AdvoCare and the FDA Approved items you hold to such a high standard.

When AdvoCare enters your life it is “life changing”. I had resigned from a thankless job bound and determined to be my own boss. I began my new company knowing financially this would be a strain on my family because success takes time. I was now an entrepreneur, mother of 3 and a wife. To say I was tired & stressed was an understatement. My husband, who is my biggest supporter, began working all the overtime he could to bring in extra money. We had been approached about AdvoCare a couple times but still we were hesitant, skeptical and to top it off money was tight and we just did not feel we could afford to “try” it. A friend handed us two SPARKS and that night my husband and I split one. An hour later we realized we were not ready to fall asleep at 7pm. This was HUGE for us and I admit I hid the 2nd SPARK so my husband would not take it to work the next day. We still questioned the safety of the products so my husband went to an AdvoCare mixer to learn more and came home saying he felt 100% confident that the products are safe. I ordered and started the 24-Day Challenge in hopes of losing the weight from my wlast 2 pregnancies. The most wonderful thing happened day 5 of my herbal cleanse. I had the energy of a 20 year old. I was so excited I started telling everyone I knew about AdvoCare and signed up to be a Distributor. We only signed up to get the 20% off the products but within 3 weeks we had made close to $2500! We immediately realized this could provide to us the income we needed while I was still working to build my other business. New into our AdvoCare business my husband fell on the ice and broke his back. His doctor shared the news with him and told him what he would need to do in order to heal. One of the Doctor’s suggestions was to find an AdvoCare Rep. My husband was happy to tell the doctor we were Advocare Reps. The doctor then said “Good you know the importance that Biotools will play in your recovery. You need to start them immediately.” Wow, that spoke volumes to us that now even our doctor was recommending AdvoCare to us. Advocare has given us our health, energy and now beginning to give us financial freedom! So when someone said to me “Now all you think about is I was a bad person.” I told them when a product makes you feel this good to the point your child tells you you’re happier and a nicer mom… that person was right it is all I think about! I want every person I know to feel this good and I want every mom to receive a compliment like that from their child. Advocare is the best decision we have made for our family!

Amen, sista! Sending *high fives* your way! I would say that this complaint shouldn’t even exist on this website…but then how would those looking for reasons to doubt AdvoCare ever find the truth!?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether for or against. I believe all pyramid businesses should be up front with the good information and the what happens when you don’t information. That way people can make a good decision at the beginning on whether or not Advocare would be the business for them. The rule in business has and will always be, the more time you put into it the more you will get out of it.Find a business that evokes your passion for it and you will be successful in it. Past Red Jacket/MK rep, loved every moment of it and still a MK product user.

It’s not successful! A handful of people at the top are successful. %99.7 people who distribute Advocare make less than $100 dollars a month. You “sheeple” should go out and get a job!

Advocare so far has not worked for me. I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The fiber drinks bloated me and caused adominal discomfort. The first three days of the probiotics gave me severe diarrhea. I have just finished day 12 (on the 14-day part now) and in 12 days, I have only lost two pounds. I should have lost two pounds because I am only eating the suggestions on the meal plan. I have stuck to the diet plan 99.9%. I have 12 days left, but thus far I am not impressed. The supplements during the 14-day part make me feel weird and I have agitation/tension from it. Just for what its worth….

Many people choose (like myself) to sign up as an Advocare distributor to recieve a discount on their own products. That does skew the “success” numbers some. But believe me, the Advocare products are great! I have lost 35 lbs in 2 months, and I feel great!

GW, you’re off about a few things. You might want to look up the definition of “pyramid scheme”. You’re liking this to something like the Bernie Madof ponzy scheme and it’s not similar at all! Pyramids take your money and don’t sell any real product. Pyramid schemes are illegal and immoral. AdvoCare is no different than other MLM’s like Mary Kay….Avon….etc. You pay money….get product that you want in return! Also, no nutritional product is “FDA approved”. The FDA ***regulates*** AdvoCare and all other nutritional substances, but they don’t “approve” supplements. They “approve” medication and perscriptions. Accordingly, no nutritional supplement can make claims that it will prevent, cure, treat any ailment. AdvoCare is legit. I’m not a Distributor, I work for the compny’s headquarters and know what I’m talking about. Just be careful about speaking about something you know nothing about.

We aren’t at the “top” but my husband and I earn over $3300 from our checks via AdvoCare alone. Accumulatively, we earn roughly $5000 a month. We are your average american couple that both have full time jobs and are extremely hard workers. We also have an 18 month old daughter who is by no means in short supply of love and attention from her hard-working, loving parents. :)

If you have IBS, you may not need to be doing the cleanse. Consult your healthcare physician about it, I’m no doctor, but fiber can upset a person’s stomach if they’ve already got bowel/intestinal/stomach issues. The first three days of the cleanse don’t contain the probiotics but your whole system could be out of wack if you have IBS and already upset the issue more with the fiber intake on the previous days of the cleanse. Which MNS Max pack are you taking??? If it is Max E or C then try Max 3. Max 3 has half the caffeine of the other two which is what could give you the “agitated/tense” issue. I take Max 3 2 weeks out of the month and Max E the rest of the time. Also, remember that the number on the scale may not change if you don’t have the extra lbs to lose for your body type but notice how your clothes are fitting. I gained 3 lbs of muscle on my first cleanse but my clothes fit completely different at the end of it all. THAT’S what matters. You’re not gonna walk around with the number from the scale on your forehead each day so noone will notice if you gained or lost 2 lbs. What they WILL notice, is the inches lost, difference in your shape, difference in your attitude(assuming you were given the right products for your own goals) and the rest will follow suite. Good luck to you and I hope that this helps you a bit!! :)

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the matter. But MY opinion is that those who weren’t successful in the business try to find out WHY they weren’t successful before posting complaints such as the initial one here. Not everyone involved in AdvoCare is absolutely fabulous but often times will give the impression of being such and therein lies the conflict. Every business will have those that do the bare minimum work and effort for a very short period of time and expect to make millions. Lets get real. It takes a lot to make any successful business work-AdvoCare is no exception. The information IS laid out for anyone and everyone to see on either side, good or bad, and anyone who says that it isnt obviously has never gone further than a complaint site like this one for their research. As a company, AdvoCare doesn’t believe in being lazy nor do they promote anything stating that their products or business opportunity will get you rich quick. This is not a pyramid “scheme” but rather a multi-level marketing company that has the medical scientific board and the professional, olympic and collegiate athletes, as well as, the “average american” people to back up the products. The products work and thats why the business also works for those who choose to take part in it.

What AdvoCare® products may be taken if someone has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)? Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a chronic inflammatory condition usually of unknown origin associated with impaired absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract. Impaired absorption of nutrients is a common characteristic and symptoms may include altered bowel habits, abdominal pain, gas and flatulence. The two main forms of IBD are Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. AdvoCare does not make medical claims regarding dietary supplements and does not treat medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider. A number of AdvoCare products may be taken by individuals with IBD which may help support and maintain normal gastrointestinal health and aid in overall general wellness. For excellent core nutrition, CorePlex® can be used.* One CorePlex tablet may be taken with each meal or CorePlex® Chewable tablets may be used since the tablets are chewed and can be readily absorbed. Several products which help maintain and improve the health of the gastrointestinal tract include ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra, Digest-Ease™, OmegaPlex®, AdvoCare BioTools™ and Amplify A.T.* Meal Replacement Shakes provide excellent nutrition, are gentle on the stomach and are readily absorbed.* Another product which is very helpful for overall health is Calcium Plus.* This product provides a bioavailable source of essential minerals and vitamins. For added energy, AdvoCare® Oasis™ is an excellent product that may also help with stress management and supports the immune system.* V16® Energy Drink may also be appropriate. In general, individuals with IBD may be counseled to avoid foods and supplements that are spicy, acidic, stimulating, neuroactive, or irritating. Foods and beverages that may be in this category include chocolate, coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages, milk products, and fatty and fried foods. AdvoCare products which might be avoided include AdvoCare Spark®, AdvoCare Slam®, AdvoCare Slim®, Herbal Cleanse and the MNS® Systems. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Advocare has been wonderful for me. I started with Spark then O2 Gold next the 24 day challenge. I lost 10 lbs and a total of 5 1/2 inches in 20 days. I moved from a tight 16 into …now a loose 14. I feel so much better that I’m excercising in some form 5 days a week. I’m thankful I found Advocare.

It’s absolutely pathetic these people rely on “spark” for energy, and they need the 24 day challenge to lose weight. It’s so sad really, the only REAL way to good health is nutrition, rest, excersize and a strong mental attitude. You can find the equivalent or better of any one of these ripoff products at any vitamin store or GNC. Better yet, you can find vitamins, and any energy supplement or weight lifting supplement from online wholesalers for a fraction of the cost. I am currently taking Scivation XTEND BCAA’s, I can get a 90 day supply of the stuff for 30-40 dollars online wholesale, a 90 day equivalent product from advocare (BIOCHARGE?BIOTUNE) will cost you 210.00 RETAIL. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHO DO YOU GUYS THINK YOU ARE FOOLING? The fact that you are making money off the foolishness of others is pathetic! I have agroup of friends that have been trying to get me into selling this crap for over a year, it’s sad they are about to lose friends because they pressure their own family and friends into buying this stuff. Even with your upper tier 40% discount I can STILL find product for less money and endorsed by body builders! Not that endoresemtns even mean a damn thing, pay any athlete enough money and they will endorse your crappy product. Drew Brees is not the saint you guys make him out to be. Spark? It’s like you guys live off that stuff, I had one… And guess what? There is thousands of equivalent products out there!!

I know someone that did the same thing.. They did it with a strong diet, determination, and excersize… When will americans wake up, there is NO MAGIC PILL that can give you the body, mind or spirit you seek.

Priobiotic restore is a lousy product, there is a woman who is looking to sue Advocare after using that product for 1 year. It turned a 32 year old womans colan into that of a 80 year old woman. She has many complications now, that product that claims to be safe hospitalized her with severe stomach pains. There is a full report with pictures of the colonoscopy online. Stay away from Probiotic!! Eat yogurt and plenty of fruits and grains instead, maintain a healthy volume of fiber in your diet and you wont need to throw money down the toilet on magic pills that send you to the hospital.

Spending 210 dollars on a product you can get for 35-40 elsewhere makes sense doesn’t it! Advocare is overpriced garbage.

Definitely a MLM quazi-pyramid scheme, a more legal version of it. The pressure these people put on thier own friends and family to buy these products is enough to stay away from them. Look up the advocare terminations, as soon as you make too much money these people cut you out and take the money for themselves!! Lastly, all teh guys at the gym I talk to laugh about Advocare’s crappy overpriced products. Advocare is often refered to as the noobies supplements!

I eat a well rounded nutritious diet full of clean proteins and clean carbs, good fats. I get plenty of rest and do a highly demanding workout 5 days a week. I have more energy from that alone than a pack of kool-aid with vitamins in it could ever give me.

Probably becasue you sound like a brainwashed advocare nut.

Because the product is garbage, and it’s hard to listen to brainwashed Advonuts.

Overpriced supplements that you can already buy wholesale online for a fraction of the cost? How does it feel selling overpriced stuff toy our loved ones? Does it make you feel good when you pressure them inot buying it? Or when you make them feel like bad people for not trying it, how does that feel?

Buy the same products at for significantly cheaper. Example, look at advocares overpriced BCAAs. One could by double the amount for a fraction of the cost.

I often go looking for criticisms and complaints about AdvoCare so that I can have answers for my customers and team members. I have yet to see anything critical here (or elsewhere) from someone truly educated about the products or the business. AdvoCare is respected and successful, and negative rants such as the ones here only serve to bolster my resolve and inspire me to educate those around me. I’m sorry that J-Man and others had such negative experiences; perhaps they just didn’t get connected to the right people.

Karen, I have read many of these posts and was interested in possibly doing Advocare. I was approached by a friend that I do Crossfit with. She says she makes a few hundred dollars extra a month but she wants to break out and make it on Advocare as a primary source of income. She gave us the schpiel and she told us she has her whole family on it and she just back from a huge conference in Dallas and was all pumped about going bigger with Advocare, Naturally I wanted to check it out before I take it or sell it. I am very knowledgeable about supplements, meaning I have a background in Nutrition, and I’m not just a guy that looks at the nutrition label and simply knows how to decipher all the info on it. After looking at their product information I believe J-man is SPOT on. Bullseye. I can get Optimum Nutrition BCAA for 40% off as well as their protein. I only use ON’s BCAA’s though. I use Dymatize and BSN for protein. This is not saying that their products are bad, and J-man would agree, they are just way too overpriced and you can actually find more effective and cheaper supplementation elsewhere. It ISN’T that their products aren’t going to help aid in a healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen, they will. But you’re going to spend a lot more money and it isn’t necessarily going to be the best. If I am going to spend 250% more money for a product it better dang well be THE best on the market! That leads to another thing. These products ARE known as Noob supplements. Newbies usually don’t do their homework on products or know what exactly to look for. They have a friend who sells Advocare and they tell them that a lot of protein powders on the market have heavy metals and unknowns in them but Advocare is magically different than all the others. You can trust a friend, right? Then the Newbie buys Advocare products and go in one of two directions. They say, “This healthy lifestyle thing is way to expensive for me.” and just give up and bash Advocare because they don’t like spending the money on products they previously didn’t. They may be dejected because they thought if they spent all that money they should look and feel a lot better than they do. Another way, if they decide to continue with the healthy lifestyle they search out products that are cheaper and, at least, as effective if not more!
My aunt tried to sell Spark to my Mom. My mom is NOT a work out type. Her exercise is checking the mail. It’s like selling a protein powder to a cattle farmer. No sense in it. Yet, the Advocare associate cn not go into a gym and sell their product to knowledgeable people because knowledgeable will laugh because it’s so expensive and no better than what these enthusiasts are already using. It is sad that so many advocare associates do sell to friends and family. If the product was as effective, affordable, and trusted as much as it is don’t you think it would have to be pedaled? I mean, N-O Explode sells itself. Muscle Milk sells itself. Jack3D sells itself. The only time I’ve ever heard of Advocare is when family or friends have tried to sell it to me. I tell them I already use certain products, I like what I pay for my products. All of a sudden, my choice of products are dangerous and loaded with heavy metals and don’t work. It’s BS. Bash the competitor, market to people you know, target novices. That’s the Advocare game. Advocare products are healthy, good, products but they are extremely pricey. That’s my beef. Now I need someone from Advocare to come prove me wrong in that their product ISN’T more expensive. Tell my why paying 250% more for your BCAA’s is better than buying Optimum Nutrition’s. That goes for any variety of supps out there. I don’t want the general Advocar response on how, “Advocare makes me FEEL GREAT!!!!!”. I want a clear response to why I should by this overpriced product that ISN’T any better than the status quo.

I agree with what John is saying. I can justify spending more if the results are more than what I am getting now. If there is no gain to the end user to spend however many percent more on a product that is hyped up and overpriced but doesn’t have the quality to back the claims. I would really ? the ingredient that makes the SPARK so ‘effective’ or fast working that you can take 1 pill and not sleep. I take some products that feed the cells and it takes at least 4 or 5 days to see the results. The energy is not a ‘high’ and then a ‘low’. Just like enough to fuel a steady burning flame. Most of these ‘vitamin’ companies have ingredients that are more harmful than what Wal Mart has on the shelf. They are now putting Advocare on racecars. I wonder who is paying for this??? Yes, sure the company is but who is lining their pockets??? The little guys and noobies!! When you make a buck off of someone else by fooling them isn’t good business practice and sooner or later they will catch on!!

Awesome story. We had about the same thing with Advocare. Loved the products but told our friend “no way I am not a sales person” lol. My husband lost his “great” job and we just jumped in. Now do you know how often i hear people say I am not a sales person. It is never about selling, its about the friends you make and teams you build with them. I love everything about Advocare!

First of all if you know anything about Probiotics it can not do you harm. Second they are wonderful. My husband husband has had IBS since before I met him. I never really knew what that meant. However when he took the Probiotic Restore he said something that was life changing to him and was shocking that it meant so much to someone to me. He said for the last week he had normal stool and not diarhea. That was almost a year ago!

How can you say they are making only $100 a month? I’ve made over 1,800 this month and will gladly show you the pay stub.

Your a complete moron.

Karen, You are correct. My family and I have been using Advocare for nearly 2 years. We have sold about $130,000 in products. Of that we had ONE person ask to return their order because of a medical condition she did not disclose. I refunded her money in full immediately. I do NOT pressure my friends and family. What I found works best is don’t try to sell them on anything. Let they watch the change in me and my family. They will ask what you did to lose weight, and what are you doing because you are looking so healthy and happy. The products sell themselves you do not have to pressure ANYONE. If you try you will fail. I am 5’9″ and went from 195lbs to 180lbs in 30 days. Feel great and am healthy. We average $1200/ month working Advocare part time. This is enough for my wife to remain a stay at home mom for our 2 children after I took a $1300/mo paycut from my employer. My Advocare plan “B”. As people keep blogging that Advocare is a Pyramid, here is a repost from Caroline, “GW, you’re off about a few things. You might want to look up the definition of “pyramid scheme”. You’re liking this to something like the Bernie Madof ponzy scheme and it’s not similar at all! Pyramids take your money and don’t sell any real product. Pyramid schemes are illegal and immoral. AdvoCare is no different than other MLM’s like Mary Kay….Avon….etc. You pay money….get product that you want in return! Also, no nutritional product is “FDA approved”. The FDA ***regulates*** AdvoCare and all other nutritional substances, but they don’t “approve” supplements. They “approve” medication and perscriptions. Accordingly, no nutritional supplement can make claims that it will prevent, cure, treat any ailment. AdvoCare is legit. I’m not a Distributor, I work for the compny’s headquarters and know what I’m talking about. Just be careful about speaking about something you know nothing about.” Here is a cartoon for those that still don’t understand. JOHN advocare is amazing. Listen to her, do your research, follow the business plan and listen to your uplines and team leaders. You will have a team to help you achieve you goals. It is work but the rewards of helping others and financual freedom is worth it.

J-Man: how does your car run when you put oil in the gas tank??? Advocare Biotools and Scivation XTEND BCAA’s are completely different and have different purposes. So saying that Advocare and Biotools is “crap” is like saying the oil you just put in your gas tank is crap because your car runs like crap. Yes, you are correct you can buy other products cheaper online but you do not get the high quality of Advocare. Advocare uses Informed Choice to certify the products because Informed Choice is the highest supplement certification on the planet. It passes EVERY professional sport to include the US Olympics, and the World Anti-Doping Agreement (WADA). J-Man because you are so smart… Why don’t NFL players endorse GNC? Because they can’t, they are barred by the NFL from endorsing any GNC product. Oh Advocare is in EVERY NFL locker room by the way and we don’t pay people to put it there.

Mary, if you can watch the Dr. OZ show he did a couple weeks ago on supplements, it will help you. Advocare was the only Probiotic and one of 2 Omega-3’s supplements recommended of the 24 tested. The results are on The products are definitely worth the money. They have completely changed my life as well as my family. I have shared our product results in previous posts on this site. SPARK is amazing. It is a drink that energizes you and provides enhanced mental focus. It does not give you the getters, shakes, or a crash on the backside like normal energy drinks do. What makes it so great are the doctors with over 270 years of experience in nutritional research and product development. You can look-up Advocare’s Science Medical board on Google or YouTube for more information. Advocare and NASCAR: In Advocare’s 18 year history they have not done any large scale advertising like NASCAR. Just about every large company does advertising. In the past, and we continue to be, the title sponsor for the college Independence Bowl. Who is lining their pockets … the individual distributors not the company. 60% of all money goes back to the distributers. Those are people who spent the $79 to build a better life for themselves and their family. My $79 investment has allowed my wife to be a stay at home mom with my 2 children. Yes Advocare is worth it for the product results and the income, if you choose. Product returns: several people have blogged complains about issues when returning products i.e. not getting money refunded etc. This is from the Advocare Policy and Procedure’s, “Retail Customer Refunds and Product Returns: A retail customer is entitled to a refund on his or her most recent purchase. You (distributor) must refund a retail customers’ money immediately if asked to do so. Failure to do so results in the suspension or termination of your (the distributors) Distributorship, at the sole discretion of Advocare….” there is more to the policy but it pertains to responsibilities of the distributer not the customer. The items placed in brackets were for clarification purposes only as this was written for distributors. A customer can also call Advocare customer service for product return guidance. If you are a Wholesale customer or a Distributer the return policy is a little different. They need to speak to their up-line or Advocare customer service. In our nearly 2 years as a distributor selling about $130,000 in products, I have had one person return their purchase. I refunded them immediately. No questions asked. I hope this helped.

J-Man you are right in the fact there is no magic pill. Quality nutrition supplements are part of a balance with healthy eating, rest, and exercise.

Joe, were did you get your stats. I have NEVER seen any stats that differentiates distributers that are trying to make money thus earning less than $100 and those distributors that became distributors solely for the discount and have never tried to sell anything. What is your sourse?

Bah… stupid html never works for me. Well, at least the link goes to the right page — small victories.

If AdvoCare is such a scam then how did my cousin just lose 42 pounds in 2 months using it? I was just as skeptical until I actually saw the results myself. I just started my 24 day challenge today and I can tell you that the Spark is what has kept me going all day. I love AdvoCare and would suggest anyone that is not a believer attend a seminar and I promise you will change your mind!!

So I understand that you believe selling it is a scam, but do you believe that the products actually work and help people lose weight during the 24-day challenge?

I am currently on the 24day challenge and the products make me feel jittery, very anxious, nervous, irritable… I also have stomach pain, when I try to talk to someone all they say is buy something else. I dont want to buy another product when the advocare products I am taking make me feel this way.

Hi…. I am a spark junky!!!! I started Advocare’s Commit 2 Fit program almost 7 weeks ago… I am not an advisor or distributor, just a consumer… Our next weigh in is Thursday February 24th and I am hoping to hit the 30 pounds lost mark that day.. As of this past Thursday I had lost 24.6 pounds and almost 10 inches total. Could I have done it without Advocare?? Maybe, but it sure helped alot… The Commit 2 Fit meetings are awesome….It gives you people who share weight struggles with you… I don’t take a ton of products either.. I drink Pink Lemonade Spark in the morning and afternoon.. I take Catalyst and sometimes Thermoplus.. Those 3 products are very affordable.. Advocare may not be for everyone, but it definitely is for me!!!!!

dissapointed, you should never feel jittery.. however if you have IBS some of the products will not be good for you. Sit down and talk to the person you got it from and if they cant get you answers you should ask them to talk to the person above them. I love advocare once you get it right it will be great.

GW – you’re right. Nuff said.

Name ONE vitamin supplement or weight gain/loss product that is FDA approved????? just one……anytime u go in GNC , walgreens etc, you will see hundreds of product with similar ingredients as advocare yet those are legit?…advocare offers competitive priced products in comparison to other health store prices.. also by joining advocare u get at minimum 20% off these products up to 40%….you should maybe get your facts straight before puking crap….

I have tried Advocare Spark and all it does is make me tired. I can drink one package and about an hour later can fall asleep? Why?

I am selling advocare and looking to build a team. Whoever wrote this post really do not know what they are talking about or did not take the business building classes. If anyone on here in looking to become a distributor and hard working with an attitude to make a change, i would love for yall to join my team. Feel good and your bank account will love you for it.

You should research before you speak.

you go girl! i started it because im a 28 yr old mother of two active boys and a very active husband, i found out at 22 i have a back of a 50yr (to put it short), well im 28 now and they say my back has gone from a 50 to 65-70yr old im on a ton of meds just to sleep and be the old me happy go lucky everything, well when i was told i have to stop riding my quad and doing the things i love (i have never used my back as an excuse to not do anything i love) and have back surgery i forbid it i wont have surgery on my back, two disc replacements and a spinal fusion at 28?! right i know horrible so i started the 24day challenge lost 15lb and 11.5 inches all over ppl are amazed and so am i its a great feeling, im actually not getting surgery the pain is subsiding as i loose more weight, so its slowing the degenerative disc disease down i will always have pain i have till im 45 to get the surgery or when i cant feel my legs anymore and im getting off my medication i didnt start advocare to become rich i started it to help me jump start a happier healthier life, everyone has seen a massive change in my attittude, how i look, and so on. everyone knows it takes alot of work to make money off of anything and no its not “fda approved” so stop buying GNC’s products and bash them because their suppliments have been banned from professional sports! now thats a fact! theres always gonna be haters out there on any product, any company and something, someone always has a issue with something and you cant change their opinions all you can do is know us ADVONUTS as people call us we will be happy healthy and finacially free while the haters sit back and keep stuffing their faces with chips, pop, watching youtube videos because they dont have the motivation and the drive, or they just dont have the right advocare distributor in their area that shows the true advocare products and helps them and isnt just pushing pushing pushing, my sponsors are amazing they dont push, they lead me in the right direction and so many more things so i know im replying to the haters but we know the truth about advocare and i know its offensive and frustraiting people who knock it before they try it but we cant let them bring us down. to be honest my mom was the same way at first she is V.P. of a company and she said it was a pyrimid scheme but because i didnt want to go alone to the meeting and i have a very supportive mother she came with me she was too doubtfull but because i wanted to try it she did it with me and guess what after 3 months she is still taking advocare she even took it with her on her business trip to china so that says something but let them be haters we know the real truth and its not because we are trying to make money its because we believe in the product and know it works!! thank you