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Welcome to the Espon corporate complaints department. Epson is a Japanese electronics company and one of the largest producers of computer printers in the world. The corporate headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan and the company has more than 9 billion in revenue in 2015. They compete primarily with other electronics companies such as Hewlett Packard.

Although they are based in Japan they have a complete U.S. based executive team in America. If you need to contact Epson the best phone number to call is 1-800-GO-EPSON (or toll free 1-800-463-7766).

You can reach a live person Monday to Friday from about 6am to 8pm. The time zone is Pacfic (PST). For customers in the United States who need to get in touch with headquarters, the American mailing address is 3840 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA 90806. Although, the recommend method of reaching Espon customer service is by logging on to their support website here. There are many great help articles and questions listed by printer manufacturer there.

Many of the complaints against Epson customer service related to faulty ink cartridges, which is one of the most important components of a computer print. There have been several class action lawsuits filed against Espon over the years. Key executives at Epson include Seiji Hanaoka (Chairman) and Minoru Usui (President). If you feel like you have been the victim of a rip off or bad service, let us know and file your complaint below.

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How about no stars? No e-mail confirmation on on-line orders? No sympathetic responses to phone call to fake names, Harry, J.D.. Like it's business as usual. I will buy my cartridges at Staples until my product craps out. I will NEVER purchase another EPSON component again. But, it appears to be the corporate climate that encourages employees to behave like that. Horrible experience.


problem is two red light and copy and scan
address.dhaurahara mukundaha po.kurawan teh.milkipur.distt.faizabad u.p
near by kuchera bazar pincode.224158
printer serial no.X205332567


Bought this scanner 06/06/18. Could not get it to power up, even with new batteries. Returned the canner on 06/07/28 for a refund but they were out of stock and said it would be a week until next shipment. They said the machine would probably not be on sell and to order online. The scanner I bought at Staples included the accessories. On line the price was the same, $119.99 before taxes but the were accessories were extra plus shipping. The $50.00 sale price is therefore eradicated.

I'm a most disgruntled customer.


I bought an Epson printer about 2 months ago to replace my old Canon office printer. I have had nothing but trouble with the printer from the beginning. I have had clogged printer heads to my cartridges emptying out just trying to clean the printer head. My latest issue is the fact that after my last firmware update all of my cartridges are no longer recognized by the printer. So my office is basically non-operational until I can get to the store and buy new cartridges.
This is disconcerting for me because these cartridges are expensive and I am not at liberty to just replace full cartridges because of your firmware update. I do business with a nationwide company and my colleagues ask for recommended products from time to time. Based on my experience with your printer so far, I can truly say that your product is an immense failure compared to others that I have used and I would not be recommending it to anyone. In fact, I would discourage anyone from investing in an Epson printer of any kind.
I am very disappointed. If there is no way to reverse the last firmware upgrade, instead of investing in new cartridges, I will be investing a new printer with a different brand.


I have been trying to purchase a replacement lamp for my 3500 projector for approximately 7 months. The lamp (ELPLP85) is always out of stock. I have made contact with Epson by phone, filled out a survey by email (no response by Epson). Today when I got home I had a email from Epson that the ELPLP85 was now in stock, I went to the Epson website to order and the lamp and once again it was showing out of stock. I had attempted to purchase the lamp on 02/23/18 and Epson cancelled the order no reason given. Why doesn't Epson carry their own lamps for the projectors that they sell? I can go to any electronics store and find the 3500 for sell. These new projectors have factory lamps so why are none available to persons that have already purchased the projectors? I now have a $1600.00 paper weight due to the fact that I can not get a replacement lamp. Not only is this not fair, it's not right. At one point I was advised by an Epson rep to try a replacement lamp from Amazon, I tried three different lamps and all were defects. I currently have the original lamp in the projector and it is showing 4683 hours so I don't think it will last much longer. I also have a Epson 8530 that I need a lamp for.


Called customer service for help and the tech was rude and would not help. Please do not buy their product.


My complaint is too multifaceted to write down completely because I have written bits and pieces of it already to your e-mail address and via your live chat platform, also on the phone. Service has been discontinuous with respect to these various communications. Each contact has required reviewing previous contacts, and in each case, the previous history could not be understood by the new contact person. Even a phone reference number was linked to somebody not me.

The gist: I bought a $600 Epson Stylus Photo R2000 printer about a year ago, N4FY128647. It printed about a hundred pages of photos, then failed. All nozzles clogged, will not unclog. Epson personnel say it needs service and provides approved service centers, but those service centers say either that they won't service the printer or that it cannot be saved; one approved Epson service center told me Epson itself cannot be saved and that I should throw the printer away like all Epson printers. (You APPROVE these people? They are your FRIENDS?)

Your people keep asking me the same questions over and over. They seem to be warranty conscious even though I am not trying to secure warranty service, just service period. Even though their search of the serial number indicates "do not honor" the warranty, they still keep asking me about the warranty and for proof of purchase. I tell them I bought the printer directly from Amazon (not an affiliate seller) and do not have proof of purchase. They tell me I should have bought from an approved Epson dealership since Amazon apparently bought the printer through illegitimate channels (which is why it never had an original warranty, which I did not know; also I have never had trouble with Amazon and do not believe they are that shoddy).

Lately I have been on a back and forth e-mail with Epson, but their latest response tells me that I am not sending from the same e-mail address that I used earlier; therefore, they say, I need to start the whole process over from yet another website. I am using the only e-mail address I have, so what they say is false. They also ask me if I am the "owner of the incident," which is annoying.

I have invited Epson to simply tell me if they think I have used up the life of the printer this quickly with so little printing. I wish they would say this if it's true, but they won't say it. Instead they keep talking about getting service somehow, and they keep asking about the warranty and proof of purchase. One writer said that the reason the printer failed may be precisely because it was new and I only printed about 100 pages in a year. That seems fairly consistent with the concept "blaming the victim."

Naturally I have gone looking for others with similar Epson experiences, and I have found them. Nozzles do not last very long, and they can't be replaced easily, and when they are replaced, they cost more than a new printer. Yet nobody at your company will tell me this. It seems to me that if I have used up the life of this printer, someone on your end should have the nerve to tell me outright.

And why when I am e-mailing back and forth to your company, do suddenly receive a message telling me we can't continue and that I must start all over on a new website? This is why I do not trust this complaint page either and suspect I am wasting my time. I believe I have been messed with and dismissed without acknowledgement.


I have an Epson Artisan 725 printer & have never had a problem with it. Lately a message has been coming up on the screen that the ink pads are nearly worn. And now the message has come up that they have come to the end of their service life. The photos I last printed were as good as they have always been and I don't think its right that I have to now buy another printer because I cant print anymore on this one. I would have thought if the ink pads were worn the quality of the photos wouldn't have been as good. Im not happy as this printer has been very good.


I am the account holder. I spoke regarding a return of an opened ink cartridge packet worth £39.98 + VAT. They said one is Luke Evans & the other Luke smith. Both sounded very much alike. I doubt very much if it is the same person. A/c no: 1006728705 in my husband's name.

Product was ordered on 19/20th received email. The delivery was by the 26th or 27th of October also please take into account the weekend in between. Today, the 25th November I asked for a refund for the unopened pack. First he said if within 90 days. Then asking me to fish out all orders made etc. I said I have ordered a new Epson XP 345 now can I even return this & instead of getting money back I buy the product I need for the new printer. He was making it so impossible.

Saying one is Luke Evans who started the racist discrimination knowing and hearing my voice and the other as Luke smith continuing it. The goods were not received before the 25th of October any way.
I pleaded please as a sister in Christ even act reasonably & rationally. No tough attitude & tone. Every time hold on 2 sec 2 sec & making it impossible.i suffer from severe anxiety & other ailments i felt ill & could not even continue. Who ever looking sat this complaint please act rationally. It was a racist attack. I don't want others to experience same.


I phoned the help line because my printer was missing a few lines after every so many lines. I contacted someone called jo who said he was in Canada. He took over my computer as my printer is wireless . After fiddling around he said that looking at the way my printer was performing it had probably been damaged because it need a driver updating. He then proceeded totey and update the driver and then came back with a list of what it turned out were headed foreign and asked me if I recognised these.

Of course I said no and he then said I would be put in a queue to a firm who could repIae my computer as it had been hacked into and the whole system on all my computers were infected. He pushed to put me through to a repair enter. I refused and he finally gave e me the number. I then rang my son who is in IT and he downloaded the new driver with no problem, the printer worked perfectly for the foreign addresses which he had no right to access they were his website, Dropbox and a couple of Microsoft.

There was no virus, I had not been hacked into. I want a reply from Epson as this could have caused me at my age to have had serious health issues after being alarmed with a string of lies.


I am a snowbird, spending my summers in Washington, and winters in Palm Springs. Rather than travel with my printer, I bought two Epson XP-420p printers, one for each location. I bought one in fall 2015, and the other in spring 2016. When I left Palm Springs in March 2016, I stored that new printer in a temperature controlled storage facility. I have returned to the desert November 1st, , and set up my computer and printer. The printer would not print in black...I ran all the diagnostics, cleaning, and aligning...still the black would not print. I then bought a new black cartridge. That did not fix the problem either.

I ended up throwing the printer out, and have bought your new XP-430p, giving your company a second chance. However, I would like you to credit me the cost of that new printer. I have registered the new printer, and I am sure you can find that registration information. I paid 59.99 plus tax for it. I hope the problems with your XP-420p have been fixed, and the new XP-430p will not have the same defect. While I thought their printer price/quality performance was great.


I have bought Epson FX875 about 3 months before. From starting only it was not printing properly n not giving proper setting.i have complain many times but their was no response. The company representative said that this problem could not be solved, you should buy another printer then again I complain but service center is giving no response. My business is fully disturbed from this printer. So please do something so that my printer can be changed or repaired.


Earlier today i bought the epson xp235 all in one printer. I followed the instructions to the letter. Having set it up as instructed i was very disappointed in the printed page where almost every other line was unreadable. I performed a nozzle check and found the heads needed cleaning.After the head cleaning i did another nozzle check and found that the heads needed cleaning.

In fact it is approximately six hours ago that I set up the printer and as yet it has not printed 1 page any where near acceptable. The status monitor is now showing that the black cartridge is virtually empty. And still it will not print properly. I hope you can resolve this problem as I don't expect to buy a printer and have to change the cartridges before i have even printed one page.I look forward to your prompt reply.


I bought a sx235w Epson printer some years ago. I do not print regularly. Perhaps once a month. About 90% of the time I go to print and there is something wrong with the cartridges. Does not recognize paper, cannot print, etc. It usually takes me 30 t o45 minutes to reset/replace and pray to get the machine to work.

It is in a word horrendous. It does not work. As an engineer I regard myself as reasonably intelligent, this machine is an insult to mine. Thanks for nothing Epson.


The new automated response system is terrible. The old one was bad enough, but this one will not let you hit 0 for a representative or bypass its foolish questions. Epson business customers should have the ability to contact an account representative to deal with their issues without having to talk to machines to fix my printer. If I could have rated their support a zero, I would have.


I sent for inkjet they were to fit my printer. Apparently they were not epson and did not work in my printer I had to discard them and by new inkjet from epson. The company should definitely do more to protect loyal customers who are simply trying to find the right parts.


I asked for a price match on a Epson printer and new PC I bought on 4/14/16, receipt # (0589-068-4566-041416) at best buy #589 and it is now $100.00 less and I was denied because I was not a good enough customer even though every time I have talked to employees of best buy whether on the phone or in store, I am told that I am a great, preferred or valued customer. With all of the business I have had with you company I am now told I can not get the price rebate due to I am only a standard customer. Well I thought with my purchases and on time payments over the years I have been a card member I thought I might get the respect and price that someone who may be a first time customer. It seems that I am about $300.00 away of being that customer who gets this rebate.

I would have no problem if that was the way it was for everyone but obviously my loyalty does not matter to your corporation. It seems that I have been wrong putting my trust in your corporation and should start shopping in other markets for products than putting my trust in yours. I am very disgruntled that I have been denied this rebate and respect I feel a preferred customer should get and need to look elsewhere for my future purchases. It is a shame that I will need to do my purchasing at other outlets.


I have purchased Epson L806 printer on 1 mar 2016 but the said printer had ink problems & the service center refused to replace/repair the product. How can I submit feedback to headquarters so they know how their employees are treating great customers?


Our organization is currently at a standstill, as our second Epson Printer is not functioning. We purchased the second Epson Printer and we are experiencing problems with it. The first Epson Workforce Pro WF 4540, had a cracked rotor and Epson was generous enough to send a gift card to replace it. We ordered another Epson WF4630, and it has only been 6 months since the purchase. It does not print. I purchased new cartridges thinking maybe that would reverse the issue. It did not.

I have been on and off the phone with claims at Epson, and I am still waiting for Shipping labels to return the second printer. I was told they would be in my email the same day - no label yet. I am on the phone as I send this complaint and I have been issued a new ref. number!!! Our printer is packed and waiting for the shipping labels, We are trying to understand why so much red tape. Our warrant is good for another two years! Please help. We would like a refund, instead of another. Epson computer. My reference numbers are 16022400264 the last one I just received is 160405006419, and I've been on the line for 26:10 minutes!


Your return policy sucks. Purchased an Epson 220 Ink Cartridge realized after the fact I needed a 200. The young lady Dulce could careless that I was out the money and had to purchase another one. Unfortunately humans make mistakes and no where on your return policy does it state that can't be returned if the plastic package is opened!! In the future I will take my business both personal and professional to the other box store instead of going across the street to your store. So now you've made $12.99 plus tax twice on me instead of exchanging the item for the correct one.


I recently purchased a new Lenovo computer and installed my Epson Stylus SX 115 software onto it. All was fine until the black ink ran out. To make sure that the printer was entirely compatible with the new computer I decided to upgrade the driver before I replaced the black ink. I always use compatible inks, because Epson inks are so extortionately expensive, and have never had any problems with them. Accordingly, after I had installed the new driver, I replaced the black with a compatible ink.

When I next went to print I received a message telling me that the black I had installed was not a genuine Epson ink and, after various other caveats, it asked me if I wished to continue anyway. I clicked the continue button and was then taken to a screen that said that the ink cartridge ‘cannot be recognised’, and it showed a big cross over the black cartridge symbol. Since when I have been unable to print anything.
There has recently been a considerable number of complaints in the press about the practice of printer manufacturers refusing to recognize third-party inks when the firmware is updated over the internet. Only this month Which magazine has an article about it which tells me that such practices are against my consumer rights because I am entitled to use whichever inks I choose with my printer.

I therefore request that Epson immediately tell me how to resolve this problem so that I can get my printer working again with third-party inks. I am copying this to Which magazine, as they are asking to hear from people like me who have had such problems.


I had a new printer installed with the help of Epson wireless. I did not know my computer password. I called Apple tech and they gave me Porter Technical Support. They were terrible. After 3 hours with them they disconnected my email and finally gave me a new computer password. Then they charged me $409.99. They are crediting me with $300.00 after many conversations. I have a Mac and ipad second one an iphone second one and have been a good customer of Apple. I think you should employ a tech company who knows what they are doing. It looks to me like you are hiring a substandard company.


I would give negative stars if I could. Here is my complaint to Epson corporate executives. They need to know. As soon as I bought the Epson All-in-One printer last year the scanner wouldn't work. Technical support at Epson was a joke - at one point he actually said for me to change the paper. It was the most bizarre experiences I've ever had. Now the printer won't let me print a document because I'm out of YELLOW ink; changing the preferences to black/greyscale doesn't help. I research online tells me I have more problems to come - I am going to have to buy Epson ink because they have installed some kind of sensors that will reject other more affordable ink. I don't know if I've ever been more disgusted with a company...well aside from Charter. It's too late for me to get my money back and I can't find anywhere to email Epson directly about filing a complaint. That's how I found you. Thanks. I hope this will save someone else from going anywhere near an Epson product.


How on God's green earth is it considered a halfway decent design to where it is required to have all cartridges, including color cartridges full in order to print out a text document in black lettering. What abysmal, idiotic group of autistic monkeys sat around a table and thought this was a design that would benefit users. In what regards does it make sense for something to need color in order to print in black and white? This is by far the stupidest design that has ever hit the markets in the long existence of the human race. The human race has been made dumber by the invention of this machine. May God have mercy on this pathetic excuse for a company.


I have a new Epson XP-820 printer. After more than an hour with tech support the truth emerged. the printer cannot print 3X 5 index cards-- only 3.5 x 5 cards. i have never had a printer that could not print index cards. Shouldn't their be a warning on the box or some kind of message from the corporate offices that this is not working? Seems like a horrible product to me and one that will see more customer complaints in the future.


We have 10 epson printers ...I order ink from epson and get it in 3 days or less always from Epson....i called because I was waiting for ink that was from fedex sent to the post office ....and post office had no idea what i was talking about never got package.( so I guess it's lost). The supervisor Ruth #pp159 (would not give her last name) was the reddest person I have ever talked to just told me I had to wait between 10-12 days ...(again I usually get my ink in 3 days) offered no help at all basically said too get if you get it.

If one of my employees spoke to a customer that way they would be gone on the spot. I guess I'll be trashing my Epsons and buying Canon ...including my T7270D 44' printer that cost $12K for a lousy $88.00 ink order. They hire people that just do not care...I guess you can be that way when you are that big....I know i must take care of my customers cause they are hard to come by these days....If anyone else has a problem hope you don't get Ruth #pp159


Got a message on my 1-year old Epson XP800 that it would not recognize the 273XL PBK (black, extra capacity) ink cartridge. I've read that Epson now has a chip so that it will only accept Epson cartridges. Since I only use new Epson cartridges, not a problem. I'd estimate that cartridge had been in the printer only a month and had limited use. I had replaced the previous cartridge which I assume was not near empty for the same notification. The machine will NOT print anything if it does not recognize the cartridge. Now, I'm going to buy my cartridges directly from Epson and, when this notification comes up again, I'll return it as a failed cartridge. Perhaps I'll never have to buy another (I will NOT send a cartridge that simply shows that it's empty). This sucks!


The Epson NX430 is a small-in-One printer is a good investment for students for doing any projects and office jockeys who print high-quality photos and documents. We have taken one for our daughter who uses it for her projects and she has learnt to operate it too. It is of good quality and of a branded company that wouldn't cheat customers. Epson gives you the option to connect the printer to your computer using direct USB or Wi-Fi.It is more appropriate for quick outputs of snapshot photos and to-do lists.

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