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Firestone was founded by Harvey Firestone in the 1890’s has been leading in the performance of rubber tires since then. The Firestone Tire Company was founded on a determination to offer the quality and service it takes to win the race, wherever that race may be. It’s how the non-skid tread pattern an industry standard.

If you have a problem with Firestone you can contact their customer serivce center by calling toll-free 1-844-658-0724. If you would like to reach the corporate headquarters you can direct comments of feedback to Bridgestone America's Inc., 535 Marriott Drive P.O. Box 140990 Nashville, TN 37214-0990.

Common issues with Firestone include All-Season Tires, Summer Tires, Winter Tires, Truck Tires, SUV Tires, Passenger and Minivan Tires and Crossover Tires. The company also offers various Tire warranties like Gold Pledge Limited Warranty, Buy and Try 30-Dau Guarantee, Supplemental Mileage Limited Warranty. Major tire products of Firestone are Champion, Destination, Fire Hawk, Trans Force, Winter Force, Affinity and Precision.

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I am extremely upset about the wear on the Firestone tires that came on my 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 when i purchased it new. I have 17,600 miles on the truck and the tires are just about worn out. I did not expect this to happen as i always had good performance from all of the Firestone tires that i purchased over the years.Firestone Transforce LT 275/70R18 AT OWL. I never thought i would have to put tires on my truck at this amount of mileage.

Guy Bornaschella


I have had two problems with your Firestone store at Maxwell AFB, Al. The first incident when I had my oil change on my Chrysler 300 they did't tighten up the screws on my oil pan so oil was leaking. Drove my car all the way to San Antonio TX and was glad I didn't have any engine trouble that was back in January 2018. My next oil change was free but things like that shouldn't have happen. Before that I taken my Dodge Challenger in had tires put on, and for some strange reason I thought I was was good to go, until I wash my car and notice I had as different Dodge rim on my vehicle. Now I am the only who drove my car. This was not my spear. I was just surprise because I just wash my car. I went up to Firestone and I told the guy to see if they put a my rim on another dodge or had someone called and said if they had the wrong rim on there car. He told me no. Firestone was the only place I been that put tires on my car.Be as it may, the tires were put on back in October 2017 but I didn't notice it until April 2018 after I washed my car. So I went and bought my new rims, didn't want to,but I did. I just wont be using your service any longer.


I I took my car there to get it check for knocking noise up under my front end of my car ok they checked it and said it was my sway bar so i paid to have that done then a couple days later I continue to hear that sound. I Took my car back to them and let them drive it again with me in it and yes he noticed the popping and knocking sound so they checked it again and they said it was my intermediate streering shift and so i paid some more money to firestone on 104 WOODMAN DRIVE to have that done a day later again it's back doing the same thing now i just dont what to do i dont have anymore money. I feel that they is ripping me off and they just don't no what the problem is but continue to say let's try this it should take care of the problem if not it just might be a continuous issue. I spent around $1200.00 between 3/8/18 to 3/29/18 and they still didn't take care of the problem.its sad how they can just take people hard earned money like this


went in for brakes was told 2 hours around $500 my brakes were under warranty. they got sent wrong brake pads had to wait longer. the tech broke one of my calipers because "my car is old" it's only 2010. had to then wait for calipers. luckily they were under warranty but they still charged me for them and had to do a refund while getting charged for the labor even though the tech broke one gave me any type of quote. all in all I waited 5 hours with no sorry. the store manager test drove my car before me taking it and said it was fine. well on the way to work brake light comes on. I will never go back I don't care what's under warranty. I will take the drive to my dealership. very poor customer service. maybe it's because I'm a female they try to take advantage because I know nothing about cars but I refuse to ever go back


Ordered two tires for my truck when i got there they had gotten wrong size. I drove a hour and a half to get there and i call two times the day before two make sure everything was good before i came. They found two tires 2.5 hpurs away 3 hours later still waiting on tires to arrive. I estimate ill ne here five or six hours today no way to run a business im very upset to say the least. The store is in Hickory NC i would like something for my day spent waiting at this store.


Waited in emisions line. I failed. Went to Firestone in Smyrna, TN to fix it. After a 2 hour wait, they said it was fixed. Went back to emissions , waiting in line. It failed again. Went back to Firestone. The mechanic failed to put on an additional part. Had to order it After it came in ,I waited for the add'l part to be installed. Engine passed inspection. That's 3 trips in emmisions line and 3 trips to Firestone a massive waste of time.

With your $100 computer analysis included, my total was $409.18. This included $235.99 for the mass airfllow sensor part. I bought this same part at Advance Auto several months ago for $100.00. That's an outrageous markup! Your rep actually said that Firestone pays more for parts than than consumers do.


I went in to have an oil change & tires rotated. They give me a paper with a total of things I should have done asp. $1478.31?Tell me I need a new battery!( It is new), one of the boots has a crack,(lies) Need new axle shaft(lies). Took my Blazer to a Auto Care specialist this morning and your people are a bunch of liers I'll never go of buy Firestone again! I don't like being taken advantage of because I'm a woman, I know quite a bit about cars. I'm no bumby. Invoice 184597- store 025291


On 16 Jan 18, I brought my 03 Ford explorer in for an oil change, front rotors & brakes and rear brakes and tire rotation at Firestone auto care on Ft Dix/McGuire AFB NJ. I'm in the military and live 85 miles from the Base. On my way home at aprox 65 miles away I began to feel a bad shaking in my front end, I pulled over and checked my tires and noticed all the lugs on the front left tire were loose and one stud was broken off and almost loosing my tire off the vehicle. After jacking the vehicle and tightening the lugs I continued to feel a wobble & hear a grinding noise in the front end. I returned the next day and they replaced the stud and lug and told me everything was fine. Again on my way home the noise was there and I returned this morning (20 Jan) and was told that they had to repair/replace the Reman CV Axle and F Axle shaft and again on my way home this time there was still a Whining and clunking noise in the front end. The same Technician (John) worked on my vehicle every time. This time I brought my vehicle to the Firestone in Newton NJ, I had to leave my truck and now waiting to find out what it is going to cost me again. I feel this all is because of the damage caused by the tire almost coming off due to the lugs not being tightened and feel that I should not be responsible for the damages and should receive a refund for the axles due to the mechanics irresponsibility of doing maintenance.


On December 6, 2017 I called to schedule a alignment on my husbands 2500 Dodge diesel 4x4 truck that has a lifetime warranty on through Firestone. Store #328318 on Fort Carson is the closest (45 minute drive, one way). I asked the tech to quote replacement tires: 285, 70R17. I confirmed the appointment for the alignment and said I would look around for a better price than what he had quoted. H&H tire was able to beat the price by over $109.00. On December 6th I called back to the store to let them know yes, I want the alignment, no, I do not need the tires. The appointment was set for December 7th at 1:00 with a estimated time of 1 hour. On time the front desk tech states he will price match H&H tire. They only have one of the 285 70R17. They call the Academy store and order one from them to be picked up. They changed the estimated time from 1 hour to 4 hours. At this point I'm willing to work with them, they are trying. They confirmed my phone number because my husbands was in the computer and he is deployed to Iraq. They state that they will call me when it is ready for pick up. It's now 4:00 and I have not received a call. I wait until 4:15, now I have to leave to make the 45 minute drive to pick up my child. The same tech states I need a different rated tire and they will have to order it in and it will be here the next day. I explain that the 285 70R17 is what I requested and to just leave them on. The tech states that they didn't put the two new tires on the truck. OK, to clarify I asked if they at least got the truck aligned. The tech states, NO. NO!!?? I ask why didn't they call me. He blamed his boss and said he was suppose to call. Conclusion: I scheduled a appointment for a alignment, NO ALIGNMENT WAS DONE under the lifetime warranty policy that was purchased. They claimed they would price match and replace two front tires, TIRES WERE NOT REPLACED. They stated they would notify me when the vehicle was complete, NOBODY CALLED ME IN OVER 4 HOURS!!!! My time is valuable with my husband deployed and it is only me to make things happen. The customer service of this transition is not acceptable at any level. They did not try to reschedule the alignment, explain how they jacked up a quote or honestly say H&H is the better tire service and I should go with their tire. Your tech just stood there with a look of hoping I would leave. I had to pick up my child and the staff had proven that they are utterly incompetent when it comes to training, customer retention and customer satisfaction. My work order # 085782. The tire quote was separate and they did not give me a copy. I'm disappointed in the store and the lack of wanting to do a good job when they offer a service. I would like to know what happened, just how do you explain doing nothing and not calling the customer knowing that they will return and not be pleased.


I had two vehicles worked on at firestone in Raleigh on Wake Forest Rd. The first vehicle came back 5 times and the issue still hasn't been fixed. The second vehicle is here for the second time. They lie about what they've done. They tell you that their going to get started they walk around playing and talking. I've never seen a business that takes 5 plus tries to get your vehicle right and still don't. Customer service and job performance sucks. I wish i could minus some stars at this point.


I just went to the Firestone in Hanford California. I got there at 10 minutes after five. They close at 6 PM. They have eight bays and three of them were occupied. And they told me they didn't have time to do an oil change. I believe they had plenty of time and plenty of employees and I think you have a huge problem at your Hanford location.


Rude unprofessional attitude at the FIRESTONE STORE located on 5444 Norwood Ave., Jacksonville, Fl. 32208 from employee THOMAS MILLER, Manager Of Tire Sales. I have had an account with FIRESTONE/INTEREST FREE for about 25 or more Years. I FILED a COMPLAINT with the Corporate Office last year concerning your DISTRICT or REGIONAL administrater (a female, that received a promotion, how I don't know), and I was totally Ignored concerning resolution; resubmitted same "problem" to the gentleman that replaced her, still no support/cooperation concerning resolving again. I PAID my account out and SWORE I would NEVER REOPEN it regardless to whatever offers were mailed to me.
Betty Jackson
11834 Alexandra Drive
Jacksonville, Fl. 32218


On Friday 10/27/2017 I went to Firestone the one located after Advance Auto Parts Lake Underhill Rd 32822 for a oil change and they also checked my tires, since I paid the free alignment check always, but anyways, I didn't check if they actually did everything right and didn't make a mess, I trusted, which that was a huge mistake. Yesterday, Monday 10/30/2017 when I went to turn on my car to go to work at 6am it made a ugly noise coming from the engine, I turned off and on the car like two times to see if it would do it again and open the hood and check, there was, is, oil all over the cover that goes over the engine, a mess, and the cap of the windshield wipers is not on, and I can put it on like I used to, don't know what they did to it, but they messed it up. You can noticed they rushed over my car to do the work. Don't know why they even took off or touch the windshield wipers cap if they didn't put not even a drop of anything there, it's empty you know. My car is new, I still pay for it, it's been always in good, excellent condition, never gave me any kind of problems up to now, that it made that weird noise and it's acting up. Firestone is completely responsible for this and I want this people to know what they did. My windshield wipers cap I want it to close and open like before, even if you have to buy everything new again. I want answers and soon. Thank you


I came to firestone close to work on Delray Beach, the first time I had a really bad experience and I actually gave them a second chance just because of the convenience of the location. I got my car in because it was making a weird noise and they told me it was the axis, then they called me and told me a bunch more things that were wrong with my car (which I usually take it to the okeechobee location, and they always tell me my car is perfect) one of the things they told me is that I needed to change the oil and that I need to do this every 3 months or 3,000 miles and that I need to be more careful with my car, which it wasn't true because I took my car to the firestone by my house earlier and they change the oil like 2 weeks before I took my car to this location. I told them and they were like well we don't see it in our system, then they told me that they didn't have one axis on the store and that they needed to order it and that they will call me, they never did so I ended up calling them today and they told me they been calling me and to bring my car (4 weeks after the first time I got my car in). So I brought my car and the guy told me they been calling me and living voicemails, and I told him I never got one and he told me well i guess if you don't have one I cant argue with that so I even ask him are you sure you don't have another phone number for me and he was no, and then he was well your car is going to be ready around 4:40 or 5. I work next door I'm a massage therapist and I was waiting for them to call me to let me know my car was ready to run and pick it up, they never called and when I got out of work I ran there and they were close, I live 35 minutes away that is my only method of transportation is a Saturday night and now I'm stuck at work not knowing how I'm gonna get home because of them. Never again I will bring my car to this Firestone on Delray beach in 6th ave.


Last year I purchased another set of Dueler H/T tires for my Toyota Tundra (p255/70r18). These tires were rated at 60,000 miles. I had my oil change and tires rotated today 10/03/2017 at Firestone 7303 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond VA. I was told that I needed another set of tires. I have less than 30,000 mile on the tires and I paid close to a $1000.00 for the set. Whenever I am having a oil change I always get my tires rotated which is recommended by Firestone. I have alway used the Dueler tires on my truck for years up to this point and always had to replace my tires well before the 60,000 miles. I keep the truck aligned which is also recommended. My major concern now is that I have to buy yet another set of tires for my truck. It is clear that these tires are not performing like advertised. I could have bought a cheap 30,000 mile tire for a lot less money.

This is my third or fourth set of tires which didn't meet your standards. To this point I am a loyal Firestone customer but I want to get what I have paid for. If possible I would like another set of tires. I certainly have paid for them.

I have always received excellent customer service and work from this Firestone and hope to continue being a customer.


I had called Firestone 10/02/2017 to bring in my vehicle ,2005 ford ranger XLT they told me to bring it in and they will get to it and let me know what is wrong,( I had told them I have very little power).So I brought my truck in at 11:08am,your store at 4707 Bannister,kansas city,mo. and they told me they will call me ,they never called so I called them at 12:30pm and they told me I'm next in line will call me, never did so, I called them at 5:52pm and they told me there person who handles that want be in until Wednesday which was not right they have called me out of respect so I could at lease make the the decision to leave or pick it up or take it to somebody else.I never had poor service and irresponsibility at your store before please let me know what you do about this and did not say he was soory when I pick up my key or offer an option.


I purchased 4 primewell tires for my f150 less than 2 years ago kept tire pressure check had tires rotated all 4 tires has became uneven like little eggs making my truck wobble unbelievable I had the front 2 replaced with used tires I am a senior citizen cannot afford to purchase new ones I do have the receipt for the primewell tires please help


I made an appointment at Firestone in advance because I only had one day off. I called to verify the charges for having work to be done. I was told from previous work order the pricing hasn't change. I arrived at 10:45 I was told they forgot to add labor for the back brake drum It will be add't 165.00. I wasn't happy expecting under 500 it was close to $700 with disc. This isn't right! Their mistake I shouldn't have to pay. Then to top it off I had to wait close to an hour before they service my car. what is the sense to making an appt. and verifying price when you don't stand behind what you say! Also I requested the bad parts to return to me. This was done at Firestone in Carlisle PA I don't believe I should pay the extra $165 for Firestone's mistakes. A very unhappy customer.


I went to the Firestone in in High Point North Carolina on Gordon Road I called and ask them can they replace my battery they assured me that they could I have my car towed up there and the tow truck driver was in the trunk to get the towing package in my trunk was absolutely perfect. A day later Firestone customer service called me back and said they could not fix the battery it will have to go to BMW well I got the car to BMW and when I got the battery put in and started driving off I noticed some lights came up with warning I took it back to BMW.

BMW said that somebody else was fooling around with the trunk and they disconnected something that they didn't have to disconnect and broke something. I asked Dave and Firestone will he make good on that I even offered to pay for the part if they would just fix it it's been 3 weeks and I have not gotten any answer from him and I have not spoken to him and he has not called me back now the battery cost me $450 and to fix what Firestone messed up cost $580 I'm willing to pay for the parts and have them fix it. I can't get any answers and the technician said he knew about BMW's and he did not know that it was a building key for the key fob and he came into the trunk by the back seat you can get access to the trunk and he broke something when he could have just used the key to open a trunk.

Now my car is going off saying the trunk is open when it's not open he also the rear view light license plate lights will not come on and was sold alarm keep going off every 5 minutes and it's been that way for 3 weeks like I said I'm willing to share and the cars but Firestone to this point have given me no satisfaction. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars there I have run Flats on my BMW that cost $550 for each one and I must have bought 15 from you guys alone besides the two knobs and fixing everything else and this is the first time I have been treated like this.


On 11/8/2015 at 10:15 a. m I took my car into Firestone for a oil change and alignment service. The service advisor was robert., Technician-Kareem. I picked my car up and everything appears to be fine. Two months later, my maintenance required Light came on we looked up and it say oil change . We took back to Firestone and informed the advisor that we just got the oil change in November and its obvious the tech forgot to reset after he changed the oil. The supervisor came out to where my car was and stated," they don't recommending resetting the maintenance button, we recommended you change the oil because it going on three months."

I expressed to the Supervisor that I just changed the oil November, and I only drove the car 1800 miles from when I brought in at 47,222. miles. I informed him that every 3000 miles or so is the recommendation for a oil change, all I need is for you all to reset the button, due to your tech not doing at the time of the oil change. He stated I needed to change the oil. As a returning customer, I am very upset that this was the only solution for him to correct the problem that his tech failed to reset the button when he changed the oil. I have to paid again for an oil change for them to reset the maintenance button. Very dissatisfied.


Had to get a my car serviced and took it to Fireston down the street. The workers were friendly and professional. They took my car in the back immediatly. I didn't have to wait long for them to be finished. The entire experience was great, and I will take my car there again! 


Every time I found it difficult in servicing my Car and I am not able to get the perfect host to do it. Firestone has given me the best servicing to my car and is affordable within my budget. Firestone give various automobile services like A/C service, Engine repair & tune-up, best oil change, batteries,tyres,repair services and many. I do got the rebate for my servicing and i am happy with services given by Firestone. I suggest you all to give your car servicing in the best place like Firestone for the best rides.

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