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Best Buy Company, Inc is an American multinational consumer electronics company. There are 1,050 Best Buy locations in the US and 125,000 employees. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:BBY. Revenues have dropped the last ten quarters and marketing will primarily lean towards digital advertising as opposed to paper.

If you have a problem with a Best Buy purchase you may call the customer service number at 1-888-237-8289.  You may also contact the CEO, Hubert Joly at the corporate office address, 7601 Penn Ave. S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423. Corporate office phone number is 877-415-3487. The customer forums are another place that Best Buy suggests you look for help.

Known for its 24/7 Geek Squad, Best Buy was founded by Richard M. Schulze in 1966 and originally called Sound of Music. You may find forums on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin helpful as well.

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I went into Best Buy in Mays Landing NJ last night to purchase a cell phone. the female sales associate who helped me with the phone was fine...although there were two other female sales associates who, when I asked if they could activate my new phone and transfer my information, told me that they didn't do that and acted as if I were crazy. I proceeded to tell them that just the night before, I had a friend who had also come into the store to purchase a phone and they were treated completely different....their phone was activated for them and all their info had been transferred over as well. I won't even get into the amount of trouble I had trying to get this activated.

If there is some new rule at Best Buy, and employees are not allowed to do this anymore. please inform me...very odd...especially since I know someone who just had it done the night prior. Also, I had a very strange experience when I asked someone how the virtual reality headset for Samsung works...the female associate was on her cell phone the entire time and acted as if it were such a bother to explain things, then walked away while I was in mid-sentence asking a question.

Needless to say, Best Buy lost a sale, and I wouldn't be surprised if many sales were lost. Everyone who I dealt with looked as if they were about 10 years old. It's a real shame....I know darn good employees who do work at this location and it's just a shame for the good ones. Best Buy needs to really look at their floor help in mobile. They need some sort of training in basic common courtesy, although, that really can't be taught.


You may also contact the CEO, Hubert Joly at the corporate office address, 7601 Penn Ave. S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423. Corporate office phone number is 877-415-3487. Was assaulted tonight by store manager. Would like to speak to Hubert Joly. Will also be consulting legal advise for liability. Does anyone care about their customers?


I am a new Geek Squad customer, having purchased a year's subscription of tech support on 10/29/16. I had an appointment for service, and despite that, waited 20 minutes before someone acknowledged that I was waiting. One technician was helping another customer and it was only after 20 minutes that he asked me if I was being helped, as he assumed someone was already helping me.

The reason I went in for technical assistance/support is because I purchased a Lenovo laptop just 13 months ago at the same location, and was having issues with signing in with my admin password. I contacted Microsoft as well as Lenovo regarding this, however they were not able to assist/remedy. I searched online for information on how I might handle this myself but was also unable to remedy the problem. As it turned out, the reason I was unable to sign in is because the number keys were non-functional, and my password contained numeric as well as alpha digits. When I searched for information on how I might remedy this myself, one of the first things all the online tips suggested was to make sure that the numbers pad is not locked.

On newer laptops such as mine there is no numbers keypad but rather the numbers run across the top above the letters. I purchased the Geek Squad support and it was only after two days that one of the technicians called me to tell me that the reason I was having a problem signing it is because the number keys were nonfunctional. My question is, why wasn't a diagnostic test run to determine the functionality of the keys before my entire system was wiped out in an effort to bypass the password?

When I had received a voicemail from the servicing technician asking me for some more information before she was able to go further, I returned her call. After pressing the prompts to direct me to Geek Squad, I waited on hold for almost minutes, but no one answered, though I called during business hours. The phone just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. Attached herewith is a snapshot of my phone screen showing the amount of time I waited before hanging up. I called back again and it was the same, but then an outside rep answered the called and asked me which store I was calling.

He then connected me and I waited again for several minutes but no one answered. I called one more time and if I had not been connected with someone, I would have gone back to the store in person to cancel the service altogether as I was entirely frustrated. On the third call attempt, someone finally answered and placed me on hold for another few minutes before obtaining the information the servicing tech needed. Needless to say, I'm unimpressed with the whole thing, as I would have used the $200 I paid for service and put it toward the purchase of a new laptop rather than be stuck with a still non-functioning unit, and a service plan with lousy customer support and that only covers software issues.

I want to cancel the service plan altogether. Between the issues I experienced (as a new customer) coupled with having a laptop that is no better than when I brought it in, I am very dissatisfied. Diagnostics should have been run to determine if a hardware issue (non-functioning number keys) before the system was wiped out, because now I'm left with a shell of a laptop and it's useless to me without the number keys, the letter P, and backspace keys - all non-functional. If it is standard to check to be sure that numeric keys are not locked regarding password sign-in issues, why wasn't this checked first?

The only compliment I can give is to an in-store tech agent named Jaylen who was courteous and apologetic.


There should be an option to give 0 stars based on my experience with Best Buy. We placed on online order with them but cancelled it and received acknowledgement of the cancellation. Best Buy ships the order anyway so now we need return labels to send the product back. We've been trying, through their customer service number, to get return labels emailed to us for the past two weeks. Every rep we speak to gives us a new excuse as to why we have not received the labels despite giving them 3 different email addresses.

The latest from this morning is calling Best Buy and spoke to a rep who could barely speak English and she informs me that perhaps the reason we didn't get the labels is that the product we received isn't eligible to be returned via return label. Go figure. Got cut off from her and when I called back, the next rep I spoke to decided that she could not speak to me, she had to speak with my boss since his name is on the account. Didn't have a problem speaking on his behalf to the other rep I spoke to not 5 minutes prior. Extremely frustrating and time consuming and would not do business with them again.


Best Buy didn't put the Apartment number on the package so I spent a day waiting for the damn thing and it didn't come because some one didn't do there job. This will be may last order with this company. I even had to fix the problem after UPS sent me a text saying they couldn't deliver the package. So don't do anything now because I did customer service and the job of Best Buy and took care of getting the apartment number on the package. If I could have given you 0 stars I would have.


My brother an I co-own an house in South Philadelphia. We are getting ready to sell and are replacing the kitchen appliances. My brother lives in Florida and went to Best Buy there to buy the appliances. Last week we were supposed to have a Refrigerator delivered to the house in South Philly on Friday, October 21 between 12PM and 4PM. My brother received a phone call saying they couldn't deliver it and would have to deliver it on Saturday October 22nd. They said it would be delivered by Noon. Friday evening he received a phone call saying they were delivering it at 8PM on Friday, this is after he and Best Buy agreed on Saturday. He told them no, they would have to deliver it on Saturday. They called Saturday and said it would be there between 12 and 4PM (don't know what happened to the "By Noon" agreement).

They finally called, after 4PM and said they were on their way. When making the arrangements my brother told Best Buy that the Refrigerator would not fit though the front door and they would have to take it up the alley and deliver it in the Back. A lot people in South Philadelphia have to get deliveries that way since the doors on the front of the houses tend to be so narrow. When I told the delivery guys they were not happy, even though the alley was very clean, more than wide enough and free of debris. In order to get it into the Kitchen it would have to be lifted over a counter. The counter is a little less than waist high.

They said they wouldn't do that and we would have to . The one delivery man was very arrogant about it. He kept giving us an argument about the delivery. My contractor and my two sons were present and said they would lift the refrigerator over the counter. We just needed the doors of the appliance removed. The deliverymen left the refrigerator in the alley and went back to their truck. Since it appeared that was as far as they were going to take the Refrigerator, my contractor started to remove the doors himself.

When they came back, the "arrogant" deliveryman demanded to know who the owner was. I told him I was co-owner of the house but he kept saying I wasn't the one listed on the work order. I told him that was my brother and he lived in Florida. He then insisted that someone sign the work order saying that because we (the contractor) took the doors off, the work order had to be signed immediately. I told him I wasn't signing it until they removed the "Old" refrigerator, as stated on the work order. He kept arguing with me about it and even threatened to take the new refrigerator back.

Then he started arguing with the contractor saying that he was going to take the doors off, that they just had to go to the truck to get the paperwork. My question is, why did both of them have to go to the truck to get the paperwork? Why couldn't one stay behind and start removing the doors instead of just dropping it in the alley? They couldn't at least take it to the back door? Did it take two people to "Lift" the clipboard containing the paperwork? He kept arguing with me about signing the work order and I kept telling him I'd sign it when he removed the old refrigerator.

I need a washer/dryer and Refrigerator and was thinking about going to Best Buy, but not now. I'll go to Lowes or Home Depot. Not because of your products but because of your deliverymen, one in particular, and the total mix-up of when the appliance was going to be delivered. Also, when my brother called Best Buy on Saturday to make sure the refrigerator was being delivered, the Best Buy person he was talking to called the Dispatch and the person said "It's not on the truck" and hung up on her.

They were even rude to your own people. Normally I let things like this go but the attitude and arrogance of the one delivery man was unprofessional. All he had to do was take the Refrigerator to the back door, take off the doors and my sons and the contractor would get it into the kitchen, then put the doors back on. They would of been done instead of standing there arguing with us. I believe they didn't want to take the old refrigerator because they would have had to take the doors off in order to get it through the "Front" door. (Yes, that one fit through the front door, it did not have to be lifted over the counter.) My experience doesn't even rate one whole star!


When delivering a Samsung refrigerator in June of 2016, one or two of the delivery personal stole money out of our house. We filed a police report and contacted a detective to investigate. A Steven Waligoski with the Executive Resolution Specialist department, was not very helpful in the investigation. In fact, if you interfere in an investigation, that is a crime. He gave the detective leads that led to a dead ends. I guess to get his position, you need low qualifications. The detective was extremely frustrated with Steven and said to me, you should sue Best Buy.

This employee is a subcontractor with Best Buy but it seems that they are content to continue to employ a criminal. I asked the detective if a lie detector test could be administered. She said yes if I can get them to my precinct. Best Buy had no interest in doing that. In the last two years, my wife and I have spent approximately $5000 with your company. In the years that we have been repeat customers, we have spent approximately $7000. Steven told the detective that I was lying about this. That made me angry. If spending that kind of money with your company, why would I try to beat Best Buy out of $170. Go figure. To any customers that are getting anything delivered to your home, beware.


Bought an Epson printer for my son for college. He left for school two weeks later . Set up new printer at school and it didn't work (defective). Best buy said after 14 days they were no longer responsible for product even though it had never been used. This is the fourth consecutive time I have had a bad experience at the store. They are very uninformed about their products, very inexperienced and clueless about their jobs and don't support their products worth a crap. I am a best buy cardholder, but it will never be used again! Totally worthless entity.


I have experienced the worst customer service I have encountered with any company in my dealings with your Plymouth Meeting, PA. store. I have been a loyal customer of Best Buy for a number of years. In the past 12 or so months I have spent approximately $5,000 at this store.

I ordered a Dishwasher over the Labor Day Holiday taking advantage of what appeared to be a nice sales promotion. I ordered a Kitchen Aid appliance and was promised delivery and free installation in one week. I received a phone call about a week later saying that my appliance would be delivered the next day between 8am and noon. The next day came and went-- no delivery—no phone call. I went to the store to see what had happened and was told they were unable to give me an answer. They said they could reschedule and the next available date was one week away. I asked why it seemed like I was being put to the end of the line when I already had one promised date and was told that is the way it works.

The next date came—Sept 19. The installer showed up and looked at the old dishwasher and told my wife he could remove it but could not install the new one –something about it being ½ inch too high?? There was a bit of a language issue and my wife did not clearly understand what he was trying to convey. Unfortunately I was out of town and did not hear this conversation. I did measure the space and can see no reason why the new dishwasher would not fit.

I am certain a professional installer could have solved whatever issue existed. The store Manager spoke with my wife and assured her that he would work to either resolve the problem with the dishwasher or find a comparable model for her. He promised a return call no later than the next day. I think you know what is coming—no call. My wife tried to call the Manger several times but heard nothing.

Long story short we have canceled the order. What was a good deal turned out to be not so. I will shop for a dishwasher from a competitor. I am aware that losing one customer is of little concern to you but rest assured that I will warn friends and neighbors of the horrible customer service that can be expected from Best Buy.

If you should happen to care at all the order was placed on my wife’s Best Buy Credit card on Sept. 4, 2016.


I bought a washing machine on August 20th at the Westbury NY location Order number 1116233273254. The delivery was made on Tuesday Aug 23 however they didn't complete the install and I was provided a hose which was kinked. I called the store spoke with 2 people one of them the Manager named Paul, they claimed to put the issue on an email to customer service. I got a call and schedule an appointment for Monday 29th at 4pm to finish the install. On Monday August 29th I got a call at 9am stating they will be there in an hour. I was at work and clearly I asked for after 4pm install, the person said they will reschedule.

I never got a reschedule back. I visited 5 times the store called numerous time and no resolution has been given to me. I tried the machine this weekend and there is a delay on the on button. I am completely frustrated, way past disappointed on terrible their customer service is. At this time I am requesting a new machine to be delivered. Attached please see the deplorable way my install was left by technical service. I got hung ups after calling Best Buy customer service.


I've been a customer with Best Buy for many years now. My last purchase has been a total nightmare. I purchased a fridge, stove, and microwave. On the delivery day, I received a damaged fridge and also, the delivery company did not relocate the original fridge as was the deal when i did my purchase.

Not only that, I have been calling many times, complaining to all the customer services answering to my calls,about the fridge inside my daycare area. I was promised to get reimbursed 478.00 for the damage only, not for the inconvenience and service they said they would provide. They gave me an appointment for 09/13/2016 to deliver, install and relocate my fridge. I told them I have daycare and it is not safe for the kids to have a fridge in their way.

On 09/13/2016, the stove was not delivered or installed, and i have too pay an extra 255 dollars to do it. The water line for the fridge was not installed as promised two different times, and the fridge was not relocated as promised again. Both times delivery company came, no one took responsibility for the movement of fridge. I spoke to Best Buy customer support by phone for hours, the only compensation she wanted to give me is to reimburse me for my money which is $139 I payed to install the gas line.

I need this problem to be resolved a-soon as possible, and to be recompensed for the inconvenience, headache, and careless effort and responsibility on Best Buy's part.


I called with two issues. Not realizing that I would encounter another phone robot. Nothing like having your "problem" reduced to someone else's criteria. So finally figured out how to summon a human and was able to make a payment. But no one to deal with the fact that the website is not user friendly or guide me through how it should be used to make a payment.

The second issue I called about was the fact there were 4 items in my checkout box that I did not put there and did not want. All I wanted to do was to have someone kindly remove them from my account. After being transferred twice..and having to deal again with a robot, I finally hung up in total aggregation and exasperation. Best Buys Customer Service needs an overhaul from top to bottom.


Just a note to let you know why I am no longer a best buy customer. About 4 years ago I opened an account and bought a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of merchandise. A week later there was a charge of about $750.00 that was not mine on my statement. I called and that was taken care of quickly. On 8/8/16 I went into best buy, my account was at (0 balance) and bought a 28 dollar battery, the next day I bought a printer for 98.86. I checked my email and found an order received, order #BBY01-788164062371 for an apple watch being shipped ($411.03).

I called and Best Buy customer service said everything was ok. Next day got an email, order received for an apple 9.7 inch iPad ($987.65). Not mine and shipped to the same address. I live in Clovis Ca. After more than a few phone calls I was told everything would be good. They canceled my card and sent me a new one and assured me that the new card would have the correct amount billed. Good luck with that. Got my new card and a few days later my new statement saying I owed $509.89.

More phone calls with very little understanding on your peoples end. I told them to cancel my card they told me I had to sit and listen to them read some kind of policy. I told them to let me talk to a supervisor. The supervisor came on and said the policy was that if I canceled my card I would have to re-apply and get a credit check for a new one.

My credit is over 800. After wasting many hours of my time and effort to help best buy deal with this fraud and then needing to cancel my card because your people could not deal with it, I get punished because of your people’s incompetence. So I solved the problem myself, don’t shop at Best buy any more. I can get the same merchandize for less money and a lot less head aches.


I am a long-term customer of Best Buy, having purchased 3 computers, 3 TVs, 2 entertainment systems, a Bose system, etc over the years. Overall, I have been very happy with my experiences at Best Buy especially the customer service. So, when I needed to add 2 phones to my existing Verizon Wireless account, I decided to shop at Best Buy (Seekonk, MA) on 08/15/16 and was pleased to learn from Monica (rep) that there was a promotional BOGO on the IPhone 6s....perfect. I was unable to finalize the purchase at that time and asked if the promo would still be available on 08/19/16 when I had more time to devote to the purchase. Monica (rep) checked the flyer and was unable to determine the expiration date.

She called her manager (Dylan) and then reassured me that it would still be available on 08/19/16. As planned, I purchased the phones on 08/19/16 and once again was reassured by Josh (rep) that the BOGO was available and was given instructions on how to redeem it ( When I attempted to claim the BOGO there was a promotional match found. I called Best Buy for some help and after some research was informed that the BOGO had in fact expired on 08/19/16....the date of purchase.

Had I been correctly informed of the expiration date, I easily would have made the purchase ahead of the deadline. The advice I received was to send an email to Verizon Wireless requesting that they reconsider the BOGO. This should not be my responsibility to resolve. Best Buy Seekonk clearly made an error, which they acknowledge, that if unresolved will cost me $750.....totally unacceptable. The offer to comp me the accessories I purchased (2 screen protectors) is borderline offensive. And, to expect me to resolve this issue is infuriating.

Best Buy customer service needs to support me in this by admitting their error, honoring the BOGO I was repeatedly promised was available, and fighting Verizon Wireless on their own time for not clearly indicating an expiration date on the flyer. Very unhappy.


I just saw a back to school commercial that shows bullying. A kid is studying in his room and another person comes in and shoves the note book on the floor and says the kid should be using a computer. Please try to make the commercial less bully-ish. Why not a comparison and have the kid with the book ask about the computer?


This is the worst Best Buy customer service experience I have had. I have had two Samsung refrigerators go out within a 15 month period. Lucky I had an extended warranty? Wrong--I had the warranty but cannot get my refrigerator (bad compressor--15 months old) replaced for another 8 days!!! This after waiting until day 6 after reporting the problem for technicians to come out. I have tried to escalate the problem to no avail. At each level of Best Buy management, you are told "you can talk to my supervisor, but they will tell you the same thing." And the sad thing is, that is true. No extra effort to help the customer at all. I have been a loyal customer for over ten years, purchased all of my appliances and appliances for other family members from Best Buy. Add me to the long list of unhappy customers. I will look for another appliance store in the future. I would not even give the service a single star!


7/2/2016 ordered convection single wall oven and over the range convection microwave, plus induction cooktop over $5,000 in merchandise. The month before we purchased Samsung French fridge over $2700. Delivery was made properly. After paying communication by Best Buy was non-existent. Delivery was scheduled four times and none were delivered. Lost two days of work because of the no communication. 7/26/2016 I cancelled order after being told system said we had wall oven (which we did not). No one would try to get to the bottom of why delivery could not be made or to get it resolved. I will never buy appliances from Best Buy again and have done so for over 20 years. They no longer care about their customers or service.


I purchased a TV & stand on 6/9/2016 from Best Buy In Oshkosh, WI. My salesman was Micheal W. At the time of the sale he told me that there was promotion going on and that I would get some rewards if I bought the TV and stand now and took out a Best Buy VISA credit card. He said the amount would be about $175.00. I made the deal and waited the appropriate time to receive my rewards money. Now, after checking with Best Buy Corporate, the store manager, and VISA (spending 1.5 hrs on the phone), I am entitled to only $110.00 of in store credit. This isn't right. I was misled.


My oven went out so I looked online to buy a new one since I have bought my entire kitchen appliances with you in the past and been very satisfied. I spoke with a lady on the telephone that said she would be happy to place the order in for me (order number above.) She said that it would be delivered on the 19th and installation in my area was free.

It was a sacrifice to wait since I had no oven but I agreed and also purchase the gas line too. I came home 5 days later and had a message on my telephone answering service telling me to call and reschedule the delivery. I called up and spoke with a Ken that said he was from Best Buy Corporate and he said that they would honor another stove that was 20 more for the same price but the installation would be 160 dollars.

After being upset again I told them that I would take the stove and my husband would set it up. Then they asked for my credit card again. I said why cant you just switch the order it is the same exact price. She informed me that I would have to pay again and that I wouldn't receive my first refund for 3 to 5 days. By this time I was really upset. I said you mean to tell me that I have to buy 2 stoves in order to get one that was promised to me the 19th. She stated yes you will.

I told her to cancel the whole order that I was going to be making my purchases at ABC from now on. I spoke with another lady and she told me that they didn't even debit the cost of the stove out of my Best Buy account just the connector. I told her why didn't the lady tell me that? There is a communication skills that are lacking with your staff. I will be searching for a new oven from a different company because of this.


I purchased a fridge and scheduled delivery. Delivery was rescheduled 4 times and pushed out over a month. I have called several times and visited the store I bought the fridge at and still cannot get the fridge delivered to my house. This last cancellation notification came at 2AM


On May 16 2016, we ordered a washer and dryer (Bosch) Order #111613727016. The order taker (Nancy Castro of your Mays Landing store) failed to tell us that we needed a 4 way outlet for the dryer. Delivery was scheduled for June 4. The delivery men could not install the appliances because of this "small" detail she left out of our conversation. I scheduled an electrician to install the outlet and then called Best Buy back to reschedule. I talked to your customer call center and after an aggravating one hour of disconnections and misunderstanding what I was trying to do (they thought I was rescheduling the whole delivery and were giving me a new delivery date three weeks out), I finally spoke to someone named LeeAnn.

She got in touch with the warehouse and assured me that the technicians would be back today, June 13, that I would receive a call the night before confirming the order, and that I would receive a call in the morning regarding the time period they would be here. Since I did not receive a call on Sunday night, the 12th of June, I called the call center and after being put on hold for approximately 40 minutes was told they did not have anything scheduled for today. Right now I am waiting a call from a "supervisor" to try to resolve this. I am extremely frustrated at this point and will NEVER buy another thing from Best Buy again.


I purchased an antenna that a sales person said would work so I could drop my cable co. It did work to some degree I was able to bring in some stations but 50% were Mexican stations...My biggest complaint is with Best buy on how my money was refunded. I used a debit card for the purchase and the money was taken from my account the same day. But on the return I have to wait 3 to 4 days for the money to be put back into my bank. This is not fair and Best buy has lost me as a customer. I will do my best to keep my friends from going there also.


I bought a dell computer around Black Friday. 11/27/15 @14:58 at store #341.. We were going for an extended visit to my daughters in Pittsburgh, Pa. and My wife reminded me that I NEVER even plugged the computer in and the 30 days return was going to be up and I better fire it up and make sure it is OK. Slipped in the virus disk that came with it fired it up and put in a password did it twice for confirmation OK. Went to my daughters for a very nice visit, came back home fired up the Brand New Lenvo $455.78 that I SAVED $199.99 on and it LOCKED ME OUT This computer Geek guy that sold it to me, When I Asked Him About a START UP disk told me I DON'T NEED one it's Built In. THIS GEEK GENIUS assured me it wasn't needed.

I Asked him Repeatedly, said Your Covered, Everything is in there! My Uncle Tom had a saying, " It's important to be understood But more Importantly to NOT be Misunderstood!" Thanks Uncle Tom. When I called the store they got real snotty with me and said for $37.00 they would UNLOCK IT! I told them it was Never used, said they don't care $37.00 is what they charge to Unlock My Brand New $455.78 + $199.99 savings computer. I asked to talk to a Manager, was told makes No Difference, he will tell you the SAME $37.00 to unlock your brand new computer If they Do Not Unlock & give me an Apology THIS $455.78 is the LAST Penny you will ever get of of Paul & Doris Carroll of Taylor ,Pa. 18517 They should ALL be Ashamed for this behavior. I must be getting Mellow at 6'5" and 245 lbs. There was a time the police might have been called.


My last payment on my former best buy credit card was on March 3 2016 for 90.36. I checked my card balance and it should have been 0.00. I looked at the statement and saw 49.79 as a balance. I called best buy customer service and asked her were this balance came from since I knew my balance was 0.00 She stated that this was a charge from 2012 webroot purchase. Now I would like to know how you can try to collect on a bogus charge like this.

I have since cancelled my best buy card and will never buy anything in your store ever again. I do not intend on paying this since I know my balance is 0.00 Please remove the 49.70 from that credit card. If I get no satisfaction from here I will gladly call the CEO Herbert Joly at 877-415-3487 and express my dissatisfaction to him. I pretty sure he`ll take care of this issue.


After waiting for a Geek Service call, Best Buy called and said it would be another ten days before the replacement part comes in. I called the BB 800# and the CSR told me to return my flatscreen to the store. I did and was told at the store did not have any information and to take my TV and leave the building. I called back to the BB800# and at first they denied that the CSR told me to return the TV and then after pressuring them they fed up in saying that even though she did say it, it was not corporate policy to exchange my TV and would not honor her mistake. Still, waiting for a simple two dollar backordered part!


I went to the Belmont store in Baltimore , MD on March 5, 2016. All of the sales representatives were very helpful and I ordered a refrigerator and a cook top. These items were not delivered together. One I received on March 24 and I have yet to receive my cooktop. When I received the refrigerator, the delivery person could not get the water to come out and stated he would bring another one, I never heard anything more about that. Using his own initiative, my husband read the manual, and called the Frigidaire Company and now we have ice and water.

The is the first time getting appliances from your company and I wanted to get all of my Kitchen appliances from Best Buy. I have had quite a few delays I might have to shop elsewhere. I would like to know if I can be compensated in any way for having my kitchen looking a wreck, not being notified, and not getting my order in a timely matter. I think I'm almost ready to cancel my cook top and close my account.


As a lady who has been a very good customer of Best Buy, I feel it is incumbent upon me to tell you how disgusted and offended I felt in your retail store located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, #1080, last night (April 9, 2016) because of an arrogant so- called "manager," namely his disposition and treatment of me. I have spent $1,106.92 at Best Buy since December 2015...Order No. BBY01-773187004597, $525.59 on 12/8/15; Order No. BBY01-773850020760, $443.97 on 12/13/15; Order No. BBY01-776235015854, $137.36. I purchased an ethernet cable at the Lake Charles, Louisiana store for a total of $27.42. I do not live in Lake Charles and have to drive a round trip of 60 miles from my house to that particular Best Buy store because it is the nearest Best Buy store to where I live. I had bought the ethernet cable because I thought I needed it for a device for my TV.

I wasn't exactly sure how to attach the device, and a friend of mine came to help me with that task on Friday, April 9, 2016. As it turned out, the ethernet cable was not needed, so I made a trip to the Best Buy store in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to return the ethernet cable for a cash refund. A nice male clerk waited on me and advised me that there was a 15 day return policy, but that he would check with his manager to see if he would make an exception. I thought that was very nice, since I had not asked him to do this; he volunteered to do so. I had not read the receipt and had assumed that I had 30 days to return the item, since that is standard at most any store.

He said he could only give me a store credit, which I had to take, because he refused to give me my money back. I didn't and don't want the store credit, as there is nothing I am interested in buying anytime soon. I want my money back. He said that I had bought the cable a very long time ago, and I couldn't believe that! WHAT A RIDICULOUS EXAGGERATION! I had bought it 22 days prior, which is only 1 week over the 15 day period. Are you kidding me? I mentioned that the item wasn't for a large sum of money...$27.42, and he said, "Exactly," as though I was making a big deal over nothing. Is this any way to treat a customer who values her hard earned money?

Customers should be rewarded for their patronage and loyalty. I have my own business, and I can tell you that I bend over backwards to satisfy my customers. I would never treat any of them this way. It pays off in the long run to bend a little and go the extra mile, rather than be so rigid and uncaring as MICHAEL SONNIER. I did not witness a store manager at work, but rather someone who thinks he is Master of the Universe. I am disgusted with customer service behavior and lack of respect and will be disgusted with Best Buy if you do not do something to rectify this matter. I am asking you to please refund the cash amount of $27.42 to me. I hope that you do not want to lose a good customer over this matter.


Went to Best Buy in Sherman TX, bought a "new" Xbox, got it home and the thing was literally in pieces. Took it back to exchange it, was refused an exchange and got accused of doing it myself. Because that makes sense obviously. All in an hour!


I Pre-ordered Game of thrones DVD set a few weeks ago. Release date 3/15. I received a call from a local store employee (Apple Valley, CA store) AND a 'corporate email' on 3/14 stating my order/DVD's were available for pick up "NOW" and up to 3/24. I go to the store for pick up, show them the email, ID and CC. They would not release the DVD set stating 'release date is not until tomorrow'. Again, I had them read the email. I left w/o the DVDS, very angry. At home there was a vm from a store employee, stating the same "I can pick up my DVDs 'now'."

I called and spoke to "Jenna" the acting gm on duty. Although apologetic, it does not solve this problem. I find it appalling and horrible customer service that a patron would be notified by the local store and corporate email stating their order is ready for pick up "NOW" and yet the staff refuses to release the product until the next day. This is incomprehensible and needs to stop immediately. Either do not call and notify the customer for order pick up "NOW" OR honor the notification and release the order per the notifications. If this isn't changed at the corporate level on down to line staff, this problem will continue. I personally will not shop at Best Buy anymore. And yes, I have the email saved.


I was in the Honolulu store on 23rd of February trying to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter while walking around the store I approached one of the sale person and ask could he assist me in finding the item. He had some paperwork on the counter and a cell phone on his hand, the minute I asked if he could assist me he started dialing the phone and informed me it would be a few minutes before he could assist me. I told him at this point not to worry about it being the phone call was more important than waiting a customer standing in front of him.

I noticed an other employee could I ask him a question I was told again by an other of you employees it would be a few minuets. This was around 1:30pm and the store was not busy. The second employee never came back! Another employee finally came by and did ask if he help me find something, we did find where the item was but there where none on the display, he did check an returned and then I was told the item was sold in that store. I had checked on line and had found it online at that store and had checked at another store and was told that they had it at the Honolulu store. I left the store very upset and have no plans of ever going there again and if the store employees have a problem waiting on all of there customers then they really don't want everyone businesses.


We have come into the store in Yakima, Washington to purchase a television and for the last two times have been ignored they say they will be right with us and after waiting. Twenty minutes with no help we leave the store in frustration. I am calling the Best Buy headquarters tomorrow with my complaint!


Everyone told us not to buy from Best Buy because once they have your money they could care less about you, their customer & today this was proven true. You can be assured this is our last purchase from Best Buy. The Kitchen Aid downdraft vent that was delivered to us was a used, returned item, and a defective vent. We paid full price for a new vent. Our contractor returned the vent to the Bloomingdale store today, a credit was issued & he was advised a vent would be reordered & would be delivered in about three weeks! We have already waited several weeks for this one. When our contractor stated this was unacceptable Dan Cavazos, your employee stated he could ask for a rush.

But our contractor felt that Dan had no interest in doing this & probably wouldn't. Our contractor was able to temporarily install the Kitchen Aid cook top, also ordered from Best Buy. But now we have to pay him additional fees to return here to install the second vent. Why should we have to go this additional expense plus be so inconvenienced. We now have a gaping hole in our counter top & the cook top is just temporary. We have a large family event planned in less than two weeks, with out of town guest staying with us & our kitchen is a mess.

Best Buy is a large organization, why on earth are they not able to get an inconvenienced customer a replacement for a defective item sooner than three weeks. Since Best Buy can give us no service,you can be assured tomorrow we will be at HHGreg & other stores to determine if they can give us better service than you organization. I have also sent an email to Kitchen Aid letting them know how disappointed we are in there product.

This is a copy of the email I attempted to send to Best Buy through their customer service email. What a joke, the site continually gave a message that the email could not be sent.


I put a item (computer monitor) into my cart for the early access president's sale yesterday morning. I took a screenshot to send to my husband to see what he thought and waited for him to respond. When I came back to complete my purchase the price went up to regular price. I tried to log back in and the price would not come back. I went to a local store where they told me they could not do anything because it was early access.

I called 1-888-best-buy customer service phone number and was literally on the phone with customer service for an hour before the manager hung up on me. They told me there was nothing they can do because this item is not part of the sale. I said I have proof. I took a screenshot. She got her manager and said there was no way for me to send them my image and they would not honor it. This is false advertisement and rude customer service.


Best Buy in Lafayette la would rather watch me carry a infant seat and printer with 10 people standing around not one offered to help. Customer service also gave all kinds of issues picking up my purchase. Buggy is not made to carry infant and purchase.


My husband to our laptop computer into the local Best Buy this morning with an issue of a darkening screen. We have a current maintenance contract, When the technician plugged in the computer the screen was completely black. Ben was told the back light was out. He was told it would cost $250 to repair and recommended a replcement. Ben discussed prices on a new computer and left with our computer. When he got home I plugged in the computer and the screen was still slightly dark BUT NOT BLACK. I am now very suspecious of Best Buy's motives and WILL NOT but from them when I do replace our current computer.


I purchased a Surface Pro 4, item# 4523700 on Jan. 8, 2016. Purchased at store #552, 12495 SW 88th Street, Miami, FL 33186. Purchase price $1,299.99. I visited Best Buy online on Sunday Jan 17, 2016. Found the same item on sale for $300 less at $999.99. Contacted live chat support. They were not able to price match and asked that I visited the store. The store was closed and I needed to wait until Monday, Jan. 18th.

Visited the store Jan. 18th. Customer service said they could not help me because the price had gone back up to $1,299.99. They would not honor my online contact the day before when the item was on sale at $999.99. Not the first incident at this store. I had wireless earphones given to me as a gift for Christmas, purchased at Best Buy. They did not work. I went to the store for an exchange. I did not have the original receipt nor was a gift receipt provided to me. I did provide however, the complete package with merchandise to the customer service rep. She went somewhere to a back room to speak to a manager, manager did not make an appearance, and she stated there is nothing that could be done in my case.

I like the purchasing experience at Best Buy, but anything on the other end is not pleasant to deal with. On a go forward, I plan to take my business to a competitor, even if it results in paying higher prices.


I placed a order for a electric range on DECEMBER 5,2015 at the Best Buy store on Ritchie Hwy in Glenburnie Md 21061. at that time I was told that my order would take 2-3 weeks to come in. The 2-3 weeks turned into a month which made my appliance to be set up for a delivery on 1/5/16. I received a delivery time frame for 1/5/16 between 2-6pm. After waiting a month for my purchase once the delivery man arrived at my home he once then brought in the range which turned out to be the wrong item. At this point I'am furious because I had waited a month for the range and now was sent the wrong order. I then made several attempts to call the Best buy store but was unable to reach someone.

I then drove to the store and spoke with the gentleman who originally placed my order and he said after checking the order that he had made a mistake of placing the wrong order. So now once again I have to re-order another range and wait another couple of weeks for it to be delivered. So in the mean time I placed another order and picked a new delivery date of 1/9/16. The salesperson confirmed my date for 1/9/16 and said that someone would call with a time frame a couple of days prior to the delivery. So on 1/9/16 I waited for my delivery between 2-6pm and no one showed up with my order.

I then at about 6:15 pm called the the store and spoke with a salesmen stating that my order did not make it to the warehouse so a new delivery date was set up for 1/13/16.First of I never received a call from Best Buy customer service stating that my order was not in the warehouse, secondly no one ever call me to ask if I was available for a new delivery date. I then had to go to the store once again after missing work for a delivery that never showed up and driving again to speak to someone about this situation. The manager came out and had no remorse or and concern for what had happened.


I was charged the monthly fee and was going to be selling the phone so I called to cancel so that when the month was over that I would not be charged again.. Well I call to make a claim on the phone and the guy wanted to get smart with me and said it was canceled and I was getting a refund then. I said that the person did not tell me that nor did they tell me I was getting a refund. I did not ask for a refund cause I was under the impression that it was still under contract till the end of the month. Now I am waiting on the phone for his supervisor and its been over 20 mins. wow great customer service.


I purchased an open box smart tv from Best Buy for a Christmas gift. When the tv was plugged up it did not work. The nearest Best Buy to the family that the tv was given was 1-1/2 hours away but they drove the tv there. All information was given to the customer service people and they were able to pull all information up and see the tv was paid for, etc. There reply was they could not do anything to help us but would send a label within the next 5-7 days and once the tv was back to the distribution warehouse, they would return the money within another 5-10 days. This is truly unacceptable for consumers to be treated this way when the tv was bought in good faith accepting their word that the tv was just an open box and there was not anything wrong.


My wife and I went to our best Buy in Winchester, Va. on black Friday to purchase a smart phone for her. She was pretty excited about it until 4 and 1/2 hrs. later we finally left the store, the hold up was no one could get through to corporate to issue the $250.00 best buy gift card. Finally we had enough and told them to send it to my e-mail. Got a phone call saying that it would be issued in 24 to 48 hrs. Well three weeks later I went to the store to find out what happened and boy you sure have a lot of love for your customers. I was treated like I had robbed the place, and was waiting for the cops to arrive. I will be honest with you we finally did receive the gift card, but once It is spent I will never shop in your stores again


I purchased a Dell laptop and have had continued issues with it and it's software. I purchased a GEEK squad service package and have called a minimum of 20 phone service calls in less than 10 months. I finally agree to pay the $49.99 in home service call, took off any entire day from work (my appointment was schedule for between 12:00 and 4:00 pm), sat the entire day only to receive a call at 3:45 pm saying that they couldn't find the home. 12 years ago I lived in Riverside county, then I moved elsewhere and live there 7 years and now live in LA county. They had my appointment scheduled at my address from 12 years ago and the technician said. Sorry he couldn't help me and that I would have to reschedule. No one would take responsibility and Best Buy customer service, well they gave me a sorry-ass apology!


I went in to get a new Verizon phone contract for 2 phones on 10/30/15, at the Best Buy Baldwin NY store location. The sales person Nick (employee# 1200258) had totally misrepresented the pricing for my contract. I did keep the paper work which he wrote on (attached), because there was another lady there, complaining about her bill. First, I was told there would be no upgrade charge. This is represented by a $0 charge for each phone on my credit card bill (attached) The problem is that Verizon charged me. They said speak to you. The Best Buy manager said speak to them.

Second, the plan was presented as $20/month access fee per phone ($16.20 with the school teacher discount of 19%) plus the $45 3gb shared plan. I could either pay a $25.42 charge each month for the phone, or buy the phone for $100 each and avoid the installment charge. I commented who in their right mind would pay $610 in 24 months, than pay $100 one time. He replied some people do not have the money.

I restated that I would be responsible for $16.20 for each phone, and the $45 for the data, plus taxes. About $80 plus taxes. He said yes. I said I would take the phones, which when he put them in the system, said they where now on sale for $49.99 each. What he didn't say was that the access charge would go to $40 each, and that the teacher discount was on the $45 data plan, and not the access fees. He basically got everything wrong.

The person trying to rectify this said, I can do nothing. This was a Verizon plan, I was past the 14 day return date (I didn't know of the problems till the phone bill came 30 days later). Verizon said this was a best buy problem. Even the person looking at this problem, tried to get me to change to the installment plan, thinking it would be cheaper, but forgot to add 1 phones $25.42/month into the calculations. The manager Yohance Anderson, was sitting right there, and had no time for me. I waited 20 minutes)

So basically I had to pay the $80 one time upgrade fee, and an extra $40 month for access ($960). So I paid the bill (so as not to ruin my credit). I will no longer shop here, will boycott Best Buy corporate offices, and I will cancel my Best Buy credit card.


My son and I each have best buy visa cards. because the item my son wanted cost more than his credit limit we chose to use both cards, because I was to be out of town, my husband, an attorney, drafted a power of attorney granting my son the right to use my card to make a purchase. When my son presented the power to customer service at your boardman, ohio store he was told that my legally binding power was absolutely worthless. In a very short time each customer service rep became extremely rude. One of them started yelling at my son. My son, matthew, is autistic. When he got home he was visibly shaken and began to pace around the house. pacing is a coping mechanism matt uses when he is extremely upset.

Best buy's corporate policies leave much to be desired. in fact, your online cancellation policy clearly violates federal law. your policy states that cancellations must be made within a mere 30 minutes of the moment of purchase. However, the commercial codes at both federal and state levels grant the buyer the right to cancel up to the time at which goods are shipped. Amazon recognizes the law. Why do you choose to break it? Greed, perhaps.
should my son not be handsomely compensated for his mental anguish caused by your employees, my husband will file complaints in each and every appropriate forum. your litigation costs would be extremely high. I am also considering to notify 60 minutes to tell them how your company treats those afflicted with autism. I anticipate your prompt and considered attention to this matter.


On December 3, 2015 I drove to Delaware to pick up my Grandson's desk top computer, along with the graphics card purchased from Best Buy online, and drop off at the location above. The computer was working fine, with no issues. We just wanted it to have a better graphics card installed. Throughout this process, I told the Best Buy associates that we needed the computer back before December 14, 2015. I was told that the install would take 3 to 5 days. When I checked the status online, it indicated "Checked in and will be assigned". I called the store on December 6, 2015 and the phone rang for 30 minutes, with no answer. I went to the store and the Geek squad associate told me that the computer was currently being worked on and would be ready for pickup the next day. I had to return to Virginia to work. I called several times the next day, but once again nobody answered the phone on the Geek Squad extension.

When I checked the status online, it indicated "Checked in and will be assigned". I call the Geek Squad at 1-800-433-5778, explained the situation, and they attempted to contact the Delaware store for me. When they could not get a response, they told me they would email the manager and have him contact me with Status. I did not receive a response. I checked the status online, it indicated "Checked in and will be assigned". I called the store today and got a sales associate, explained the situation to her and she walked over to the Geek Squad to get status for me.

She came back to the phone and told me that the Agent she spoke with told her the computer will be ready in 48 hours, because the computer had to be taken apart to perform the repair. As I mentioned above, I was told the on December 6, 2015 that the technician was working on it. Throughout this process, I told the Best Buy associates that we needed the computer back in time for a December 14, 2015 departure date. At this point, I felt that it was time to contact you.

Keep in mind, I am doing all of this from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I purchase electronics. for family members living and attend school in other states, from Best Buy. Our experiences with Geek Squad service on these products have always been favorable. I have always been informed of my service status if it can't be performed as planned. I understand this is a busy time. However, at a minimum, I should have receive an update from the location performing the service if they could not deliver as promised? This would have allowed me to make other arrangements, in order to meet our deadline. At this point I do not have time to make other arrangements.

Please look into this issue for me as soon as possible. My Grandson is leaving College and entering the United States Marines on December 14, 2015. We are all sad that he will not be with us for the holidays and hope that you can ensure the return of his computer prior to his departure. He doesn't drive so we need to know the service is completed, before we can make arrangements to have pick it up.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


My complaint is that I was double charged. Best buy says they never too ANY money Well, I conference called in my bank and they verified double charge. Best buy again says never charged. Even after calling their billing number to complain. I actually received my item and was charged for 2 they say NO CHARGES. Never shopping at Best Buy again.


Hi, I purchase a Toshiba Laptop in August of 2014. about 2 months into having the computer, I had to take it back to the store because of technical difficulties. During this time, I explained to the geek squad agent that my mouse pad has been sticking and I have to constantly tap it for it to work. A few months after I had to return the laptop again because I received a message stating that my 1 year subscription to Microsoft 365 has expired way before the expiration date. I complaint about the mouse sticking again and still nothing. All I was told is that the mouse seems to be working fine. I then inquired about returning the computer because I am having so much issues with it. I was told that I could not return because of a mouse issue, if it have to be something more serious of a matter.

Feeling like I am stuck with a product that was obviously a bad choice I took my lap top home and left it untouched for a few months. When I finally decided to use the computer again, I encountered another issue with Malware, although I purchased the protection plan from best buy. Seeing that I couldn't take any more of this obvious defective product, I inquired about my warranty again, this time I was told that my warranty has expired and there is nothing can be done. Called the phone number to complain to the Best Buy corporate office, but they did not answer either.

I was really disappointed at this point. I have made several complaints about this laptop which I feel had a defect from the beginning and no one did anything. Now I am stuck with a laptop that has a defective mouse pad and the solution that I was told was to purchase and external mouse for the laptop. My experience with this service was really unacceptable. I feel that the customer service representatives are trained to not honor the warranty that a customer paid for to ensure quality product. It was just a total rip off to pay for a warranty that could not be used although I complained about the defective product. No one did anything to assist, not even document my complaints now I'm stuck with a laptop that continuously gives my problems and to top it off the mouse pad decided not to work at all anymore.


Went to the Best Buy Black Friday sale for the 50 inch tv for 149.99 was in line for a ticket the people in front of line kept letting their family an friends get in line with them. A lady complained to the person who was in control of the line he said he could not control that they should not let people skip line that he could not do anything about it. Which caused me and my son not to get a ticket for the TV. I know it just a TV that why I did not complain or cause fuss a the store I just thing they could have handle it better.


My husband, Rouel Paz, purchase ipad-mini via online on 11/23 and we have 4 gift cards amounting to $350,00 (3 - $100 and 1-$50). When he finalized his order he noticed that he forgot to include the $50 gift card and cancelled his order. When he redo the order, he noticed that the other $100 gift card is reduced to $50. And today, November 24, we called customer service to complain as to why the gift card balance got reduced. The first person my husband talked to was able to add 34.58 to the missing $50 and will send the remaining balance via mail. When my husband checked the amount again it is now showing a balance of ZERO. We were transferred to supervisor and now they are telling us to wait 3-5 business days to have this fix. We are on the phone for more than 3 hours and they cannot return back the original value of $100 to our gift card. This is a very bad customer service.


2 days late on returning item. Went on vacation after spending $248.00 on a vizio sound bar. Was told to purchase a digital optical cord ($24.00). Best Buy would not issue me a credit for the cord which did not fit my tv. I left the cord and told them to keep it. What was I going to do with it? I have spent a lot of money there over the years and to be denied the credit is just not right. Now they get to re-stock it and profit twice on the cord. This is the second complaint I have filed with you. Looking for help.


I am so tired of trying to buy something on sale at Best Buy. You weekly sales or Deal of the Day are just a way to get people into the store. You never have the product or so limited that they try to sell you something else or just tough! With no availability of a rain check online or at the store. I have had this experience on more than one occasion. Once for a TV, Samsung Tablet, and now for a cell phone.
You had a special on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + 64 GB Gold Platinum for $249.99 with a 2 year contract with Verizon. A saving of $ 200.00. The sale was from 11/11/2015 to 11/14/2015. I called my Best Buy store first thing on 11/11/2015 @ 10:00 AM when the store opened to find out (as usual) that they were our of stock and to try to get it on line. How can you put stuff on sale when you do not have it in stock? I went on line and guess what no phones available.

Only one phone available in black and it was 32 GB. The online customer rep checked all the stores in Michigan and none available. She was very helpful and noted that this is not unusual and so did the store manager at my Best Buy. I am a senior citizen and try to save money where possible and when I cannot even get a deal that you falsely promote and you will not even honor it with a rain check you should be ashamed of yourselves. I will never, ever purchase anything from your company again. I was so mad and very disappointed and I will make sure I let everyone know that I possible can. I will post it to social media for sure and make sure I put a complaint on every website I can find about Best Buy. I know this email will not make a difference, but I home someone will have the respect to respond and if possible honor you sale and find the cell phone for me!


My daughter's ipod touch 5 would no longer turn on. We took it to best buy to replace back in Sept, because we purchased in Nov of 2014 That time they were willing to replace, then I asked them if they could transfer everything that was on the defective ipod to the new one. But the problem was my daughter couldn't remember her icloud password. So they told us to call Apple and made us give back the replacement. SO I call Apple but my daughter still could not remember her security question answers. SO I just decided to go back to Best buy(today Nov 8 2105) and replace the ipod and start fresh and make this one under my Apple id. They wouldn't do it. The jerk you have working as the Group Leader in the Customer Service Dept at the Hagerstown, MD store, wouldn't know customer service if it bit him in the ass.

He could have cared less about my situation and my frustration. He told me my warranty was almost up, but still wouldn't help. How can you tell a customer that your warranty is ALMOST up but not help. I worked in Customer Support. Warranty at for 9 yrs and if I ever told a customer that their warranty was ALMOST up but not help with something or all. I would have been looking for another job. Your company does not put the customer first. I even lost out on the money that I paid back in Sept for the difference of cost for the replacement one. All he was worried about was getting an a defective ipod back that your company wouldn't be able to refurbish because it would be locked. If my warranty was still in, I should still be entitled to a new ipod.

If you are not willing to make this right, then I will never spend a dime in another Best Buy I will also spread the word that Best buy can not be trusted and do not value their customers.


Approached by Steven, a store sales person (looks like a clown) and accused me of stealing a memory card out of a camera and I was then told that the cameras didn't have a memory cards installed. When I showed him that the cameras didn't display functions for the many buttons attached he said it was because the memory card wasn't installed. Then accused me of arguing with him. I told Steven I wasn't arguing with him and that other stores had cameras on display without memory cards and they displayed the functions for all the attached buttons. That's when he finally offered to install a memory card (carried in his pocked) so I could check the functions of the cameras. After returning home I called and talked to a manager named Mason from store #445. He told me this sales person was a supervisor and one of the best sales personnel he had. I ended the call with; Sales persons should look and act professional. So what can corporate do for me. Just take a look at Sales Person Steven ( if you can without laughing) and tell me he looks like a professional. And if that is true, then why do all the other sales people look like normal Professionals!


I placed an online order and I called Best Buy customer service on 11/06 /15 at 4:59 PM because UPS lied about attempting to deliver the package to my daughter who stayed home all day expecting this delivery. They usually leave the package at the door, or leave a slip on the door. This was not done, so I asked the Best Buy Agent to contact UPS. She was very reluctant to do so, kept me on hold for over 30 minutes, then hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. No one called me back, and they have all my contact information. I called back several times after that, and was on hold each time for more than 20 minutes without anyone picking up the phone. If their calls are recorded as they state, they should review the call. I was not rude. Their agent was very passive-aggressive. I just wanted them to intervene on my behalf with UPS, not act as if it was no BIG DEAL that a re-delivery attempt would be made on Monday 11/09/15. My daughter is a college student who stayed home on FRIDAY for this delivery. I'm very upset. Worst Customer Service ever!


Best Buy's new TV commercial suggestion to go "Elfing around" is unnessecary and unacceptable. My family will not be purchasing our electronics from a company that uses disgusting innuendos to be trendy. I will also make sure my church of 9000 attendees (Community Bible Church - San Antonio, Texas) is aware of your unproffessional attempt at advertising.


The 53"inch Samsung TV"my Husband and I, bought from Best Buy around 4years ago needed service the first month.and now it's no longer usable because of ticking noises. We paid a lot of money for your product and we're out of a TV". Hopefully you value your customers and your product to try and appease your customers some way to fix this problem. Also learn on the Internet that there was a large suit against you all about this probably we are experiencing now with Our television. Will be faithfully waiting for a response from your Company.


I took back a Linksys router that was not used and was told there was a 15 day no return policy that I wasn't aware of and did not get a refund. so I now have my own policy, I will never buy anything at best buy again! I own 3 businesses, I buy printers, I am always replacing TVs I own 36 TVs and replace them occasionaly, replaced a 60 inch today at ABC, bought an Epson printer at staples today am adding to my sonos and camera system, ink, dvds etc. I will never make a purchase at Best Buy again. I hope the $249.99 was worth that business to you.


Best Buy used my credit card without my approval. I had a Geek credit for a year but apparently it closed on Sept 22, 2015 and I thought the credit ran through the 22nd. Instead of telling my credit ($199.00) ended they never said a word and in fact paid via my credit card. As I said, I never authorized this and shouldn't have to pay for this. If I knew the above I would never have allowed Geek people to work on my computer. This happened at the Fullerton Store on Imperial.


My protection plan had lapsed one month, I found out that it had not been renewed (one month later) I called and asked to renew the protection plan Best Buy will not honor a one month lapse at all. this is totally unfair as my husband travels the united states and can not all ways check our email. We have spend thousands of dollars at Best Buy, I find this to be just outrageous. So much for shopping at Best Buy we are done with this store.


I bought a Hotspot device at Bestbuy it would not work with the ATT Gocard. I received a refund for the Hotspot device. However I could not get a refund for the ATT Gocard $53.90 The order number was 0350 070 1751 July 1 2015 I returned it the same day about 4 hours later. The hotspot kept cutting off every minute. Both the Customer service dept and Store Manager at 9930 Southside Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32256 would not refund my money. Of course I'm very disappointed, you would be too if a device would not work and you could not get a refund. I believe this is an unsatisfactory business practice. Of course my experience is a 0 not even a 1.


I purchase a refrigerator and when it was delivered it was damage so I rejected the delivery. I had to reschedule. This is where my nightmare begins with this company. They have the worst costumer service I have ever seen. No one from the warehouse call me the day before to give me a window for my delivery so the delivery came when I was at work and they advised me that I would have to wait another week because I was not home to receive the refrigerator. I was told that I could cancel and go get another refrigerator from someone else because it was nothing they could to help me for their mistake.

I stayed on the phone for hours trying to explain that I was never called. So I guess they wanted me to have ESP on when they were going to deliver my refrigerator. I was given the run around to find out that I would not be able to receive a refund and cancel my purchase until the truck return back to the warehouse. They really lost me as a customer and I will never shop at best buy in life! please take your business elsewhere.


I have shopped at Best Buy for years and consider it to be a good store to find anything electronic. I was just in the Pineville NC store and was appalled at the apathy the workers showed and to be honest just basic rudeness.

I had trouble getting anyone to help me when I first came in. Normally I know where to go but I live in Greensboro, NC. I finally just walked up to someone and they told me where to find my item but I was an obvious interruption to their day.

Finally, I get my item, I'm ready to checkout and there is NO ONE at the checkouts. I stand there confused but no one tells me what to do. Finally, I find a sign at the very end of the checkouts saying go to customer service which is no where close to the checkouts.

Well, here is the final insult. The woman who checked me out was Monica (African American probably 25) who is rude (mainly in an unresponsive way) but also chewing gum very loudly in my face. When she asked for my best buy shoppers card, I responded I didn't have it with me and she rolled her eyes at me and asked for my phone number.

I just felt like the whole experience should have been better. The one shining moment was the lady at the door when I left. She was older and very friendly and thanked me for shopping at BB and to have a great day. She is the only reason I'm even giving this one star. When you spend hard earned money you expect better.


I went to Best Buy to purchase a new phone. I wanted to upgrade to either a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as I already had the Samsung Galaxy S5 for quite some time.

After speaking with someone in the Samsung department, I was convinced the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be my phone of choice if it held up to vigorous use. After speaking with someone in the mobile department, I decided to either rent or purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as I was assured the phone was durable, had no issues and a full replacement warranty policy was available if I wanted to pay for it.

Since I have purchased several new phones from Best Buy and always done the same basic procedure to get one, I purchased the phone, a case, a screen protector and a replacement policy should anything happen to the phone. Although I was confused why I HAD to purchase the phone rather than take advantage of the lease/rental option, I made the purchase and had the mobile department set my phone up.

My current number was to be put on the new phone, but I was told I needed to go to a Sprint store to have them put my number on my new phone, so I left the store with a new unactivated phone with a screen saver installed by the Geek Squad and several accessory items.

I used the phone for two days and was disappointed to see the screen saver starting to peel. Since I was told I had a few days to have the screen saver reinstalled at no cost, I went to the store to have it replaced. As I got out of my vehicle, I accidently dropped the phone and when I picked it up, I noticed it was flashing an array of colors.

I noticed that although I had a screen saver on the screen and the phone protected in a flip case, the screen was destroyed on the upper tight hand corner. Further disappointment followed as I went into the store to show them what happened to my phone. I was told that if I wanted to make a claim, I would need to pay a $200 dollar deductible. I was then informed that although they had NO contract to show me where I agreed to pay $200 deductible, I had to pay it if I wanted a phone.

I had never experienced this before and I was taken back by shock! Does this mean that every time my phone is slightly dropped, it will crack and I will need to pay another $200 deductible?

Since I was told I had several days to return the phone if I didn't like it, I then decided to pay the $200 dollar deductible, replace the phone and replace it with a hopefully more durable standard Samsung Galaxy S6. I was then informed that although they had NO contract to show me because "it is all electronic" and no warranty stating "the return time frame was void if I had a replacement phone for the one that broke"

Later they stated that I was given a hard copy of the Geek Squad policy, but I had NOT been. I was then told I would be E-mailed a copy of the document I had signed and a copy of the warranty stating I cannot return an exact replacement item issued by Best Buy.

I am extremely disappointed with the attitude and service I have received and surprised Best Buy would do this since I spend thousands with them every year! I know the majority of the people by face and several by name now! Is this now the new normal for Best Buy??


My granddaughter needed an adapter for her laptop when to the Best Buy in Hialeah Fl. and was looking for the one she originally had since I saw it on their website. When she went to the store they said they didn't carry that one and sold her a more expensive one she even showed them the ad and they just shrugged it off. I guess Best Buy is into False advertising now. I suggest you check out store #555 and see what's going on. Thank you for any consideration in this matter.


I purchased two laptops online with store pic up the next day. Total price for both was $504.78. Whenever there is action on my card I get a text from my bank, within a minute. Right on time I got an text telling me there was a $504 hold put on the account. The available balance now should show the hold with the pending transaction later.

So about a minute later there is another text for the same amount. Now there are two holds totaling $1008. This has happened before and it messes up the whole account. I'm there at the store picking up the laptops, and for some reason they refunded me $6.48 off the $504. Tis plays a part later in the story.

I asked about the other hold. They were rude and talked to me like I was stupid. I'm 64 freakin years old. They say that they did not charge my card, which is right, But a hold is like spending it. WE go around for a while and they give me a phone number in Atlanta. I'm in the California desert here. So after the robot gets done I explain this whole thing again. They tell me they will send a letter of release.

I need this money. I'm on a fixed income. This account is only for SSI, and a couple pensions to be direct deposited in. I can't add money to it. I have automatic payments coming out and like that. I wait all day and then I call the bank. They got the release form, but the dollar amount was wrong and the authorization number was wrong. Back to the two hour sessions. Best Buy tells me it will drop off in a couple weeks. REALLY??? I tell them I can't wait that long and besides it was there fault it was on there, not mine.

They send another FAX Same thing and the bank cannot accept the number from me, it has to come from Best Buy. In between these FAXes. I'm dealing with really rude and stupid people. So my bank tells me they will FAX them a letter and all they have to do is sign it and return.

So back to pending transaction. So back to Best Buy I go. This time they will not give their FAX number saying the can only send but not receive. I lost it. This is the sixth day SO I go down to the store and demand a refund on the laptops. Just like the movie Ground Hog Day, I explain the whole thing. Then they tell me it will be 3 to 5 business days for the money to be available. I took the laptops back and told them I'm getting some legal advice. And that is where I am now.


I bought an iPad and had it 3 weeks and it would not charge. I took it back for a return and they said no because I did not purchase the warranty they had to offer. After I complained again they exchange it with another which I did not want. This is the 2nd iPAD in 3 months that I have bought along with 2 cameras, computer, monitor, vacuum, games and much more. I feel that other stores have 30 days and Best Buy just wants to sell you the warranty. I have the Best Buy card and I want them to know this is the last time I will ever deal with them. Just 1 week over they want to get hateful and not help a loyal customer, that's poor business.


I found an ad on Xbox home about a trade in for 360's. ANY 360! "ANY WORKING 360" was the ad.

I take my console up there and it's 15 minutes until they figure out its a 20g. They say trade in value is 0. It's a working 360 but it has 0 value. The service people had no knowledge of this rebate, even tho I had called to ask about it several hrs before, and it was validated fully at that time. I returned home with console and looked up ad again. It said "ANY WORKING 360". I called best buy and spent 20 minutes, 15 of which on hold. Then I'm told it's a minimum of $125 for 'any' followed quickly by $175 for a 250g. Then back to a 20 g having no value.

This was all in one breath with me asking no questions. I fully understand the younger generation is better w computers but when it comes to getting your knowledge correct and customer service, this young generation sucks! I will still buy an xbox1 but I'm in no hurry and will prefer to buy from anyone other than Best buy.


I wanted to buy a new phone and have everything from my old phone transfered over. ( I did this 4 or 5 month ago at the same Best Buy..different salesman). A lady waited on me and said that I would have to wait till another salesperson was through because he was the only one that could do the transfer. I waited till he was through, the customers were looking at a phone and other items much more $$$ that mine. He looked at the phone and told me he couldn't transfer it over to another phone and suggested I go to Walmart or somewhere else. I told his that one of the salesmen did it for me before. He jerked the monitor around and said that it can't be done. Then he got up and left. We just bought a 56in TV and several Christmas present from Best Buy this year and you can believe that we will be looking else where next year, maybe Walmart!


My complaint is against Glenn, a member of the geek squad store #30 in St Louis. I bought a tablet there and it got a crack across the bottom. I went to the store to let the geek squad look at it. Glenn took the tablet out the box said someone applied pressure to the back, and that's why it cracked. He was very rude and arrogant. He spoke down to me has if I was stupid, and I inform him that he will not speak to me in that manner. He continue to do so. I didn't receive any customer service from him. I didn't go into the store for a refund, I wanted my tablet repaired.

I asked for the manager and he stated the manager will tell me the same thing, but the manager was helpful. He tried to solve the situation. He gave me a number for the manufacture customer service. This is not the first incident with the geek squad they are arrogant and disrespectful, and they DO NOT! know how to speak to customers. SOMETHING NEED TO CHANGE ! As a consumer spending money with your company, the customer service is HORRIBLE !


My Problem is shopping off of the website and buying such a large item sight unseen. I cant say that this is a complaint directly about Best Buy but I need Best Buy to relax their policy for me this one time. I purchased a refrigerator for the first time my refrigerator went out and so I was under pressure to make this decision that would be costly and fast. When I arrived to the store I had no idea how much these units cost ( I live on a tight budget) but I knew I needed this item. One of my dreams is to get my kitchen remolded with new counter tops, refurnish my , new sink and new appliances. I wanted to do this all at once, having the time to decide just what would fit my needs a capture my heart without breaking the bank. But there I was in the store about to make what I considered as a major purchase. While the item I saw on line was in the store put was not on the floor it was a Fridgedare 22.6 cu ft refrigerator with an ice maker on the outside something my child always wanted.

I purchased it sight unseen and once I got home it dawned on me that the unit may not fit into the slot that I had. Looking at the specs I noticed it said that the height was slightly over 68” which would not work for that space. So the next day I returned to Best Buy and exchanged the item for a Whirlpool note that the Whirlpool was not in stock either it had to be shipped from a warehouse and there was no floor model to see , so I purchased this too sight unseen . When the whirlpool arrived I was relieved to have a refrigerator. About a week later I went to my family member’s home to retrieve my frozen goods that they stored for me during this unexpected ordeal. Too my dismay the food I once housed into my old unit would not fit into my new unit. I had to give over half of the frozen items away because I had no room for them. So that the end I still lost. So here is the kicker today at work in the break room is the Frigidaire unit I wanted. I opened it and wow! What room …what space…I fell in love….but then I remembered why I pass it up it wouldn’t fit in the space I had…or would it. I notice that the even though the measurement stated the height of the unit slight above 68” that that was only for the doors.

The height of the body part of the unit was well under the 68” enough to fit into the space I needed. So now what can I do. So I called the Best Buy store I purchased it from I told them that I purchased the refrigerator and that it was slightly over the 15 day return exchange policy but I wanted the other unit badly. The two refrigerator cost the same amount in fact the lower the cost of the Whirlpool to match the cost of the Frigidaire because it needed to wait for it to arrive. I know that I should have moved quicker in making my decision that is my fault but have a heart Best Buy I’m not asking for money back all I want is the Frigidaire that I wanted from day one. If I show them both on the floor I would have made my choice then I would have seen that the measurement of the door was what the company was disclosing and that I would have been happy from day one. But now I have a unit that is too small for storage and makes me not so happy to see. Please have a heart and bend your policy just this once. You are a huge company and people would like to know that you think of us consumers has people and not just as numbers.


My husband and I bought a dishwasher on 4/6/2015 and was told that it had to be ordered and would be installed on 4/11/2015. Well, on that Saturday ( 4/11) the man (Craig) called and then came to our house and walked in and said quote "I cannot put your dishwasher in today because I don't have a pipe long enough. I'll call you on Monday." He left the dishwasher in the middle of my living room floor. He called on Monday evening a little after 6 p.m to say he would be out Tuesday to install our dishwasher. Well, my son had my truck and was gone to work and about 12:50 I took my dogs outside, and I went to go check my mail to see Craig's van sitting in my drive way. This man did NOT knock on my door, ring the door bell or nothing; if he had knocked or rang the door bell my dogs would have started barking.

I went to the back and let in my dogs to put them in my bedroom and when I went back out front, he was gone. I called XP Last Mile and I called the store, Best Buy, here in Wilmington, NC. I got NO WHERE with either place. The store manager here in Wilmington wanted to take my name and phone number to call me back because they said that he was busy with a customer....REALLY?! Somehow he was aware of the problem, and I had not even talked to him. When I called XP Last Mile, the girl put me on hold; now I know why. She called and talked to the manager of Best Buy Store (Sean). That is the ONLY way he (Sean) could have been aware of my complaint. Sean would not talk to me but he talked to these people, says a lot about his being professional. So I called best Buy Corp. offices and spoke to a guy there. He was very nice and told me that he was sending me a $50.00 gift card and would follow thru on the complaint. He put me on hold and when he came back he said quote "I called XP Last Mile and told them to send someone else to your home and to call you before he was to come out."

Well, on Wednesday, Craig, who was not suppose to come out by what Sean at your Corp. Office had told me, came back to my home. He NEVER called before coming to my home and when he came in and replaced my dishwasher, he left wet paper towels under my sink and water all over my floors. It went from my kitchen through my living room right on out my front door, and Craig NEVER bothered to clean up after himself. I called Best Buy Corp. Office again to speak to Sean and he was not there yet, so I talked to Drew and told him what I just told you. He assured me that he would give the message to Sean so he could call me back. I left my name and phone number with him to give to Sean and to this date 4/20/2015 Sean has NOT called me back.

I'm am so mad with Best Buy and this XP Last Mile group. I have told everyone that I have talked to NOT to buy a dishwasher from you guys. I told Sean that I wanted my $139.99 back due to fact of all the hell I've been through just to get a dishwasher installed. I guess I should have contacted the Better Business Bureau along with everyone else. I would like to hear back from someone about my complaint. I do have a justifiable complaint at that. We went back to Best Buy because we had bought a washing machine from you guys and had great service but NOT this time and I can tell you trying to buy me off with $50.00 gift card isn't going to be enough with me!!


I bought a dishwasher from Best Buy in November 2014 from the Pottstown, PA location. After it was installed, it worked for about 3 weeks, then totally broke down. I called Best Buy numerous times to cancel the order & have it returned. It took several weeks before they came out to pick it up, but they finally picked it up on 1/8/15. The customer service department assured me that after it was returned, my account would be credited for the full amount. I had made only one payment on the credit card, due to fact it was being returned.

After about 3 weeks, I called & the account was not credited. In addition, the Best Buy Credit Card department called me several times to ask for a payment. I explained the full situation that this item was being returned, therefore, I would not be making any more payments & to note this information on my file. Two days later, I received a bill with a late charge. I called customer service several more times after this, & each different person I spoke to said they knew nothing about this, & there were no notes on my file. However, Best Buy sent my husband an email stating that they did receive the dishwasher back & a credit would be coming soon.

In the meantime, I received several calls in the next few weeks (honestly every other day) asking me for a payment. Not one representative I spoke to said there was anything on my file indicating the item was returned. A few weeks later I received another bill with a second late charge. I called the actual store I purchased the item from & they said they did not know what I should do.

Finally in April, a credit came through, but they did not credit the entire amount. Even worse than all of the time I have wasted on phone calls, is that my credit rating was adversely affected. I tried to apply for a car loan & was not approved as it stated this charge changed my credit rating from Good to Fair, so I could not get the loan on my own. I am furious beyond belief. I don't know if anyone in authority will ever see this, but I would never enter a Best Buy store again for any reason.


I bought a 60 inches Samsung TV last September and the service plan for $200, all together $2000 dollars. Last March 21st the TV was dropped by accident by my 7 year old, and the screen was minimally damage, but enough to affect the screen. And now, I can watch, all distorted or no image. I called Geek Squad they came and said we don't handle accidents, and we can do nothing, and the technician left with good bye. I have check with MicroCenter, competition and they have said their guarantee cost the same and includes accidents and is for 3 years. The Protection Plan sold by Best Buy Geek Squad is a rip off. I believe that the right thing would had been to repair or replace my TV. I hope you can reach back to me.


I purchased a Vizio 48 in flat screen tv and was told by the lead salesmen in the department that if I purchased the insurance for it and it get knock off of if someone punch my tv the insurance will replace it. The tv got knock off and now the salesman has lied about telling me this and they a have a new manger and it happen before his time. I have called the the custmer service number been put on hold, spoke to someone name Evet Taylor who says she will call me back its been over 24 hours and have not called back. On Friday 17th have been just tranfered from one person to another and then the last one agent Tiffany had the nerves to tell me to call the manufacturer . I told her I'm paying Best Buy for the insurance! I want my tv replaced or fixed.


My wife went to the Midwest City Ok. store to make a payment on our account. The clerk asked for her drivers license and since my wife is not named on the account the clerk refused to take the payment. My wife returned home and I had to drive the 16 miles to the store. My wife was not on the card when she used it to buy a $600. camera but now she can't make a payment. This makes no sense.


Ordered a 7 inch tablet online with the 1yr warranty # 4419883966 on 3/3/15 we took it back 4/16/15 we never got it to working. This store in Amarillo stole money from me for the original tablet total cost was 135.48 trace #13622.Refund total is only 84.39. This is nothing but out and out Theft. We are telling every one we know on Facebook, church postal etc do not buy anything from Best buy as they do not honor geek squad or stores policies


Ok we have bought 2 items from the store here in Lake Charles and something went wrong with both items. The first was a bundle pack with a tablet charger and case. When the tablet messed up I brought it back to be looked at and was told it was never purchased in the bundle so they could not do anything. The next item we bought and tried to return was a tone Bluetooth headset. The incompetent clerk who checked us out at the register messed up on the receipt and saying that it had been voided and we hadn't purchased the Bluetooth nor the 2 year warranty we purchased with it. Is this common store practice so you dont have to replace or repair items when they are broke or defective? Is this how it is done? One very dissatisfied and angry customer .... Duane Spearance


My name is Tasha 3 years ago I walk into best buy and bought my first laptop computer then I ask about a dragon naturally speaking system. Which I also purchased when I got it home I tried to install the dragon only to find it had no cd drive and the customer service rep told me it did not only did best buy not take the computer back but didn't give me my money back neither. So I kept it only now to find out now without the cd sleeve I cant program it to my computer. I was told to go back to best buy I did the girl at the customer service desk said I didn't need it only the numbers on the back of the box I call 18773145225 nothing I called 16129657670 nothing. I spent 100.00 dollars and I can't even use it .I love my computer I found so much with the chrome google book. But I have no idea what to do with the dragon.can I return it for a new one.


on 04/09/15 I went to Best Buy to buy a Nikon lens for Nikon d3200 camera. Got there about 1:30 pm was directed to camera lens section. I waited in section for over 25 mins and was not ask if I was being waited on etc. Finally, after waiting for over half an hour, I walked the front of the store and ask for a manager. A manager finally arrived and made some excuse about shift change i didnt by that the lens I was going to buy cost $1700 to 5000 dollars. Apparently they didn't want to sell me this lens (wide angle lens )for my d3200 niko camera. I buy a lot of things from best buy afer this experience. I think if their staff kick ass even just to see if people are being served


A lap top repair (replace screen) began on Feb 19, 2015 and it has been sent back and forth to the service center multiple times due to the incompetence of the service center and at one point the lap top was also not able to be found and was actually in the store where the repair began (additional incompetence)! I've already spoken with the store's General Manager (Ken) and he was anything but helpful. So, now in an attempt to rectify the situation the store involved (Frisco, TX) has offered to replace the lap top and transfer the data from the old system for the original price of the screen repair. Nice offer (made by John, the Geek Squad MGR) except for the issue with re-installing MicroSofet Office 2013. The Microsoft Office package was something that was added by BestBuy, charged for by BestBuy, paid to BestBuy and not the manufacturer (Asus) and now the package can not be re-installed without a MicroSoft code that I do not have or have ever had. So, why am I going to have to pay for the office package again? I have the original receipt that shows a MicroSoft serial number but this number is of no use in this situation. All I want is to be able to use my lap top in a normal manor and I can't really believe the amount of time, grief and hurdles that I've had to go through!


This afternoon, I brought over a new computer to the Geek Squad to transfer data from my old computer which was no longer functional to a new computer, and the man gave me excellent service. And then I WAITED 20-25 minutes for YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM to function properly and print out the new data. The problem was in your computer software which the man said needed to be updated. Here you have some of the best computer tech guys in the world and YOUR OWN COMPUTER NETWORK WAS WHAT HELD US UP!


I went to the store today 4/7/2015 to buy a fax machine and a printer. The associate Edgar #1058477 waited on me. He told me that there were no fax machines anymore that all that was available were the all in one with fax, printer and scan abilities. So I listened to him and took his advice I bought the HP Envy 7640 all in one printer series because he recommended it. He also stated that it was easy to install and I should have no problems making it work for me. After opening the package plugging everything in and looking at the instructions for the CD provided the instructions said that if I had internet it would be better than using the CD provided. So I went to the site and with some work I got the fax to work and the printer. The Scanner however is not working I have gone through every bit of the instructions again and there are no specific instructions to fix the scanner or make it work.

The Printer just says that there is no computer connected. So I called the store after approximately 5:30 I started the installation approximately 2:00. 3 1/2 hours seems like a very long time to do simple steps that I followed with an associate to a tee. The agent transferred me to the Geek Squad they wanted me to bring it back also they had no info to help me. I just paid 225.89 for something that no one can help me with over the phone. What a shame. So I have 15 days to bring it back I am going to try a few more times than I will bring it back get a refund and go else where maybe another company that sells these products will be able to help me.


I was returning my "Apple IPhone 6" to the same agent that sold it to me. The reason for the return was that it was too High Tech for me, I needed to down grade, I tried to get 2 other phones, Out of Stock. I called before I took the ride from MA-- NH and the Lady I spoke to told me there were 3 in stock? I tried one more model & it only came in Black, no Thank You, (I had to return the case 2 x's because they were defective, water went through & did not close tight. Those were returned @ the service desk. No Problem) I spent a lot of time trying get a New Apple I-Phone. So I went ahead to return my Apple I Phone. While Best Buy 0534 was waiting on me I asked him to be sure there was not any mistakes in the credit on my Credit Card because I did not have my Reading Glasses with me. I did not want to return again, only to buy a new I Phone. I had my Granddaughter, she was checking everything, but I could not see the screen. The man who had come over & sat beside him said "Why would any store give a customer 1/2 Credit back I have never heard of such a thing" in the MOST Nasty tone of VOICE. "That isn't what I said" & answered him back & told him to mind his own business. He did not stop with Nasty remarks. I was getting very upset & he knew it. He just did not stop! We argued more. I went to the Store Manager & told him everything.


I have ben in to the Temecula Best Buy ( on Temecula pkw ) # time this month to bye a tv ( 50") and an xbox 1 for my kids. All there times I have ben there I have not got anyone to help me. I have asked and ben told they would be right with me but then never show up. This is the last time. I will never BE BACK! NEVER!!!!


Bought a washer and dryer it was delivered yesterday. Did one load of laundry grease came out of bottom made noises and would not get water or spin water out of clothes called store I was on hold over forty minutes was told I would have to wait 24 hours for someone to call me and they were using an outside repair person I need new washer delivered!


I purchased a HP laptop for my daughter. while setting up the laptop it got a virus. Your geek squad informed me there was nothing they could do for me,accept charge me $200.00 to repair it.I have spent quite a bit of money over the years at Best Buy, but you will never see me in your store again.


They told me they no longer due exchanges in store and would ship me my product in six days. Never have I had this happen before with Geek Squad.


Went in to replace some beat solo 2s and was told I could still purchase a protection plan and after he did the exchange, he then says he forgot that best buy no longer offered protection plan for beats, so I talked to manager and store manager, they could not help me out, very upset with them.


Yesterday I went to the best buy in Willow Grove and went to the mobile department to get my iPhone 5 battery replaced. I have had insurance through best buy for about 2 years now and the person who sold it to me said that if I have issues with the battery, or circuit shorts, or cracked screens, etc. that I could get my phone fixed free of charge. Yesterday the two gentlemen at the counter tell me that they don't replace batteries here and that best buy never hired someone certified to do that. They told me to go to Geek Squad and they will replace the phone for free since I have insurance through them. When I go over to Geek Squad and I told the employee what the 2 other men said to me he proceeds to say "Man, I seriously need to go over there and tell these guys how to do their job!" He proceeds in an annoyed tone to tell me that I have 2 options 1. send my phone and get a new phone in 2 weeks (I can't just be phone less for two weeks!!) and 2. pay $250 to get a new phone expressed and then be reimbursed.

These two options do me no good! Why am I Paying over $180 a year to get my phone fixed with any issues I may experience that go wrong with my phone? This is not even the first time I've come across this problem I had another issue I had with my iPhone 5 when I bought it from there April of 2013. I was told to take my phone to Apple. Luckily Apple at that time replaced my phone for free b/c of a short circuit with the power button. One thing is for sure i will be canceling my insurance and I will no longer use Best Buy Mobile service! This is absolutely ridiculous that the workers are telling customers lies when purchasing insurance, when you try to use it it's worthless! I will no longer even purchase my phones from best buy either.


I have spent 24 total hours on the phone with my bank and best buy after trying to buy a computer and i pad. I get a fraud alert from Bank because Best Buy tried and swiped my card number for a 1449.00 dollars, a total 3 times, trying to charge $5500.00 for a 1449.00 charge and my bank stopped it. I have tried for 1 months to buy a computer on line through Best Buy .com. This is the worst ever from an online service !!!!!!!!!!! it appears that the people working at the service desk that answer the calls have no idea hats going on. Never again will i buy from Worst BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Buy claims to match internet prices. I priced a Nikon D5500 at The price is $796.95. I went to Best Buy today, went to the photo department and was assisted by a very courteous young man. I asked if his store would match the price of B and H Photo. I told him that their out-the-door price is $796.95. That includes tax and shipping. I told him to match that price he would have to reduce Best Buy's price to $736.22 so that when the sales tax of 8.25% were added, then they would have matched B and H Photo's price. He called his manager and the manager refused to do this. So much for matching internet prices. I won't be doing much business with best Buy.


I have shopped at Best Buy for years. Sometimes there items come out defective and since the associates says if we are not happy with the item we can return it. Okay, I got a Bluetooth for Christmas, returned it and got another Bluetooth that I preferred. After a week it stopped working, so I returned it. This happened in January. 14 days ago my husband and I went in to buy a 32 inch TV, an antenna and a tv mount for the TV. My husband was not happy with the mount and I was not happy that the antenna didn't work well with the TV, so I returned the Antenna yesterday, forgot the mount so I went back today to return it. Then the sales clerk gives me a RETURN WARNING, that future returns will be declined for 90 days. What happen to the satisfaction guaranteed at Best Buy and why do their sales persons inform people that if we are not happy we can return it. I have never had problems with returning items. Sometimes customers are not satisfied, other times the product is defective. If the product is defective it should not go against us and if you return the item before the 15 days with your receipt why are we being punished. Does that sound fair? Well I can only say I will start spreading the word that the CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE IS NO LONGER HONORED AT BEST BUY LIKE THEY SAY!


Best Buy Springfield VA. Went in to get iPhone upgraded to the 6's. 4th in line, there were only 2 CSRs - 1 was the mobile phone manager - and pretty soon there were like half a dozen people in line. After 20 minutes in line, the manager decided to check on what we needed to do - and pretty soon, he was gone and serving the 3 others ahead of us. I understand these things take time, but getting our phones after 2-1/2 hours is not the best way to spend sunday afternoons. From what I gathered, there were 2 other CSRs who were supposed to arrive at 2 pm (they arrived shortly after 2 pm). Now, BestBuy has been selling phones like forever and can they not see that weekends results in such high demand that they should have at least 4 CSRs on board right from the store opening? Also, can there be some other system, like taking a number and having a call-out or return time in order for customers to be able to browse the rest of the store (and buy things) or grab a bite to eat instead of miserably waiting in line?


I bought a car stereo at Best Buy ($600 alpine) only to find out the auto dim function was defective. The store won't exchange (20 days later). It's a shame when things in store get damaged and cost them thousands.


Just received my new laptop or I thought was new!! My computer guy was getting everything set up for me and called to inform me that a George Kapotsy had already signed in on my "new" computer with a e-mail address and all. So, my new laptop is not new after all......Can you please tell me what the H--- is going on, this laptop was not cheap!


I was picking up an online order (phone) in Bestbuy at 2460 E Charleston Blvd, Mountain View CA on Dec 19, 2012. I waited for 1.5h to be served. And a girl called Amber treated me with horrible altitude. She was not working in mobile department that night. She was just called in by the manager to help since there's a long line that night.

She first ignored me by calling the gentleman after me and when he stated that I was before him, she did not even make eye contact with me (not even mention a smile). When I stepped up, I said that I had been waiting for more than a hour. She told me that if I can't wait, then go to somewhere else.

She raised her voice with me. I was shocked and frustrated by her altitude and finally told her that I am a customer. After that, she shut up and returned to the back. I have never been treated by any store salesman with that altitude in my life. This Amber girl and her terrible altitude certainly push me away from Bestbuy in future.

I am sorry but I will for sure spread the word and talk to my friends/colleagues/family against Bestbuy shopping.


Bought a laptop today, got home and found it was an out of box defect. Returned to Best Buy with the product to exchange and was told there was another one back in the Comm dept., but it had a note on it that stated it needed repairs, so I asked for my money back and was told I would have to come back tomorrow to get my money back???? I do not understand, I had to give them the money before I could take it!! Now I have to go back for the third time and still do not have a laptop!!! I have purchased over 10k worth of product over the years and will never purchase from Best Buy again!


On Fr1day March 15, 2013 I went to the Best Buy located on Route #1 Woodbridge, NJ. This was my second trip as they informed me the first time I need to bring my New JerseyCertificate of Authority which I did bring with me on the 15th. The customer service rep was very pleasant and helpful but said there is not a complete number on the certificate just X's followed by 028/000. I explained to him that is because the number is my Social Security number and I have to keep this certificate posted in plain view so everyone can see it and the state of New Jersey does not want them to see it either. I have used this same certificate and several different stores as items purchased for the store are tax free. He called his manager I did not get her name but a shorter blond girl came to the counter looked at my certificate and told me she would not accept it because not all of the numbers were there. I re-explained how the ID number works and tried to show her 3 credits cards with the tax exempt ID number on the back of them. She said they do not count. I left Best Buy very frustrated and went immediately to PC Richards presented them with the same certificate got my Tax Exempt card from them then purchased a new laptop, printer/fax/copier, stereo sound system and flat screen TV I needed for the store. Every year I have given my seven employees a $100.00 Best Buy gift card, will I this year? I think not nor will I ever set foot in a Best Buy again.


Attention: Best Buy Customer Complaint Department. To Whom It May Concern, My husband purchased a computer for me as a Christmas gift this past December 2011. He bought the computer at Best Buy in Trumbull, Ct. (USA). He was told, by a representative, that he could easily install all programs needed rather than pay $100 to have the computer protected software and other programs installed by the company. This representative did not work for Best Buy, he was supplying the shelves with computer software/accessories.

My husband purchased the computer (roughly in the amount of $500) and the Titanium antivirus software. I was given these gifts at Christmas and didn’t unpack and begin installation of the Titanium until a week later. After I installed the antivirus program, I noticed that the computer did not have Microsoft software installed on it. My husband and I know very little about computers and in the past when we have purchased a computer we opted to have Best Buy set the computer up with all the needed software. This purchase, however, my husband chose not to do that and thought the program installation for the Titanium antivirus would be easy enough to install. At the time of purchase, he believed that Microsoft software was already installed. He thought all computers came with it. I installed the Titanium antivirus software immediately.

I returned to Best Buy to buy the $150 Microsoft Office Home and Student program for my new computer and opted to deal with Microsoft directly to install the program. I returned home and installed the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 onto my computer. Installation was completed and I turned off my computer. I returned to my computer the following day and none of the Microsoft installations appeared on my computer. I called Microsoft and explained the issue to the representative. I was told he would be able to help me but first he needed to complete a scan on my computer. I gave him my permission and he proceeded with the scan.

During the scan, the representative, Kamal, said that my (two week old) computer had been infected by 248 Trojan viruses. In fact, he said out loud, “Christ, you have 248 Trojan viruses, this is a bad thing.” I then asked how this could have happened. He then asked if I had been to any unprotected sites such as Facebook or on-line shopping. I informed that I had, but the computer was brand new and only up and running for about a week. He then informed me that Titanium antivirus software does not protect me against Trojans viruses and that was the reason so many infected my computer. I asked if this was something he could fix. He told me that when these Trojan viruses reach a total of 500 my (two week old) computer would crash.

He said he would do everything he could to remove these 248 viruses and get the computer cleaned up but he couldn’t guarantee anything. I told him to proceed. He then told me after a few moments that he needed to transfer my call to a higher level technician to see if he could resolve the problem. The transfer of technicians was completed and, after a few minutes, the new representative informed me that he could fix the problem. However, there would be a $299 charge for this which would include cleaning up these 248 viruses, the installation of MacAfee Virus protection, he would reinstall the Microsoft Office Home and Student (the original purpose for this call to Microsoft Technical Department) , and I would have three years of free technical support from Microsoft. This news was alarming to me. The technician had me believing that my computer was going to crash and become useless. I allowed the technician to charge my visa $299 and install the programs.

Soon after I returned to Best Buy with my computer and had a long talk with the supervisor on duty. I have learned the following: Titanium antivirus is a good protection against viruses, including Trojan viruses. MacAfee is a Microsoft product. It only takes one Trojan virus to crash a computer. It is almost impossible for a new computer, a week old, to become infected with 248 Trojan viruses. I needed to call to Microsoft, and make a customer complaint about the manner of technical support that was given to me. The technician’s intention was not to help me with technical support but was to make a sale when he somehow made 248 Trojan viruses appear and to then scare me into believing my computer would crash if I didn’t purchase services and products from Microsoft.

I want to speak to a technician that is aware that I want everything uninstalled that the technician installed on my computer on 1/6/2011.Technical support, not sales!!

I will then return to Best Buy, have Microsoft Office Home and Student installed ($20) and for an additional $100 my computer will be protected and running properly. In addition, if any further problems occur, I can bring my computer to the GEEK SQUAD at Best Buy and it will be addressed at no additional cost. I calculate $120 for the same services, protection and Microsoft Office Home and Student. This reflects a huge price difference from the pressure sale from your technician of $299. That’s huge!

I am very surprised and dissatisfied at the misleading of your technical staff. I never would have thought that Microsoft was capable of this behavior toward customers, especially in the technical department. I will try very hard never to have to call Microsoft technical again in fear of being misled and possibly lured into a substantial unnecessary purchase.

I expect a full refund of charges by Microsoft in the amount of $299. I regret to say that I am no longer an advocate of Microsoft support and will look elsewhere at every opportunity to fix whatever the problem is with my computer.

Thank you in advance for addressing this problem.

Debra Greenwood


Since last 2 to 3 months i have paid Rs.399/- in 100 BEST BUY CONTEST through my ICICI credit bank. These people have taken my money & are not sending my product. On friday I tried contact the manager Ms.Lovely & her mobile # is 9379515742 and as an eye wash she jst took the complaint & gave the number 14179018.

I tried contacting them they talk so harshly to the customers. There are other numbers also whom i tried contact 9480600087 in this number the lady tells that this her personel number & disconnects the call another lady & her number is 9379515736 when i call this number she tells she is not the concern person & gave me 9480600087 this # and the land line # 08067536400 will always be busy & nobody cares to pick it up & the recorded message will come.

One gentleman had called up from the number080-65470656 & dint even tell me when they send me my product. Its really a FAKE COMPANY WHICH IS CHEATING THE PUBLIC. Please dont try to purchase from this 100 BEST BUY M/s. SUKSH TECHNOLOGY. Will some body help me in getting me my product please.


I was told I was elgible for a free upgrade. I ordered the HTC My Touch Slide. I couldn't take pictures, went into the store and was told that the SD was damaged and I needed another phone. The store took the phone and reordered another one on January 19th. Today is February 14th and still no phone. I was told the store didn't input the order in correctly, so on Feb. 3rd another order was done over the phone and they would expedite - at no charge the phone to me which I should receive by feb. 7th at the latest.

I called every day since the 7th and I'm being told that it in the warehouse waiting to be shipped. I spoke with a supervisor on Feb. 13th, who would call me back with a status, she didn't. I called today and she said back office has to research for another 24 hours. I then asked for someone higher. I was transferred to Corporate. They said that they were backed up for 3 hours and could not take my complaint! I then asked for someone higher.

He said he would transfer me to Consumer Relations. I wasn't transferred correctly and the call dropped. I called back and have been on hold for Consumer relations for 45 minutes. This is the WORST customer service I've ever received. I have received a bill from my carrier for services that I don't have. I can't get the internet on my current phone because the upgrade is attached to the MY Touch. My phone bill is $40 higher and it's been almost a month and I don't have my phone.

No one can seem to get this resolved. I have always purchased all electronics, computers, software and music from Best Buy. I won't purchase anything else from you just lost a long time loyal customer.

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