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My file reference is on the above address line. (File reference FRAEK63600/18JULY/1829GMT)As you may check, I flew into Croatia on Sunday 19th of July and my airport of origin was Kuwait on Saturday morning. My luggage didn't arrive to Franfurt on my plane but stayed in Dubai despite being frequently reassured by your staff in Dubai that it would arrive. When I arrived in Franfurt, I contacted your Emirites desk.

They promised that the baggage would arrive to Split, Croatia on the morning flight on Sunday morning 'before lunchtime'. You promised that it would be delivered to my accommodation there. I told them that the materials in the case were of vital importance to my work the following day. When I arrived to Split on Sunday afternoon, the case wasn't there. When I called your Emirates help desk, the lady told me that the case had missed the morning flight and would arrive arrive on the 5pm flight and would be delivered to my accommodation.

Yes again, an empty promise. I waited until 8 in the evening and then decided to take a taxi to the airport and seek the case personally. I had to pay 500 kuna for the return trip, but luckily I finally managed to get my things!

I found hair on the food package serviced to me in the fight and show the cabin staff. The cabin staff also evidenced  the circumstance and promised to log the complain. But as of now I have not received any notes from either emirates air line or catering services.