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In April of 2012 I purchased my MacBook Pro and a HP Envy 110. The first printer was defective and I was provided a replacement. I have only been able to fax once with this device and from that point on the E Fax does not work.
On December 14 I spoke with Jade and was given case number 8063545201.

She said she could not help me and would escalate this up two levels so that my issue would be resolved. She was not very customer friendly!!

Then on December 26 I spoke with Brad who said the ticket of December 14 was closed! Brad, who was customer friendly, assured me that someone would call me today, December 30, at 12:30 pm Pacific Coast time. NO ONE CALLED AND I AM STILL WAITING.



I recently purchased a Hewlett Packard printer(HP Photosmart 5500). This machine performs so poorly I wish I bought the Epson. I am a small business owner and I do a lot of internet sales. I am printing shipping labels quite frequently. I can never count on your product to get the job done. Consistently gets paper jams. It will all of a sudden claim that I am using a counterfeit ink cartridge and will not print until I replace the cartridge. Your product performs poorly and I will not buy a computer, printer or any other H.P. product again.

Joe Weinstein


bought a lap top 5 mnths later the computer fell off the bed and cracked the screen paid 400.00 to have it replaced when i got it back there was a big green dot in the middle of the screen i called imediately they said there was nothing they could do 1 week later the green spot covered the entire screen called them they had me send it back to them they called and said it would be another 400.00 dollars paid the money and when it was sent back to me there was another green dot at the corner of the screen i called imediately they said once again there was nothing they could do then 1 week later the hard drive completely crashes.

i called them i sent it back in they fixed it this time and sent it back free of charge 1 month later the hard drive starts to crash again i called them they said send it back this time we will replace the computer completely 1 week later i called to find out about my computer and they tell me it will cost 396.00 dollars to replace the hard drive wtf and when i got lippy with the women she proceeds to tell me that it has liquid damage to the hard drive NOT~!!!!! what should i do the computer only cost 699.00 plus repairs im in deep on this thing why cant they just fix my computer


Less than a month ago, I ordered a battery from hp and when I tried the new battery it did not work. So, I call hp then they said, “You need an adapter.” It took over 35 minutes for hp to process that new order for an adapter. To make things worst, today hp sent me the wrong adapter. Why did your worker did not take the time to match a single part with one product. Hp sent me a car adater instead of a wall socket apdapter. As I called hp. hp told me we do not have that adapter you need in stock. Then they said you need to be at home on Monday from 8am – 5pm for Fedex to pick up the car adapter we sent you.

Then they gave a number to hp’s part store and said call them on Monday. This is service I get for being over 10 years loyal hp customer. I promise you I will never buy another laptop, desktop, printer , stock or any other thing from hp.


I have send my compaq laptop to hp service centre in okhla new delhi ,they kept it for more than a week but when i got it back i was shocked when i found out that my Wifi is not working. Ifound that my Wlan device has been removed by the service center persons and this is rediculus.My laptop is in warranty and there was no problem with it. These people think customers are fool .Infact they didn’t provided me the softwares which were originally provided with the laptop. This is OUTRAGEOUS if this issue is not solved i would be going to consumer court.


Two days ago I received a new H.P. Omni 200 quad purchased from hp.com. This new all-in-one failed to interact with my less than two year old H.P. Officejet pro 8500 wireless printer. I was told by H.P. support that since the printer was more than one year old I would have to pay in order to get tech help. I pointed out that the printer is still working fine – our two other computers have no problem interacting, both by Ethernet and by wireless: there is nothing wrong with the printer. Nevertheless I am told that the fee to fix the problem is $59.99.

I reluctantly gave them my credit card number and was then transferred to someone in the United States (whose English I could more readily understand) who proceeded to take control of my computer and then downloaded a driver, a task that I have done a number of times in the past. H.P. has apparently decided that it is more important to turn product compatibility and support into a profit center than provide reasonable assistance to its customers. If the first persons that I contacted had simply provided me with the source of the driver I could have saved $60.00 and three hours of wasted time. This is my last H.P. product.


I purchage Hp laptop in the month of Feb 2011,from your dealer Digitech Computers Panipat ,Haryana INDIA. I Made acomplaint to the service center of panipat on 11june they launch the complaint on the same day and promise to give on 13 june,when I made a call they refuse to do so & tell your CT number is not matching , I spoke to the costumer care they also were not able to help me,they told me me to talk to the manager,but when I made call to him on his moblie he never pick it at the last he pick it, his wife told me he is very busy I told her tell him if he is free pl talk to me till date he never talk to me,i aiso made a written complaint in the office but no reply. why they put it to make customer fool.


I purchased a desk top computer five months ago and it suddenly stop working. I have spent the last three days 3-4 hours on the phone with non english specking techs. I have been placed on hold for a least 30-40 minutes when they try to get a supervisior who cannot help as well. I have performed every test they requested for me to do at least three times. The computer still does not work. I keep explaining this to them to no avail. I do not want to file a complaint with the AG of Arkansas or the BBB.I just want to get my computer fixed or exchange for a new one. I have got pictures on the computer that I would not want to lose. So one should be able to make a decision even if is the wrong one.


Some time ago, I called HP for help relating to my hard drive on an HP Presario printer. At that time, I spoke with a gentleman whom I could not understand and he could not help me and said my hard drive had crashed. I told him I had a neighbor that worked on computers and that I would call him and see what he had to say. He came and took my hard drive and fixed it “overnight”. The cost of HP’s “phone service was $105.93 and he did nothing”. He called me later and asked what I wanted him to do with this $105.93 and I told him to credit it back to my account.

To this date, this has not happened. I am trying to get my $105.93 back!!!! This will be the last time I purchase any HP Product since I cannot get help and everyone I talk to is foreign and I cannot understand them nor can they understand what I am talking about. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau and submit a complaint against your business. This is terrible and not a way to keep customers coming back. 



When I throw my HP Photosmart C5180 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier in the dump I will never buy HP again. Here’s why: No phone numbers or address to contact anyone for help. No way to discover what Error:Oxc19a0021 is or how to fix it. Ink system has failed message appears but unable to get any meaningful information from the suggested “Refer to printer documentation.” The printer needs to be turned off and on again every time I want to print. Even when it was new, there was an obnoxious noise and waiting period for the stupid printer to calibrate itself with a message “warning: to avoid damage do not turn off the printer.”


My PC is acting like a Puny Chihuahua. If I had the money…why do Mac’s gotta be so expensive?! I would’ve already had one and been typing on my “Air” instead of on this Hewlett-Packard PC still. My boyfriend has a Mac. It takes him 45 seconds to boot up his computer…it takes me…well I didn’t have the patience to time it. All I know is, when I wake up in the morning, I turn on my PC, then go get breakfast while it boots up to the LOG-in screen. Seriously.
This PC has been giving me more and more problems lately.

It’s only 3 years old, but it can act like a 10 year old computer. Dropping the internet connection, “internet error”, long delays in saving or transferring documents..that’s just the start. Who would even bother to buy another PC again?? With the ease of Mac’s user friendly applications and the interfacing of programs (you can email an “excel” document to a Mac computer, and the Mac will STILL OPEN IT…PC’s don’t do that). Apple was so smart for making everything interface friendly. The iphone, itunes, ipad, ipod…all can be easily plugged in to other Apple products and charge easily.

So don’t be a “Grandpa” generation, and be open minded to the Mac! you’ll be glad you did! Trade in your Puny Chihuahua for a nice Lab or Irish Setter.

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