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Frontier Airlines is a United States, low cost carrier headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It is a subsidiary brand of Indigo Partner, LLC and operates over 275 flights daily. Frontier has a fleet of 60 carriers and flies to 59 destinations including 40 US cities, Mexico and Jamaica. There are over 3,000 employees and Airline Weekly reported that in April-June 2015 Frontier had net profits of over US 54 million.

If you have a problem with a Frontier Airlines flight or service, call 801-401-9000. You may also look here for Contact Us information. To contact CEO, David Siegal with personal postal correspondence, address your letter to him with Frontier Center One, 7001 Tower Road, Denver, Colorado 80249-7312. The corporate office phone number is 720-374-4200.

Frontier Airlines began in 1994 and its slogan is ‘low fares done right’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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My experience with Frontier was horrific , It started when my family an I boarded the plan from Philly to Punta Cana. One of the flight attendants was rude. Ready to return home on 10/13/18 from an awesome birthday celebration to only be informed that your flight was cancelled. The staff in Punta Cana was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and NON SYMPATHETIC to our needs and the inconvenience that this caused. Our flight was suppose to leave at 3:50PM we were not informed of the delay until 3:54 pm once this put it on the displayed monitor . I have pictures of the staff just standing behind the desk having conversations among themselves. Not informing the customer of what's going on, many passengers went up to the counter
and the staff had no answers. The captain came out an announced that the plane had a mechanical problem and that they where doing their best to get it fixed. As soon as they knew something they would inform us, (this was better than the Punta Cana staff) and that they were getting something to eat. What about food voucher the 166 passengers that has been at the airport since 1pm? No this didn't happen. So may family and I purchase food because, its almost 8pm and everything closes at the airport . Then then move us to gate 26 and all the passengers and excited because, we think we are getting on a plane (not). They inform that we will have to spend the night and they are putting us up at Now Onyx and we have to ready for pickup 4:30 AM . We check in and are informed that the buffet closes at 10:45 PM therefore, we have to eat really fast.
I will send a copy this email to your corporate office in Denver for a response . I was very disappointed in the lack of professionalism , communication and empathy of your staff.

I can be reached at or 215-837-7896 Terry E Robinson

Thank you, for your time in this matter.

Thanks you for you time in the this matter.


My wife and I reservations on 10/17/2018 to fly from Austin to Las Vegas for our 33 wedding anniversary, but my mother in law passed away on 10/14/2018. At first my wife changed the flight to 10/17/2018 to 10/19/2018 instead of the original dates 10/17/2018 to 10/21/2018. Then she had a change of heart and decided it wasn't right to go on a trip while her mother laid in the funeral home waiting to be buried on 10/20/2018. My complaint is that we were never offered a chance to take our flight within a year. We were told that if we changed are ticket it would be a one time arrangement. Are you in business for customer satisfaction in order to make money and for customers to come back to your company. There was a time when people cared.


flight 1568 was for over 3hrs w was suppose to leave at 7:45pm arrive I Trenton NJ at 9:45pm didn't leave till after midnight,Iwas in a wheel chair when plane arrive had to limp on the plane.when arrivein Trenton circle for over 20minutes had to land in Philldelphia pa you offer no shuddle or any way back to Trenton NJ had to limp off the plane cause the sterwardess say their was no one to pick us up had to wait almost anhour to getmy luggage my had to travel 60plus miles to pick me up it was inconvences for him and me didn't home until 5:15am this total unexceptable.Iwill not recoment this airline to anybody. Eunice Buchanon PS I had a brace on my right foot and ankle


I got up at 4am to go to Cleveland ohio from pa to ,cartch my flight on your airlines. got on the plane at 7.30am there was something wrong with the plane so they told everybody if they wanted to get off and stretch they can but make sure you take your boarding pass with you so you can get back on a lot of people got off . I dident cause I was handi caped.was on there for 3hrs then they said the plane was canceled so we had to get a cab which cost 30 to got to my nieces car and we drove to florida . we stayed 2 night at a motel with it cost money I was so afraid I was going to miss my son wedding I got scared the day my son got married I ended up in the hospital in florida. this is the second time iwrote you and it will be the last cause. if I don't get compensated for all the extra money me my niece and daughter spent I will call my lawyer for all that extra money we had to spend there was no other flights out that day to ft myers besides we coudent get are money back . we got are airfare back but I want compensated . if it wasent for my niece we would of been stuck at the airport. I don't not want no voucher . i will never book another ticket we got are air fare back about a week later are airlines. are seats were L8jstz. carol Bowser 2479 bela rd parker pa 16049


I purchased a ticket on your airline because I thought I could save some money but when I printed out my boarding pass, I found out there was a hidden fee of $30 for a seat. What! Are you kidding me! Am I supposed to stand up! Then, when I got to the airport, I found out theirs an entry fee of $12 . And to top it off another $60 for my carry on bag. I was traveling to Boston so now I have to drive an hour from RI to Boston. I could have flown all the way in to Logan Airport for much less money. I usually fly Jet Blue. I WILL NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE AGAIN! And I will make sure my family and friends never fly your airlines either! No where on your site does it say anything about these fees! This is so ridiculous! You should state the fees on your website so customers know how much it will cost them! This was an inconvenience to me and I spent too much money! I am very upset about this!


To Whom it May Concern:

My flight from Phoenix to Colorado Springs was cancelled on July 7th per complaint and refund request with Frontier : Frontier Airlines: Refund Request [Incident: 180710-001515] on July 10th, 2018.

On July 23rd 2018 I received an email stating "we were unable to access the documents you may have provided. Please note the original itemized receipts must be sent over as an attachment, preferably a PDF or JPEG format." the receipts and documents were sent in PDF.

The inconvenience of having to rent a car and leave the resort early to drive 15 hours back to Colorado Springs where my vehicle was parked was not only frustrating but inconvenient. I am expecting a full refund in the amount of $442.80 plus rental reimbursement of $76.26 for a total of $519.06 to be put back on my card ending in *4459.

Rosemarie Campbell


I was scheduled to depart from Philadelphia International Airport on 12/17/2016 at 7:30 pm. I was not that upset that we were delayed in departing until 9:30-10:00. My complaint is that when I arrived in Orlando and went to get my baggage. The luggage was broken I had checked two bags and both were brand new. One just purchased and one provided by my father and mother in law to use for our family vacation.

The handle one my daughters bag was broken so she had to carry it instead of being able to pull it with its handle and wheels. The other suitcase the shell case is in pieces under the cloth material just shaking around no protection from outside elements. this was the disturbing part I had a present a flatiron hair tool for my daughter and it was in the front pocket and was not there when we got our luggage. I am upset that the fact our luggage was just thrown around and broken so now we would have to replace the luggage before we leave vacation to return home. I gave this a rating of 3 because I did enjoy the flight but my luggage intact would have been perfect.


My family and I were scheduled to fly from DIA to LAX on flight 403 on 12/17/16. We arrived at Gate A-36 at 0633. 0800 I had to check with service desk because we were not boarding and was told we are being delayed 35 min, flight scheduled to depart at 0800. At 1333 we were notified that our flight was being cancelled! It is now 1531 and I am still at airport because Frontier can not tell us where our bags are at because they lost them! I will inform you that my wife has a medical condition and needs her medication which is in the luggage! I am hiring a lawyer and suing the hell out of Frontiet! Let this be a fact and promise!


I have used Frontier Airlines only a few times now I remember why. This is the second time my luggage has been damaged both times the zipper was broken and my luggage was useless to me. This time I took the insurance but it did me no good either. Another time I flew Frontier I missed Christmas with my family and what made it worse that was the first Christmas after my husband died. The airlines blamed the weather in Salt Lake but the weather was fine.


This airline is a joke. You are given a price when searching for flights, then are nickel and dimed at every chance. Their customer service is essentially non existent. I will absolutely never fly Frontier again.


I fly all the time and have never flew on frontier and will never do it again, I can deal with the fact that they nickel and dime you for everything, but I flew to Atlanta, GA and when I got to baggage claim to get my bag the zipper had been ripped open and my clothes had been moved around and my medication (narco) had been stolen. The customer service said that I can get more medication and that they will not replace my $200 bag but I can replace the part on my zipper that's tore up and send them a receipt and they will refund me. To top off the day the other customer service girl went to the other counter to tell the ticket customer service lady what happen, that wasn't professional at least she could have waited for me to leave.


I dropped my niece and her friend off at Orlando International Airport at 0900 more than 2 hours before their flight was to leave they waited in line for more than an hour with 3 agents on duty. Not that this is a surprise but the way these two young adults were treated is. Over the intercom they were all told that if you are leaving for Denver please step forward to get you on the plane. As they did they waited behind another couple and a women behind them. After the agents let the couple go on they looked over my niece and friend (interracial couple) and the agent said that they would have to step aside and let the women behind them go first. My niece questioned this of course like anyone would and the agent was rude in a demeaning tone “MOVE ASIDE”.

The young women left and went on to the plane the agent continued to ignore my niece and pretended to tend to something on the desk. My niece was upset stating why would you ignore us and not let us on and then tell me we missed the flight you made us miss the flight to her amazement the agent stated oh well there is always another one. My niece said no I am not leaving tomorrow I am meeting friends in Denver and I have all our plans hotel and car already paid for. The agent took her time being rude and ignoring them and after an hour got them on a flight at 740pm. Now they have missed a whole day of a vacation they planned and saved for over a year.

I would hate to think that this agent discriminated against my niece and her friend because of the color of his skin, but it seems to be the general consensus of what had happened here. I would hate to believe in this day and age that your employees are not taught tolerance and humanity before they begin to work with such diversified people. This county has all types, it is a melting pot of unique beautiful people that no more need to be judged by society for whom they choose to date as what skin color they have. I would have hoped better for a company that greets so many in a days-time.

I would hate to think of what would come of this when I send a letter out to every media outlet I can find to tell the story of blatant discrimination. I am sure Frontier would suffer as my niece and her companion did. How belittling it is that Frontier Airlines would allow for such disgrace of other human beings. Not only do you owe my niece and her friend an apology you owe them for a trip they lost a day on and the humiliation that everyone else got on that plane except the interracial couple that was told to step aside.


My wife flew on a flight from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota (MSP) on 7 April 2016 on Flight Number F91191. The main concern about this flight, she was charged an additional $35.00 for a carry on purse on top of the charges for the 2 bags she and I paid for. I fly most of the time on other carriers and I pay for baggage to be placed in the cargo bay and what I carry on as well. So if I carry my CPAP Machine or Oxygen apparatus I do not absorb any additional charges. I keep on wondering is your airline in the process for filing for bankruptcy or are you desperate to charge additional charges above and beyond what my wife and I paid for. On top of that my wife asked for a cup of water and the flight attendant told her the charge for that item is $1.00. I cannot believe an airline company would pull this crap on it's passengers or any other person that would fly your airline.


I come out to Denver to see a medical specialist. I was traveling back to WI with three sealed bottles of supplements for my disorder. Upon arriving home, my clothing was all in disarray and 1 of my sealed supplement bottles was missing. These are 30.00 per bottle. This is very concerning! Someone in security is stealing!


Back I don't know when my mother purchased a ticket for me on Frontier Airlines, using her credit card. When i called to cancel they said it would be a 200 dollar cancelation fee. I said don't worry about it and hung up. They cancelled the ticket threw expedia. Only expedia and my mom had the right to cancel that ticket. My next letter is to the BBB.


My sister, 65, and I, 67, were first denied boarding in Denver on 29 Feb 2016 at 9:30 because we were the last to check in and the flight to Orlando, FL, was overbooked. We had had our reservations for some time. The travel agency, Casa Blanca, had not given me the confirmation code to facilitate check-in; nor did they tell us that we had to pay $16 additional for each seat, that carry-on luggage was $45 each, reclining seats are extra and limited, and even water is not provided, as I have a dry mouth syndrome where I do not make saliva. Needless to say we were not elated when we were drastically separated on the plane at the last minute.

For the return flight on 6 Mar 2016, I had the confirmation code so I was able to check us in ahead of time and get assigned seats. I decided it was less expensive and less hassle to check our small suitcases, so that's what I did. There were no reclining seats available. We arrived at the airport with time to spare, but we had to wait in a very long line to get boarding passes because we did not have access to a printer. The lady at the desk finally called for all passengers for Denver to move to the front, but we were already near the front.

Then we had to get in the ridiculously long line for security. We were in that cattle line going back and forth for two hours and twenty minutes! We could not rush much because my sister had had injections in her knee just two weeks before the trip to Florida. The flight down had damaged her knee so badly that she could not enjoy herself, and she had no rush left. I ran on ahead of her to the plane,which had boarded already. I told the attendant my sister was right behind me, and she said we had to take a later flight. That was just not an option, as I had arranged for my niece to drive from Colorado Springs to pick us up at 5:30 pm so I could make an engagement at 7:30 pm in CO Springs. My sister showed up then and we got on the plane. When we arrived in Denver, my sister had to wait for everybody to deplane and needed a wheelchair the rest of the time, right up to getting in our car. The trip did irreparable damage to her knee and she has to have the injections again or perhaps surgery.

We will never fly again, or at least not on Frontier. Oh yes, the one thing that CAN be fixed is the charge on my credit card for both checked baggage and carry-on baggage. When I checked in for the return flight, I said 2 checked bags at $35 each (although the website says $30 each). My bill or receipt, whichever it is, that I received by email, shows the charge for checked baggage at $70, assigned seats at $32 (2 x $16 each) and $122 for 2 carry-on bags (2 @ $45 each although the website says $40 each) and 2 assigned seats @ $16 each, which are already listed above. We only sat in two seats, not four, and we had no carry-on bags except our purses which went under the seats in front of us. If nothing else, I want my money back on the two extra seats and the carry-on baggage which did not exist.


I booked a flight on Frontier Airlines departing @4:35 pm from Denver to Washington DC it was 4hrs delay do to a maintenance issue by the time we landed in Washington DC @1:45 am Budget car rent was closed. I waited 4hrs to get on the plane now I have to wait till 5:30 am when they open with my 9 year old I am more then livid tired angry. This is unexpected and want reimbursement for time and suffering from the Frontier Airlines corporate office.


I recently flew on your air line from Las Vegas to Chicago. I was totally disappointed with my experience. My sister have a pinched nerve and had to have wheelchair assistance to the gate. I had an early flight and wanted to make sure I was on time so I was picked up from my hotel at 5 am for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 810 am. After sitting at the gate her my sister was paining waiting to board the aircraft I began to get concerned that we had not began to board the flight and it was getting close to time to depart. one of my concerns was no one made any announcement about a delay. I went to the counter to ask the agent if the flight was delayed and was then informed that the flight was on a delay. I she sat back down and waited and waited and waited and waited. Still the agents never informed anyone of the delay or why we were delayed (announcements were not made). Eventually we boarded about three hours later. Once we got on the flight the lack of customer service continued with the flight attendants. I Never seen not one of the flight attendants smile during the entire flight. One snapped at my sister she looked up and saw she was picking up trash my sister had paper that needed to be discarded. I she up the paper in my hand. The flight attendant snapped "Wait a Minute". This was my first time flying on Spirit Air Lines. I don't know if this is the norm or if all the employees that we came into contact with during our flight home was having a BAD DAY. It is my belief that it is not the later. To make matters worse after landing in Chicago, there was no power in the jet bridge so they had to back to aircraft out the gate and go to another gate.. By this time my pain was unbearable. I really like for someone to would contact me concerning this horrible flying experience.


I recently planned to go on a short vacation from Chicago to Las Vegas, Nevada. When my family and I checked in for the flight we were told that we had to use a credit card to pay for our checked luggage. I gave a gentleman working the baggage counter my credit card and he stated the charges did not go threw. He then stated he could use his card if we paid him cash. He asked that we not tell anyone about this. Due to the time constraints we paid him the cash for the checked luggage. I called my bank and spoke with someone to check to see if there was something wrong with my card when I arrived at the gate and was told that all my money was available and nothing was wrong with the card. I am appalled that someone would scam me, and essentially hold my bags hostage. I had no other choice but to pay him cash or miss the flight. I would like for someone to look into this matter for me and I would like to be reimbursed. This employee is using his power to target and pry on passengers for the sake of his on opportunistic greed. Just check to see if a credit card were used to pay for baggage.


My mom, Bessie Cotton, went on a trip to Vegas the beginning of April and was sent to the wrong terminal by a Frontier ticket agent with a very nasty attitude. Trip was between 4/1/15 and 4/10/15. Terrible service I will be posting this on all social networks for people info about this airline!


Last spring I missed my flight to San Diego because I was ill and had a Dr. letter. When I booked a flight for this spring, I was told I would have a $146.00 credit because I couldn't fly last year. I booked the flight for 5 p.m. About a month ago I got a notice that my 5 p.m. flight was cancelled and I had to take the 8 a.m. flight. This means I need to leave home a 5 a.m. and pay for a shuttle whereas I would have been able to take a bus. Then when I got my boarding pass today I was on the telephone with an agent for 50 minutes. First of all, they had my first name as my last name on their records. The website looked like I had to choose a seat for $12.00 with no indication that it was not necessary. Then I saw that the charge they called "spoilage" was the $146.00 that I thought I had credit for. That was removed from my charges (I hope) and I was also informed that I did not have any credit for the missed flight. If I had known that in the first place I would not have even booked a flight with Frontier. As it turns out my flight is going to cost $444.20, if they have actually taken off the $146.00 I was given a $75.00 voucher, which I don't intend to use as I do not intend to fly Frontier ever again.


I purchased trip insurance when booking the trip and unfortunately we had to travel earlier than the scheduled date. I told the customer service agent we had booked trip insurance and they said they couldn't help and had to pay the 75$ change fee and that I would need to call the insurance agency to dispute it. After calling 5 different places I was only able to get a form to fill out to dispute the charge and they said Frontier could have helped out because they probably couldn't do anything. I called again today to cancel the return flight and they said I would need to pay another 75$ fee to cancel the flight and I asked the customer service agent named Gabriel and he was so rude. He said he couldn't help at all and I told him we fly frontier repeatedly and asked if there was anything they could to do help - and he said that that I could try another airline then. When I asked to speak with someone else he refused and said they would tell me the same answer. All we wanted was to see if we could get credited today's ticket for a future travel date.


I have a gift card. It's two years old. It has no expiration date. Good in perpetuity. I have been on hold for two hours today trying to buy a ticket. The customer service rep has such a bad connection that I can't hear a word she is saying and I have to get her to repeat herself. They have add on after add on for seats, luggage, etc. I thought I was at the end of this purchase when she left me on hold for 20 minutes. I finally gave up and tried calling back. They are incompetent!!! When I got the next customer service rep she said I should book online only. I laughed and gave her the number on the back of the card, told her to call them and tell them what she said. In short, you can only book over the phone. So the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. I finally did some research on why they couldn't honor the gift card and it says that they no longer take gift cards...but this one has no expiration date. Any suggestions out there in complaintville? I think I'm going to have to go to the airport and get to a ticketing counter. I should charge them for gas. This sucks!! Two hours later....


I traveled with Frontier Airline in March from Trenton to Orlando. Our flight was fine. What happen before my flight was not. When I was at the check in counter with my cousin we gave the reservation our credentials as asked. When she gave back our IDs she gave them both to my cousin. So when I was ready to board the plane I was frantic because I could not find my license. Luckily the airport is tiny because I ran all over from the check in to the restaurant looking for it. The girls at the desk where no help at all. They acted like they could care less and they were lacking in professionalism. When I ran back down to the boarding area my cousin told me that she had it tucked in with the boarding passes. I rather work on the solution to this problem than a negative comment. I would like someone to tell the girls at the counter to always give each ID to that specific person. I feel that safety and professionalism needs to be improved at your airport.


Flying out of sfo to Denver for a family wedding. Got here 1.5 hrs early. Got to our gate at 950. There was another flight boarding out of the same gate so a lot of people. Never heard a thing. Went to the front desk at 1000 and we're told the doors were closed and we missed our flight. What kind of service is that?! Sat on hold for 40 minutes only to get yelled at by the customer service person. The whole time on hold the recording said they were redoing their customer service. They are going to need a lot of help to fix this mess. What a joke!


This airline had one person for a whole plane. The gentleman who was before us took like 15 minutes, and once we got up there they said the check-in hour ended, and they told us that the supervisor will come soon. The supervisor showed up more than two hours late, and he told his co-worker to solve this problem because he was not going to do it. Now we are in the stand by list for today's flight, hope we can get in.


Why are the staff so ignorant and poorly trained-re the horrendous experience of Alison Wallis. I am coming to the USA later this year and will be using internal flights. If this is the way Frontier treat disabled people we will definitely not be flying Frontier.


I have a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It causes many secondary issues, including POTS Syndrome- a type of autonomic system failure that causes fainting and blood pressure and heart issues. I suffer muscle spasms and tremors similar to a Parkinson's or MS patient would experience, as well as digestive/urinary system issues and neurological system problems. Blood pools in my legs, which means I need to be able to recline frequently and to be able to raise my feet, thus the need for an Economy Plus or bulkhead seat. At least two weeks prior to our trip, I called Frontier and requested a bulkhead seat for myself, my husband who acts as my physical assistant while I travel, and our six-year-old. I had them notate in my record that I was a faint risk, and needed wheelchair assistance both on the plane and at the gate when I deplaned.

Saturday, Jan 3
- Flight #F9 0102 Frontier PVR to DEN
- Delayed due to weather
- Delayed due to mechanical issue
- Canceled due to mechanical issue

I was wheeled through security, then left and forced to wheel myself to the gate, which was furthest gate from restroom. The wheelchair was broken with bare metal screws on the armrest. I asked for a different chair, which denied, even though there were other, newer chairs available within view from the same place they took the chair they gave me. We arrived at airport around 2pm. We were released around 9:30 pm. I had to wheel myself and my child to the bathroom multiple times. By the end of the day my hands were bleeding, and I was suffering full-body muscle spasms from the physical strain. We were promised by the gate agent, Veronica Dama, that we would be placed on the next flight out to Denver.

We were given no vouchers and no food or water. We returned to my husband's parent's home to spend the night, he spoke to Frontier, who said that the first flight out the next day was 4:09 PM. We later discovered that we were lied to, and that the first flight out was at 2pm. I spent the night recovering, and still experiencing full-body spasms, migraine and urinary issues. My husband made new connection arrangements, since we missed our Frontier connection to Vegas and subsequent connection home on another airline. Frontier switched our flight to FLT 757 Denver connect to Phoenix. We purchased tickets on Hawaiian for $1300 to go from Phoenix to Honolulu to fly Monday. We were charged for a bulkhead seats for us (disabled person and assistant) on both flights. ($40 person). We left a checked bag that we paid for in Mexico so we could make our connections.

Sunday, Jan 4
Rescheduled Flight 2002 Frontier PVF to DEN

Arrived at airport, asked for wheelchair assistance, was rolled through security and left without further assistance. We asked to speak to a supervisor, and they refused to send out someone. We discovered there was in fact an earlier flight, and they refused to discuss it. We asked again to speak to a supervisor, and were told to speak to the co-pilot, and that they would send him out. The copilot came out two hours later, during which time we were given no information. We taped most of the conversation, and he mentioned, “If I were you, I'd pursue legal action.” He was unable to help us, but did say that he would radio ahead to help us make our very tight Frontier connection to Phoenix. The flight was again delayed, by two hours and twenty-five minutes. The airline was aware that I was a faint-risk, and that I was not going to be able to board the plane without wheelchair assistance.

The gate was a gate that did not have access to a jet-way. I again asked Veronica Dama, the same gate agent from the previous day, if I would have assistance boarding. She again assured me that they would have a chair lift. We were boarded on a bus and driven out to the airplane. There was NO chairlift. At this point I'm physically shaking and dizzy, and obviously in severe physical distress. Myself and two other handicapped people (both with obvious leg injuries- one lady was in a wheelchair and one had a knee-scooter) were made to hop up the steps.

No one offered to help physically assist me or help with my baggage. I asked someone on the tarmac where the lift was, and was told, “Either take the steps or don't get on.” I boarded the plane- my husband stood behind me in case I fainted, in order to catch me so I didn't hit my head. We asked for the flight attendants name, and he refused to give it. They did not even offer water, instead offering it for purchase. We were assured there would be someone with a wheelchair at the gate, because we had a tight connection. We were made to wait ten minutes for a chair. When we arrived, we were told, “It's ok, because we canceled the Phoenix flight anyway.”

We were wheeled to the ticket counter because Flight 757 was canceled due to crew fatigue and not having another crew, and we spent the next two hours at the ticket counter trying to figure out how to get from Denver to Hawaii. We spent $200 per ticket ($600) plus $60 for an economy comfort seat for me for Hawaiian airline tickets from LA to HON. My spasms and pain was so bad by that point that I laid down on the tile floor, drifting in and out of consciousness. My six-year-old had to keep an eye on me while my husband was sent to various other ticket counters to try and book us tickets- she was scared and upset. I was offered a blanket, accepted the offer, and the blanket was never produced.

We were given a taxi voucher for a hotel 20 minutes from the airport, in 10 degree weather. We arrived around 11:30 that night. We were also given food vouchers and they paid for the motel. The next day we arrived at the airport at 5:45 am. We were told by the ticket agent the previous day that it would be no problem making our tight connection from LA to HON, because “the gate is right across, and you don't have to go thru security. You're flying into 31 and flying out of 28.” I requested a wheelchair be ready at the gate when we arrived.

We actually did have to go through security yet again. We only made our connecting flight because Hawaiian Air held the flight for a few minutes. I found the whole event incredibly painful, both physically and emotionally. Frontier has offered no restitution beyond flight vouchers, and considering I'm never flying them again, we did not accept those.


Had to fly Frontier from Nashville to Denver, Denver to Anchorage, Alaska. On plane to Nashville, first thing I noticed is how FILTHY the plane was! There was dirt all over the walls and compartments, trashed magazines and garbage in the seats. In Denver, needed to change one seat so my family could sit together, (my husband with me and our toddler). The woman at the counter was completely berating and humiliating the man in front of me because he wanted to sit with his wife and infant.


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