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I have a computer they put together for me that was about 8 weeks old.  The video care went out.  I called to see about getting a new one and got this guy at that had me plugging the power cable and VGA Cable in and out of computer and monitor.  We went through this for more than 1/2 hour like he thought it would start working or something.  I told him I was tired of playing games and hung up.  A lady called the next day and told me to send my computer to them for repairs.  

Then her husband, boss or what ever his relationship is to her got on the line and proceeded to yell they weren't paying me a dime and hung up on me.  I still have the recording on the phone.  Today he tells  me that if I was pleased whit my customer support from him, he was closing my account.  I drove to Florida to get a new card from Best Buy, installed it and it works fine.  So I am sure he reported that he resolved my issue successfully which was as far from the truth as you could possible imagine. 

I resolved my problem without him proving what a Jerk he was to me. I rate your service less than zero for that is the amount of help I got.