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Bright House Networks has been successfully disrespecting me as a customer and acting very unethical. One day in July 2016 my Internet completely stopped working. We called and scheduled a technician come in. First, they never showed up on time and even the same day. I am saying they because it took like 10 different technicians and about a month without Internet to figure out that we had been disconnected because specifically our wire was creating a noise for other consumers. Regardless of disconnecting us, so that all other customers in our community could have Internet, they never informed us about the issue and just kept charging and sending technicians our way in a very disorganized manner.

I could not believe my years when the company refused to fix the issue and just said that I should just stop using them. I called and asked for refund for August and July (yes they charged me for two months in a row, while being disconnected), they said that if I want my money back, I would need to close an account, but I shouldn't, because somebody named Heidi said she was going to give me a good rate when the issue is resolved and promised to try and fix it, but stop charging me until they fix it. Two months later I've come to find out they charged me for September and October again.

When I called, the manager told me that Heidi didn't put any notes there and regardless of me using their service or not, they have already billed me for the two months and there is not way to give me a refund since I haven't closed my account. After speaking with at least 10 managers and different representatives, and explaining my story all over again, I realized that this company is just simply robbing people. I could not believe my years, with the way they spoke to me and in what they had to say.

Basically, they disconnected me, refused to fix the issue, promised not to charge, but kept charging the money, and when I asked for refund they told me I had no rights to get my money back. Still can't believe this is happening in 21st century in a country of hope.

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My Bright House recorder wasn't working properly for about a month. It was replaced with a new one which is worse. I called and the representative rebooted it. However, it still does not work properly. I tried to watch a recorded program. The screen went gray. Sometimes when watching TV is stalls for about 3 minutes and I missed what was said. It cuts to a commercial abruptly. I fell I should get a discount this month. Because I have missed a lot of programs. In addition, my finger sometimes hurts because I have to push the remote many times before it does anything. Very very frustrating customer service from Bright House Networks.

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Verizon has decided to unilaterally eliminate the Sportsman and Outdoor channels because they disagree with the content. When commercial companies resort to molding public opinion instead of pursuing economic goals, unintended consequences will result. Stock holders should be concerned. There are 130 million people interested in the programs offered on Sportsman and Outdoor channels. As one of them, I intend to immediately terminate my service and use BrightHouse Networks. Furthermore, I'll broadcast Verizon's decision and my termination to my social media networks to advertise this alternate provider.

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Looking to lower my monthly bill. I had Bright House Networks for internet and landline for $85 a month. Called ATT and was quoted $50 for same service. Took them over 3 weeks to port my phone number over. So for that time I was paying 2 companies. ATT said hey would waive first bill. The next week I received a bill for over $105. Called again and was told "don't worry I'm showing a 0 balance. Throw the bill out" I asked why he bill was 105 when I was told it would be 50. She told that from on it WOULD be $50 plus tax.

Next thing I know I get a letter saying pay $105 for else service is shut off (the same day I got the letter). Called again and was told there was NO WAY the bill could be $50. Was told I that point I owed over $220 for 2 months. I told them to cancel my service and I went back to Bright House. They are holding my number hostage. At this point I don't care about the number just the bill. I am willing to pay a fair amount for the 2 months of service, which I think should be $100 plus tax. If you go with ATT you should get ay quote in writing!

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