5 Angry Comcast Customers Who Complained to Corporate


We see a ton of complaints against Comcast here at HissingKitty.com, here's just a few of our favorites submitted in 2015 about the executive team that runs the world's most complained about company. Like Arthur Klisiewicz, who tried his best to get ahold of the corporate headquarters, but could not. So, he came to us.

I was promised to pay $19.99/month for internet service. Because of numerous problems upon service installation (I could not get full guaranteed speed of 3Mb/s for about 3 months) I was offered a promotional price extended for 12 months. After 6 months Comcast started charging me full price. Numerous calls and complaints to the Comcast corporate office did not help. I kept paying regular mount of $19.99 every month, and all payments were made always on time. Despite of that Comcast kept charging me $39 every month and when the balance came to $115 they disconnected the service.

So, here's what I did. I have 3 conversations with Comcast executives recorded (available as mp3 files) where they clearly state I will keep the promotional price for another 6 months (till the end of 2015). Comcast promised to call back with the solution and yet the CEO never returned my call. Guess what? Now I am going to complain everywhere! Comcast should be shut down to breaching hundreds of service agreements with the customers. Terrible customer service!

Sarah Marcelina filed her complaint against the CEO and won, at least at first. After awhile it did not matter who she talked to at Comcast, her phone is still not working even after spending $150 in fees.

I am a new Comcast customer as of 12/1/15. I switched from Knology after 10 years and am very upset with the service that I have received so far. First, when the guy came to do the install he couldn't do it and told me I need to get a electrician to put in a ground rod and wire so I did which cost me $150. Then he came back to do install which I ordered the bundle package phone, internet, and cable. He said the order did not get put in right he had to call home office to have them fix it then they gave me a higher price than I was originally quoted which is why I transferred my service in the first place. Then the installer told me it would be 2 days for my phone number to be ported. After 2 days I still have no phone!

I called the Comcast corporate office and asked to speak to the CEO. He never called me back but they finally got my phone working. Now, after 2 hours my phone does not work again. This happened for 5 days straight. After several calls and each customer service person resetting my modem, still no phone. I finally told them I want a tech to come to my house asap or I am calling the CEO again. So, today I am now sitting and waiting for a tech with no phone number to use at all. I am so unhappy with the service I have received through Comcast. I have never had this problem with knology!

Joyce Pisano tried to start her complaint with the local Chicago Comcast office, but that did not work either apparently. Now she is escalating her problem to the CEO, hoping someone can help her.

For the past 3 weeks Comcast service has been a nightmare. The Chicago Corporate Headquarters are well aware of the situation on Mulroy Circle. Between numerous calls and as many technicians and supervisors and should we even begin to talk about the time spent! In the past, I had nothing but good to say about the company but this is beyond ridiculous! Every couple of days we lose one or more of our services, TV, phone and internet.

Plus its my neighbors as well! At this point I do not believe we should have to pay for anything until this matter is resolved. Comcast company has replaced the modem, added an amp, troubleshot a million times and my neighbor just told me when she called today that the person she was speaking to replied, "Oh no, you again!" I would ask that someone of authority, perhaps the CEO of Comcast, personally and promptly contact us as to this matter.

Harold Prink has a slightly different take on the Comcast problem, he thinks the CEO should have to wait on hold for awhile. Maybe that will change his perception of customer service?

We recently moved from our home in Highlands Ranch, CO and in the process transferred our service to this new address. The process to get internet and phone service at the new address was a nightmare with your customer service staff.  The first call was with Jonah and he was very helpful in transferring us to a new account and he indicated we would get a call to activate the service (never happened).  Next call was with another customer service rep who obviously was from India and was almost impossible to understand.  She explained I did not have a new account and would have to establish one.

With that I gave up and went to a Comcast chat room resolve without any resolution. Finally got a service staff to come out to set up the phones and said would get a call to activate (again – never happened).  Last chat and another service call finally got it resolved.  Bottom line took 10 hours of my time to make this happen.  Bottom line is that I am hoping the CEO has to wait on hold sometime. Comcast customer service needs to be in U.S. and not outsourced to a foreign country.  Hope you take this seriously and improve customer service or you will be in deep trouble.

Lisa Imparteli tried to call Comcast to get a better rate, and boy was she mistaken. Instead she ended up with a nightmare customer service problem for her bundled internet, cable, and phone system. Her problems have been going on for months now with no end in sight.

In December of 2014 I call Comcast corporate office to get a better rate they told me to get a better rate its a bundle of internet, cable and phone why on the phone I also told them I was having trouble still with my cable I was getting pixel boxes during my shows it was happening on all channels. They said they would send a guy out to check wires inside house. So I set up appointment to do upgrade and to have them checkout the wires. So on Dec 5 2014 two guys came to my house one to upgrade and the other one to check wires.

The guy for the wires said its the wires out side the house in the mean time why he was here my 80 year old neighbor came out and told the guy the same thing is happening to his TVs with the pixels the guy told us that the wires on the street would have to be replaced that he was letting the office know well almost a years and a lot of phone calls my tv is still doing the same thing.

On Sept 3 about my bill and I told the guy I was talking to about the pixels again he told me that on Sunday May 3rd they have a work order that says some one came here and did a drop. I asked what a drop was and he said they came and changed the wire from pole to my house. And I told him I had major surgery on my stomach and I was home from May 1st till now and there was never no one from cable came here to do anything he said you would not know because it was outside house.

I told I would know because I could not go anywhere for one month and I would of seen a truck in front of my house and that to this day Me and my neighbor are still having problems. So after getting off the phone today with the Comcast billing and the complaint department that would not help at all and the guy telling me that the line was changed I finally had it with Comcast after having them for years I'm looking into different options for cable. I very tired of paying your rates when there are lower rates out there.

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5 Additional Customer Complaints

Have you experienced poor customer service? Reply to a comment below and let us know!


I have had several contacts with Comcast for the static in my phone and the conversation going in and out.  Several techs have been here to fix it but to no avail.  They recently sent in a so called expert, two in fact, they looked at my phone and said they fixed it and left me a card to call if it continued to be interrupted service.  They said they would respond immediately if the problem continued.

The very next day it was not working and so I called Josh Cosulich at 732-299-2915 and left a message.  It is now about 4 weeks later and 5 or 7 calls later and no one has responded and my phone is still not working properly.  I have had several important calls which I have had to get there number hang up and call back on my cell phone.

The service from Comcast, which I have had since the beginning, for triple play is unprofessional, inadequate, unsatisfying and inept.  If I had a choice I would leave Comcast in a HEARTBEAT.  I am paying month after month for nothing but more problems.


Comcast told me the equipment in my attic was old and needed upgrading even though everything was working just fine, I have a dish that shares the same house wires as Comcast and uses Diplexers to sort out the signals. My house also has cable wires built into the walls. I told the Comcast tech NOT to mess up the Dish connections. When the techs finished with my house I have NO dish signals, I complained to Comcast and I was told to call Dish, it didn't matter what I said or who I spoke to. I AM DISGUSTED, I now have exposed wires running from one room to the next and drill holds from the outside.

I been a customers over 20 years every time I come at least 4 or 5 time my service has been cut off saying i'm behind in the bill. The plan keep changing as well every 3 months also I didn't ask to change. now I just paid in June $262.00 service. off again in July $130.00 now i'm still past as of today and a late fee someone please explain. My experience rates O stars. My phone service was shut-off without my authorization and I tried for two days to get it restored without any success.

At one point, I spoke to five different agents who said that they would help and no one did. Your customer service should be ashamed of how they treat customers. I am a heart patient who mentiond over and over that i need a phone and no one seemed to care. I would very much like to have a conversation with some executive who gives a damn but I'm sure that that wont happen. I stongly feel that some sort of credit should be applied to my next statement.


On August 5, around 3:45 I called Xfinity to start  new service. I called the customer service number 1-855-579-0655 just like the letter said. I didn't get off the phone until 4:35. All I was trying to do was get new service.  A male representative answered. He said because I live in Maryland, he would have to transfer me. He hung the phone up. I called back. A female with a heavy accent, tried to help.  I stayed on the phone with her for at lease 10 minutes trying to understand what she was saying. Finally she transferred me. I was transferred to a women who name is Vy.  

Vy said she would have to transfer me. I asked her to give me the corporate office address because I wanted to complain about the service and mistreatment I was experiencing. She said she would have to transfer me. She hung the phone up. I will not be using your service I thought Comcast had cleaned up theIr act. Your customer service really is the worse I have ever experience. The people need to be retrained.  


We have been a customer of Comcast for many years.  I hate calling customer service because usually they don't speak very good English and never seem to be able to help me.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and one was supposed to call me back in 2 hours.  That was Friday and I never received a call.  I have been trying to get my bill straightened out because it is too high and I need to make a payment.  They charged me for having a tech come out but I had signed up for the service protection plan.  It shows on my bill on May 28 2015  When I called customer service they said it was being reviewed.  I also had signed up for the program that has a 2 year agreement and I was told that my bill would be about $130.

I have a copy of the agreement.  When I call the automated system it says my  past due bill is $20.63 but my past due bill $211.99 and my current bill is $159.86 with a total of $371.85.  There is no way that I owe this much money.  It is showing both the $39.95 in-home visit and $4.31 for the service protection plan.  There should be no reason to have it reviewed, there just needs to be a credit on my bill for the $39.95.  I am so tired of talking to incompetent people who do nothing but jerk you around.  

You need to have an office where you can go to get your questions answered.  If I don't get someone to get this straightened out, I may have no recourse to go to another company.  Please answer back as soon as possible so I can make a payment and not have my service cut off.


As of May 28 when I ordered my services I had some issues with the contractor coming out to my home requesting that i pay him for installing my services with Comcast that was the first issue. They finally sent out a technician from their own company which was great up until they didn't have and order in for me at the time so they still went on and install what they thought i would get by being a new customer i was setup with the wrong boxes which were the Cisco boxes.

We have 2 HD TV and they are smart TV so i didn't know what the 1X  HD Premier Package was at first because i had ordered my package online through the Xfinity Website the issue that i was having was customer services and sales trying to stick me in a package that i didn't order or so call couldn't find. So what they did was put me on the 159.00 package which is the Triple Play stating that they could find that deal and i kept advising them it was online for 240 channels cause the triple play HD package comes with everything premium channels as well as movie channels anyway.

They had messed up big time cause my bill kept was 200.00 dollars amount that's a lot of taxes and fees that they are way to high and i couldn't understand how they couldn't see what i was seeing online they kept stating it was a third party I asked what do you mean third party it your site. My issue was suppose to be fixed back in Oct of 2015. For what I can see on my bill but it wasn't cause i was still being charged and prorated for something that i didn't ordered and they left the balance on my account instead of correcting it and accumulated more interested which has me just upset because  as i was calling they to get this issue corrected they was calling me to state that they would be interrupting my services.

I work from home and take care of my mom and not once have i said anything bad about anything because i believe if you do your job and listen to what customers are saying to you things will work out for the better but the customer service is horrible and the resolutions team is not helping either. I want to say that I have had more experiences with outages in my area for over the last several months  its been not good and don't let me get started on the credits because i don't even see where they help at all.

I work too hard to be paying for something that i cant even enjoy like now there is a lot of lagging in my computer and i start my new job into weeks and go to school online. I'm still however, going through the same high process and nothing is being handle like it should be i have to keep calling you never get the person who  you need to speak with. I have been asking for help every since and i got nothing. I need someone to look over my situation because i just rather down grade to phone and internet and go with someone else that's going to better assist me with.