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Bookit Operating, LLC in an online travel agency specializing in vacation package deals and cheap hotel reservations. With over 100 destinations in USA, Mexico and Caribbean, Bookit was founded in 2000.

To reach Customer Sales call 866-401-3283 or Service 1-888-782-9722. You may also find assistance here. To reach CEO, Bud Finlaw, address correspondence with:, 14251 Panama City Beach Pkwy., Panama City Beach, FL 32413.

Since founding, Bookit has had major consolidation layoffs but is known for it’s FROM (Fast, Relevant Origin Method) patent pending pricing methodology which has exclusive search optimizing features. Social presence is on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Month ago in advance, I booked 2 rooms for a family wedding for October 2018( 2 women in the garden room with 2 double beds and 1 king single room with a plunge pool ).While I booked the room my son paid extra for the plunge pool room I BOOKED THE KING ROOM FOR HIM and .the booking agent booked it incorrectly as well as the other room.She booked them backwards.I EXPECT THIS TO BE RECONCILEDi called back and she tried to switch it I guess but essentially the problem is not yet corrected I FEEL SHE JUST TRIED TO APPEASE ME BUT DIDN'T REALLY DO ANYTHING.I should not be penalized for your staff error Nor should I HAVE TO PAY MORE BECAUSE OF YOUR STAFF ERROR .In any event you have plenty of time to rectify the situation.Also online today I spent almost an hour waiting to speak to a supervisor. Your customer service leaves something to be desired


Do not use this service. They use false advertise and strand u at airport in foreign coountry. They put packages and flights together that make no sense physically impossible to be at resort that is enire day trip away from airport, and they don't care.


If I could give them a ZERO I would.
I tried to cancel a hotel reservation on the day my confirmation stated would be fee cancellation and the system never updated and confirmed my cancellation. I have now spent 1 hour on the phone and called 3 different phone numbers to try to speak with someone about this. Every time I get a human they transfer me to an automated service. I am not paying for a cancellation fee because I tried to do this even before there was a fee.
No one is helping. The first lady I spoke with (Denise) asked me for my confirmation number then cut me off halfway through it and transferred me to the automated system.
I am beyond upset and will make sure everyone I know doesn't not use this company! Ever!


We traveled to an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana in September. During that stay, there were multiple safety issues and my life was literally put in danger at this place three different times. The resort refuses to do anything because we didn't book directly through them and book it customer service is absolutely useless. All I want is some type of credit for the issues we had. The amount of money we spent over the years with bookit is significant and I feel there must be something they can do to remedy this situation in some way!


I am OUTRAGED! I have an all inclusive trip planned for TOMORROW 9/7/17 through 9/11/17 to Cabo San Lucas at the RIU Palace. I was informed by the hotel that that it is closed due to tropical storm "Lidia" that just hit, the airline cancelled the flight as well. I have been calling for THREE days to figure out what our next step is; do we get a refund? do we get a credit? etc. I have been on hold for hours at time for 3 days and when an operator finally picks up they transfer me to another department where I am told that the operator transferred me to the wrong department and to call back. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT MY TRIP THAT IS PLANNED FOR TOMORROW? THIS IS LUDACRIS. I WILL NEVER EVER BOOK A TRIP THAT BOOKIT.COM EVER AGAIN! My reservation number is 43787865. CALL ME ASAP about this. (925) 890-1397.

~ Michelle Greenwalt


Vacation reservation that was essentially held hostage and we were threatened to lose $2000 if we didn't agree to pay an extra $400 First reservation: 40513915 paid over $2000 and the final payment was due 1/2/17, but we decided to pay it off early - the computer misidentified our credit card number and payment was declined. Within hours of this we called to pay balance online and they threatened to have us forfeit our previous $2000 unless we agreed to pay an additional $450 and we were made to create a new reservation: 42210885.

The first person we spoke to said the card was declined because of the code on back was type incorrectly, yet the other representative stated that the address was input incorrectly. We feel this a scam that has been happening in order to get extra money from clients. Scammed us out of an additional $450.00. We demand a $450.00 refund immediately! Is there a way we can file a complaint with the BBB or possibly register a formal issue with the executive team?


Paid for a vacation in full April 2016 to Las Vegas. In November we cancelled the trip but the card that I made the original purchase is no longer valid as that account was closed over 90 days ago. I informed that the account was closed but they insisted on refunding the money to the invalid card. Had to contact Wells Fargo who got on the line with on 3 different occasions November 28, December 2, and December 6, 2016 to inform the merchant that transactions will not be processed on a closed account. Now my money is out there in La La land?


I booked a Christmas vacation on October 28, 2016. I paid in full the same day. I was contacted on November 1, 2016 and a Bookit rep said that there was an error on the website and had to cancelled my reservation with hotel. Bookit will not give me a full refund so I can take my family somewhere else instead wants to charge me an additional $2300 to make a new reservation. I already paid for a vacation why should I have to pay again. I just want my money back.


I booked a flight for 6 to Jamaica and choose pay delay. I was told that I can log on to the members lounge and make changes to my credit card. I've done this twice and both times bookit rejected the payment and charge me an extra $35 late fee for declined payment. I called the bookit customer service number and they claim that it was my bank that declined the payment.

Well I called my bank and my bank told me that it was bookit that declined the payment. I don't understand why my payment was declined when I had the money in my account. I called and asked them to get rid of the $35 declined payment fee because it wasn't my fault and I was told that they cannot get rid of the $35 late fee because it's beyond their control. I feel violated and very sadden by this. it's causing me so much stress.

Please help me with this, Please. I need answers that makes sense. So far I have been very dissatisfied with what I was told.


Receive 2 Free Buffets When You Book a Deluxe Strip View King or Queen Room. Valid for room only travel now - August 31, 2016. Book now for an incredible $40 value. Refused to admit that I upgraded Supervisor Rude. This is the last time I will use BookIt for travel arrangements online. Very poor customer service indeed!


Booked a hotel in New York City, but BookIt company never paid the hotel even though they were paid by PayPal. Is this fair? I do not think so and am wondering if anyone else has successfully complained to the CEO about it?


We booked a vacation with because their price was competitive. However, it turned out to be an insane mess. We arrived at the Hotel in Punta Caan, DR and were told bookit did not pay the Hote! We called 4 times, each times some 50 minutes and got nowhere. When we checked out we had to pay the Hotel again, some $8,500.00. Back in the US, after some tough negotiations, agreed to reimburse us the amount we paid tp them, some $7,300.00. Thus, we were short some $ 1,200.00. After some more tough negotiations and complaints to the BBB and Consumer Affairs, agreed to give us a credit of 4 200.00, plus a check of $ 500.00 in 60 to 90 days.

We booked a Hotel through and redeemed the credit. At the Hotel we were told that they have not heard anything from Thus, we had to pay the Hotel again! This added insult to injury! I called no avail. I sent an e-mail to and for 3 days I did not receive an answer. I sent a barrage of e-mails complaining. Finally, on the 4th day I receive a call and tells me that an error ocurred. The Hotel will reimburse me what I paid and will issue a corporate check for $ 700.00. They confirmed the agreement by e-mail. There I found out that the amount to be credited to me is some $ 50.00 short of what I paid!

This is a never-ending mess and proof of extreme incompetence, and possibly some fraudulent behavior.

40 Packaged Vacation ID 35891326. We had fully paid our vacation package to Barcelo Resort, Dominican Beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for 6 persons one month prior to departure. Upon arriving at the Hotel around midnight of 12/24/2015 in the Dominican Republic, we were told that had not paid the Hotel stay and we would only get the 2 rooms booked if we sign a credit card "hold" ticket value for some $ 1,860.00 for each room! We immediately called and after 56 minutes on the phone we finally got an agent who told that she will look into the matter and hang up the phone! So we signed the “hold tickets to get the rooms.

Note: One month prior to departure I received the vouchers for the Airline and the transfers, but no vouchers for the Hotel. So I called and was told “not to worry! Just show them that you paid and all will be OK!” 2 Days after we arrived still had not paid or contacted the Hotel. We called again. After 47 minutes an agent responded and told us that will pay the next day! Late the next day the payment had not arrived, said the Hotel manager "Nathaniel". We called 2 days later again and got hold of a agent who told us that she will "look into it"...and hung up. 2 days later the same story. At the end of the stressful vacation we wanted to check-out but we were told that we may not leave the Hotel without paying for the 2 rooms, being an amount of some U$D 8,800!!! I refused to pay. The Hotel manager posted two security guards at the exit of the Hotel.

It was 4:00 Am and the transfer bus was waiting outside. Having no other choice, and being left alone in a foreign country, I signed the credit card bill and we left. Strangely, the flights and the transfers had been paid by, but not the Hotel? Very strange! With all those calls we could not get a single agent to confirm that had paid or not??? Back in the US I called for 5th time and had a conversation with a Miss Coleen for about 82 minutes. She finally told me to send to copies of the receipts I had and will reimburse me.

Note: I booked the above mentioned vacation with on June 11, 2015. The total package price agreed upon with was U$D 13,605.80, which was fully paid for by Nov. 24. 2015. Because did not pay the Hotel, I was forced, by threat of violence by the Hotel's security guards, to pay the Hotel stay directly to the Hotel in the amount of U$D 8,802.40. To be fair I have to deduct U$D  240.00 for a special dinner we had at the resort. Furthermore I have to deduct the cost of the transfers of 6 x U$D 30.00 = U$D 180.00, which we have used, and strangely enough had prepaid. This brings the total, which missed to pay to the Hotel, to U$D 8,382.40

Now agreed to reimburse me the amount of U$D 7,335.68. This amount is U$D 1,046.72 short of what I had to pay under duress. Therefore the original contractual amount of U$D 13,605.80 is now raised to U$D 14,652.52! This, I regard as a breach of contract. There is no fault whatsoever from my side. It is fully and wholly the fault of who has failed to pay the Hotel and thus initialed this whole troublesome, unpleasant and nerve-wrecking experience!


Family vacation accomplished with a great deal of satisfaction and the best times ever. helped me and my family was totally delighted with the trip. We booked Melia vacation club at Mexico and found the best deal on We were shown the pictures and images on the website and only then made up our mind. The hotel was good, neat and services were really worth the money.

Before booking, I did the research on the internet for the particular place I'm interested in to find out if there are any extra resort fees, parking fees, etc. But found gave all the details correctly without hiding any thing. Thanks to to get me the best places to stay and I would prefer to book a next vacation through this only.


Tried to make a simple transfer of primary contact/checkin person from myself to my brother was repeatedly put on hold and received terrible service from bookit while trying to change. Luxor ended up calling bookit to make the change should have been the other way around. I wasted at least 4 hours total trying to deal with bookit and very time they said they had fixed it had not been corrected. I have pictures to prove on hold wait time and Luxor agent complained that she was on hold for a long time too.

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