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On 10 October 2017 I received a letter in the mail from Hyundai Motor Finance regarding unpaid tolls from March 2017 through September 2017. After reviewing the letter and the documents attached—Pay-By-Plate MA Invoice—I noticed that I was being charged late fees ($27.80) because the bill hadn’t been paid on time. This was slightly confusing so I called the customer service department (10/11/07) to inquire. I was told by 2 of your representatives—yes, I called twice—that when a vehicle is leased, toll bills are sent to Hyundai Lease Titling Trust because the vehicle is registered to Hyundai and not the customer. Further, both reps confirmed that Hyundai Finance pays the bill then mails an invoice to the customer. When I explained that Hyundai Finance never paid the bill and therefore was charged late fees, which I was also being charged for, both reps said I must dispute this with Hyundai Motor Finance—completely unacceptable. I found this hard to believe considering the late charges where not of my doing so I sought clarification to ensure I was understanding them correctly; I was. The reps confirmed the following:
1) Hyundai Motor Finance did not pay the bill on time.
2) It’s my responsibility to prove Hyundai didn’t pay a bill that was directly addressed and mailed to Hyundai.
3) I have to prove numerous bills were sent to Hyundai—one rep said stated the most recent bill was the first and only one Hyundai Motor Finance received so it’s not ‘our’ fault.
NOTE: Given I have some sort of intelligence I went onto the Pay-By-Plate MA website and was able to see all the bills that were mailed to Hyundai Lease Titling Trust; there were 5.
Finally, I asked if I could speak to a manger or someone who worked above the rep and she said there was no one, which the dealership told me is untrue.

My problem is your reps did nothing to validate my frustrations and actually said, well it's not our fault. I also didn't appreciate their lack off willingness to be helpful or the their tone. It was very obvious from their responses they would rather push the customer off into someone else lane rather than actually provide customer service. I ended up calling the Finance Department directly (10/13/17) and spoke to a wonderful man named Ed, who was more than happy to assist me. He went to his supervisor who instructed him to have this issue reviewed by another department within Hyundai. Further, he assured me that Hyundai would not charge me late fees for something I had no control over. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or that it was my fault or told me I would have to prove Hyundai didn't pay bills that were sent directly to Hyundai. Instead, he took the responsibility off me and placed it where it should be. Thanks Ed!


My husband and I bought a 2014 Sonata in January of 2017 with 37,000 miles. After 2-3 months, I started having problems with the gasoline fuel door not opening when I pushed on the fuel button. The emergency lever inside the trunk did not work well either. I took it in to our local Hyundai Service Dept. They adjusted the activator and it seemed to be working fine. Two months later, it started giving me the same issue. I was actually traveling by myself and was quite aggravated that I had to pop the trunk, pull on the emergency lever several times to get it to open. I took it back in for service. They replaced the activator. Said they tried it at least 15 times and it worked perfectly. Two months later, again, I am traveling by myself and the gas door would not open without getting in the trunk. For the 3rd time I took it back for service. Of course, for them, it worked fine but they said the activator was not seated well so they adjusted the activator & it seem to be just fine. Less than 3 weeks later, it is not opening for me and once again, I am traveling by myself. FOR THE FOURTH TIME, we took the car back to service and of course, for them, it works perfectly fine. After 3 hours of checking it out, they can not find a problem. They said it is Hyundai's policy that if they don't see the issue happening, then they can not install new parts. In other words, if it doesn't happen there, THEN IT IS NOT HAPPENING TO ME? At this point, I am so very frustrated with this entire process. Not only is it inconvenient for me to continue taking the car in for service but it makes me very nervous traveling alone. The Sonata is a very nice car and I should not have to "pop" the trunk to fill up my car! I am beginning to get very discouraged and thinking about trading my car in for a different vehicle altogether.


I bought a new Genesis on Monday (9-4-2017) afternoon, I drove it home. The next day (Tuesday 9-5-2017) the engine light can on and the car locked in park, I called the dealer (SPRADLEY of PUEBLO, Colorado) I was told by service manager, Andie, to call road side assistance. So, I called about two hours latter a truck came picked up the car. I was not even offered a loaner or another vehicle to drive while my car was being worked on by the dealership, especially since I just bought it. The next day (Wednesday 9-6-2017) about 11 A.M. I called the dealer left a message, about 1 P.M. the service manager called me and stated they have not had time to look at my car, that he was working on a motor and a starter on some other car, and then stated he MIGHT get to my car this afternoon. At about 5:15 I called back to see what was going on, I was told he has not had a chance to get to my car, as he was concerned about the motor and the starter job. Hopefully he MIGHT get time to look at my car tomorrow (Thursday 9-7-2017). No one has asked if I needed anything, as of yet, then I called the sales person Bret, (THE OWNERS SON), he called his mother (the owner Ms. SPRADLEY), she called me at about 5:45 P.M. stated she would get someone on it in the morning, and she also told me that this person, Andie, that I had been speaking with was not the service manager. Not only does no one care, but they have miss represented their job title. This car only has 183 miles on it. I don't feel that this dealership has their customers in mind that all they care about is selling their cars and they don't care after it is sold. At this point, I feel that the dealer or Hyundai should buy the car back. I'm defiantly not happy, I'd like some one from the complaint office to call me, my number is 719-252-9933.
Robert J. Reynolds


On August 11, 2017, we bought what should have been a dream-come-true turned into nightmare 2017 Hyundai H100 CASH to be used as vehicle for our non-profit organization's outreach and feeding programs to the poor. We bought it at Hyundai Dasmarinas Cavite Branch (CTM Ventures and Equity Group Inc, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines, Office number: (046) 424-2114). The agents gave us a so-called brand new H100 that rains inside when it rains heavily because it has 8 holes on the side of the window (manufacturing defect). The agents were very attentive when we were buying but concealed important facts about Hyundai. Only after we paid IN FULL IN CASH did they tell me that it will take forever to get it repaired or fixed because each part is sub-contracted. Even so, since the deal is done, I wouldn't have minded if the body was damaged while we were using it. But this is not the case with us. We got the brand new vehicle and took it home. When it rained very hard, we discovered that it rains strong inside as well. For our cash a poorly made and defective vehicle was sold to us. I could have just bought a second hand one for much less had I known that the brand new is in an even worse condition. The reason we decided to buy a brand new one is so we won't have to have to deal with problems of poor quality. Now the agents won't even take the time to do something to help us and keeps telling us that it will take up to a month before we can use the vehicle if they take it to the casa of their subcontractor. Is this even right? Should you do something about this? REMEMBER, I'M COMPLAINING ABOUT AN UNUSED BRAND NEW HYUNDAI H100 that was just bought. If you won't fix it, can you just replace it with a good quality brand new vehicle? What happened to your quality control? Don't you check your vehicles first before selling them? Just wondering.

Vehicle make: 2017 Hyundai
Model type: H-100 2.6L Shuttle with dual AC MT
Color: Creamy White
Engine Number: D4BBG029440
Serial Number: KMFZBX7BAHU394201
Product Number: CS#MS1297
Description of Vehicle: Fuel used is diesel
Vehicle price: P858,000.00 (Total sales: P766,071.43, Total Vat (12%): 91,928.57)
Term of payment: CASH
Approved by: Ma. Gemma M. Alcala, Accounting Manager and Luis V. Penson, VP-Marketing
Sold by: Kenneth L. Velasco RDR
Vehicle Sales Invoice: VSI# 008166
DR Number: 008166
Collection Receipt Number: 27495 P227,800 CASH
Collection Receipt Number: 27502 P650,000 CASH
Service Advisor: Sherwin S. Atchuela

Complainants: David and Emellee Grubbs, FMI Global Ministries Inc.
Telephone Number: (046) 483-0490
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines


We brought a Hyundai Azera to the Smyrna Beach location on 2375 State Road 44 while on vacation for service diagnostics of a rubber burning smell, battery light illumination, and intermittent brake noise on 11/29/2016. We were notified of estimated repair costs and 100,000 mile maintenance service of $2500. This spring 100,000 mile maintenance service had been provided plus additional expenses with a Hyundai dealership in Massachusetts.

Hyundai in Raynham, MA was contacted with service needs and suggested towing the vehicle to a Hyundai dealership in Daytona Beach because the alternator and hind brake service were still under warranty. When discussing this suggestion to Peter Engasser, we were informed that 100,000 mile maintenance, which had not been authorized had been completed. We were billed 482.08. We were informed during a heated conversation that all maintenance work is preformed before servicing.

The customer service experience was very poor. Miscommunication contributed to the experience but we, the customers should not be held accountable. On consideration of expense and age of this vehicle, my husband and I have decided to donate the vehicle. I am requesting reimbursement of all charges.


When we purchased 2 vehicles in one night at the dealership we were told by the gentlemen that we worked with (Michael Bennet Milford CT dealership) that we would receive $300 each in key cash (myself and my daughter). When we left the dealership he said it would come in the mail. I have emailed him about 15 times between April and August and had been consistently getting the run-around until finally he just stopped answering at all. I have hear "I am checking into that" for months and it is now clear to me that you are all as dishonest as a car dealer is expected to be! Shame on you Key Hyundai of Milford - you are NOT a "dealer for the people!" I will make it my mission to tell anyone who will listen about this situation.


I am the proud owner of a Hyundai IX35, VIN #TMAJU81VLDJ25488. I am now at a point that my pride and my faith in your product gets questioned based on the service I am currently enjoying from your Milnerton dealership. My car went in for a noise on the gearbox sometime in May/ June 2016. I have been told on numerous occasions that there is nothing wrong with my car. I was asked to record the noise and then bring it back afterwards. I then noticed that the noise became more and more obvious. On starting my car one morning I noticed the noise was back and decided to drive it straight to the workshop where the manager and a technician heard the noise.

The car was given back to me and then booked for the following week. I was then told that this part " Dual mass Flywheel" must come from Korea. Upon enquiring as I did not receive regular updates regarding my car , I was told that this part now will come from Gauteng and that I am likely to get my car by Wednesday this week. Now I was contacted by a Chad that this part is not here as yet and it is coming from Korea. I shared my disappointment and asked for a courtesy vehicle. I am still awaiting a call from them. I am extremely inconvenienced by your service and your inability to resolve this issue.

Can somebody please get back to me as I am very reliant on my car and need to be able to plan my life without a car.


If I could rate below 1 star I would. I have my 2006 Sonata serviced and less than an hour later the check engine came back on. I couldn't call the Service department in calumet city, Illinois because it was closed. When I finally spoke to someone in service, they refused to refuse my money which was over $600. The only thing they offered was to repair a secondary part which may have caused the light to come back on, they would have cost me additional $1300. Why would I have them repair something else on my car when they wouldn't guarantee the original repair. I called Hyundai Corporate office, HyundaiUSA refused to even consider refunding any portion my money, my 2006 was not covered because I purchased my 2006 on December 31, 2015.


I purchased a used vehicle three weeks ago from Hyundai and it has been the worse buying experience I have ever had in twenty five years of purchasing a vehicle from a certified dealer. The salesman was horrible, the service department with Doug Mricszka was terrible and the general manager of the used cars is a liar. I would not recommend buying a piece of gum from this place. My vehicle still has issues and I have received no help from anyone at Hyundai.


My son bought a brand new 2015 Elantra last year and now his AC won't work. The dealer told us a small stone put a pin hole in the condenser. It is a leased car and Corporate said the warranty doesn't cover it. They quoted us $440 + tax to fix it. Tried getting a hold of them and all I get is the run around with them saying they won't cover it. It looks like a poor design to me with nothing from keeping anything from going in there and causing damage. there is no cover, shield, nothing. I have read that this has happened to a bunch of people with the same results. I call it poor customer service and rest assured they have lost another repeat customer. Whatever you do, don't buy Hyundai.


I have been driving Verna Fluidic 1.6 SX vide Registration number PB 13 AF 6003 since 27 Nov13. The delivery of said vehicle was taken from Hyundai, Jaipur. It is intimated that post delivery of the vehicle till date the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle in terms of service have been followed as per the laid down parameters and at proper time intervals as guided. But to my utter dismay the parts of the vehicles has started deteriorating in just over 2 years. It is never expected from a vehicle of worth, which is claimed to be of such high quality and from a reputed brand Hyundai to demand for replacement of parts at such an early stage.

Apart from this I got the Teflon coating done on my vehicle during first service at Service Centre, and it was supposed to be done 2 more times, one each on my next 2 services as per process. My next service was done at the Service Station, 22 Godown, Jaipur but they didn’t do the second coating stating that it is to be done at the centre where the first coating is done and the same was never disclosed to me at inception. Anyway I left it, on my 3rd service, the 2nd coating was done and now when on my 4th service again at Service Station I asked for the 3rd coating it was blankly refused stating the validity of the same is 2 years and it was never conveyed to me initially when it was done. Imagine I have paid upfront for a service and the same has been refused.

Note that I have been driving vehicles of Maruti and Volkswagen in the past and also presently but I have never experienced such substandard product quality being used in the vehicles. You must acknowledge that a person buys a vehicle with his hard earned money so that it should give comfort to him and it should be dependable during normal course of time but my experience with Verna which I bought with confidence and pride has been very unpleasant and dismissal. I gave thumbs up to Hyundai Verna when I was looking for new vehicle few years back basis the claims of high performance and dependability which are made by the Company which were intact till recently, so much so that I visited Crossland Hyundai last month for a test drive of newly launched along with my colleague as both of us are planning to upgrade our vehicles but now with such an experience it has set aside all the comfort with the quality of the products which are being used in the manufacturing of the vehicles

I have raised a service request citing above concerns at your call centre. I will get the revert within 48hrs but nothing has moved till now apart from few calls from the Service center that they have done their servicing properly, they can’t help it as the parts have gone bad and they have no other option to change them to keep the vehicle on road. General service part at the Service station has been satisfactory. It is submitted to pls take a note of the above mentioned grievances and address the same on priority as below average performance of the vehicle delivered to me has instilled a feeling of unsafe driving. If the same is not addressed in an appropriate manner I will be forced to take up next course of action as permitted by the law of the land.


I purchased a 2016 Tucson in Sept 2015 and as of Feb 2016 I've had nothing but issues with the Idle. I've brought it in for repair and talked to the dealership several times including Hyundai Motors and I've been told it's a software update issue that is still in the process of being approved by the EPA, however because of the rough/high idling I am not getting the gas mileage I should be. Initially I use to get 28m/gal now I'm getting between17-20. I purchased this care solely because of the gas mileage I commute 80 miles a day and it's costing me a lot more than what I had initially planned when considering purchasing this vehicle. I know from the dealership that I am not the only customer with this issue, I need a resolution from Hyundai asap or I need to be able to return my vehicle and apply what I've paid toward another vehicle.


I bought a brand new I20 in February 2016 from Stellenboch branch. At approx.1000kms the automatic gearbox keep on changing gears up and down on its own. When you pull away it is in the wrong gear and it is difficult to accelerate. I booked it in at Brackenfell branch after a long battle - twice already, and the problem is still the same. It was also promised by the dealer in Stellenboch that the car will automatically lock when driving, and it does not do it, and that problem is also ignored. I've sent numerous emails, which keep coming back. The 2nd time when I booked the car in at Brackenfell branch, the aircon did not work thereafter, and I had to book it in again to fix the aircon. They told me that this brand new car of 4 months needed gas as their is no leak. I am beyond frustrated with this whole experience and I need this issue to be handled with the necessary professionalism.


Took my vehicle to get an oil change and have my tires rotated they checked my fluid and hoses everything there checked out ok. One big problem which is a safety issue and that be a inner tie rod end that is bad, my front driver side wheel was loose they showed it to me and I was quite upset being I don't know how long it has been that way. My whole wheel could have dropped off at any given time causing an accident. Now I was told it is going to cost me over $300 dollars to fix it. I am really upset because I only have 36,000 miles on this SUV. The company I took it to said that it didn't have that many miles on it to have that happen. I am the second owner of this SUV and it is like new. The dealership here said the warranty is expired but the mileage is still low and I feel something or someone should be able to help me with this problem. Your attention to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


I am not happy with the service I received from Donna Greer and Chantal Plater as they promised to assist me and went back on their word. I have been purchasing vehicles from Hyundai from 2009 and now that I require help from Hyundai I have received bad service. I am in a financial situation at the moment and I explained this to Donna and Chantal, I have two i20 and wanted to sell back one vehicle to Hyundai. Donna and Chantal promised to assist but have now gone back on their word of purchasing back the one vehicle from me. Chantal advised me to take a personal loan to cover the shortfall, which I did, as Hyundai would buy back my vehicle.

Only to be told when not hearing back from them, that they could only buy back the vehicle if they had a buyer for it. At no time was this the initial arrangement. Why would obtain a personal loan indebting myself further if I known that I could only sell my vehicle back to Hyundai only once they had a buyer.

Please see below correspondence with the ladies: I trust that you are both well, there seems to be a miss communication regarding buying back the vehicle. As per Donna’s email below there was never a mention that the only way you could buy in the vehicle at that price, was if you had a buyer for it.


I was sold an extended warranty by HUB-Hyundai in Katy, TX. The next day, when I asked if I can cancel it, I was said not possible by the finance manager, Frank. Then, talking with a few friends, I realized cancellation is possible and went there again and requested a cancellation. Finance manager was very rude with me and after ten minutes of arguing he told me that my money will be refunded in 4-6 weeks. More than three months now, I still did not get the refund. When I asked, the same person told me that there are many like me and it takes time.


My car was towed on the 10th March 2016 to Hyundai in Hatfield and the lady that is helping me is Betty. She told me that the warranty won’t be covered for my car because they have the old car details, I went to Hatfield in 2014 and trade in my 120 car with you guys and how possible is that the information they have is for the old car not new car. The time I trade in my car why was I not told that I have to change my details with SAA Warranty so that my new car will have warranty.

Betty doesn’t call or give feedback, every time I must ask her what’s going on, what kind of a service is this? My car is not old and already im experiencing problems and I have heard lots of people talking about the same thing with Hyundai accent. My car is just sitting with you guys and im busy paying an instalment for the car that I don’t have. I bought a new car because I didn't want problems but already the car is not even two years old but I have a problem and the service that I'm getting is very poor. Today I had to call Betty and try to find out about my car and she send me the attached pictures.


I leased a Hyundai Tucson 2015, from Rick Case Hyundai. Since I got the vehicle it has had weird transmission issue (s) that are intermittent. It loses acceleration on take off. It sometimes does not want to go into reverse when I start the vehicle. It shifts at weird intervals and jerks. I live 1-2 hours from a Hyundai dealer. The 1st service I had done with my dealer to express this concern, there were no codes when they hooked it up. And Could not get it to replicate the failure. It has continued to intermittently do this. I had a local mechanic look at it also. They can not find any obvious issues either. I have called ( Rick Case Hyundai) a couple times and always get the service department at my dealership. They (service writers, I guess) can not log notes/complaints. So a manager is whom you need to speak with. Funny how the manager is never available.

Then they promise someone in that rank will call you back ---that never occurs. This has been the case 3 times. I believe I am at a year on my lease. The problem has never stopped! I can not pinpoint when it will do it.I went a step further in my conversation with the person that answer's the phone- I told the service guy on Saturday 3/5/16. I wanted it logged, because when someone gets killed because of this intermittent loss of power occurs I wanted it notated. I am at a loss what to do! I have owned a Hyundai previously. I have owned a lot of different vehicles. Makes, models. I have been to racing school. I know how to do my own oil changes and other repairs. For a female I know when something is not right!

NEVER LEASE -- if you live on an Island! Do not own anything besides an island wagon!


Brought my car in on late afternoon of Weds. 2/24 for my 15,000 mile check up...I had no problems whatsoever with my 1014 Tucson, just following the guide for my oil change and 15,000 needs. Thursday evening I left work and I got onto a busy road and my whole muffler and exhaust fell on to the ground. People honking and pointing for me to pull over. Scary situation. Finally got through to Hyundai service manager who said he's seen a lot of that happening lately. Coincidence after my recent service the night before?

Then a get a loaner car after I was towed to the loaner car had only 1/8th tank of gas...really? Finally after a week I pick up my car. I noticed I may have left my garage door opener at the cashier desk. I called the dealership to see if they had it...said they would call me right call back. This morning I called them again and yes, they did have my remote! What kind of customer service is that? I will not go back to this dealership again unless I have to.


The dealership said that a rock came up and put a pin hole in the ac condenser and its not under warranty and they want me to pay $873.00 to fix it. This is a 2016 sonata I have had it for only four (4) months. that means this could happen again and I will have to pay again isn't this a design defect since the condenser is open to flying rocks I think this should be cover. To spend this on a NEW car is frustrating and I am disappointed in the Hyundai dealership that sold me my car. This is my first Hyundai and my last.


I bought a second hand i30 last February from Arnold clark in the fiat broxburn branch within a month I was experiencing loss of power so I booked it into my nearest branch which is a 80 mile round trip, when it was there I was told that there was a problem with the fuel filter which had waxed over and it was going to cost £100 to replace. I explained that I only had the car for a few weeks so Arnold clark agreed to fix it for nothing.

Then around December 2015 I noticed that in cold weather ( appox 1 degree or less ) whenever I had my car in reverse gear and then tried to put it into first my car would go back into reverse again I took it threw to my nearest Hyundai dealer and they had a look but could not find anything wrong with it, I showed them a video that I had taken of the problem and the Hyundai dealer agreed that there looked to be a problem and asked if it would be possible to take the car back in when the temperature was nearer freezing which as I explained was not practical as how would I know what the temperature was 40 miles away from where I stay anyway I still have this problem with my car and am no closer to getting it fixed.

In the last week I have had to take my car back into the dealers as I had a burning smell coming from my tyres and one of my seat belt lights was staying on, the car was in the dealership for two days and had to have the brakes cleaned and stripped for which I was charged and also had to have a new airbag module fitted which was covered by the warranty. I have now owned the car for just over a year and feel totally dissatisfied with the car and also the Hyundai dealership and am disappointed that my I30 is not living up to the reputation for reliability that helped me choose this car to buy.


My dilemma is when I leased my Hyundai Sonata I was NOT told that there was no spare tire or donut in the trunk. I was driving ( alone at age 75) from Charlotte, NC to Pittsburgh, PA. ( a 7-8 hour trip.) While driving through West Virginia ( miles from nowhere ) my right front tire had a blowout. I was able to control my car to the side of the road. It was late afternoon, lots of traffic and I was very nervous being on the side of the road. A family of four came by and the gentlemen said he could change my tire. BUT.... there was no spare tire for him to use. He was shocked and said he had never heard of a car not having a spare tire.

I attempted to call AAA, but I was so far from any nearby towns that I could not be helped. I called the WV Highway patrol, they arranged for a tow truck and they took me to a town that had a tire store. However it was after 5:00 and store was closed. The car was dropped off at the Tire store and I had to rent a room at a local hotel. It was not the nicest place I had ever been. The next day the attendant at the hotel drove me to the Tire Store. So far I have been with many strangers and trusting them. Whatever happened to "never speak to strangers?" I was able to purchase a tire $150 and $45 for service. By the time I was able to continue on my trip, it was now 2:00 p.m. What should have been a 7-8 hour drive has now turned into a day and a half ordeal.

When I returned to Charlotte, I immediately called the Dealership where I leased the car. I was told my salesman no longer worker there, so I requested the Dealership Manager. The next voice on the phone was a man whom I couldn't understand what he was saying. I briefly told him about the tire and he said I don't know what to tell you. I said aren't you the Manager and you can't help me? He said "Mam, I'm not the manager, I'm a car salesman.
I asked him to connect me with operator again and he said he didn't know how to do that, so I hung up and called back. I asked the operator why she connected me with a salesman and she said cause the manager isn't here.
Could she not have told me that? I asked her for the Managers name and she said "I don't know it" I said how long have you worked there and she said 10 months. AND SHE DIDN'T KNOW THE MANAGERS NAME.!!!

This is what I am requesting and with due cause: I travel quite a lot and do make that Pa. trip at least four times a year. I am requesting that to solve this horrible dilemma that I be provided with a spare tire or a donut for my trunk. I realize that will make less space in my trunk, but I am very willing to sacrifice the space to know I have a spare in my car. Perhaps my Hyundai Dealership could be the ones to provide the tire, per my request.


To the CEO of Hyundai Motors India Ltd, Chennai. Sub: Complaint against the defect that has been persisting in my car. I am writing this mail to inform you about my experience with your product as i have been using your car having model I-20 Elite, that i had purchased from your authorized dealer namely AKC Hyundai, AKC auto pvt ltd lakhimpur kheri 16/10/2014 having VIN no MALBM51BLEM027993 Eng no G4LAEM436898 MODEL IB**B Elite i20 (1.2) Color V3G S Dust. Since its purchase till the date of writing this mail, my car has run only 19,680 Kms which is not very long.

Recently, on 31.01.2016 i had sent my car for servicing (3rd free service) at AKC Hyundai AKC auto pvt ltd lakhimpur kheri and after it returned from service, there happened to be some knocking noise from the engine of the car and immediately contacted your authorized service centre and made them aware of the problem but it was shocking and surprising for me to hear from them that there is some major mechanical fault in engine of my car and they asked me leave the car for repair or replacement of engine, whatever they deem fit will decide. It is astonishing to see as to how come such a major fault has occurred in engine of my car which has not even run 20,000 kms till date and that too when i have always sent my car for service to your authorized dealer on time and before the due date.

Sir, i had purchased your car with my hard earned money and having deep faith in your technology and engineering and after ignoring all such suggestions and opinions that i had received against your company. At the time of purchase of this car due to your branding and advertisements i was of the opinion that i am choosing one of the best car available in the Indian market but to my dismay, my opinions are proved contrary to the true that has emerged due to this problem and this mechanical breakdown of car has shattered all my opinions and beliefs that i had in favour of your company.

Further, i believe that you will consider the gravity of problem and will entertain my complaint in positive direction and i request you to kindly take up issue personally and it is also made clear here that i don't want to drive a car which has had such a huge mechanical breakdown at such an initial stage of life, therefore you kindly replace my car with same model of car or return the amount that i have paid as sale consideration against this car failing which i will be
constraint to avail the remedy available under the law.


I bought a car on 24th December within 3 weeks it overheated. I was given another car for exchange, it happens to be worse bad than the first one. Within an hour It had a clutch problem. Both of them are with the dealer now. I'm left with no car. Please I like Hyundai cars, just give me the best mechanically good car. With my heart broken, I even deserve a 2011 model now from you good people since that I bought was 2010. Month end (1 february) and I'm paying my 1st installment.


In November 2015, I Marcal Bolden, purchased a 2011 Hyundai Sonata from Hyundai on Airline Hwy, Baton Rouge La. Within the first 24 hours, I noticed a pulling to right in front end and immediately notified Justin Brady after returning to dealership. After weeks of talking to Justin, I became angered that I had trusted him to handle the front end problem on the car and he did'nt. I then reached out to Lee Carty, Manager, address the problem to him on one occasion and he was going to call me back and didn't. After numerous of calls, still no response. To date the Hyundai Sonata that I pay a note on has not been repaired nor restutions made for problems that were under warranty and I also paid for an extended warranty.

As the manufacturer of this vehicle do you not find a problem with a dealership with this kind of ethics? I am going to be forwarding this complaint to BBB in hope of preventing this behavior to other customers. Now, I was fair in my dealing because I could have executed my 72 hours in the contract agreement because I returned the car within the first 24 hours for assessment and services and due to health reasons, I am just able to follow through with business. I have been mishandled and treated very unprofessional to the point of racial ridicule because I demanded fair treatment from Justin Brady, where he accused me of having wrecked the car myself and bringing it back under false pretense. Now I have a problem with my character being questioned to that extreme when I work everyday for a honest living.

Now , the first complaint disappeared and without even asking for details, I was told on attempting to follow up that I needed the Vin # and I didn't have it that day. No assistance was offered. Vin # 5NPEC4AB5BH258122


I am a employee for a Hyundai dealership in the Dallas area. I am filing this complaint for the employee's that go to work everyday and put in numerous hours. I have worked for this dealership for 6 years and put up with a lot of racism, unprofessional just to feed my family. Star rewards have been ripping off employee's for the last time. They base how you get paid on your CSI score. And for some reason every time you sale a large number of new cars. They will always find a few bad surveys to put in your file so they don't have to pay you for the cars you worked so hard to sale. Please let me know who has control of this illegal act.


We own a 2012 Hyundai Sonata Limited edition, we purchased the car used with around 42,000 miles on it, it now has around 56,000 on it. It needed some warranty repairs done on it nothing big just some minor repairs, we took the car down to Lithia Hyundai in Odessa Texas. My wife gets a phone call from the service righter and tells her that the car has been wrecked and that's why one of the problems is not going to be warranted, so we looked the car up on Car Fax to make sure, the information that we got off Car Fax says it has not been in any accident, so why would he tell us that.

The problem I am talking about is the piece that holds in the radiator under the car, so I called the service righter (MIKE) who proceeds to argue with me and tell me that there was front end damage to the car, which in return I told him if there was front end damage done to the car with that much force to break the support that holds the radiator up in there, that the air bags would have been deployed, and the VIN NUMBER to the car would have been on Car Fax showing that it would have been in a wreck. He proceeded to argue with me about it, so long story short they said it will not be covered in the warranty. ($1900) to repair it.

The Hydraulic struts that hold the hood open to the engine compartment are bad, they will not hold the hood open and I wanted them to fix them under warranty, (MIKE) the service righter told my wife that they will not be covered under warranty because the hood of the car was repainted. Still trying to wrap my head around this one, just because the hood was repainted means that all warranty is VOID, that's not right painting a hood of the car does not make the Hydraulic struts go bad.

The Drivers side passenger door handle has a issue also, a little black piece fell out of it, door handle still works fine but I wanted them to look at it and replace it under Warranty. (MIKE) the service righter told my wife that the door handle had been taken apart and that's why the black piece fell out, and that's the only way it would have fallen out, so we would have to pay for that also. ($3.00 for the part $75 for the repair).

The rear view mirror is a little loose, (MIKE) the service righter told my wife and I that there is a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty for out of adjustments repair only, and that we would have to pay for that also. (I THOUGHT THE WARRANTY WAS 5 YEAR 60,000 MILES BUMPER TO BUMPER) To me that would include adjustments!

The mirror on the driver's door is automatic, every time I have to adjust the mirror it starts to click and dose not move, (LIKE THATS AS FAR AS IT GOSE) but if I move the mirror out and then try to go up it works. (MIKE) the service righter told my wife that is how they all work. (So Hyundai is selling you cars with faulty equipment on brand new cars?)

The sun roof is working, but the motor sounds like it is struggling when you close it, (MIKE) the service righter tells my wife that it has been in 2 times for the sun roof having problems at a different dealership, he proceeds to tell her they are trying to figure out what is wrong with it, then (MIKE) tells me that there is nothing wrong with it and it seems to be working fine. So if it is working fine why does it sound like the motor is struggling and why has it been 2 other times for the same issue?

The cruise control buttons on the steering wheel are a hit and miss sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. But there is a way to get them to work and that is hitting the steering wheel then it might work. (MIKE) tells my wife and I that there is nothing wrong and that they are not going to replace them.

Hyundai says they have the best warranty out there over any other Auto Manufacture, which I will give them it is 5 year 60,000 bumper to bumper and 10 year 100,000 on the powertrain, but the service that my wife and I received from Lithia Hyundai in Odessa Texas has put a bad taste in my mouth about Hyundai in general. I have bought a lot of cars and trucks in the past and have had to get warranty work done on them also, but I have never had any issue like I Just had trying to get our Hyundai done. To me everything they said about our car is that they are trying to get out of doing the warranty work and stick you with the bill, which is pretty sad.

Our Hyundai has been at the deal ship for 2 days now, and all we have been told is that we are (out of luck).

Unless some of my issue get resolved, I will never buy another Hyundai again, and it's not because they are not a nice vehicle because they are, but if this is how there warranty works, there might as well be no warranty at all with the car. And by all means I will not recommend Hyundai to anyone ever again. I was very happy with the purchase of this car and very happy with the car, just Pretty sad this is the type of customer service you get with Hyundai.


Dear Hyundai customer support team, This is to bring to your notice an incidence that left me wondering whether my decision to buy a Hyundai i10 grand on 15th Jan 2015, was proper or not? The incident occurred on 28th of November, 2015, when all of a sudden my vehicle came to a halt because there was a cow suddenly came on the road and so that I cross my vehicle beside the road (On Road Berm). There was a small stone which was touch with the vehicle. After this incident the vehicle came to a halt within 100-150 meter only. Upon contacting the customer care, assistance was provided to toe the vehicle to the service station, where it was diagnosed that somehow the oil sump had been damaged and it led to lube oil seepage ultimately resulting in engine seizure (this was reported on Monday, 30th November 2015).

Photos of the oil sump are attached for your information and perusal. One of the service adviser mentioned that this problem was frequent and only specific to this model (Grand i10 Diesel). This verbatim was not very helpful to my distressed state of mind and further made me think what might be the reason for such a product concern. The Hyundai service center stated that as this is a mechanical damage (Oil Leakage), I will have to bear the cost of the repair which is staggering and also puts an economic dent on my lifestyle. To a reasonable mind, the only possibility for re-occurrence of such incidents is that the oil sump is not of the required quality. This is a matter of grave concern as such incidents not only endangers the passenger life but also leads to a distressing condition.

A little secondary search on the internet revealed many such customer complains on the consumer forums and is definitely not a good sign for a company of your reputation. I have taken a Zero Depth Insurance also. But the representative told me that this cannot be cover in insurance. That insurance company was also suggested by the Hyundai dealer (P L Motors Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India). I am writing to the Hyundai corporate office, to give me a proper justification on how such a damage is possible to the oil sump and what corrective measures are being taken by the company to curb such incidences? The vehicle is no good if such concerns repeat and your reply would lead to my further plan of action of whether to get it repaired or just leave the vehicle to its fate and opt for some other vehicle.


On Nov. 9 I went to Carousel Hyundai in West Chester, PA. The hatch wouldn't stay open so I went for a diagnosis. When I called to schedule I was told the car was under warranty. After the technician looked at it, he told me it would be about $400. to fix it. I told him that when I made the appt., I was told it was under warranty. He then looked at his computer and said, "oh yeah, it is under warranty." I firmly believe he had to know that because he had already looked at my registration to see the yr and someone had looked at the hatch at that point so he had to know it was a 2013.

My gut feeling is that when he saw an older woman come in, he thought he could get away with charging me and even if I'm wrong about that, it's a mistake that shouldn't have been made. A lot of people don't have $400 laying around for a car repair. Also, when he agreed it was under warranty, he didn't even apologize for such a costly error. If I wasn't told it was under warranty initially, I would have pd. $400 unnecessarily. I'm very upset about this and definitely would never go back there. I very likely wouldn't even buy another Hyundai since I want to be able to trust a dealership I do business with.


About a month ago the engine light came on in my 2012 Hyundai Accent. My grandson took it to a garage he works for, bottom line, there was a leak somewhere in the fuel system. I called Hyundai of Auburn, Mass. I brought my car there to be fixed. I thought it was fixed right being that it was still under warranty and Hyundai had to foot the bill. Got the car back and a few days later the engine light back on. Back to be fixed or at least I thought so! Not to be. They took it back a 2nd time, said it was fixed. It went back a 3rd time for the same reason, is still not fixed. Engine light came on today 11-11-15


I am a 75 year old lady who took her car in for routine maintenance at Bergstrom-Hydundai at 3023 Victory Lane, Appleton WI. The vehicle has approximately 49,500 miles. It has been driven in a normal fashion for this area. The dealership Repair manager persuaded me to change the radiator fluid, transmission fluid and install a new battery. None of these fluids and battery are recommended for change by the Hyundai car manual maintenance schedule under normal usage. No written evidence was provided to me on the battery condition. He stated in my husband's presence that he would not charge for battery installation but he placed it on the billing for $ 24.95. Due the fact I am an old lady who generally trusts car dealerships would treat a customer fairly, I now feel mainly ripped off at least a $ 450.00. Clearly, I was targeted as an easy mark to rip off.


I turned in my lease to Brad Benson Hyundai and switched to a new vehicle. They have me a check for $3000 to pay off the lease so they could sell the vehicle. I just received a letter since they were going bankrupt and am being sued by the creditor for this same amount of money. I am ready to sue both the dealer and Hyundai since I would have never taken the vehicle had I known they were going through bankruptcy. Furthermore, I had a written contract and the credit should be going after Brad Benson Hyundai and not me.


I live in Brazil and left my 2011 azera for services at a Hyundai service dealer near my home. After a few hundred miles I went to a gas station and realize that nothing that I have paid for were done. I've paid for full warranty services such as oil, cooler, brakes and a bunch of other things and my engine was simply empty. In Brazil when you leave your car for warranty services, they simply do nothing but charge you. I had complained at local owner of Hyundai brand and they simply ignored me.


I am a disabled veteran. My wife and I saved enough money to buy a new car. We went to Crain Hyundai in North Little Rock where we found a Hyundai/ Genesis with 5,700 miles on it. We were told by the salesman (Dillon Buchanan) and his general manager (Shilo Mitchell) that this car contained the best accessory package and was valued at $50,000.00 when new. However, the car had 5,700 miles so he reduced the price to 47,847. The manager stated he would except 42.000 for the car if I would pay cash. When the papers were signed and we drove the car home we found the window sticker in the glovebox that showed that the car contained the TECH accessory package and the MSRP value $46,450.00. The Kelley Blue value of this car with 57,000 miles on it is $38,000.


The GPS on my Hyundai 2015 Genesis 3.8 comes up with "No Result" for addresses that are correct. The GPS doesn't help you to complete any address information as you go along for any address. This is the most difficult GPS system I've ever used. Car was purchased in January 2015. Had a prior 2015 Genesis 3.8 purchased in July 2014 and had an entirely different GPS which worked properly.

Very frustrating when you the GPS won't accept an address to which you intend to travel even though the address is completely correct. In this case, the address is: 1725 N Broadway, Santa Maria, CA. This has happened any number of times previously. I have been told there is no update for the GPS at this time.


I have been hesitant to write, because I thought there problem had gone away. When I drove into a Ga station to fill the tank for the first time, I experienced the problem. As I backed up, turning the wheel to get closer to the hose, I placed my foot on the brake; 'BUT MY FOOT WENT TO THE FLOOR !. As I attempted to use the emeregency brake, the car rolled up against the cement island. The driver's front door rode against a pipe, and dented that door. After filling the tank, I pumped the brake pedal, and slowly drove, gaining confidence as the problem did not reoccur as I drove home. A few days later, when I left my home, I started the car, to find that the brake problem occurred again.

I took the car to my dealer. The service supervisor tested the car, and did not experience the problem. He reported no problem, with a facial expression of suspicion about my request for repair of the door. I have experienced the problem of a soft brake pedal a few times. I do not recognize any warnings, For a long while, no problem. Once on the highway, at 70 mph, the brake pedal went soft. I took the car in for an oil change, and requested a check on the brakes. No problem reported. Yesterday, when I went to the car, parked at my home, the problem of a soft brake occurred immediately as I backed out of the parking space. I am writing because I do not get any satisfaction at the service department of Coconut Creek Hyundai. I may be a very capable driver; however, when I drive the car there is a constant fear that the brake will not work in an emergency. Particularly because I do drive frequently on the highway.


I recently purchased a Honda Accord from Tulsa Hyundai 8 months ago, I went in for a 2 door accord and they told me it was sold the day before, so they showed me the accord I ended up purchasing which was a big mistake... I tried to trade it in since I need a bigger vehicle for work and find out its not only been wrecked once its been wrecked twice and has frame damage so now after speaking with a manager and General Manager they have nothing they can do to help me nor have tried besides offering the worst options such as a more expensive car out of my range or tacking on a ton of negative equity on a cheap car... I just want out of this vehicle and am stuck in it. I have been in contact with an attorney, better business bureau, and a few other agencies and plan to get this resolved one way or another. And will not be sending in any business to them ever!


This is the third time the EPS light came on in my 2008 hyundai elantra, but thats not all. The power steering goes out before the light even warns me of the problem. I am a young lady of 28 years old and consider myself in shape but when the power steering goes out in the middle of the city while i am making a turn the amount of effort that is put into to turning the vehicle is incredidible and very disconcearning.


I bought my 2006 in 2008. It had only about 22,000 miles on it. Now it has about 58,000 miles on it and the CHECK ENGINE light came on. The diagnosis code was P0741. My Hyundai dealer says I have to replace my transmission, which I am doing. However, I would just like to know why a Hyundai Sonata transmission with less than 60,000 miles on it should need a new transmission so soon.


I purchased a brand new 2012 hyundai elantra from ward hyundai in cape gir ,mo. on nov.2,2011.At the time i purchased the car,i strictly bought the car due to the fact it was rated to get 30-40 mpg,and simply couldn't afford to drive the 3 vehicles i already owned with the cost of gas being 3.69 a gallon. My elantra for the first 10,000 miles did infact get that recommended mileage,until the service engine soon light came on. I took the car to the dealer for repair. They informed me that i had a bad coil pac and a fouled plug,which neither did they replace at that time,they merely cleaned the plug and moved the fouled plug and suspected bad coil pac to a different cylinder and cleared the codes in the computer?

I was told to continue to drive the car and wait to see if it would set another code so they could determine if infact the coil was defective. After driving the car another 2000 miles, no new codes have been set but my gas mileage went from the original 33mpg w/air on max in city and 40-42mpg on highway to 25mpg in city w/no air and 27 mpg max on highway. I have had this car back to dealer, they performed a fuel test on it.(results 27 mpg), and have harassed them to fix the problem since it occured.

The car now has going on 16,000 miles and no inprovment in mileage.I have been told every excuse in the book about waiting on the main hyundai manager to address the issue,they are working on it,they don't know what to do to fix it, to they can't just start part changing. I never experienced this problem until the issue with the service engine soon light appeared. Like i said previously,I have 3 other vehicles that are paid for and my only reason for purchasing this car was strictly based on the mpg the elantra was rated due to the astronomical gas prices. I have spoke with the mechanics, the service dept., the service manager, the customer service manager and the salesman that sold me the car. And yet i am driving a car i would've never bought had it not been the best rated car for fuel economy. I own a Trans=Am GT, a mustang and a SLT Jimmy, so needless to say i'm not an elantra type of person, bought this vechicle for fuel economy.

If this issue could be addressed, as well as fixed, I would greatly appreciate your help. I also understand that Hyundai is being sued for miscalculated ratings on their cars,but mine is beyond riduclous.I spoke with a lady at the dealership earlier this week whom also drove a 2012 elantra and she was averaging 33mpg and complaining,so just imagine how upset i am. At this rate i could still be driving my vehicles that i have no payments on and get as good of mileage as i'm getting paying for a car for the next five years thats no better rated than what i already had! I feel like sueing Hyundai for misrepresenting their product,and infact would like to know how to be part of the class action suit that has been brought against Hyundai, as well as getting my car repaired.


I recentely purchased a new Hyundai IX35. The air bag mechanics are apparently under the seats and somehow mine became damaged and as a result the whole contraption had to be replaced which was a very costly exercise. Why is the contraption so exposed - I can only assume that someone shoe/bag had got tangled and caused the damage and why is it necessary to replace the whole air bag. I would appreciate your response.




In Desember 2013 we took our vehicle to Hyundai Newcastle for our 90 000 km service. They told us that our power steering had a bolt missing which they did not have, and would order it for us. It is know May and still we have not recieved it. I have made enquiries but still have had no response. I would like to know what I should do to get service. Seems like if the guarantee of the vehicle has expired there is no service.


Dear Sirs, I bought from you a 2012 santa Fe Limited exactly a year ago. Vin # 5xyzkdag7cg094929 Model# 62462A65 Engine# G6dcbs685044 Although I am happy with the SUV in general- love the truck, I am trully UNHAPPY with Hyundai Motors Corporation, because of the EPA Fuel Economy estimates write-up. We still hold in our possession the Window sticker, that illustrates City MPG "20" and Highway MPG "26". My Santa Fe is giving me an average of 13 MPG- which is far less than your projection. I dont like it when companys like yourself lie just to sell. I intend to follow this through, write letters to everyone- its not fair for the customer that is currently paying $4.29 per gallon and getting 13 gallons per mile in City use.


I purchased my hyundai Sonata in 2006 brand new with 4 miles from the showroom . I love my hyundai sonata but I am very displeased with the hyundai paint job, I would think for 20k, when I wash my car with a regular hose with normal pressure that the paint would not just peel and chip off like I'm using a pressure washer. I am very aware of the normal scratches and dings on bumpers , but this has been an issue for past couple years and every year has progressively getting worse. I would appreciate it if you could tell me if there has been any re-calls on the 2006 paint. I would provide pictures if needed.


Hello, I purchased a Hyundai Santro car from Pioneer Hyundai, Sherpur chowk, Ludhiana in June 2006.Till date, the car has clocked 29,930 kms only. However, I have had to replace the tyres before the car had reached even 20,000 kms. Usually the tyres should run well for around 40,000 kms. The signs of wearing out were recognized at time of 1st service itself and common measures like rotation of tyres, alignment testing( which turned out to be O.K.), and addition of weights to the rim were done at subsequent services at your authorized centers but the wearing out of tyres continued.At each service. I pointed this out but no expert help was made available to me.At the last service, conducted in August 2013,on repeatedly pointing out the problem, the "Technical Service Advisor" told me that the car had a "dead axle" which would require replacement and cost around Rs., 18 to 20,000.

Having had the car serviced at your authorized centres in Ludhiana, Jullundur and Chandigarh and no one being able to spot the reason for the untimely wearing out of tyres, I did not immediately get the Dead Axle replaced and need expert advice in finding out the exact reason for this problem. Also, I was told by Pioneer Hyundai that since the warranty/guarantee period of 2 years since the purchase was made had lapsed, nothing could be done.I feel that since the authorised service centres had not been able to remedy the problem in time, the problem should be handled and the expenses borne by the company, including a new set of tyres.I hope you will help find a solution soon, as me and my family are forced to drive an unsafe Santro Car.


I'm upset about paying $561.13 for a Ignition Lock Cylinder that should have been a recall item given the reported problems from customers. Ignition key would not turn at all so the car could not be started. Steering did not lock up initially, but when I tried to turn the key along with steering, it got locked. I called the dealer and explained what was going on and they told me to tow the car in so they could check it out. They checked the car out and determined that the whole unit needed to be replaced. This is a common problem with Hyundai of various year even though it has not been recalled. I paid $561.13 all of which Hyundai owes me immediately.


I was sent an e-mail by Andrew Zeller on 3-31-14 quoting a complete description of the price breakdown for a 2013 Sonata Hybrid (stock # 709947) complete with all discounts. When I arrived at the dealership there were no 2013’s available. All had been sold days before. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I had been told minutes before I arrived that they indeed had this vehicle.

I have been a loyal Hyundai customer since the late 1990’s and continue to verbally support your company to family and friends. I have purchased a used Hyundai and a new 2000, 2006, 2010 and 2013 Sonata. Additionally I have a 2011 Santa Fe at this time.



In 2005 I bought a brand new Santa Fe or so I thought until I went to sell it.Car Fact was done on my car and I found out it was hit on the right side before I even bought the car. This was never told to me and I lost 500.00 dollars on the car. I have recommended people before to this dealer ship but never again. Michele mariano


Had new wipers motor put on cost $285.81 and that`s with a $30.00 discount. salesman said it was $300.00. $145.50 labor, $131.02 parts, $14.55 environmental charge, $24.74 taxes. I feel like I got taking begin a woman. $285.81 for wipers motor. not going back trying to find someone else to work on my car that is lot more reasonable. northland Hyundai Sherwood, if I find someone else to do my work see you.



I am leasing to own a hyundi santa fe suv and the right side rods snapped and threw my suv into a tree. And the prob is i know now it a recall and done exstensive reseach and dealer in bennington vt where i got it said nothing. My loan is through santander usa and iI have notifed them of this as well. I want it fixed or replaced. What can you do to remidy this before I contact a laywer? My phone number is listed online.



Upon leasing my Hyundai 1.5 yrs. ago i was told by the F&I employee that i would receive 2yrs. free oil changes on my car.On Dec. 8 2012 i brought my car for a oil change & i was told that the oil change was not free due to the fact you are not allowed more than 3 Hyundai  oil changes in a given yr. I was never told this by the finance & insurance man. All he had said upon leasing the car was that oil changes were free for the first 2 yrs.

That’s what i expected! It was the principle not the $38.oo over charge for an oil change.After being extremely satisfied with the dealership up to this point this situation has left a bad taste in my mouth. Before this i was definitely going to go back to Hyundai to lease another car; now i am not. I do not appreciate being lied to by salespeople who only care about their commission. Extremely disappointed!


We went to Hyundai (constantia Kloof), the guy that gave us service is “Madi” not sure of the surname. He helped us to buy a Hyundai Atos 2009 model, we got the car one week after applying, Madi said that there are a few things to be changes on the car, it didnt have a back board and the radio that was in the care was seeking for signal so he said that my husband should bring the car in about a week so that theycan put in a backboard aswell as a new radio. The day my Husband bought the car home he relised that there was nothing keeping the spare wheel down in the “boot”, the fog lights was not working, as well as some small stuff, he phoned “Madi” to tell hom all the things that was wrong on the car and he said he will figure it out and get back to him.

He didn’t phone us back so my husband had to phone him all the time and to me thats not good service. When we went there for the car my husband asked the Hyundai sales guy if he couldnt take out a backboard out of one of the other Atos’es, he said that its against the policy, now i dont understand during the week he said that a Atos 2010 model is coming in and he will take that backboard but he said its against their policy??? He also said that the car will be having a “valet” but we found a bottle of water and a packet of simba under the seats of the car so it couldnt have been for a “valet”. Up to today 26/03/2011 we had no service to put in a new backboard and radio and all other things wrong on the car.

Will we get some service on getting these things sorted out???? Weve got the car for a month now this is really getting on my nerves…


I am at the end of my tether I have brought my Hyundai car in now over four times for the exact same complaint and each time I get told it is something else….I got my car back on Tuesday afternoon and by last night the noise was back and I can hardly get the car in to first gear and it is sticking in reverse as well. I am a bookkeeper that gets paid per hour each and every time I have had to bring the car in to Hyundai and fetch it, it has cost me personally…I really need this to be addressed ASAP or I will have to go directly to Hyundai and express my totally dissatisfaction with the way in which the problems have been!

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