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Blue Cross Blue Shield ( is a federation of 36 separate United States health insurance organizations serving over 106 million people world wide. With over 1,000 employees BCBS has members in 170 countries and in 2014 revenue was reported as US 7.4 billion.

If you have a problem with your policy you may call 1-888-630-BLUE (2583).  The site encourages policy holders to contact their specific BCBS Company directly as well. If you want to contact CEO, Scott Serota, you may address postal correspondence to the BCBS corporate office at 225 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60601.

Founded in 1910 the company started its first prototype of ‘premium for health care’ at Baylor University in Texas. BCBS was chosen by the US government when MEDICAID and MEDICARE plans began to emerge in the 1960’s. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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I am a very dissatisfied customer at this point! I pay $1,002.00 a month for just myself. I was scheduled for a surgery for Monday, June 3, 2019.. My doctors office faxed everything they needed on Wednesday May 28, again on twice on May 30, 2019.. and they said they didn't get them and then finally at 5:59 p.m. on May 31, 2019 they said they had everything and I was told someone would be available to give me a pre cert number on Saturday June 1,2019, needless to say I spent all day Friday on the phone and all day Saturday June1, 2019 on the phone with no satisfaction. So this surgery was marked urgent and my husband will be starting a procedure on June 12, 2019 that I must be available for,. So needless to say I will not be getting my surgical procedure on June 3, 2019 because I have no pre cert!! Am I unhappy you bet I am because now not only have they caused me extreme anxiety,,,, they also have by putting my surgery off jeopardizing my health more. I've filed complaints everywhere I know to file because this is just not right. They had everything in their office they needed but for some reason because I'm a legacy policy holder they couldn't get it all together for this to happen for me. But I bet if I missed that monthly premium.. they wouldn't bat an eye to turn me away! Yes I am very very disappointed in Blue Cross and Blue Shield at this point!,


During the first week of March, I called the customer service dept. (customer service?). Mail delivery in my Chicago zip code is slow, and service delivery to my building -with 324 apartments - is notoriously bad. I have missed mail, received other residents' mail in my postal box, etc. I never received my statement mid-February for a 3/1 payment due. I called "customer service;" explained the issue, requested a new bill for the due date of 3/1/19 ASAP and ALSO requested the form to complete to authorize an ACH payment each month....ASAP.

Two envelopes arrived yesterday, 3/18/19. One, a disparaging letter from BCBS Customer Service (Scranton PA) stating the "rules," that I could cancel my policy...blah, blah. From the letter's date, it took NINE days to arrive in my mail box. Typical of BCBS, it was based in incorrect info, was derogatory and was...well...not nice. I wrote my comments on the poor service, the missing issues and mailed it back to BCBS. The other envelope was a similar use, with an invoice for the March and April payments; I mailed it with a check for both months.

Did I receive the form to authorize an ACH, as I requested? of course not....obviously the Customer Service Rep. (service?) never followed through.

Here's the closer. I am a multi-state licensed insurance producer and I am contracted to BCBS. Lord, if that company treats policyholders in general as it treated me, no wonder the carrier competition is entering the field.


I have A case already Id 125364 against Blue Cross and Blue shield of TX. Their response was there are Drs in this area. Yes, there are bur noone wants me as a patient due to my extensive medical problems. One they insist is only in her office hours a day and doesn't not do ports. They made a Dr in the system to take me after this Dr office told me they weren't taking new patients especially with my medical problems. All of her partners turned me down. I have been with my DR 21 yrs. Last Dec. I was told, Rocky Biggs , and DR Sotmans billing office was told he was is network.

I have now missed 7 treatments and will miss at least 3-4 more. They have no problem taking my $718.86 a month. They don't follow their own procedures. With this medication I was told because of my extensive allergies, asthma and other major things. I need to stay no farther than 1 hour from the hospital my Dr and his office. Johnson Co is very large and I live in the southern most part; Had all the doctors on their list e-mailed to me and I called explained my situation and no one would take me. They too know this. They only ask if they are taking new patients and if they work on ports. I was told not to tell them about my other medical conditions. I will not lie. They are forcing the Dr Samart to take me, after they told me no 2 days before and had told Janet with BCBS this also I can't even get my port flushed and it needs it every4 weeks.


I have used Blue Cross Blue Shield several times before. The only real complaint I have is that the premiums are fairly high. Other than that I have never really had a problem with coverage.


This company cancelled my insurance. They say that I didn't pay my health premium for three months. Blue Cross took my money!

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