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Turkish Airlines www.turkishairlines.com is the flag carrier for an international airlines headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. With a fleet of 300 there are over 18,000 employees. Revenues in 2014 were reported as over TL (Turkish Lira) 24 billion.

If you have a problem, call the customer service number which is 1-800-874-8874. The Twitter Help Desk is a preferred point to receive assistance. To contact the CEO, Temel Kotil with postal correspondence, you may address you letter to him at the US Turkish Airlines Office, NBC Tower, 25th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60611. The United States office phone number is 312-595-0849.

State Airlines Administration of Turkey was formed in 1933. In 1956 incorporation and branding Turkish Airlines took place. Corporate slogan is ‘Widen Your World’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

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I don't like the way Turkish staff from Zanzibar handle telephone , she was shouting at me as if am small kids, and i was just try confirm one of the service! an travelling the 1st of sept! The staff name is sultan. am so disappointed with her service am sure is not going t happen again to some one else,


Turkish Airlines
Sn. Mudur,
Sizlere ne kadar tesekkur etsem azdir. Bunu cok samimi olarak yaziyorum.
Bunun nedenini asagida size anlatacagim. Biraz uzunca olabilir. Ve ayrica bazi elemanlarinizin ne kadar tecrubesiz ve yeteneksiz olduklarindan bahsedecegim icin, eger bilmek, duymak istemiyorsunuz lufen simdiden “delete” dugmesine basarak bu mesaji silin.
Ben Kanada 46 yildir yasayan yasi 80 e yaklasmis emekli bir muhendisim.
Ben ve esim son 20 yildir senede iki defa Turkiye’ye gideriz. Kanada’dan seferleriniz baslayana kadar cesitli hava yollarini kullandik. Fakat sonra hep THY ni tercih ettik, destekledik.
13 Haziran gunu seyahat planimizi yapmaga basladik ve bassehir Ottawa’dan Antalya icin yani (YOW-AYT-YOW) olarak Internette gidis 28 eylul ve donus de 28 subat olarak arama yaptim.
Uygun ucuslari isaretledim. En son maliyet cikti. (Asagida kopyasi var) $3955.72 Kanada dolari. Biz devamli gittigimiz icin simdiye kadar hic bu kadar para odememistik. Baska sirketlere de baktim, Swiss air Lufthansa gibi 200-300 dolar kadar ucuza oldugunu gordum. Ancak son zamanlardaki Turk hukumetin paraya olan ihtiyacini dusunerek bizimde katkimiz olsun diye o bileti almaga karar verdik.
Isin enterasan tarafi simdi basliyor:
Ertesi sabah 14 haziranda tekrar Internete girerek kartimida hazilayarak ayni gun ve saatteki ucaklari aradim. Karsima bu defa 4600 dolar cikmazmi? Hemen sizin ofislerinizi aramaga basladim. 800 lu hattan “Ingilizce” secenegi ile bir yere baglandim. (Ingilizce istememim nedeni Turkceye nazaran daha cabuk baglanti olabiliyor)
Karsima Ingilizcesi bayagi zayif bir bayan cikti. Durumu Ingilizce olarak anlattim ve “bir gun sonra 550 dolar kadar bir artis nasil olabilir?” dedim. Bana “sir, yine Internetden alin daha ucuz olur” demesinmi? Soyledigimi hic anlayamamisti.
Onun uzerine Toronto veya Montreal THY ofisin numaralarini istedim. Bulamadi, siz en iyisi e-mail yollayin dedi.
Ben Internetten epeyce bir arama ile hem Toronto ve hemde Montreal’in fax ve tel. numaralarini buldum. Onlari aradim. Bu defa lisan olarak Turkceyi sectim. Her iki ofisde beni uzun muddet hatta tutarak (ki bana her ikside sehirler arasi tarifinde oluyor) bir muddet sonra tik diye hat kapandi. Digerinde de ayni seyi yasadim. Tekrar sizin “call centre”I 800 lu hatla aradim. Ayni hikayeyi anlattim. Bana 5200 Kanada dolari fiyat cikarttilar. Bunun uzerine baska firmalardan ucak bulmak zorunda kaldigimi anladim. Ve Kanada-Avrupa arasina gidis donus bilet buldum. Bir kac sene Avrupa’ya gitmemistik. 3 gunlukde tatil planladik. Ve oradan da Antalya biletlerimizi ayarladik. Netice itibariyle (belki bilmek istersiniz diye) sizin sayenizde 3 gunluk Avrupa tatili, otel vs. masraflari butun ucak paralari dahil yine cebimizde 500 dolar kadar para da kalacak. Size tekrar tesekkurler,
T. KARSLI, Ottawa


There were 4 major letdowns on this flight experience

*An unknown to the passengers situation caused our outbound flight Miami-Istanbul June 26th, 2018 to have to go back after well over an hour of flight plus a stop over in the runway, causing a total delay of at least 5 extra hours in the plane.

*My connection to Athens was lost and all the travelers with connections had to try to find our way to the help counter where I was going to be issued a new ticket. This was an enormous ordeal because no one seemed to know where to send us. I was sent upstairs, downstairs , to innumerable desks and running in circles due to the fact that employees were curt, insensitive, and ineffective. I found myself fluctuating from panic, outburst of tears to begging for information and help like a child who lost her mother in a crowd.

*When I was re-booked, I still have to spent the night at the Ataturk Airport, the first flight was also delayed, for a total of about 6 more hours delay, causing me to loose the reservation of a one night hotel in Athens before my final destination Istanbul-N.Cyprus. All together I spent near 11 hours plus a complete night in airports just to get to N. Cyprus. I was on the border of collapse without being able to rest for so long. I found myself having heart palpitations and dizziness spells a few times.

All my flights were booked with Turkish Airlines.

*For the return flight I arrived in Istanbul on time, and I was at the gate at least one hour before the flight. After 10 minutes of not seeing any activity I decided to go to the service counter which again was hard to find due to lack of clear information, miss-information from the employees and the large size of the Airport. By the time I got to the end of the line to be assigned a new gate and try to make it to the departure line, the gate was already closed. And I went back to the counter to be assigned a new flight I encountered the unpleasant surprise that "You have to pay for a new flight". I was charged $280.97 after I was told it was going to be $190.00 , I did pay reluctanly, out of lack of alternatives. Missing the original flight also meant loosing my hotel reservation again in Athens, and spending around 5 extra hours at the Ataturk Airport.

As a result of these failures, I incurred expenses for two missing hotel reservations back and forth, and the 15+ extra hours I spent at airports. Also the risk to my health related to an unnecessary stressful situation. I value these inconveniences at more than $800 US .

I would appreciate if your company would compensate for my loss with a $1000 voucher or check, so that I can give Turkish Airlines the chance to provide a better experience next time I fly.

I must acknowledge the good experience I had inside the plane, where the comfort of the planes and the crew service made it as pleasant as possible.

Also special thanks to an employee whose name I lost, if I am not mistaken it was Moses, who worked at the Ataturk Airport , customer service desk Turkish Airlines on July 10th around 7 or 8 pm. He really tried to help me but he didn't have enough authority to make those kind of decicions. As other well-intended employees.


Paid for first class tickets for two and was told could not use lounge when arrived at Istanbul. This was a connecting flight but had flown for US. They were very rude about it as well.


I have been trying to deal with a lost bag, customer contact center and compensation center for approximately 60 days now regarding a lost bag and I am no closer to any compensation or any responses that resemble any help. I am consistently told all they can do is log another complaint and there are no management personnel or managers who can help. I find this to be shocking for an organization as large as Turkish airlines. Why is it taking 60 days for anybody to seem to be able to help or even ensure I am on the right process for compensation for the lost baggage, its contents and the necessities I purchased while the bag was lost. It just seems all my complaints, phone calls and email messages are going unanswered and not addressed. The customer care is the poorest service I have encountered in my entire life...very sad....


My Turkish Airlines complaint is about wrong information. When I booked my flight sometime in March 2015, I was advised by a Turkish Airline Staff that I will pay $80.00 for any extra luggage of 50lbs. In Oct. 2015, when I called Turkish Airline to complete my travel plans, I was advised by a staff that any extra luggage of 50lbs will cost me $250. This has completely derailed my travel plans because taking 4 extra luggage will cost me $1000 far higher than other airlines charge and almost the cost of the ticket. I have contacted you already several times and all I get is my complaint is not located. my last Reference # is 947543. Please Turkish Airlines, can you expedite your decision because my travel plans depend on you decision. My departure date is Nov. 6th 9:15 from O'Hare.


I am completely disappointed with Turkish Airlines flight politics. What i encountered with THY was that i had not been allowed to get in the plane because of being late for departure. But, this was definitely an unfair blame they put on me. Because when I arrived to the entrance of the plane there was more than 15 min. (Turkish Airlines customer service policies allow passenger to get in the plane until last 15 min). Although I had still chance to get in the plane, I had not. just because an irresponsible cabin clerk who had left the entrance where she was supposed to wait until last 15min) so that, i had to purchase a new ticket cost $100 and in this 11:05 flight the passengers was allowed to get in until the last minutes around 11:00. which indicates that they could not yet standardize their flight policies. This is sufficient to victimize customers.


I write this letter as I am extremely with disappointed with your services on cancelled flight TK53 29th March 2015. As a gold member of star alliance I would expect some better communication and details of the flight cancellation and my alternatives. After picking up the delayed flight information from mytrip.com, on departure day I noticed that my flight was departure delayed 3 hours from Narita, knowing that Narita has an 11 pm curfew with and new scheduled departure time of 01:40 on the 30th March, I was not sure how this was possible. I called the Turkish Narita office for advice, late morning on 29th, they didn’t have any clear indication of the new schedule departure time, but took my email address & stated they will be in contact by 4-5 pm. After no contact by 5 pm I called the office again as I would have to begin my journey to Narita shortly (2 hours from down town Tokyo), the airline office Japanese gentlemen but not the station manager advised that they flight had now been cancelled. I could either fly on the morning flight 10 am or the same time the next day 10:30 pm.

I’ve booked comfort class so that I can get some rest before arriving back in Cairo ready for work Monday morning. Morning departures on the A330 have no comfort class, so this for me was not an option, as I’m down grading, still losing one day travel, the Japanese officer said “ I may be able to apply for a refund with the change I class” but he couldn't do this from Tokyo and it may take weeks to re-coupe this. So I asked about an up-grade to business on the morning flight, I was flat out told this was not an option and that Business class customer are more important than any others and that all business class seats where full. I was also told that “Revenue was more important than customer satisfaction”. I tell the agent that I’m gold star alliance member with Thai NF28286, but that wasn’t any use as apparently I’m not old with Turkish Miles & smiles.

This conversation was going no where so I asked about an upgrade on the flight TK 53 30th March, I was flat out told that business class was “Full” a complete and utter lie, of-course I checked when I was onboard on the 30th. The issues I would like to see addressed.

• I was not offered any compensation for the cancelled flight a minimum of 12 hours.
• I was not told how to settle my additional nights’ accommodation and meals, telephone call to my office in Cairo.
• Told that I was not a valued star alliance Gold member as it was not earnt with Turkish airlines but with Thai.
• I was lied to that business class was full and was given no option other to down grade to economy class and hope that my request for re-reimbursement would be approved, while still missing one full day of work, whether or not I took the morning or evening flight on the 30th March.

I would appreciated a response & how this will case will be rectified to a satisfactory outcome for myself. In the past 12 months I have completed 2 business class return trips, 1 comfort class & 1 economy return Narita – Cairo with Turkish, with 1-2 trips to follow this summer. It is not like I have never traveled with your airline and no what to expect, I too am involved in the hospitality industry as a senior executive for a global hotel group.

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