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Gabriel Scarnato
01-22-2015 4:46 am

I rented a 2014 Dodge caravan from the Hertz office in Bunnell Florida. I had the truck for 4 days and wanted to keep it longer its return was set for 12/30/2014 I called the office on 12/29/2014 told them that I would need it for another 3 days they said that it was fine.I drove the truck to my sisters house in woodhaven Florida where the brakes failed I was lucky that I was able to use the curb to help stop me or myself and my Grandchildren could have been killed. I called the Hertz number for road service and told the lady what has transpired she was very nice and sent a tow truck to my sisters home to pick up the Hertz rental SUV. The keys were left with the truck as I was told to do and that was the end of it I thought.

After 2 weeks went by I noticed a large charge on my credit card from Hertz, I contacted the office in Bunnell and spoke with the manager. He informed me that the truck was missing and that I was the last one to have it and that I was being charged everyday until I brought back the truck. I then explained exactly what happened he said that he had no record of the truck being towed. I told him that I called Hertz and that they sent the tow truck and that I had no Idea where it was and that it was not my responsibility anyway he claimed that I was the last one to have the truck and that he was charging me daily until I found the btruck then hung up on me. I spent hours tracking down the truck by calling the Hertz customer service department who informed me that they picked up the truck and that it was in the storage yard at the wrecker company in tamps because they were closed and the tow truck driver did not know what to do with the truck so he took it to their storage yard.

I then called the manager at the Bunnell office gave him all of this information and I again thought that the matter was over but the manager at the Bunnell kept charging my creit card for the truck I called him again and he claimed that he still had no idea where his SUV was I asked him if he called the wrecker yard that I gave him the number for that I had to track down doing Hertz job and the managers job too I called him again and asked him if he spoke with the storage yard he said yes but the idiot did not ask them any questions about how the truck was delivered there and to this day 01/21/2015 is still charging my credit card so with all of this information I am contacting a attorney and filing charges against Hertz We will see what happens when you eople hire dumb people to handle important jobs that are thieves. See you in court.

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