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HDFC Bank Limited, is an Indian owned banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is the second largest bank in India based on reported holdings. Among other international stock exchanges HDFC is publicly traded on the NYSE:HDB. Revenues in 2015 were reported as over (INR) 602 billion. (Currency in India is the Rupee and in January 2016 one rupee=45-50 US dollars.) With over 4200 branches throughout India, 2015 recorded over 76,000 employees.

To contact HDFC Bank you may call from the USA 1-855-207-8106 and from Canada 1-855-846-3731. There are also numbers for United Kingdom and Singapore. If you want to contact the CEO, Aditya Puri you may address a postal correspondence to the Mumbai, India headquarters at HDFC Bank House, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbia 400013, India.

Since a 2012 banking relationship between them, HDFC Bank has been called the Wells Fargo of India. HDFC began in 1994 by Hasmukhbhai Parekh. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

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I have newly established company. Will be open current account at HDFC Bank.Tilak Road Branch,Pune.on 15th January 2017. Today is 8th February 2017 and till the date I have not received - 1) Dabit Card 2) Activated net banking etc. How I process my funds ,its a big worry for me now. No one co-operate with us,No one pickup our calls. Such a bad very bad experience in HDFC Tilak Rd Pune branch.
Suffering from bad situation just because of Account in HDFC


I will like to share the worst experience I have ever received by HDFC bank. I have requested a Loan top up by adding to my old personal loan but HDFC by mistakenly processed a fresh loan for the requested amount by adding the old loan balance. Because of which I have put in a position to pay 20K EMI per month this mistake was done by a advisor, Mobile #(9176137067). When i followed up they asked to contact a manager named Joseph (9884711320) a very worst manager on customer service department. I was following him for September 5th but not action taken on this activity.

I have owned an account for 5 years on HDFC bank the way of response is very worst for me even tough the mistake is from their end. I would request to please take necessary action on this & from a middle class family i will not able to pay such amount as monthly EMI. Because of this many of my family medical expense is getting affected request to take appropriate actions at the earliest adding to that. Please help me to take actions. By that I don't want any other people getting affected by this future, trusting for a solution by sharing in this forum.


My name is Nitish Ghai and my credit card number is with HDFC Bank. Today on 15 Jan 2016 around 17000 from my HDFC savings account was put on hold with regards to non-payment of Credit Card dues. This is completely illegal. This cannot be done without any information. When I called HDFC customer service people today, no one was able to give me proper reply and the kind of rude people you employ, only god can save HDFC bank. Also if there was any issue with my credit card, I should have received a call from you for settlement. I was ready for that.

But without my information and authorization, money from my savings account cannot be directly taken. This is breach of security and personal information. This is not acceptable. Also they told me that I will receive a call from some department but i did not receive any call. I am ready to go ahead with settlement for the pending dues. These things need to be talked about but directly hacking my savings account is direct piracy. I also told previously by the corporate office that bank people to convert this in EMI. They told me it will be done but never was. This is real torture. This will directly be due to the inappropriate actions taken by HDFC bank.I want this to be resolved today and want my money back.

This is a mental trauma that I m going through since morning. Looking for resolution on urgent basis.


The worst ever customer service i came across and being in the customer service industry i don't even think of giving any rating (Even 0 is also kind of rating). They don't follow basics on call, made 10 calls in 48hours but didn't receive even single call as committed. But they are good at one thing that is passing on the buck to someone. Hope someone senior really look into this matter if they do really care about their customers.


Want to know how HDFC customer Support is : Here it is: Some Representative named Sanjay was calling me on my cell on 16th dec 2012 about my Loan EMI & unfortunately I forgot my mobile at my home desk so very obvious not being answered to that calls, in night same day when i camed at home, i got to see 70 misscalls & blackmailing SMS on my cell, also not even this sanjay started calling to my friends number which I am completely unaware about that. Next day i started receiving calls from my friends & reporting me that as got called from HDFC bank, which is completely annoying to me now, I dont know who is Customer in this situtation, either me Customer or Sanjay, & got to know this is how HDFC serves their Customer,I called it as pathetic service.

Next day morning 10:15am I answered Sanjay's Call & i asked a very simple question to him why did you text me which is seems to be blackmailing to me, not even this, infact Sanjay was laughing at me when m asking this question & So simply I asked to sanjay, i can't talk to person like you any more, that really irritating me, let me talk to your Senior, he is not responding at that moment for a minute, & later on i told him call me if you allow me to talk to your senior & then got call again in next 2 minutes & finally a long missbehaving conversation from sanjay,then I spoke to his senior Person who's Name is Pratab from the same branch Kandivali (Mumbai), Pratab is gentle in talk & he understand the situtation & he aggred that what Sanjay did is completely Wrong, & Pending EMI is paid on same day 17th Dec 2012 & before ending call Pratab said we will take some action on Sanjay for sure.

I dont know what action you & your team can take on him, but one thing is clear that I not happy to continue my account in HDFC any more (Dont worry before closing this account I'll pay every single penny which I took from HDFC as LOAN) & Not even this i'll not suggest to anyone to prefer HDFC bank for Banking. because I dont know is their a tracking system to track such pathetic misbehaving Executives like Sanjay. & their are more chances to have such kind of uneducated & illitrate peoples working in your HDFC Bank to serve worst Costomer care experience.

If possible I would like to share this worst experience over Web with everyone (I am ready to do SEO to get listed in top list of HDFC search, so max. people will come to know about this.) Its really hurts because I am being paying EMI's since from last more than one year. (Never had experience worst than this) I am Not happy at all. Please Call to Pratab for confirmation, If you think this is a SPAM or Fake. Its my pleasure to talk to senior person who's reading this mail about this misbehaviour Issue.


From, BHUSAWAL-425201 Dated-23-3-2013. R/sir, I the undersigned(Mrs. Shubhadha Govind Patil R/o. 4 CSN 86-A, 874-A Radheshyam Building, Tapi Nagar, Bhusawal.) want to bring to your notice that, I was intending to invest 100,000/- rupees in the year 2009.As I was already the HDFC Banks customer, I approached the HDFC Bank of Bhusawal Branch and as per the advice of the branch manager the amount was deposited in the account which was advised by then branch manager Mr. Ajay Jain. It was suggested by the Branch Manager that I shall be free to in-cash the invested amount after the period of maturity and whenever in need after three years, but to the notice of me after a period of 1 year it was seen that the amount was not invested in a fixed deposit plan but it was another scheme which is continued for 10 years.

From the broachers received thereafter it was confirmed that I was cheated by the branch manager Mr. Ajay Jain by investing the amount in a wrong scheme by luring me falsely. When the second installment was due for payment, once again I was advised to deposit 100,0007- rupees under the same lure & threaten that the event of not depositing this installment the deposited amount may get forfeited therefore the second installment was also paid by me.

Now it is very clear that I have been cheated by showing false lure by Mr. Ajay Jain. I immediately tried to the HDFC Banks notice through email dated 11/2/2011 received by the HDFC Bank. In this email I specifically requested the HDFC Bank for my desire to withdraw the said amount. Therefore once again I request you to please arrange for refund of the said amount which was already deposited by me without any deductions & at-least with the prevailing rate of interest. I further request you initiate legal action against Mr. Jain who had ill-advice me and tried to maligned HDFC Banks reputation

I hope the matter will be considered kindly to just stop wrong signals among the customers who otherwise will be kept at bay for depositing the amount in banks.That becomes harmful for the healthy growth of our country.


I was approached by some agent of HDFC BANK for issue of credit card, wherein it was told that, I was eligible for Platinum Card , free of cost for whole life, and the payment was to be made with in 50 days , against any purchase, 6th of the month as starting date. But after some days I received a telephone call from your office regarding insurance, where in I requested to email me the terms and condition of insurance so as to take the decision. But I have been dispatched the insurance policy without providing the details.

Subsequently I received the detail of debits in credit card account to the tune of Rs.6899 along with processing charges and service tax etc. I immediately called on the phone of HDFC Bank , 0172 4694332, and I was advised that the request for cancellation of policy will be made , and there is provision of free look. To day I again called the above said number and advised that they will inform me. I have to state that I do not have believe in telephonic business, where in you people record the call, but nothing in writing is available to the client. I therefore request you to cancel the captioned policy and credit the proceeds and processing charges to my account under advice to me .

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